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 Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.

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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
PostSubject: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:22 am

He felt it swaying around him as the sound of the horses hooves beat a funeral durge in his head, it was a common sound and he knew this night like every other would offer no relief from the constant toture that he was made to endure. Tonight was no different. His master and the other that he knew owned the slave trade were moving them again to a private location to auction them off one by one, he supposed he was called one of the lucky ones, taken as a child brought up and a slave for as long as he can remember he could not think of a moment anymore when he was free. And there was nothing in this world he wished to see, not since the day he had been branded not once but twice had he opened his eyes. Around his neck was his collar the heavy leather and metal locked as always in place the small charm hanging off of it bouncing off of his bare skin.

His arms were pinned mercilessly above his head and to keep him silent not that he would shout for he knew how futile it was. Was a 'toy' his master liked a small metal bar with thin metal cords that locked behind his head tightly into his mouth. His were chained above his head like everyone elses as he balanced on the balls of his feet. He was naked from the waist up and unlike most other vampires he was scared. It was possible to scar a vampire permenatly it just took time to do it. Or digging the wound deep enough and his master had done that one time bored. On his chest on the left was a deep thin X. On the inside of his right wrist his identifying number or at least the beginning of the number the rest hidden away behind the only clothing he was wearing. The jeans that hugged his body feeling like they were at least two sizes to small as the pressed and rubbed against his arousal. Although he would get no relief. Tsumetai liked him always being at the ready for whenever the mood struck him to pleasure his master he would use him. And to such a degree a ring prevented him from ever finding release without his master's mercy but that was not what had him so painfully aroused and kept him there. Two different toys had been used to stimulate him and keep stimulating him during this ride and it was to a point now that drool wither or not he wanted it too ran down the corner of his mouth towards his chin, he felt cold icy cold fingers brush at it and knew his master was right there with him.

"Hmm seems you'll be an obdient little boy when I take you later hmm Kowareta, my pet." Tsumetai said as he stood there ridding along in the closed cage and looking at the other slaves all bound and shackled just like him hanging from the top of the cage forced to balance on the balls of there feet but unlike his toy his pet his slave they were not being toremented in such a way no they fetched a higher price if they were unused and clean but properly trained, which took some skill on there part and they had done it.

Kowareta said nothing as he even if he wanted to around the bit he could not speak so simply remeained quiet but even now his eyes didn't open he didn't look at his master and heard the man sigh moments before his hand rubbed him lightly teasingingly through the material.

"One of these days my dear sweet Kowareta you will open those eyes again and look at me." Tsumetai said as he watched his pet's head turn slightly and bow watched him stuggle against his body and smirked as the collar around his neck locked off his natural powers he was helpless as always and would remain that way.
He looked back to the caravan cage behind him as he stayed obdeintly at his 'masters' side. He didn't know who owned this only that his master had special permission becuase he didn't disobey to let him move freely at his side and watched as Tsumetai abused his elder brother and frowned. Aki wanted nothing more then to free him to seep Kowareta open his eyes again and knew that would be a long time coming. Unless he coudl find the owner and get the key to his collar and free his brother as well there was nothing he could do.

The man with him glanced at him and then at what he was looking at as Tsumetai enjoyed himself playing with an toturing Kowareta a bit, he himself knew what Kowareta tasted like felt like in bed as he had used him often enough as was his right for he was Aki's owner and master but more then that....he ran everything here not that his precious sweet innocent slave knew that The collar kept around his neck to keep up the illusion was a wonderful addition after all it locked off Aki's power's should he ever discover the truth. But by then it would be too late. For surely Kowareta knew Aki walked around with him freely knew he was not beaten and abused like all the others no Kyogi enjoyed the deception of it all. Enjoyed making Aki behave believing in all of his lies and the day he stopped believing and obeying was the day Kyogi would beat him and break him which wouldn't be hard since he made the kid love him.

Kyogi looked at him and smiled 'sadly'. "I know Aki, but be patient we will find it one day and then everything will be alright." he said in his soothing tones and watched Aki look away when Tsumetai shoved his hand down into Kowareta's pants to play with him and further toture him in seperate caged wagon there was nothing Aki could do even if he wanted to.
He nodded to his lover and closed his eyes before looking at him not realizing once that he was caught up in the middle of his lie. Of Kyogi's lie and that Kyogi was the leader of this moving living nightmare for them both then glanced over to the caged wagon ahead of them to the one that Iryu was in and closed his eyes like them he had been there a long time but he never knew what Iryu was thinking or feeling or even if he liked his fate as he didn't really get to talk to the other slaves kept seperate for his own safety he was told because unlike all the others hanging from there wrists he could move about freely. But glanced out at the streets they were passing by on the Earth looking at the sights around him knowing that soon they would arrive at the private underground auction house and he would see so many of these vampires being sold off before more were collected and they were taken back to the moon for a while. And then he knew he would not get to even see that Kowareta was alright at all.....or rather that he was still alive and that troubled Aki to no end as he watched his brothers head fly backwards having looked back that way as he struggled and shifted and Tsumetai leaned up to whisper in his ear before kneeling down not carrying that they were moving and began to pleasure him having yet to slip off the ring that totured his brother. He didn't need to be there to see the tears of agnoy that slide down Kowareta's face....the tears that always did. He growled lowly to himself and felt Kyogi's hand on his arm and watched him shake his head no before closing his eyes and once again stepping in behind his master. This was not something he was enjoying by any stretch of the imaginaton but there was nothing he could do.
Meanwhile the movie ended and he walked out with him arm in arm and leaning against Aoi's side, a heated blush still creeping into is cheeks. Aoi had taken him to Earth to go on a 'date' and Kira was giddy inside. He had not been able to stop blushing since sitting down and watching the sunset to now going to see a movie as they were now walkign along at night the stars out and Kira felt light inside.

But he paused as did Aoi when he did and looked over his night quickly becoming ruined as he looked at a long line of wagon's old style wagon's being pulled by moonshale horses towards an unknown destination all covered with cloth as the horses clomped along but that wasn't what had him pausing for as they passed by he could scent a large amount of blood on them of vampires and he tipped his head curious and went to step down but felt a small set of arms wrap around his leg and looked down.

"Shush please mister they don't see you....stay quiet or they'll take you both to feed you to the Li'phan of the moon." She said and Kira looked shocked and back at the caravan....

Aoi looked at him not liking this. "So they will feed innocent people to this Li'phan thing...."

Kira looked at Aoi wanting to take offense to it but he didn't know. "Aoi.....Li'phan Is my cermonial name. And I'm not eating them."

Aoi looked at Kira a moment and then nodded his cermonial name wasn't a problem it meant it wasn't his acutal name but title. And then looked back that meant they were doing something else and it had better not be that or else there would be hell to pay as Kira moved his hand and the moon went blood red moments before pillars of crystal slammed down around them and he screamed a angry pheonix cry spooking the Moonshale who broke there harness's and ran off.

Aoi walked fowards angry with this and not liking it, it had better not be.
"Stay here Aki....the master would not be happy with this." Kyogi said as he climbed out of hte middle caraven and looked over at the crystal pillars before looking at Aoi. "Ah is there a problem.....Aoi-sama?" he said knowing he was and addressing him properly even as he noted......the Li'phan which meant blood king in there tounge and back at Aoi not at all looking worried or distraught.
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:23 am

"We're on our way, a traveling gypsy caravan, unfortunately though we need to stock up on supplies so there's nothing at this time we can offer you." He said knowing the 'would you like to purchase a slave today?' would likely get him killed. And hoped the wind kept the scent of what Tsumetai had done to Kowareta from Aoi's nose. That Aoi would not be able to scent the kids painful incomplete arousal or the how stresed his body was.

Aoi could hear Kowareta mentally screaming in pain. Which got Aoi to walk over to their cage and pull the cover off of it and growl darkly. "I thought as much...and for slave trading on the Earth....do you know the punishment?" he asked as he turned to face them.

Kyogi looked at Aoi and sighed. "It's not slave trading. I didn't want to trouble you with it. These are cimanals from the moon who are being transported but the qiuckest route is on earth to our location on the moon." Kyogi said although he had always told Aki that the lies he told to others were to keep HIM safe. Kyogi looked at Aoi. "That one....commited hideous sexual crimes his punishment it to revisit them all for eternity."

Aoi narrowed his eyes and growled lowly, dangerously. "How dare you lie to me! I can hear him, that one..." he said, pointing to Kowareta. "Is mentally screaming in pain because of his torture, he is not a criminal, and neither are most of these vampires that you have in those cages..." he said, his ice blue eyes having changed as soon as he saw the caravan. "Since you have now commited another crime...I shall make you suffer their fate...at the hands of my younger brother..." he said coldly as he snapped his fingers. Kusatta quickly appearing to stand beside Aoi. "Kusatta, summon Neikan here at once...he has a punishment to carry out tonight..."

Kusatta nodded and bowed slightly. "Right away Aoi..."

With that, Kusatta vanished, and within moments reappeared. "Neikan-sama is on his way...he shall be here shortly..."

Kyogi narrowed his eyes and sighed shaking his head, and knew he could mentally count to three it was not the first noble he had tricked but Aoi was not so easily fooled it seemed and then Aki was there heavy collar knowing that Kyogi would punish him.

"No don't Kyogi is only trying to protect everyone if the master finds out he'll punish us all...." Aki said and Kyogi smiled as he looked at Aki a bit sadly such a good boy. Tsumetai released Kowareta from his mouth and looked back at Aoi licking his lips as he sat back on his heel his hand replacing his with his mouth.

Aoi growled and shook his head. "I can hear you...every thought, every lie you can think of...I can hear them all...even the ones you told to the 'good boy'....every lie you fed them....I know them all..." he said lowly, darkly.

Just as Kusatta had said, Neikan arrived shortly after Kusatta returned and licked his lips. "Oh goody...a get to eat a very naughty one...I get to eat a liar...." he said lowly, his mixmatched eyes glowing in the night.

Kyogi looked over and narrowed his eyes even as Aki looked at him confused. "Kyogi....." Kyogi shot him a look. "Be silent Aki, not another word out of you, you know the truth." He said and looked back at Aoi. "You hold no juristriction over us granted we're on Earth now but we will return to the moon and..." He said only to have Kira interupt him.

"Dastan..." The man appeared and Kyogi paled there was not a moon vampire who didn't know of Dastan Thayne. "if he even attempts to flee I order you to bring him back and break his legs bringing him back to Neikan to recieve his punishment."

Dastan bowed. "Yes Kawasama." he said happily this was hte man he had been trying to bring back past all of the damage and was more then happy to be sealed too. Then glanced over. "Yes Dastan....if that one doesn't get the clue in the next three seconds. You have my permission to take out the trash." Kira said glaring at Tsumetai.

Aoi smirked and looked back at Neikan. "Ah...welcome Nei...tonight is special, you get to have fun with a slave master....would you care to show him just who is the true master?" he asked as he watched the man pale in front of Dastan. Aoi smiled to Dastan, having finally grown used to him being with him and Kira.

Neikan chuckled and licked his lips, snapping his fingers as his black chains shot up from the ground and wrapped around Kyogi's ankles and wrists. "Oh yes....I've always wanted to break a fellow master....it's been so long since I've gotten to break anyone....would you like me to break him completely Aoi, or would you like to finish breaking him after I'm done?"

Aoi looked at him for a moment, his lips pursed as if locked in serious thought. But before long, a twisted smile spread across Aoi's lips and he chuckled. "You can break him completely....you deserve it for being such a good boy for so long Nei..." he said and
Neikan nodded.

"Then let the fun begin..." he said lowly, as he took one step and vanished, and soon reappeared in front of Kyogi. "You're a very naughty one....telling that poor kid so many lies...oh well...I suppose you'll get a warm welcome when I send you to hell..."

"You promised me.....you'd help me save Kowa from this...." Aki said lowly without thinking but they were saying he was lying....Kyogi looked over at him and smirked. But it was clear that Aki was believing them why? Because Aoi was vampire king and diety. "Oh come now you really didn't think I'd let you go did you? That you would ever get your freedom Aki you were a bit more difficult to control." he said and smirked. "Kowa on the other hand isn't so hard, he's obdient doens't fight back and accepts his position with hardly anything needed to make him obey." Kyogi said and then looked at Neikan. "You have no right to judge me I can scent it see it in you you yourself have a slave even now." He said coldly to Neikan.

Kira looked over. "Dastan, that one toturing the boy.....remove him I have no use for such filth on the moon." Dastan smiled. "Is that an order?" Kira looked at him as the pentagram began glowing. "Yes." Dastan was gone then with a whipsered yes master and had Tsumetai as well as the toys that had been torementing the kid gone although he laid now on the bottome of the cage having been granted release and held the other by his throat. As Tsumetai hung in the air in Dastan's hand helpless. Kyogi looked at Aki who was confused. "And he tastes wonderful." Aki's eyes went wide and then narrowed as he began growling.

Aoi chuckled lowly and closed his eyes. "Eat up Nei..."

Neikan licked his lips and smiled a twisted grin. "With pleasure..." he said lowly, before he let his claws lengthen and slash into Kyogi's skin, tearing his clothes away with one slash.

Kyogi screamed and struggled against the bonds. "It was a lie Aki! It's what they want you to believe about me...." he said looking at him wanting the other to risk his neck to get between but Aki blinked then looking utterly confused. Dastan though wasn't about to beat Tsumetai as he simplely bent his head back and sank his fangs in had been a while since he got to induldge himself.

Aoi chuckled and opened his eyes. "Have fun...this will be your last night alive..." he said darkly as he watched Neikan begin his work of mangling Kyogi's body. He looked at Neikan for a moment, his lips pursed. "Oh, and Nei....don't killl him...I want his soul...."

Neikan paused in what he was doing and looked back at Aoi. Aoi, recently, had started consuming a lot of souls, and was getting much more prone to wanting souls instead of blood. He closed his eyes and turned back to Kyogi and nodded. "All right Aoi....I won't kill him...."

Kira looked over a bit concerned about that as well. He didn't say anything not here not now but he would talk to him about it back at the castle. Then glanced over as Kyogi went back to screaming over and over again in agony. Tsumetai also hollaring in pain for while he was drinking him dry Dastan was also snapping off finger tips joint by joint....slowly dismantaling him bit by bit. But his fangs were sunk deep into the man's soul.

Aki moved running from them to the cage which was open and in walking up to Kowa who recoiled at the pressence even if it was his brother and into the walls of the cage to fightened and tired at the moment to even care who it was, and even now he didn't open his eyes or even speak his brothers name. Kowa had not done either of those since he was a child.....and saw no reason to start now.

Neikan continued his torture, tearing, beating, teasing...nothing wasn't used in his breaking of Kyogi. He smirked as he let his hands roam over the abused skin. "A very fitting punishment for someone such as yourself...and now...I get to use you the same way you used that poor kid, the way you abused those poor slaves and treated them like shit...I get to do all of that to you...all to the point that you'll be begging me to kill you..." he said as he let his hand slide into Kyogi's pants and play with his length, awakening it even if Kyogi didn't want it.

Kyogi shook his head and groaned lowly in pain and looked at him. "Go...to hell." He said to Neikan in cold anger.

Aki reached out a slow hand and watched as Kowareta recoiled again. "Even of me.....your afraid of even me..." he said sadly as he looked down and closed his eyes. "I....thought I was doing everything I could to save you Kowa.....I'm sorry....I'm soo sorry..." he said in tears but still nothing to response other then the same recoiled into the wall and then Aki turned his head as Kyogi continued to struggle wiht what Neikan was doing to him.

Neikan smirked and licked his lips. "I live in hell...but you....you will be burning in the pit and screaming for mercy..." he said lowly as he squeezed Kyogi's need roughly. "And honestly...I quite like it...being one of the dogs of hell....it has it's perks..." he said with a smirk as he relaxed his grip.

Kyogi glared at him and narrowed his eyes after crying out his release. "Tsk.....nothing more then a dog obeying his master." Kyogi said looking at him and narrowing his eyes. Kira looked over and frowned as Aki tried again speaking softly to the boy who laid there curled even as dust fell from Dastan's fingers. Kira looked over at the one at the front of the line were the slaves had already been released and a man was standing there with his slave at his side...that was the only way to think of it. Having no idea that Shihai knew not only what had been done to Kowa over the years that he had been totured like that since day one but that the boy was non responsive to anyone or anything.

Neikan narrowed his eyes and drew his hand out of Kyogi's pants and licked his hand clean. When he was finished, he licked his lips and chuckled. "As yes...perhaps so...but at least my master doesn't beat and abuse me like he does you..." he mused lowly as he stripped Kyogi and looked his body over slowly. "Too bad...you have such a pretty body...oh well...I suppose I'll have to satisfy myself before Aoi eats your soul..." he said lowly to himself as he stripped himself and ran his tongue along the deep gashes of Kyogi's body.

Kyogi looked at him and groaned as he released before moaning as Neikan amused himself. Kyogi shook his head. "I wouldn't count on it....if he wants my soul then he's a soul eater and you should know that before long nothing is sacred to them. They hunger worse then the Li'phan does for blood. There is no sedating there hunger they carve more and more and once they've had a taste of anyone's soul even a little isn't enough." He said as he panted.

Neikan tensed his clwas into Kyogi's skin in anger. "Even so...Aoi is my brother and if he desires souls...then let him have them..." he said lowly and relaxed his grip on Kyogi before taking him into his mouth and working him slowly, Neikan's skills being far more advanced than anything to Kyogi or any of the other masters had ever seen.

Kyogi groaned and closed his eyes shaking his head as Neikan did this his breath cathing he had not been prepared for this not at all and his hands clasped and unclasped. "He will devour even you." Kyogi said but he wasn't lying not this time now when the thruth was so much more fun. "He will devour the Li'phan, or as your know our Blood King as Kira. It won't matter before long he'll consume everyone and everything."

Neikan took Kyogi from his mouth, a slight popping sound echoing for a few seconds before Neikan spoke. "And we will gladly give him our lives...we sower them to him the moment we confessed our love..." he said lowly before going back to pleasuring Kyogi.

Kyogi looked at him and closed his eyes. "Then you are a fool." He said shaking his head and moaning as he did. "To die having your soul ripped out is the most painful way to die." he said narrowing his eyes. "And to have your soul devoured is to cease to exist all together."

Neikan grew angry and let his fangs sink in a little. He only responsed with a dark, dangerous growl.

Aoi chuckled and looked at Kyogi darkly. "Even if it means death, and no longer existing....my brother and Kira, if it were for me, would give it all up...all to see me happy...and I the same for them...if they were to ask me to die for them, I would not even ask why..."

Kyogi cried out in pain at being bitten there. Then looked over at Aoi. "It's easy to say that but no one would actually do it." He said and Kira walked over to Aoi slipping into his side and placing Aoi's arm over his shoulders before glancing back at Kyogi. "We're not 'no-one'." He said a bit crossly. Aki looked at his brother as he had fallen asleep found someting to wrap him up in and carefully lifted him intending on leaving here wiht him even though the collars were still around there necks he'd find a way to remove them but Kowa needed away from this.

Aoi smiled down at Kira, despite his dark mood. "Yes Kira, we aren't 'No one' We're Aoi, Kira and Neikan...and we defy all logic, even in the vampire world..."

Neikan chuckled even as he continued what he was doing. He let his hands come up and dig more deep gashes into Kyogi's already abused torso.

Kira smiled up at Aoi. "We always have." he said that with a certainty even though he wasn't the Kira who had spent his life here in this deminsion he was Kira and the one meant to be with Aoi. Kyogi cried out again as Neikan continued to take him and abuse him all at once.

Aki carried his brothers limp frame out of the cage and moved to walk off with him in no real position to take care of himself let alone the fragile mess they had made out of Kowareta but he wasn't about to stick around and risk his brother being hurt more.

Aoi nodded and opened his eyes and looked at Neikan and Kyogi. "Nei...if you're going to fuck him, you had better be doing it soon...I'm getting tired of waiting..." he said harshly, his modd still dark and irritated.

Neikan growled in annoyance and worked Kyogi until he released and stood up, swallowed and licked his lips before he turned, shooting Aoi a dirty look. "Damn it Aoi, I was trying to enjoy myself...but if you want his soul that damn bad, I'll finish this quickly for your sake..."

Kira shook his head and looked up even as Kyogi cried out in pleasure at Aoi. "Hmm patience love." Kira said in a lightly scolding tone. "His soul is yours Nei won't deny you but by the time he's done if allowed to properly do what he wants. Kyogi soul will hardly give you any trouble going down." Kira said in a soft tone looking up at him but glanced over and frowned. "Dastan, for that boys sake do not let them leave but do not harm them, that is an order." Dastan bowed. "Yes Wakasama."
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:23 am

Kotta broke free of his confines of the black metal box that held him and jumped on the other on watching Aoi and Neikan but glancing down once or twice finding some faint amusement in the other that was trapped and trapped he was. bound in leather clothes up to his mouth which is gagged, his legs belted together over his thighs, and shins, his arms bound behind his back at the wrists and hands covered in thick gloves and another thick heavy belt wrapped around his torso preventing movement. The only skin not covered his is nose and eyes because they can't figure out how to cover them without putting a bag over his head. They didn't want him touching anything. And Seikatsu would find the irony in this consindering Kotta is way more dangerous then him on a good day let alone a bad one.

Seikatsu attempted to hollar past the gag, past the ball that had been shoved in his mouth to keep him even from mumnbling for they feared even that with him and failed but it got the attention of Kotta who looked down at him.

"Would you like out?" Kotta looked down at him and tilt his head and asked lowly, his icy breath going through the bit, but not letting him do anything other than breathe.

Seikatsu looked at him nodding because talking was an impossiblity for him at the moment.

Which got the only response Kotta saw was needed. He nodded and jumped down from his perch, and tore open the prison, letting the street lights pour into the box. "Would you like the restraints removed as well?"

He nodded not sure why he was trusting Kotta but he was perhaps it was because he didn't fear death, didn't fear it becaue it couldn't touch him. He laid there in his prison having nodded the only answer he could give Kotta at the moment.

Kota nodded, and, using his immense strength, even with his shackles, to tear away the multiple restraints. "You're free now..." he said emotionlessly, his white eyes holding nothing in them. Without another word, he jumped up on top of a metal cage and squatted back down in the same postion he is known for, and watched intently as Neikan continued to torture Kyogi.

Seikatsu stood up and looked at him thankful he was released from his prision jerkign down on the leather around his neck and face in order to get a bit more air and tugging the gag off and out of his mouth. "Thank you." he said softly lowly his voice warm low and gentle if not a bit hoarse from lack of use and turned to watch as well, despite his youthful appearance he was well over seventy thousand years old. Until now he had been overlooked becuase no thought of a 'child' to be a threat.

Then glanced over as Kyogi screamed his release a second time feeling no remorse for the man who had made his life and so many others a living hell. Wondering if this was the point that Aoi and Neikan would trade off. "I should bring the bastard back.....so that he can die again." Seikatsu grumbled a bit sourly. Not that he would...bringing back a devoured soul.....was beyond toture to the one he was bringing back. or perhaps that would be even more reason to do it and then mentally beat himself for such horrible thoughts.

Kotta looked down at Seikatsu in silence. He had long forgot to focus on Neikan torturing Kyogi, and had turned his attention to the one who seemed to be nothing more than a child.

Seikatsu wrapped small fingers around the cage bar watching with narrowed haunted eyes eyes that protrayed a man who was much older then his body protrayed. He reached up and wrapped his fingers around the locked collar that bared his powers and closed his eyes. Things were interesting but wasn't aware he had Kotta's undivided attention.

Kotta watched him closely, and found himself far more interested in the one who looked nothing more than a child than the ones torturing and killing Kyogi. After a long while in silence, he slid down the cage, holding onto it much like a monkey would, and looked at Seikatsu intently. "Do you need company?"

Seikatsu looked at Kotta a bit surprised and down again. "You do not fear my pressence at all...." He said lowly since doubt Kotta knew what his powers were. He paused only a moment longer before nodding and looking at him. It would be nice to have company if even for a few minutes.

Kotta looked at him in silence for a moment before saying in an emotionless voice, "I cannot feel fear, only the desire to kill..."

Seikatsu looked at Kotta. "Then I have nothing to be worried about. Because nothing can kill me." He said softly and nodded. "Do you desire to kill me?"

Kotta shook his head. "I do not desire to kill one who cannot die...there would be no point in trying to spill blood that cannot be spilled..." he said as he turned his attention back to Neikan, who was currently slamming violently into Kyogi.

Seikatsu sighed and looked over at Neikan and Kyogi as the toture drew on and on and he found himself getting bored of it of wanting it over and done with so that they could all go on there own ways. "Yeah..." he said closing his eyes and sighing. No even if would be so cruel as to bring Kyogi back to continue this he wouldn't if for no other reason then goign through his again was not something he wanted to do...the tourture that seemed to last forever.

Seikatsu looked at Kotta a moment longer he could feel the icy breath when the other spoke and looked at him but even that didn't frighten him. Before lookign over at Aoi and Kira, at Dastan who was keeping the Tamashii brothers from running off and at Shihai who had broken out of the sealed caravan he had been in to tell Aoi that they would serve him.

Kotta looked over at Seikatsu and drew in a cold breath before speaking. "Seikatsu...what is it that you see when you look at me?"

Seikatsu blinked a moment as he looked at Kotta. "I see a man who carries too heavy a burden on his shoulders, a man who beleives that he must walk alone." Seikatsu said looking at him. "I see a man who has withdrawn from everything because something happened in his past to make him do so." Seikatsu looked down at his own hand a moment before looking up at Kotta. "That's what I see."

Kotta, though it couldn't be seen, frowned. "It that so...I suppose I'm not very good at hiding things from those older than me..."

Seikatsu shook his head. "I see them....because I know them Kotta." he said looking back at the sight before him. "I see them because a part of me understands it all and always will. There is only soo many times someone can be killed....before they want nothing more to do with anything."

Kotta closed his eyes and was silent for a long while, the only sound was the sound of Kyogi screaming as Neikan continued to violently pound into him. "Seikatsu...would you..." he began, but paused as he saw Kyogi, who was hardly aware of anything, glare at him. "Would you like to end both our suffering?"

Seikatsu looked up at Kotta raising an eyebrow. "End our suffering Kotta?" He asked not sure where he was going with this. Oh his mind could supply him with at least a dozen different ways and wouldn't settle on any particular one. He ignored the glare that Kyogi was shooting them knowign that when the man looked at him all he saw with Seikatsu was dollar signs.

Kotta opened his eyes and looked down at Seikatsu intently. "I want to learn how to feel again...can you teach me?"

Seikatsu looked at him a moment before nodding. "Yes." He said simply as he looked at Kotta. "I can teach you." he heard a grutal scream of anger and glanced over at Kyogi who scowled. Managing to pull enough of himself together. "Kotta you bastard do not soil him." He said between gasps for breath. "Sei unlike you is..." Seikatsu looked over and frowned. "Kotta is a far better person then you would ever be.....and don't hold your breath life is not something that you'll gain a second time...." Seikatsu said looking away before reaching up to cup the side of Kotta's face. "I will help you remember what it's like to feel again Kotta."

Kotta nodded, unable to show any expression of emotion even without the bit. "Thank you Seikatsu...It is greatly appreciated..."

Seikatsu looked at him. "I haven't done anything for you yet Kotta....but you're welcome." He said softly looking at him then sighing he couldn't even remove the bit for him without the key Kyogi had he had to wonder how things would turn out once it was all said and done, but his fingers played gently against Kotta's skin. The fact that Kotta was treating him as an adult not a child like his fifteen year old body portrayed always was a relief.

Kotta shook his head. "No, you have already done something not even Kyogi himself could do...and that is to not fear me in any way at all..."

He looked up at Kyogi. "As for these shackles and this bit...I have spent my whole life wearing them, I have grown rather used to them...though the bit blocks me from summoning my creatures, it does not block me from using my more simple ice powers..."

Seikatsu looked at him. "I can't fear you. " He said softly. "I don't see someone to be feared when I look into your eyes, just a sad person." he said again as Kyogi screamed and looked at Aoi. "Kill me if you must, but get that bastard away from him. Seikatsu is a child no where near old enough to be taken or used by another." He said gasping for air and breath it didn't matter he didn't want the boy soiled counting on being in Seikatsu's aura to bring him back....problem he forgot, he sealed off Seikatsu's powers diverting them all inward. Seikatsu nodded. "I see." he said softly. "Even still you should not have to always wear them Kotta." he said softly.

Kotta shook his head. "They are actually a comfort to me, who has only known shackles from early childhood...without them, I would be a very dngerous man..."

Seikatsu nodded and sighed. "They need not be removed if your more comfortable with them." he said softly as that was his choice. Then sighed and yawned no longer confined in such a way bound and being jared about he was getting tired refusing so sleep a wink while sealed in that black box and that was two days ago.
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:23 am

"Hmm Aoi now that you and Neikan are finished playing with your lunch, there is the issue of those they have abused. Some are still caged and just about all of them are unable to survive on there own." Kira said glancing around raising an eyebrow at the oddity of the two sealed. Kotta and Seikatsu one looked completely dangerous the other nothing more then a child so why then....would they cage them together he was against it all together but to put a child with a man who looked like he could crush him Kira tipped his head.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "I suppose, until they are ready to be put back into society, we will remain with them. We will make a trip to the castle and retrieve all that we need and come back down to Earth so that they all may be re-introduced and socialized properly."

Kira nodded and looked at each of them. "That may be best." he said softly and then frowned. "Although I don't believe it's an issue of reintroduction with that one...." he said glancing at Kotta who looked unbroken in fact Kira was certain he'd be bored if not for the small child with him.

Aoi nodded as he opened his eyes and looked at Kotta. "Though...he seems rather calm and at peace with that one with him...perhaps it is why they were in the same cage..." he said lowly.

Kira nodded. "That would make sense." He said as he stepped down and approached noting how Seikatsu tipped his head and looked over at him regarding him as if HE was the interesting one. Seikatsu looked up at Kotta and sighed. "It would seem there done dealing with Kyogi." he said lightly.

Kotta looked at Seikatsu and nodded. "It would appear so...and it would seem that the one who leads them all is not going to let us leave..."

Seikatsu sighed. "How troublesome. I just want to be left alone and not have to deal with others deciding what's best for me." He said looking in the direction of Aoi and then looked back to Kotta. "But I don't care to fight him either at least....not right now."

Kotta sighed, a few ice crystals coming out of his bit as he did. "I would love to fight...but even I, as much as I desire to fight and kill, am not willing to fight the vampire God...nor am I that stupid..."

Kira walked up in time to hear that and sighed. "And that's a good thing because that would really put him in a sour mood." Kira said as he looked at them then at the cage door noting the broken black metal boxes and frowned before the door was ripped off the hinges and he looked at them. "Come on, I'm sure Aoi will want to meet you both."

Kotta looked at Seikatsu, as if he were asking permission. "Seikatsu?" he asked as he looked at the child-like vampire. Though Kotta was the strongest of the two, he treated Seikatsu as if he were his 'master'.

Seikatsu sighed and nodded. "We should at least be proper and say 'hello'...." Seikatsu said as he walked towards the cage entrance. Although Kotta treated him as if a master it was perhaps only because and it was what Seikatsu told himself he was the only person who didn't invoke his desire to kill. "It would be....polite...."

Kotta sighed and stood up out of his 'squatting' position. "All right, I suppose I will go..." he said as he fell silent and followed Seikatsu out of the cage and over to Aoi.

Aoi sighed and looked at Seikatsu and Kotta. "Hello...how are you tonight?" he asked politely.

Kotta sighed and sat back down in his normal position. "Please spare us...we already know that you're going to keep us, you don't need to try and be so painfully polite to us...." he said emotionlessly as he looked at Aoi.

Seikatsu looked at Aoi and shrugged. "It's unfortunately as he says." He said looking at him he wasn't about to mince words. "I will not leave Kotta and wither or not you intend on making me stay, you out of concern for all overs will insist that Kotta stays. And soo too shall I."

Aoi closed his eyes and sighed. "I'm naturally this way unless given reason to be other wise..." he said lowly. "However, I did not intend on letting you and him be separated...he only seems to be calm when he is with you, and as such, you will be kept with him. You will live in the castle and will be allowed all the rights that my knights are given, and also be given a place among the rankings as personal guards to the royal family..."

Seikatsu sighed and looked at Aoi. "They are simple formalities, I do not mean to be rude...." he said looking at him. "But in the end it simply the way things are." Seikatsu sighed and shook his head as he looked at Aoi and he didn't but he didn't like mincing words either. "I'm....old enough to know how this song and dance works....you are deity and King so your say is law."

Aoi opened his eyes and looked at Seikatsu. "I'm perfectly aware of how old you are, Seikatsu...and aware of exactly what you're thinking, what Kotta is thinking...I can hear it all..."

Seikatsu nodded and looked out at the others. Then back at Aoi and sighed. There wasn't much he was going to say. After all no matter how one looked at it, different arena but same effect in general. They were to become knights to Aoi and didn't have much of a choice in the matter, in essence same song and dance as with Kyogi but a bit more freedom to move.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Not the same as Kyogi...diffrent entirely...with us you will be part of the royal family, with Kyogi you were simply pets that could be bought and sold...with us you have a home..."

Seikatsu looked at him and sighed. "Yes, but the aspect that is the same, is that we know we don't have a choice but to come and call it a home.....it's not a matter of choosing to accept or not, but a matter of this is simply how it is." Seikatsu said shrugging. "It's not something worth my getting upset over it is simply a fact." And he wasn't being insulting or arugmenitive. It was just the way it was, they didn't have a choice in the matter but to accept that now they were to live in castle and be part of the royal family.

Aoi frowned. "If it was a different situation, I would gladly give you a choice...but as it stands, and as Kotta is right now, you do not have that choice simply because Kotta is far too dangerous at this point to allow to roam freely..."

Kotta sighed and closed his eyes. "I told you Seikatsu...I've been dangerous since early childhood...I will not argue Aoi's point, as there is no point in it..."

Seikatsu looked over at him and sighed. "Dangerous or not Kotta, is besides the point, if it were offered perhaps it would leave a better taste in my mouth, but as it stands..." He sighed. "It's as if even before those here the man you are dissappears behind your power." Seikatsu said softly because in the end he saw more in the man before him, more in Kotta then just a dangerous power but when thats all that others allowed even him to see....he sighed and looked back at Aoi.

"You feel that you can not allow him to roam freely because of his power, that is a simple fact. I however choose to stay by his side because I can see Kotta for the man that he is, and that too is a in a way a fact." Seikatsu shrugged and closed his eyes. "And it's all a moot point."

Aoi chuckled. "I do not allow him to roam free, not because of his power, but because of the man that I know he can become given the right enviroment...I'm not a heartless man you know..."

Seikatsu looked up at Aoi having turned to walk over to Kotta and glanced at the man over his shoulder. "Because of the man, he can become given the right enviroment....." He closed his eyes. "Then do yourself a favor....." He looked back at him a moment longer before closing his eyes. "And consinder that carefully concerning all others given the right enviroment anyone can be a dangerous person...." he sighed as he walked over to Kotta and then looked at Aoi as he stood there having closed the small distance to him.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "I understand you're not happy with me, and I will respect that, but also take into consideration as to what I'm giving you. I'm not treating you like a child. I'm simply giving you a place to call home, which neither of you have not had in quite some time now, and a job and what's better...a family who will, I'm sure, love you"

Seikatsu looked at him a moment and shook his head. "it's not an issue of how your treating me. In fact I suppose you could say I'm grateful that you are not treating me like a child......" he said softly looking at him. "I've given up on being accepted anywhere millenia ago and am hesitant on trusting any offer of family now." Seikatsu looked at Aoi quietly a moment. "Because I know what that offer has gotten me in the past."

Aoi shook his head and looked at Seikatsu and Kotta sadly, gently. "I am much too gentle to treat any of the people who live in my castle roughly...unless you count Neikan and Kira...though they are the type who ask for it...I'm a very gentle man at heart and would do nothing to purposely harm anyone who treats me with respect and kindness."

Seikatsu sighed. "You are one among many Aoi Rei King of the vampires." He said softly looking at the man before him. "But being one King or not does not stop the actions of others." Seikatsu shook his head and sighed perhaps he was a bit jaded....but.....even his own parents others throughout the centuries any who discovered his powers told him...'One who should not have been born.....' and how many ways could a person be killed.....Seikatsu knew them all.

Aoi sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I'm sorry to say that, if I wanted you dead, powers or not, I could find a way to kill you...after all...I'm a soul eater, and a God...and above all else...a vampire. We are naturally cunning creatures...should I ever want or require you dead, I can and will find a way to kill you..."

He looked at Kotta who, though he showed very little signs of it, narrowed his eyes at Aoi, "But, as I said...I did not wish to kill you, simply offer you a home and a reason to be who you are. I assure you, none of my knights and other staff dare to touch those who are personal guards, or even friends of mine...all of my staff and guards know exactly the laws and exactly what they can and cannot do to those who enter the castle..."

Seikatsu looked at him quietly. At those words......any remote slender feeling of trust flew out of the window. If he wanted or required him dead he would find a way...."I have had my soul drank, I have experienced every way possible to die..." he said looking at him. "If you wanted to reassure me you meant me no harm, that was not the way to do it." Seikatsu looked at Aoi and shook his head. "I know my place, but I do not trust you." Seikatsu said the knowledge that should Aoi ever desire it he would find a way to kill him do not amuse him.

Kira sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Ah shit...." he muttered not at all happy about this and the way it was working out at the moment. Seikatsu looked away from Aoi and closed his eyes.

Aoi chuckled. "I do not see a reason for anyone to trust me. I've spent my life with people constantly trying to stab me in the back. Seikatsu, your not trusting me gives me less reason to worry about you..."

"Trust breeds doubt, and doubt leads to mistakes and in the end, hurt feelings and broken promises..."

Seikatsu looked over at him quietly a moment. Then away again. Kira sighed. "Aoi....." he said shaking his head he did trust and believe in Aoi. Seikatsu looked at Aoi a moment longer before looking away again. "It would seem.....there are more that are jaded around here." he said shaking his head and sighing as he tugged at the collar around his neck wanting it off and wanting this entire converstion done and over with.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "There are more people in this world who only desire what they can benifit from, or profit from...those people will be eternily unhappy and disappointed...Me, should I ever loose my status as King and God...I'll still be the richest man alive.."

He smiled over at Kira and looked back at Seikatsu. "And as for my words earlier, they were not meant to make you feel like you should be completely comfortable with me...I don't expect you to ever feel that way about me, not many do. My darker aspects often make me a very unpopular man..."

Seikatsu looked over at him and rose an eyebrow. "Oh?" he asked shaking his head regarding Aoi a bit not at all understanding that one. Kira those blinked and remained quiet Aoi had this habit of saying things that could make that unnatural heat of his rise up in his cheeks.

Seikatsu sighed shaking his head. "So you what purposely strive to put a canyon of distance between those around your and yourself?" he said bit irritated and narrowed his eyes. "Try letting others decide for themselves." he said shaking his head and sighed pincing the bridge of his nose he didn't need this to even remotely care about others.

One of the slaves though got up terrified not so much of Kotta having never really seen him but seen when Kyogi had gotten carried away killed a slave and then used forced Seikatsu to bring him back....and grabbed a broken spoke from one of the horses harness and rammed it through Seikatsu. "You....you monster...." The man said. "As if that guy's dying once wasn't enough....." He said and paused the spoke was through Seikatsu's neck as he reached up and grabbed it stepping back off it. "Five thousand twenty six hundred and ninety six..." he said idly. "Don't bother...it doesn't work." The number cryptically enough....was the number of times people had killed him as the man was rambling on and on about his brother not needing to be totured like that killed and brought back over and over again.

Aoi sighed and looked at the one who was rambling. "Shut the hell up...it wasn't his choice..."

The man looked over. "Not his choice? He....brought him back and Kyogi killed him again it was a vicious cycle...." Seikatsu sighed. "No one can die in my aura if the collar is off and I'm not being contained....if someone is dead If I touch them they come back to life..." he looked at the man who took a step back. "If they are centuries dead I bring them back from ashes or bones to full life, I didn't ask to be born cursed. I simply was.....and killing me is a moot point....I can not die." he said as the collar snapped in two thanks to the man fell off and Seikatsu's arua expanded to a small radias around him.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "As it stood, he had no choice because he had Kyogi as his 'master' and as a pet, it is either do as you're told or risk punishment...I should know...I've been there...."

The man shook his head and sighed stepped back. "The ability to bring back the dead shouldn't exist....." But he looked down. "And yeah.....I know how much of a bastard Kyogi was, but he could have refused." Seikatsu sighed and shook his head. There was no point in arguing with the guy. Who seemed to wander off rambling about it....."A knight that can not kill...You sure you want something like that among your guards Aoi?" Seikatsu asked lowly watching the man wander of delusional...that had happened a very long time ago. But he didn't look at Aoi. "I am serious when I say....nothing in my aura can die."

Aoi smiled at Seikatsu. "I'm quite sure. I would not have offered if I wasn't sure."

Seikatsu sighed and looked at him. "Doesn't that defeat the purpose though? I can't choose who does and doesn't die so if your fighting a battle it becomes endless rather quickly." He said shrugging but wasn't sure why Aoi wanted him as part of the Knights other then being a calming pressence for Kotta.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "That is why you will be working with the castle's medical team.

Seikatsu looked at him and shook his head. "Meidical...." he closed his eyes. Although to be honest he understood it in his own right just his pressence alone would keep those wounded from dying and if they did die on there way there, with a mere touch he could bring them back.
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:24 am

They were on earth although Aoi had sent Seikatsu and Kotta to Tsuin Seikai where there would be less to tempt Kotta into mass murder. And where Seikatsu would find he had a place to belong. No matter how one looked at it though he had a lot of work to do to heal up these vampires and get them back out into the real world.

But none of that could or would ever prepare him for this. Kira was out in the gardens cleaning them up from weeds and the such which wasn't a problem, no it was the humans before him. They had with them a young man heavily bound and confined sitting in a wheel chair. A solid gag kept him from being able to speak, his arms bound and shackled his legs tied together. They had done a real good job of keeping him heavily confined. An odd pendant around his neck.

"Is that really nessary.....and why bring a human to me?" Aoi asked able to sense that this one was clearly a human being not a vampire. No less bound up as heavily as he was.

The police officers looked at each other and back at Aoi. Kuri was there as well part of the escort to bring this one to Aoi since everyone believed that he really was a vampire and not a human being, but he scented human to Kuri.

Aoi sighed. "I don't do or accept slavery...."

"Um....he's not bound like this because he's a slave.....or anything like that." The police chief said as he looked warily at the human sitting in the chair looking highly annoyed at the moment. "He's this heavily bound because he's too freaking dangerous to be allowed to move. This human is Krylancelo Finrandi and according to the records we were able to find on him he was born in when the world still believed in Zesus as a diety."

Aoi looked at him. "He has magic to have lived this long but that's hardly reason...."

Aoi glanced at the human sitting there how had his head bowed and looked highly pissed off.

Kyrlancelo.............he told them and they still would not listen, he renounced his birth name long ago when the magic council set him up and made it possible for the bastard to do what he did. He no longer went by that name and it pissed him off to no end when someone called him by it. He turned his hand palm up and the Cheif of police went boom. The spell didn't pack enough power to kill but enough to make his point clear.

The officers pulled out there tasers and billy clubs getting ready to beat him again but Aoi walked over to the human not worried about whatever magic he might cast as Rei was in the room and more then capable of dueling it out.

"Hey asshole." He said in a angry annoyed tone his voice deep and rich as he glanced over at the smoldering lump of a person that was sitting there. "Maybe the degree of mentalality has lessoned through the years so do try to pay attention." He said looking over at him. "I told you call me that again and I"ll blow your ass up. My name is Orphen."

The police chief got up and looked at him. "Listen I don't much care what nickname you prefer to go by but your name is Kyrlancelo Finrandi...."

He bowed his head and shook it. "Some people never learn never. Crush ironhammer of the giants...." he said with his palm up turned and the police chief hit the ground hard his body threatening to flatten out as if thousands of pounds of weight were suddenly upon him he screamed in agony. "Ah dam....it's a bit harder to control bound like this......"

His left eye pulsed and went crimson.....while a voice whispered in his head. 'A bit harder....bound him...or is it you can sense and feel me edging up so want as far away from them as possible my dear beloved Kyrlancelo.'....

He didn't even humor him with a response as he cut it off not that he looked overly concerned wiht almost crushing the officer.

"Dam't I don't have time to play kiddie games with you fools." he said as he looked at them. And then the restraints fell into the chair as he was standing near the door the shackles around his arms still in place.

'Hmm now now Krylancelo I'm hungry surely you'll allow me a small snack or two.....'

'like hell I will, shut your mouth and move your ass back to the nothingness you belong in.' He thought annoyed and angry not at all knowing that the entire time Aoi could hear them both.

'Oh I think not....Krylancelo, had your not been such an unagreeable dinner....we would not be in this mess and I would be sinking my fangs into lovely lovely flesh and dinning on suclent blood...'

Orphen paused as he turned to step out of the doorway. 'Oh I'm sorry, here let me just roll over and give you my soul and power I think not. I've got a better idea, you'll shut your trap. It's bad enough you fused our souls together but I don't have to listen to you.'
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:24 am

Aoi sighed and spoke lowly, "Ah...that damn argument again...'I'm bound to you, so do as I say'...so boring, and such a waste of time..."

Orphen paused and looked over. "Tsk like I care what you think. I didn't ask to be brought here or get your oppion on the matter." He said annoyed and then slammed his hand into the wall as Gen'ei surged up a bit more once again attempting to consume him. And shoved back down harder on his pressence the shackles glowed when Gen'ei did manage to get past him it as because he had no choice but to sleep and that never lasted long once the vampire was out and about.

Aoi chuckled. "I don't care if you asked for my opinion...it wasn't really an opinion anyway. It was simply...an observation from the mentality you seem to be emmiting...nothing more..."

He looked over as the shackles glowed and finished shoving Gen'ei back. "Then I'm leaving." he said turning to walk out and the chief of police narrowed his eyes. "Freeze Finrandi, you're not going anywhere you act indifferent now but when you show your true colors innocent people die." Orphen paused his eye brow twitching. "That right? Well, how about I show my true colors now and start with you?" he said turning and glaring at the police chief.

Aoi narrowed his eyes. "Human or not, in the royal castle you shall harm no one. And since you are precieved as a threat to humans, and yourself...I see it best that you are kept here until we can find a way to get rid of that damn vampire attaching himself to your soul...."

He looked over at Aoi and sighed. "I've been trying to do that for centuries now." He said lifting his arms as the shackles made a clinking noise. "And I don't make a habit of killing those weaker then me." he said meaning regular humans in general even earlier it was the smallest fraction of power but enough to make a point. "I'm not a Vampire." he said looking at Aoi. By all rights he could leave....Aoi held no power over him as a vampire diety or king.

Aoi smirked. "No, but so long as you have a vamprie soul in your body, I have rule and say in what you can and cannot do...simply putting it, so long as you have a vampire soul in your body...your ass is mine to rule over."

Orphen looked over at him. "Dam him causing me nothing but problems even now." He said looking at Aoi and not at all thrilled with the technicality. "Once I'm free of this bastard I'm free to leave that right." he said not really wanting to be around more vampires it wasn't anything against them in general it was just......he tended to like to be alone since his falling out with the tower in his youth and they're betrayal of him.

Aoi chuckled. "You could be free, yes. Unless with your time here, you gorw to understand the fact that, unlike the magic council, not everyone is out to get you, to betray you," he said walking back to his throne and sat back down and propped his head up on his hand. "Though...I may ask you to stay because you would make a wonderful friend for Rei...or maybe even a pet for him...not that I supposrt his having a pet..."

Orphen narrowed his eyes. "Bull I'm no one's pet." he said annoyed with that one and looked at the officers who quickly scrambled out at the dark insane look in his eyes. One that clearly said if he had his way he'd fry all of them just for bringing him there. All that is but Kuri who continued to lean against the wall shaking is had he was off duty now anyways.

Aoi chuckled and snapped his fingers. "Now now, let's not get grumpy...it was a joke my dear boy...lighten up a little..."

In a few moments, Kusatta appeared and sat in front of Aoi. "Yes, Aoi, what is it?"

Aoi looked down at Kusatta from where he had his head propped up on his hand. "Kusatta, have the staff prepare this boy a room."

Orphen looked at Aoi and then at the talking wolf which really didn't suprise him and away again. But using his magic while bound and unable to move had cost him let alone forcing the seal to higher peaks while the humans were there he was a badass and jerk but he wasn't the sort to just allow Gen'ei to do what he wanted and pitched forward.

He didn't hit the ground though as Gen'ei sighed and stood up right having staggered stepped and caught himself the shackles gone and the evil in the room was a like a thick heavy veil. "Hmm....how troublesome. You still fight me every inch of the way my dear Krylancelo but they saw the dangers in your powers and offered you up as a sacrifice to me you know that right?" he mused softly. Half an hour he didn't have time to waist in getting food and finding a way to finish absorbing Krylancelo before the man woke up again.

Gen'ei looked over at Aoi as he shook his head. "Hmm did you ever eat something that disagreed with you?" He asked as if Orphen was nothing more then a snack or a meal that gave him indigestion.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "Damn troublesome man..." He looked over at Neikan who had just walked in. "Neikan, your chains if you please..."

Neikan nodded and snapped his fingers, his chains coming up and keeping the man in place.

Aoi looked back over and sighed again. "Despite how powerful you may be...those chains cannont be broken by even myself and no other vampire or creature before you. My brother's chains are both magic and modern technology. You see...within the last few centuries, we have found a very wonderful alloy that no vampire, using magic or not, can break. So I'm afraid that you're out of luck."

Gen'ei sighed. "And the point of the chains is to just keep me here then?" he said looking over annoyed and glaring at Aoi. "If I didn't know better I'd say you want my delicous Krylancelo." He said amused after a moment and closed his eyes. "Then you should know any damage done to me....goes straight through to him."

Aoi smirked and looked at Gen'ei, his eyes changing for a few moments from ice blue, to their original color. "Ah...it amuses me more to shall I say...leave you in a very...hard situation..." He said and looked at Neikan. "Nei...have you played today?"

Neikan looked at Aoi for a few moments and shook his head. "Actually, I haven't...."

Aoi smiled and looked at Gen'ei. "Then I will let you play...but do not give him any relief at all..."

Gen'ei narrowed his eyes and laughed. "Ah yes....do you hear it my dear Kyrlancelo, I over power you and now this body of yours will be raped. How delicous." He said finding amusment and humor in it. He looked between vampire kings and smirked. "By all means, if this were my body it would be able to handle it, but his? Is innocent and so long as those shackles remain even now this body is his but my appearance. my powers he's sealed with them." he shrugged amused and finding this wickedly wonderful.

Aoi chuckled. "Ah...sadly...Neikan is not going to be raping you or him...he is simply playing....had the body you're using not been human, I would have told Neikan that he could have played how ever he wanted...but that isn't the case..." he mused lowly and nodded to Neikan. "All right Nei...you can do anything you want oher than cause him to bleed and take him..." he said but pasued and looked back at Neikan again. "Oh...and you can't let him come..."

Gen'ei looked at Aoi, smirking and laughing. "He's in all of his years never dated adn going to be manhandled by Neikan was it?" he smirked. "Playing or not I will find this utterly amusing." Gen'ei smiled as he looked at Aoi and Neikan.

Aoi chuckled. "I'm not worried...Neikan is very professional with what he does...he will not leave a scratch on the boy's body...besides...dated or not, he's old enough to have at least done it on his own..."

Gen'ei smirked. "No, not once." He smiled as he looked at Aoi. "He'll loose control of his magic if he does." And Gen'ei could feel him beginning to stir beginning to wake back up inside and knew he was running out of time it would be a very long time before he could overpower Orphen again. Or at least that was what the council of old taught there prodigys.

Aoi sighed anc closed his eyes. "Oh well...Nei...come and play with me...since the boy is too damn innocent for his own good..."

Neikan paused and looked at Aoi. "Your sure? I mean, the kid's getting ready to come back, you sure you want him to see it?"

Aoi sighed and growled. "Damn it Nei, just get over here..."

Neikan sighed and turned on his heel and walked over to Aoi. "Fine, you don't have to be so snippy...you want me to leave him in the chains then?"

Aoi nodded. "For the time being, leave him there..."

Orphen awoke and realized two things one he was chained up and hanging in the air and two, two guys were in the middle of having raunchy wicked and kinky sex......he found himself getting more and more annoyed by the moment. The cries the sounds and he took a deep breath shaking his head as he closed his eyes and counted slowly to ten.

The chains were made out of an alloy that could hold a vampire and would not break. That there was no feesable way to get out of and he looked at them not caring to stay in the room while they were in the middle of entertaining themselves they being Aoi and someone else he didnt know and at the moment didn't care to know either. Gen'ei was quiet but consindering he just kicked his ass back down rather savagely he wasn't surprised or he was sure the evil son of a bitch would be telling him something about it.

Orphen closed his eyes and felt it, felt the flow of the magic in the chains and the corruption the change's made to it by science and while brute strength would not win out against it he wasn't one to rely soley on brute strength and found it. He was a Scion a child prodigy, and took a deep breath.

"Find the broken link and slide through to the other side......take me there." He whispered and was across the room looking back at the chains which went limp and shook his head not knowing where his room was while the dark haired man pounded almost wildly into a badly torn and almost broken looking Aoi he walked out of the castle and leaned up against the wall.

Orphen went over it in his mind and sighed when he remembered his 'Master' and teacher telling him once that Vampires idea of sexual activities differed from everyone else if they were in the mood it didnt matter if they had an audience or not they would do it. Orphen leaned against the wall outside eyes closed he wouldn't leave for now not unless it proved to be another futile avenue to remove Gen'ei from his soul and give him back his freedom form him.

He could still hear them outside but not as loud more like muffled through the wall and this way he didn't have to watch either which was fine with him. There were some things although he never particpated in he believed should not be done as a public display and that was one of them.
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:24 am

Aoi walked out looking at Orphen and chuckled lowly. "Ah...seems he wasn't lying after all...you are quite the innocent one...too bad you won't be able to go very far...this castle has a lovely barrier up that not even Kira can break..." he sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Too bad Neikan can't leave any marks...I wouldn't mind to have a few..." he mumbled to himself.

Orphen looked over at him and sighed. "Yeah I can sense the barrier around me." he said looking at him and figuring that the other was this Neikan. He leaned there arms crossed and promptly ignored the comment about marks. Or his innocence or not. Orphen looked away from him and sighed looking out at the distance a bit at the plants around him and the such anywhere but at the man who had been engaged in sex only minutes ago acting as if it was nothing.

Orphen sighed and stood up off of the wall. "I suppose I should be thankful you listened to the bastard." he said getting the indication that while he was out of it, there had been talk of doing something to him.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "I wouldn't have set Neikan loose on you anyway...I was simply amusing myself for a few moments...I have a dark humor at times..."

Orphen shrugged and looked out at the garden. "I....grew up in the tower." he said as if just reflecting on something else all together. "The headmasters rule was say wither or not we liked it."

"Wither or not.....we wanted it." He shook his head, Gen'ei was right in the aspect that the entire time that he had been fused with Orphen he had not messed around but was wrong on one account.....the headmaster believed in a particular form of punishment if you failed a spell....and for Orphen he learned quickly enough that his body became confused with when it came to magic if another's chi or essence was inside of him. Gen'ei was different...but sex really did mess him up.

Aoi sighed and looked up at the sky. "I was kept as a human until I was only in my twenties...once I reached the desired age, I was turned and introduced to who was then to be my little brother, Neikan..."

He looked back down at Orphen. "I was raped as a human...I was so full of despair that I tried to commit suicide...."

Orphen looked at him and ahead again closing his eyes. "Had you succeeded they would have won." Orphen didn't look at him. "You lived, continued on and made something of yourself, you beat them and what they had done."

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "Ah if only my drive had been that....I had only one reason to keep living...the promise of my dear sweet Kira..." he said lowly and looked up at Kira's window. "I did not live to beat them, only to see Kira once more..."

Orphen looked back at him and shrugged. "Hey if that's what gives you strength all the power to you." he said and looked away.

Kira choose that moment to walk out on his balcony leaning against the railing and looking up at the sky as he leaned there eyes closed looking so very innocent at the moment but truth be told he wasn't all that fragile. Not by a long shot.

Aoi sighed and looked back down at him. "There he is now, and that man right there, is the only reason I'm still living. He saved me as a human...and still saves me even now..." he sighed again and shook his head. "But sadly, our trials have been numberless...deaths and rebirths, blood and tears shed to no end...nothing has been very happy for us...even though things seem to be perfectly so on the outside..."

Orphen looked at him and shook his head. "if things were simple it wouldn't be life." He said and sighed dropping back to lean against the wall and look at him. Kira looked down and smiled shaking his head as Aoi seemed to be talking and troubled about something again.

Aoi looked back up at Kira and smiled gently up at Kira, then back down. "That could not be more true...but for a human like you, you do not see people, you see vampires who have their own rules and are nothing but darkness and evil..."

"Spare me." Orphen said looking at him. "I didn't judge anyone then or even now on what race they are." he looked at Aoi. "I walk alone and live alone. So I came to the conculsion to judge on my own as well." He looked at Aoi. "it's not your race when I've seen humans do the same things as vampires and yet call them evil." He looked at Aoi. "I can't vouch for the rest of humanity of won't even try. but myself? if your actions tell me your evil then I'll kick your ass.....if there's compensation for it." He said shrugging.

Kira smiled down at Aoi feeling a bit relieved at the smile.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Sadly, your words do not over rule your mind...I can hear them...all of them...and how much you distrust me and the others...and everyone else...I assure you my dear boy, I have no reason to harm you..."

Orphen looked at him. "If you can hear that, then you know it's not limited to just vampires either." he said be they human, vampire or werewolf he saw no reason to trust anyone or anything. Not after that day.

Aoi looked at him sadly. "Yes, I'm afraid I can...though I wish you would not be so distrusting...not everyone is here to abandon you, or set you up to fall..."

He looked at Aoi and shrugged. "From the moment I was born those two things have been a constant." Orphen sighed. "I attempted to walk once.....under the name I was born with....and this is where it got me." he looked at Aoi. "All that is left now is Orphen."

Aoi looked nearly broken at those wrods and shook his head. "I see more than that name in you...I see who you really are...I see who you can be if you but only put enough faith in the people around you...show them love and they will love you back...show them hate, and they too shall hate you back..."

Orphen looked at him. "And give them nothing and gain nothing in return." He said looking at him. "Because that's all that I have nothing." And it was for all of his snide remarks he felt even now cold numb and dead inside.

Aoi frowned and shook his head sadly. "You are only lying to yourself dear boy...but I will let you see for yourself what I have already saw..." he said lowly as he turned and opened the castle door. "You might as well come back in...it's pointless in staying out here. Besides...your room is ready," he said sadly as he walked back into the castle.

Orphen sighed as he walked into the castle behind Aoi the sound of the chain a fimiliar rustling movement as he walked in see what Aoi had seen in him? All he had left was his magic....'Trust me Krylancelo you and I can handle this murder....it's not a problem...' echoed though his mind after his brief talk with Aoi. 'I've got your back like always you can count on me Krylancelo." the voice was warm dark and rich whimiscal. He looked back he knew that that was the only mistake he made as he felt someone suddenly grab him and pull him back even as he attempted to push away and felt his body sliding dissolving and cursed casting a dozen different spells chaining them one after another he heard him them....the one he loved the one he adored and trusted with everything right down to the very fabric of his being speak. 'Here you go, we gave you Krylancelo as promised, enjoy him with our complements...and here is the masters token of apprication...' he had handed over a ruby crusted dagger one of the headmasters favorites and heavily enspelled.....' Orphen shook his head as he walked behind Aoi....trust no.....he'd open his heart to no one ever again.
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:25 am

Orphen leaned against the wall watching the newly freed slaves timid afraid broken and shaken wandering about the garden haplessly as if lost and confused and could see Aoi clearly moving among them helping them and speaking with them as if a father gentle and trying to help his wounded child find the inner strength to get back up on there feet. He turned his head as a man who looked identical to Aoi walked out it had been a few days since his arrival and he didn't know everyone here but at the same token to see what was no doubt Aoi's twin walk into the garden accompined by a small child and a larger man...no the child was not a child. "Aniki, Seikatsu and Kotta have arrived." the man called 'Big brother' so they were related and looked over to Aoi again. Rei looked over at the boy called by choice Orphen and smiled a little shaking his head the young man had no idea that the reason Aoi forced him to stay was because here thanks to Rei's carefully constructed spell he was safe. But finding a way to fix the problem...now that was something that had Rei stumped he had Eiko'ga working on it with him and Kira as well but it was not easy and they were not any closer then when the young man first arrived.

Aoi stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Rei who had, as he requested, brought him Kotta and Seikatsu from Tsuin Sekai. "Ah....thank you Rei," he said warmly and smiled at his brother.

He then turned his attention to Kotta and Seikatsu. "So, Seiktasu, how has your work been going? He has shown any signs of improvement since I last saw you two?" he asked as he walked over to the two, Kotta still shackled and wearing the bit.

Seikatsu looked at Aoi. "He's smiled and laughed." Seikatsu said looking up at Kotta and shook his head smiling finding it a bit hard to believe not long ago they had wanted to come Earth and now where here. He looked back at Aoi. "But they are things best seen for yourself."

Rei looked at Aoi. "If you'll excuse me Aoi I need to get back to Eiko'ga before he blows up the lab I made Kira go get some sleep he's been working non-stop on this for you."

Aoi nodded to Rei. "All right, don't work too hard, it isn't healthy if you work until you colapse," he said as he looked back to Seikatsu and smiled. "Ah, that's good to hear. I'd love to see the progress, though you'll have to remove the bit for me to see him smile," he said with a warm laugh.

Seikatsu nodded and looked up at Kotta. "I can." he said finding amusement in that one. Although Kotta prefered it, there were times when Seikatsu took it off because he just wanted to see him, Kotta as he is without anything hidding his face. "If Kotta will allow me." Rei nodded and looked at Aoi. "I won't collapse. It's too much waisted time and work that way."

Aoi looked back at Rei and chuckled. "All right, just don't work too hard, we still have time," he said and looked back at Kotta. "Kotta, would you let me see, just for today?" he asked lowly. Kotta looked warily at Seikatsu and sighed, closing his eyes. "If you must..."

Seikatsu stepped down and turned. "I will stay by your side Kotta," He said softly lowly looking up at him. Then reached his hand up as if to cup the side of his face. "But I do miss seeing you, without the bit. I....like those rare glimpse of smiles you give me." he said softly. Rei nodded and walked away. Nodding and lost in thought already.

Aoi waited and watched with gentle eyes, and a warm smile on his lips.

Kotta opened his eyes and looked at Seikatsu and sighed. "All right, take it off...if it'll make you happy Seikatsu, you can take it off."

Seikatsu frowned and shook his head. "It's not a matter of if it'll make me happy Kotta....it's wither or not your okay with it....if it's....." He said trying to think of how to explain it. How to go over this so that Kotta didn't do anything he didn't want to do but the problem was the look on his face was child-like pouting as if he was going to cry.He wasn't but that was the hiccups with being a child. Or rather.....a child in a appearance.

Kotta shook his head. "I don't care about myself, and all that I will do is for your sake Seikatsu, so take it off," he said and looked at Aoi. "But the shackles are staying."

Aoi nodded. "Of course, I will not make you remove them Kotta, I know that they comfort you knowing that they bind your great strength, and I will not take that away."

Seikatsu took a deep breath and nodded before reaching up and removing the bit. "Alright.'' he said looking at Kotta not at all minding the cool, crisp cold of the man's breath. Then leaned back down and looked up at Aoi.

Orphen continued to lean against the wall eyes closed and relaxed listening for this one the shackles confined his great strength for Orphen they sealed the parasite inside of him. It would seem they both wore them for more or less the same reasons to confine or restrain something about themselves.

Aoi smiled at Kotta. "Now, can I see that smile Seikatsu told me about Kotta?" he asked lowly, trying to keep a warm air about him for the sake of the other slaves who were back away from Kotta and Seikatsu in a secluded corner of the garden.

Seikatsu looked over and blinked. Tipping his head he had said that Kotta smiled yes but he also said they were rare and looked pointedly confused reached up and scratched his nose before looking at Kotta and shrugging. "Well....at least we're on Earth and things aren't as boring here." He said looking at the taller vampire.

Kotta had looked at Aoi emotionlessly at first, but let a small chuckle escape him as a small smile spread across his lips. "You're right about that Seikatsu...though now that we're here, Aoi isn't going to let us out unless he has a good enough reason. Though, thinking about it..." he paused, his smile fading just as quickly as it had come, and looked back at Aoi. "You do have another reason for bringing us back down here, so you might as well inform us while we're out here Aoi."

Aoi smiled, but his smile, like Kotta's, faded at the mention of another reason for bringing them down to Earth. "Ah, you're too smart for your own good Kotta..." he said lowly before shifting into his wolf form and sitting on his haunches, looking up at Kotta and Seikatsu. "Well...I'm afraid to say that Sarubia has stirred up a rather big mess with the vampires from Russia...they're planning to do battle and I need you to help me. The vampires from Russia are very dangerous, and are, I'm afraid, nearly as strong as you Kotta..."

Seikatsu sighed. "I'll stay out of the way if battle breaks out, and if needed upon Kotta's request remove the last restraint on him." Seikatsu looked up at Kotta. "The battle will be pointless if I'm there for one, I don't care to become a walking pin cushion and two it'll become endless."

Orphen leaned against the wall and shook his head a war wasn't good and if they were as strong as the man over there it would be problematic. He looked over as the red haired officer walked out and into the garden looking annoyed but not with anyone here. Sarubia wanted him to inform Aoi that the Leader of the Russian vampires had finally fully declared war and it would be commencing before the end of the month they never took long to mobilize.....Era for all of his skill had not been able to smooth over the wounded ego of there leader..... And Era had only been doing that much at Kira's request. Not because he was part of the Yakuza anymore.

Aoi turned and frowned. "I take it they've fully decalred war?" he asked gravely, his eyes sad.

Kuri nodded and sighed. "Yes, Era tried he really did." Kuri said looking at Aoi and walking up to them. "And for a while it looked as if he'd be able to smooth things over. But the leaders wife was still beyond furious and demands heads for the insult." Kuri said and although he had been present when the who mess broke out....he couldn't for the life of him figure out where the insult had been laid down.

Aoi nodded. "All right...I'll round up the knights...you had better tell Sarubia that I'll be paying a visit when this is over just so I can kick his ass for starting this in the first place..." he said before turning to Seikatsu and Kotta. "You heard him, the shackles have to come off when the war begins."

Kotta sighed and nodded. "Yeah, I heard him..."

Kuri sighed. "The sad thing is....he wasn't asking to expand...or even to join them." Kuri looked at Aoi. "He was asking them if he could vacation there without causing them problems....something about wanting to see one of there plays but the Russian leader had already said that once before that if Aniki wanted to come to Russia he had to get clearance first or it would be consindered an attempt to take from him...so that's what he was doing..." What Kuri didn't know was that it was the very Russian opera he himself wanted to see pure and unchanged, having glimpsed it in Greece.

The expansion perhaps was there in the middle of the conversation but he wasn't versed in all of that enough to know or catch it.

Aoi shook his head. "Knowing Sarubia, he asked them to let him expand into their territory and the Russian's didn't like it....they always say the same thing to all who try," he said and looked at Orphen and then back to Kuri. "I'll be sitting this one out. I'm afraid that my current commitments keep me at home this time around."

Kuri looked at him and nodded. After freeing the slaves he'd need to be there to keep them safe and then there was the boy. Orphens life was on a delicate knife edge, at any point he could loose to Gen'ei who would consume him from the inside out. Wither or not the boy realized how much Gen'ei was needling slowly away at him was beyond him but he looked at Aoi. "Of course. I'll deliver your message to Aniki....." he said as he looked at him. "And hopefully we'll be able to clean this up without too much damage." he said looking at Aoi....although he was personally worried about his own ass when coming back to report that Aoi would kick Sarubia's ass later for this mess.

Orphen looked at Aoi a bit confused he had not looked around at the slaves but at him and then said he was sitting this own out. Why.....surely not out of concern for him and his situation it had to be the fragile vampires he was concerned about.

Aoi nodded. "Inform Sarubia that, since this is his mess, his men will be fighting with mine. Also tell him to tell his men that if the leader says this sentence, to run and let my knights handle them, 'Poluchit' ih , ubyeĭte ih. Ubyeĭ ih vseh!' That, in Russian means plainly, 'Get them, kill them. Kill them all!' "

Kuri nodded. "I'll relay it all." He said easily enough and then from a life time of world travel since he was only nineteen in age.....and had spent a while abroad studing. "'Poluchit' ih , ubyeĭte ih. Ubyeĭ ih vseh...." He said in a almost perfect Russian dilect. Then bowed slightly. "I need to get back there is no telling when they will attack..." "the day after tomorrow." Mattaki said from the enterance he would not of interupted had he not heard his native tongue being spoken. "That is how long it will take to gather everyone."

Aoi looked at Taki and sighed. "Ah, that's right. You're from Russia Taki, I nearly forgot," he said lowly. "In which case, I'll need you to go with them, sinc the knights don't understand the language..."

Taki closed his eyes nodding. "I'll go." he said looking at Aoi. "Although....it doesn't amuse me to be anywhere near them again." Taki sighed and looked at Kuri. To remember Seimei at all.....and this would bring him back if even a little. A part of Aoi but that part had been twisted and corrupted by others thankfully that corruption didn't taint Aoi. "I'll let Nei...know I'll be leaving for a while." Taki said turning to go do that since by all rights failing to tell Neikan he'd be gone would likely put him in a sour mood.

Aoi nodded and turned back to look at Seikatsu and Kotta. "Seikatsu, you'll be working in the infirmary and Kotta, I'll give you your orders along with the rest of the kinghts..." he said as he stood up, still in his wolf form and looked at Orphen. "Orphen, you'll also be helping since you have knowledge of magic, I'll need you to use a spell to give me visuals on the battle."

Orphen nodded. "Yeah no problem there." he said lightly it was something he could do easily enough. Seikatsu nodded at his position in this and sighed as Kuri turned and bowed walking out to go inform Sarubia. Taki had already walked off to inform Neikan he'd be joining the battle and deal with his lovers temperment on that one.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "Meet me in the throne room, I'll have to put everyone back to their rooms and out of harm's way..."

He paused and looked at Seikatsu. "Seikatsu, tell Kusatta to gather the knights for me, would you?"

Orphen nodded and started to walk out of the garden. Seikatsu looked up at Kotta. "Let's go." he said softly sadly this wasn't good. Seikatsu looked over at Aoi and nodded. "I'll inform him."

Destin was already moving in the castle mobilizing the knights.....although she needed the formal word to send them out onto the battle feild as his head knight...and Rei's wife....she had this knack of knowing when Aoi needed her to gather the knights. And having been the woman in charge of them for so very long they simply listened when she had them gather in the throne room to await Aoi's arrival.

Aoi gathered the freed slaves at a fast enough pace, and had put them in their rooms telling them not to come out until he told them to. He walked in, now in his human form and a frown weighing his heart. "Is everyone accounted for?" he asked as he looked through the faces of the knights.

Destin nodded as she looked at her brother in law. "Yes all of the knights have been gathered Mon'ami." She said as she looked at him speaking wiht her still to this day thick french accent. She glanced back and smiled. "Inculding the Tsuin twins who have finally awoken oui?" She glanced at them as the brothers stood there and looked back at Aoi a look of sadness on her features. "It is dark times to be gatherin the knights again...."

Aoi nodded. "Not nearly as dark as it sounds dear knights, our only problem this time is a stupid move that Sarubia made...nothing more."

Destin sighed. "It would seem he has his sights set on too big of things." She said shaking her head and looking at Aoi. "Give but the word and we move out."

Aoi chuckled bitterly. "The fool tried to expand into Russian territory..."

Destin groaned. "That's na good mon'ami.....they be brutes on a good day." Taki sighed as he walked in having gotten into a hefty argument with Neikan and if not for Yokoshima he would not have gotten out of the room. "They fight to protect the solidity of the motherland and any who dare to defile that solidity shall have there heads on a spit to show that Mother Russia is safe and sound." Taki said not bothering to hide thick Russian accent, years on the run in the past made it necessary. Now? It simply made a point to remind all of them that he knew the Russian's ways better then the knights would.

Aoi nodded. "My Russian is a bit rusty, but I know Russia well enough..." he said and looked at Destin. "Since we only have less than two days, you will be sent to first keep the humans safe. I will issue a warning via press conference, you are to work with the human police to evacuate the humans."

Destin nodded and looked at Aoi. "Oui." she said looking at him. "We will work quickly to get them out of harms way. Heiwa...." Heiwa bowed slightly. "I will keep feilds of santcuary up as long as I am able but I can not say for how long right now I am still not up to full strength yet." Mattaki leaned against the wall looking at them. "Then you two should stay out of this all together and stay here." he said hidding the accent again he didn't care for it. "The first thing they will do is remove those who are weakest espeically if they given half the chance are stronger much stronger then they seem."

Aoi nodded. "I agree with Taki on this one, Senso and Heiwa, you've only recently woken back up, it's best that you two sit this out. I'll allow Heiwa to work until the humans are safe, but once they're safe, he is to return to the castle and stay here with Sen and me."

Heiwa went to protest and sighed nodding as he knew better....they had created a world there was no telling how long he'd be able to use his power until it conked out. Taki looked at Aoi and sighed. "Where did you want me for now?" He said knowing that out on the field he would be the only one who could speak fluent Russian.

Aoi looked at Taki. "For now, you are to remain here with me. When they arrive, I will have Rei teleport you to the battle...you are not to fight unless given reason to do so. In other words, unless you are attacked, you are to stay out of sight and communicate with the knights through an earpiece..."

Taki nodded. "Understood." he said, simply becaue he knew the Russians even after all of this time would love to get there hands on the onw who took there beloved 'princess' away from them. He walked over to Aoi's throne and sighed. Destin nodded as Orphen continued to lean against the wall and Seikatsu arrived having found Kusatta and blinked when the knights were already there.

Aoi looked at Kusatta and smiled. "Ah, there you are Kusatta. I'm afraid you'll be joining the knights..."

Kusatta looked at Aoi and bowed his head. He would fight. And as he moved to join them a hand landed on his head as Zankokuna looked at Aoi when the knights gathered and his lover was called there. "Surely you don't plan on sending him out there without me...." Zan said as it would drive him insane to wait here for Kusatta's return.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "Stubborn as always....oh well...I suppose you can go, not that you'll be very amused until the battle begins..."

Zan looked over at Aoi. "it's not a matter of my being amused or not. It's a matter of not trusting Nikoli to do anything normal.....and having Kusatta out there while I'm here bored waiting."

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "Just keep out of their grip...the Russian vampires are much stronger than they appear...."
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:25 am

Orphen stood there looking out at the throne room the knights were moving about the city hoping to get all of the humans safely out and Aoi was cordinating things here watching over it all with his and Rei's help. Orphen closed his eyes a moment as he stood next to Rei casting a spell that let one see in multiple places. But Rei kept looking at him funny.

Rei looked at Orphen, a sad look that looked so much like the looks Aoi gave him.
This look, in the eyeswas the sort that poured ones soul out each time it landed upon you.

Orphen sighed as he stood there and shook his head. "Would you quit looking at me like that? AS if your soul will break with sorrow or something..." He grumbled annoyed at the heart felt look for him. There was nothing to be done after all.

Rei sighed and shook his head. "It's rather hard to stop looking at you. You who are lying to yourself, and pushing Aoi away..."

Orphen pinched the bridge of his nose shaking his head and sighing. "I'm not lying I know Gen'ei will consume me one day. And it's pointless to allow anyone in." He said indifferently.

Rei shook his head. "I wasn't talking about Gen'ei dear boy...I was talking about that attitude of yours...I'm afraid that attitude is what makes Aoi and myself tell you that you're lying to yourself..."

Orphen snorted and closed his eyes. "I've always been like this." he said as if that answered everything and he really didn't know how else to be, to allow anyone in, the one time he thought he could change had.....been devistating.

Rei closed his eyes and sighed. "I say destroy, fuck off!
Naze da... shinjitsu o kanjizu ni ikiru
Doko ni ai ga aru no ka sae--" he said lowly and opened his eyes and looked at Orphen. "Do you know, boy, where those lines came from?"I say destory, fuck off! Why....I live withou feeling the truth. I do no know where love is....

Rei sighed. "Ever heard of Hopeless Beauty?"

Orphen looked at him. "Hopless Beauty....." he shook his head and sighed. "I've spent too much time dealing with other shit to enjoy anything," He said in other words although he didn't get into avoiding and battling the Stabbers form the Tower of Fangs, he was one, but he did an ultimate taboo, one he left the tower, two he didn't die like he was supposed to mellina ago, and three he kept killing the stabbers that came to finish the job.

Rei sighed. "That band, dear boy, is Aoi's and Neikan's band...they formed it centuries ago and that song...is the song that Aoi uses as his theme song, his calling card if you will..."
Ashley Wolfe: Rei paused, and turned to look at Orphen again. "That band is now a platinum band that has done five world tours..."

Orphen looked at him. "As I said I haven't had time to enjoy much.....why is that theme song of his so important to you? And what does it have to do with me?"

Rei sighed and poked him in the forehead. "Shut up and listen before you ask questions boy," he said playfully before going on to answer his question. "That theme song is Aoi's and Aoi's alone. Aoi used to be just like you."

Orphen snorted and glanced past Rei to his mirror double and back to Rei before shaking his head. "And I'm to beli....." he said seeing a flicker in the corner of his eye, an faint glimpse of a figure with short black hair highlighted in red although not here but somewhere in Japan during all of this the look of burning insane anger and hate that flickered in his eyes for the briefest of moments before he regained control.

Orphen looked over at Rei. "We're nothing alike. I have always been Orphen. He has everything." He said shrugging, that was a simple fact. Showing the glimpse away there was no way it was possible that it was HIM.

Rei had paused to look back at Aoi, who had, for a moment, lost his cool. "Ah...that is where you're wrong dear boy. Aoi, though he's vampire king and a famous rock star now...back when he left his home land, he had very little and his people hated him, so much so that they dared him to ever return..."

Rei then turned to look at Orphen again. "Aoi, when he was born as a vampire, his birth was far different from any of the normal vampire births....he was not turned, he was created. His father created him so that one day, he would be the death of the Earth, the destruction and all living beings..."

Orphen shook his head. "Sounds like he had hell going on around him." He said a bit distracted part of him wanted to find a way past the barrier that kept him there and find him but he didn't dare release the restraints that held Gen'ei to do it.

Rei closed his eyes and nodded. "Indeed..." he said lowly and opened his eyes when he heard Aoi growl in anger. He was concerned that Aoi would loose his temper, but was quickly put at ease when Aoi returned to his normal state. "Aoi has...had a very rough life. He was raped as a human, shunned by his homeland when he became prince and left American for Japan, he's been reborn at least four times now, and has been killed once...not to mention he's had to davour the souls of countless beings to regain the pieces of his soul that his father scattered across the globe..."

Orphen looked at him and closed his eyes. "Not a life that should have been forced on anyone." he said still a bit indifferent, it wasn't that he didn't understand that Aoi had gone through great sorrows he did, it was that nothing would change it now. He closed his eyes a moment and sighed. He himself had been taken even as a small child by Wakeland. But it wasn't the same as what happened to Aoi he wasn't created just abused and made to cast magic until he could barely breathe and keep on going....not to mention being trained to be a first class Stabber...or what the outside world would call....an assassian.

Rei chuckled and shook his head. "You've yet to see my point. Tell me boy, do you even know what Aoi's name means?"

Orphen looked over at him. "Aoi Rei means blue nothingness, and I know of his human name and what it means as well." he said looking at him then at the images before him again.

Rei looked at Orphen and then sighed. "But do you know why his name has never been changed after he took on the name Aoi Rei?"

Orphen looked at him. "To remind himself of what he does not wish to become."

Rei chuckled and shook his head. "Actually, it's quite the opposite. Aoi kept that name because to him, he is exactly what that name says...nothingness...He was trained just like you were, and was rather abused by both his human family and his vamprie family...always led to believe that he was indeed nothing..."

Rei looked up at the images in sadness. "Aoi doesn't ever want to let go of that...no matter how much pain his heart still retains, he will carry all of that sorrow, all of that pain, and all of his hatred until the day he dies because..." he paused to look back down at Orphen. "That is his way of showing everyone who he really is, his way of letting people in...you don't have to let people in just by telling them your past dear boy, but simply by wearing your scars with pride...and that is what Aoi is doing...and always has done..."

Orphen looked over at him and sighed. "Yeah I'm not hidding." he said looking at him not sure why everyone seemed to think he was lying to himself or hidding his emotions he really wasn't he really was a shallow heartless bastard. Which earned a snort from Gen'ei in the depths of his mind as if the vampire disagreed with him. Then Orphen looked at Rei and sighed. "Aoi Rei can also mean the sky, endless, beautiful but strong, violent but gentle, sad and happy. Nothing and everything." Orphen looked at Rei. Then away again.

Rei sighed and shook his head. "Sadly, you are hiding...and you haven't seen the real you in years...just like Aoi..." Rei then looked back at Aoi again, his eyes loving and gentle. "Maybe you would do better if you heard the songs Aoi wrote when he killed his father..."

Orphen looked at him and sighed looking over and narrowed his eyes. "Corte..." he breathed seeing him moving about again. Before looking at Rei and sighing. "if you say so.." he said looking back.....Orphen had never been happy with being a stabber, and now...that was the one thing he wanted to do....and could feel Gen'ei....he was happy as if this was something he was looking for....Orphen.....becoming more and more like him.

Rei looked up at the images of the battle and frowned. "In the end...Aoi will die...by his own doing...the ultimate end for a soul eater like Aoi...is to consume as many souls until the soul of the soul eater has vanished and ultimately...died..."

Orphen looked at Rei. And heard Gen'ei sigh. And mumble....something about there being no helping that one. But Orphen closed his eyes. "The book of worlds...." he said lowly. "There is a book that talks about how to Soul Eating and how to save someone who is."

Rei shook his head. "Aoi has already reached the point of consumption where he can no longer be saved...within another century...Aoi Rei will finally be dead..."

Rei looked at Orphen in sadness. "Aoi hasn't told anyone yet...the only reason I know is because of my magic...when Aoi dies...Kira too will die...." He looked so sad, the pain of knowing that, within a century, Aoi will die was great. "Aoi knows that he doesn't have long left here with everyone, and so he hides a lot of things from us...but in the end...he sits in his room and cries asking God what he did to deserve the way he is...asking why he was too stupid to notice his problem sooner...why he never stopped to consider the reason his hunger was growing and to seek help..."

Krylancelo Finrandi the man known as Orphen glared at Rei. "You don't listen much do you." he said narrowing his eyes. "If I return to the Tower to MY private chambers I can do something about it. The book was written by the heavens." he narrowed his eyes. "And given to me. I know where it is. And that it's seals are still in place."

Rei glared at Orphen. "What do you care? You said it yourself boy, you have no reason to care about another, to want to try and save anyone. You said that you didn't want to let anyone in. So why offer to save a vampire, the vampire who is keeping you here agaist your will?"

Orphen looked at him. "Because I repay my debts." He said looking at him. "He keeps me here against my will but that is until he finds a way to remove Gen'ei, once gone I have a debt to be paid." Orphen looked over at the images. "And I always repay my debts." As his gaze took in Corte moving about out there flickering from one place to another and giving the knights nothing but grief.

"And I don't care." he said closing his eyes. Which perhaps was a lie on some level he did care and that was the problem. He may be a Stabber First class but he always captured and contained his targets...his hands were not stained in blood. Not yet...

Rei smirked and shook his head. "It would seem that your habit of lying to yourself has moved to lying to others..."

Orphen looked at him and away again. "Think what you like." he said a bit roughly as he glared at the images and then shook his head from here he could do nothing about Corte but had to entertain the conversation with Rei. he closed his eyes and bowed his head. "I just don't like debts hanging over my head."

Rei chuckled. "Tell yourself what you like, but you do care...even if it's on a small scale..."

Orphen sighed. "yeah fine, so maybe I do care a little. Enough to know that debts are debts and repayment is repayment." he said folding his arms over his chest and shaking his head. "And that these things usually come back to bite you in the ass if they're not paid off."

Orphen kept his eyes closed. 'Enough to know....that if he does help me and I let him die no matter in what shape or form....it will eat away at me knowing I could have stopped it...' he thought quietly to himself.

Aoi, having not been listen to the conversation until Orphen let his thoughts slip out, chuckled and moved to put his hand lightly on Orphen's head. "Ah, so you do care..."

Orphen stiffened up and looked warily at Aoi. "Tsk." he answered looking away again not sure he was overly fond of having someone treat him like a kid. But looked back at the image. "Whatever."

"Don't get your hopes up it's not what you think...." Orphen retorted glaring at the battle before him. He sighed and turned his head. "I have my reasons." He said as if that justified everything.

Aoi chuckled lowly and ruffled his hair. "Sadly, you already thought it...you can't take it back now, and you can't change my mind"

Orphen shook his head and looked at him before looking away again. "Shouldn't go waltzing through other peoples thoughts." He grumbled but said nothing more as he stood there and sighed as he heard Gen'ei in the back of his mind tormenting him.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "Hate to tell you this, but you projected your thoughts to me...I don't listen to people's thoughts."

Orphen snorted and paused looking at the image that had frozen of it's own accord or rather of the man who had stopped moving. Corte....."yeah." he said half distracted just seeing him pissed Orphen off to no end, enough that his green eyes which always held a faint glow actually began to glow and then it was as if they were in the middle of the battlefields and troubles sitting there the shackles which confined three fourths of his power inward to restrain Gen'ei glowing and vibrating.....as he stared at the one person he had actually let in.....and the one person he hated more then anything or anyone.

It was nothing more then Illusions around him but having lost soo much control the entirety of the Tower of Fangs knew he was alive as well as Corte who turned his head as if to look off in the direction he actually was. "bastard..." he breathed.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes, placing his hand on Orphen's head. "Now now, calm down. He's not close to us, so you might as well be calm and wait..."

Orphen closed his eyes and took a deep breath regaining control and cursing under his breath. "Doesn't matter....the tower of Fangs knows I'm alive and where I am now..." he said annoyed and angry with himself as the images went back to normal and the shackles stopped glowing he looked down. "This is weakening though....I should never have been able to push that much power through them...."

Aoi sighed and let his hand fall to rest at his side. "Hmm...I wonder..."

Orphen looked over at Aoi. "Wonder what?" he asked looking at him not sure what the Vampire King was getting at.

Aoi smirked. "Can I speak to Gen'ei for a few moments?" he asked lowly. Rei looked at Aoi warily. "Aoi, what are you planning?"

Orphen looked at him and took a deep breath not happy about this but, he changed willingly although warily letting Gen'ei surface as the red haired red eyed vampire appeared in Orphen's place looking at his wrists as the weight of the shackles on him was still there even if they could not be seen. "You wanted to speak to me King of the Vampires?" Gen'ei said amused.

Aoi nodded, his eyes fixed on Gen'ei. "Yes, yes I did..."

Gen'ei stetched as if a great cat waking form a nap yawned and closed his eyes. "I have roughly less then thirty minutes before Krylancelo gets irritated and thrusts me backwards....so what is it you wanted to say?"

Aoi sighed and nodded. "All right. I'm going to get down to the point. Would you let him go if I offered you something in return?"

Gen'ei looked at Aoi. "That depends Aoi, on what it is your offering in place of my dear sweet Krylancelo." he said looking at him.

Aoi smirked. "Neikan...having Neikan play with you is my offer..."

Gen'ei smiled and closed his eyes a moment. "Ah such a tempting offer but if he denies it and I've let my dear Krylancelo go he'll not let me get ahold of him a second time."

Aoi shook his head. "Neikan will not refuse...he thrives on sex and will sadly, die without it..."

Gen'ei looked at Aoi and closed his eyes a moment longer before nodding. "Very well. I will release him...in exchange for Neikan but in order to do so. The constant weight of his magic must be taken off of me, in other words Krylancelo must remove the shackles his magic sealed me with."

Aoi nodded. "All right...I'm pretty sure he heard us..."

Gen'ei looked at him. "Even if he did, he's not very trusting." Gen'ei said amused ashe closed his eyes and looked over. "Although even now he maintains the spells he's cast...." Such a powerful soul and yet he was giving it up so he could play with Neikan....how odd.

Aoi smirked. "I'm pretty sure he would...if I let him go after that one...the one in the images..."

Gen'ei looked over. "True, but once free of me he's free to leave and do what he wants." He said looking at the one in the images. "Ah....Corteisian....the one who brought me such a tasty dish to begin with....just seeing him sends my dear Krylancelo into a fit of rage."

Aoi nodded. "I'm aware that once you let him go he can leave...of course...if Rei doesn't cast a spell to stop him..."

Rei looked at Aoi and nodded. "If I thought that Aoi didn't want him leaving, I would make the barrier so that both human and Vampire couldn't leave without Aoi's permission..."

Gen'ei looked over. "That would put him in a sour mood." Gen'ei agreed and then blinked when he felt and heard the words in the back of his mind felt the spell release and then felt like he got a swift kick in the ass as he was already seperating and Krylancelo glared at him. "And stay the hell out." he said annoyed and glanced over at Rei. "Don't." he said his glowing green eyes meeting Rei's icy pale blue.

Aoi shook his head. "Rei, leave him be...if it looks like he's in trouble, I'll go...but until then...let him go..."

Rei nodded and turned back to the images, keeping the spell going. "All right Aoi...I'll let him go..."

Orphen looked at all of them then at Corte and narrowed his eyes. "Right..." he said and then was gone in a mere moment as he whispered. "Pierce the dimensional veil, take me there." And was where Corte was words were not wasted as they began fighting close range....unless they had Aoi's strength Orphen could handle them.

Kira walked in and looked at Aoi. "You sure you want to let him go Aoi......I know you've seen the dangers that boy is in. What is going to happen from here." Kira said sofly as he too had seen it. Orphen might as well have a bulls-eye on his back....he had gotten himself right smack dab in the middle of there mess.

Aoi sighed and looked up at the images. "Like I said before Kira...if he is in danger, I'll go to where I'm needed...but this is his fight, and he needs to fight it..."

Kira nodded and walked over lacing his fingers with Aoi's as he turned to watch as well. "I know." he said softly as he watched the fight was brutal but in the end Corte did not die but escaped using a spell to jump away but it was as if that in and of itself was a distraction as crystals as red as pitch flew at Orphen. Who rose a light sheild. Krasnyi stood there tossing a crystal up and down in his hand. "Hello comrade....and goodbye."

Aoi, in that instant was gone from the castle and on the battle feild. "I don't think so...you'll not kill this one..."

Krasnyi looked at Aoi. "Oh, so you would be the King then ya?" He shook his head and smiled a bit. "This one entered the battle field his fate is up to the fight before him." He said and Orphen less then thrilled at the moment got ready for battle but something about this one made even him nervous.

Aoi narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "He is mine and you will not kill him..."Aoi, though he hated saying those words, to declare a human as yours in the vampire world meant that they were hand chosen to be turned and hand chosen to be the food source for the vampire who chose them.

He stood proudly on the battle feild and never flinched, even as weapons and attacks flew between him and the Krasnyi. "If you want to forsake the law of vampires, then by all means...do so...but not to the one whom I've chosen..."

Krasnyi looked at him and shrugged. "I've no desire to get into a fight over your Chosen comrade." he said looking at the kid and back to Aoi the kid didn't know, didn't understand which meant he was newly acquired and shook his head as the gemstone flickered up and dissappeared. "Besides Comrade our fight is not with you." he said and paused. "Although the boss will want Idyealʹnyĭ sledy skorbi back at some point he may come to discuss it with you." He said turning to go.

Aoi glared and shook his head. "Taki is not coming back, he has become my brother's and sadly, he's not willing to let him go," Aoi said snidely.

Krasnyi looked back over his shoulder. "Yeah? That's too bad Comrade, looks like something I'll need to be reporting then." he said turning to walk off he was under no orders to fight Aoi nor did he want to. He started walking away. "Idyeal'nyi knows what happens to deserters, the rules. Maybe if he's lucky the boss will make an exception though who knows what sort of mood he'll be in when this is done ne?"

Aoi glared after him. "I will gladly face your boss. Taki is with us now, and should your boss try to take him back...I'll rip his heart out..." Aoi said darkly, his eyes changing colors.
hishirobara: "I'll give him the message Comrade," He said waving over his shoulder but paused. "But that one...you may want to put on a leash. That medallion of his the men and woman who wear that tend to think they can wander further then there allowed to."

Orphen narrowed his eyes and glanced over at Aoi trying to remember everything from the texts about Vampires.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "I'm not very fond of leashes...and this one isn't very fond of them either..."

Krasnyi looked at him. "So he'll behave for you then? You're the lucky one the others like him are a pain." he said contracts and payments aside they tended to do what they wanted which was how he found Orphen he had been actually looking for Corte.

Aoi nodded. "I trust he will...otherwise I'll have to treat him like an animal...and I really don't like having to be rough with them..."

Krasnyi nodded and paused. "He's unbitten." He said realizing at that moment there was not a set of fang marks on the boy no scent of it on his skin. Nothing......and turned. "You talk a good game...are you just trying to protect the boy Comrade, or have you really Choosen him?"

Aoi narrowed his eyes. "I just recently chose him...I've yet to have the chance to put him to use..."

Krasnyi looked at him. "Unless that was within the the thirty seconds it took for me to find him." Krasnyi said looking at Aoi. "I'd say you haven't actually choosen him at all." he glanced at Orphen who was ignoring them and scrying at themoment no doubt searching something or rather someone out.

Aoi growled lowly. "I chose him right before he left for the battle...I let him come here to fight because he desired to kill the one you call Corte..."

Krasnyi smirked. "So then he has no idea you probably haven't even told him yet, what your planning to do to him ne?" He said looking amused. Orphen looked over between them and narrowed his eyes. "Bind the moving current." he grumbled and Krasnyi rose an eyebrow as he was bound in glowing chains and his voice failed him. "Dam bastard won't shut up." he said as he went back on trying to find Corte. After a moment though Krasnyi sighed. "Then looked at Aoi. "He really has no idea of his place at all does he?"

A chosen, one meant to be changed and marked as a private feeder. And this kid had no idea that he had no right to stand off against any vampire who ranked higher then him and they all did.

Aoi looked at Krasnyi darkly. "He'll know in time...it's my choice to inform him or not...the rulse don't say that we have to inform them right away..."

Krasnyi smirked. "No, we don't but we do have to mark them within the first six hours of claiming or anyone has rights to take him from you." he said looking amused. "Unless he comes to bear your mark in the first six hours anyone from that point forward and take him and mark him."

Orphen looked over at the words mark and take him. "What the hell is he talking about?"

Aoi shot a glare at Orphen. "Hush, this isn't your place to speak," he said before looking back to Krasnyi. "Even if I don't mark him, if I brand him they cannot lay claim to him. With the brand in place, I am free to pick when I mark him, or if I even desire to mark him."

Krasnyi smirked and looked at Aoi. "Yes but that brand can not appear on anyone else." he said amused. "You can't give him your house crest and say he's branded." Orphen looked over getting more and more annoyed as Aoi told him to hush. He had half a mind to tell him you dont own me but was currently focusing on the moving magical source that belonged to Corte.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "The King's crest is not the same as my house crest. Im aware of the rules, so talking to me about them are pointless."

Krasnyi smirked and nodded. "True comrade but I've seen Kings decide that the rules do not apply to them as well." he said smirking and shaking his head as he broke free of the binding. Then glanced at Orphen who looked about and then sneered. "There you are." he said and held his hand up palm facing in that direction hand around his wrist as his power shot up and all of it gathered to his palm. Before firing off passing through everyone he didn't want and hitting hte one he did.

Aoi smriked. "I'm king, but I abide by the laws."

He nodded and looked at him. "All that can be expected." He said and then looked at the boy who had just sealed Corte from where he was standing. "He's an interesting one it's as if this entire conversation means nothing to him." Orphen spared the man half a glance and then looked away as he glanced in the direction the land that Fang sat in and he knew the book was not realizing that Aoi had other intentions for him.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "Oh believe me...he cares...he's just...distracted at the moment..."

Krasnyi looked at him and nodded turning to go but paused again and shook his head. "Your an odd one Comrade. Most others would rush in fighting." He said finding this amusing. Orphen looked that way and did the math. A day and a half to get there, perhaps two days to battle the idiots and that was if he didn't get caught if he did, that was a week and then a day and a half to get back cast the spell and be on his way.

Aoi smirked. "I'm smarter than most. I don't jump in and fight unless given proper reason."

Krasnyi nodded and Orphen chose that moment to speak lowly although one really dind't know just how much a vampires hearing picked up. "Two there and back, at least two in there....unless they're planning on my comming then it's a week..." he mumbled under his breath.

Aoi pursed his lips and looked over at Orphen. "Planning to go on a trip?"

Orphen looked over at him and rose an eyebrow. "So what if I am." he said a bit clipped sounding like himself again. "I have things I need to do and standing around here isn't going to get them done."

Krasnyi looked between them for his choosen one the boy really didn't understand his place at all. That statement should have gotten a 'no' instead it got a spunky yeah and shove it not in those exact words though.

Aoi sighed and flicked him in the forehead. "Baka. At least respond properly. You were raised better than that."

He straightened back up, arms folded across his chest. "You could at least ask if I'll let you leave. After all. you're still in my posession. The humans brought you to me...it's not as if I'm going to let you walk off scott free..."

Orphen looked at him. "I don't recall needing your permission to go. The reason I was there has been taken care of." he said looking at him. "And as I said I have things I need to do." Orphen said after rubbing his forehead and snorting at the you were brought up better then that comment.

Aoi narrowed his eyes and this time put more force into his flick, pushing Orphen back. "Baka! You need my permission to leave my side the same as everyone who has lived in my castle!"

He was trying to make Orphen understand, but he couldn't without....he paused, a sly smile slinking acorss his face. His smile, since he had his back turned to Krasnyi, wasn't seen by anyone but Orphen. "Hey, for once would you play along. He thinks that you're my chosen human. At least act somewhat submissive." he said, projecting his thoughts to Orphen before letting his smile fade and his expression of anger return.

Orphen looked at him and rose an eyebrow Krasnyi was facing Aoi's back and thankfully Orphen was shorter then Aoi so when he rose that eyebrow Krasnyi couldn't see it. Orphen fell silent even if he was grumbling in his head about the insanity of it all but all he said out loud was understood." Although to the comment and flick verbally or conversation mentally he wasn't sure.

Krasnyi watched the exchange and rose an eyebrow. Aoi was not punishing his choosen for it's behaviour but was glaring at him and the other became submissive again he had to wonder what that outburst was as most chosen were rather well behaved.

Aoi smirked and turned to face Krasnyi, asking lowly, "Now, would you like to go on a trip Orphen?"

Orphen looked at Aoi. "Yes." he said lowly although he managed to keep the I'm gonna kick someones ass for this out of his voice. Krasnyi watched the exchange between Aoi and Orphen. The boy was not branded or marked which would make this interesting to see how it all played out.

Aoi smiled and turned to him. "And on this trip, what will you be doing? I certainly hope you're not going to be going to other vampires...that would be rather..." he paused, looking at Kotta as he landed, unshackled, on the ground and created a large crater. "Troublesome..." he finished and he looked down at Orphen.

Orphen looked at him glancing at Kotta as well. Before looking back at Aoi. "No, I was heading home for a bit there a few things I wanted to pick up." he said lightly. Krasnyi looked at Aoi and Orphen before his gaze settled on Kotta and narrowed his eyes.
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Aoi smirked and patted Orphen on the head. "Fine, but if you don't come back...I'm sending my trackers after your ass..."

Kotta stood up and popped his shoulder and then popped his neck, rolling it as if to make it more comfortable.

Orphen snorted and looked at him. "Yeah yeah I know." He said waving his and dismisively there was only so much he could play the part of submissive and Aoi had gotten it with his I understand and telling him where he was going. Krasnyi watched the exchange and narrowed his eyes. Looked between the Vampire king and deity and Kotta dealing wiht on or the other was one thing but both was a bit much even for him. But he would inform Temnyi about all of this including the Vampire King's arrival on the battle field.

Aoi turned and looked at Krasnyi. "You know...if you really want to...you could call your boss here right now....I wouldn't mind..."
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Krasnyi looked at him and took a deep breath. Then shrugged and called Temnyi. Orphen turned to walk away and leave he had to get the book and return to fix Aoi then leave again much to do and not all the time in the world to do it in.

Aoi stood silently amidst the battle, even as Kotta sprang from the ground, making the crater even larger and grabbed hold of one of the Russian vampires and flung them to the ground.

Krasnyi looked over at the Russian vampire who was not tackled by Kotta and away again as if that man was meaningless to him. Then looked at Aoi. "The boss said he'd be here shortly." He said and Orphen paused looking back at him as much as he wanted to leave and leave this to all of them returning to find the reason he was going back to the tower dead injured or gone would defeat the purpose.

Aoi smirked. "Good...then I can really get this party started..."

Krasnyi looked at him then over at the man as his boss seemed to arrive just then as if out of the blue and grabbed ahold of the boy tossing him forward as if to say your not leaving. Orphen went tumbling and hit the ground rolling before kneeling there and glaring at the one who tossed him.

Aoi wagged his finger side to side in tisking manner and shook his head. "Now now Orphen, be a good boy and stay still...this one isn't yours to fight."

Orphen looked over at him and narrowed his eyes. "Tsk, I can't help it if your blind." he said standing up and narrowing his eyes. "But he's the one picking a fight with me not the other way around."

Aoi looked over at Orphen and narrowed his eyes. "He wasn't picking a fight with you, he was simply putting you back where you belong...he obviously doesn't want you leaving..."

Orphen looked over at Aoi. "Tsk in case you forgot I have things to do, and standing around here is not high on my list of priorties." Temnyi looked at him. "Krasnyi tells me you are a Chosen. Newly placed there, know your place boy." He said in a low tone. "Leave his side and any vampire has right to claim you now." Orphen looked over at him and snorted. "Not going to happen."

Aoi smiled and chuckled as he turned to look at Temnyi. "Now now, let's not treat him too roughly...I really don't want him hurt..."

Temnyi looked over at Aoi and smirked. "Ah but comrade there is a difference between a gentle toss and treating too roughly. I barely touched him." he said looking at him. "Humans are such fragile creatures much like most vampires who are not like us hmm? Fragile and easily broken."

Aoi looked at Temnyi for a moment in silence before saying crossly, "I don't take kindly to you trying to harm what's mine. You're a Russian vampire, and Russian vampires are much stronger than Japanese and American vampires...please take care of how you handle the human..."

Temnyi laughed and looked at him. "Ah but comrade if I wanted to hurt him he would be hurt." he said looking at him. "But let me be frank if I hurt him he would be broken and nearly dead." Orphen looked over not finding this amusing at all he was rusty too rusty and should have noticed the vampire coming up behind him right away. He was a stabber and had slipped that was likely to get him killed in the future he could not afford to be so distracted. "Let's get something straight, the day you hurt me is the day you find your ass fried." Orphen said annoyed. Temnyi looked over and laughed. "Ah comrade he is an amusing one. You are a second or third class Stabber yes?" He said looking at him used to dealing with Corte. "Excuse me? Second or third tell me your more intllegent then that. If you know I'm a Stabber one would assume your know a bit more. I'm first class." Temnyi looked over. "Oh I have a first class..." Orphen snorted. "Not a chance if your refering to Corte he's second rate at best. Always backup never anything better even now I take him easily enough from this distance."

Aoi narrowed his eyes, his body floating into the sky, both eyes that deep, dark cimson. "How dare you think you can lay a finger on me and get away with it...I will not allow you to take that human, not on my life..."

Temnyi looked up at him and sighed. "That is where we'll have a disagreement Comrade. You took Idyeal'nyi from us. And Seimei, and Seimei died. That is two you have taken without payment . The boy you claim as your chosen, and so he will surfice for payment." Orphen closed his eyes and bowed his head searching looking there where not many spells he could cast like this but.

"Find the dimensional break and divide....take me there." He breathed and was no longer in the crystal although it still held form but crouched down on a roof top glaring at the vampires down below. 'What the hell has gotten in to me. That is twice now.....why.....' He thought as he crouched there and remembered Wakelands's words unless he accepted all that he was and is....'Damn't looks like I have no choice but to become Sorcerous Stabber....again....to accept the training and murderer they wanted me to be....to accept Krylancelo...' he thought annoyed.

Aoi let his wings fold out and he glared down at Temnyi. "Sadly, you are mistaken. I did not take them from you, they chose to stay with us, and sadly, Neikan has claimed Taki as his own...there is very little you can do about it now."

Temnyi looked up and shrugged. "Idyeal'nyi was not a free man to choose to stay. Nor was he free to be choosen by your Neikan. He has prior obligations and Neikan is free to keep Idyeal'nyi if he is paid for." Temnyi said looking at Aoi. "After all his contract is still with us and that is still valid."

Aoi narrowed his eyes and vanished, reappearing in front of Temnyi. "We will not bargin for the lives of two living beings as if they are animals, it simply doesn't work that way with me. Contract or not, he is part of the royal family now, and if you want to come into my territory and try to take them, then by all means..." he said, his eyes dark and dangerous. "Try it..."

Temnyi looked at him. "And I will comrade another time right now I am dealing with another who has attempted to take from us." He said looking at Aoi. Then glanced up at Orphen and back at Aoi. "He will be traveling soon yes? Without a mark on him he is free to be taken especially since it's not likely you will break your own laws and enslave him to you. To change him and make him a feeder chosen to be turned and a food source for you. How amusing....to bad you will not go through with it, you will not break your own laws.

Aoi narrowed his eyes. "My laws say that he cannot be enslaved to me, but they say nothing about marking him as one of the royal family. All who wear the royal family crest on their body are then considered to be part of the royal family and should any other vampire try to mark them in any way, the spell on the royal seal will ash them instantly..."

Temnyi looked at him. "Ah yes but that boy is hardly obdient to you as if you'll be able to place such a marking on him." He said looking at him. "At least before he decides to travel." Orphen closed his eyes as he felt them approaching that was why...he was attempting to sense a living pulse but Vampires didn't have the same pulse as those that walked within the threads of mortality. He opened his eyes which were glowing as several Russian Vampires lunged to take him down not that Temnyi had given the order they were acting on there own and magic swirled around him. "Summon the siblings of explosion." he shouted as there was a massive explosion and four vampires hit the ground smoldering two more went flying and last that had reached ground zero before his hand.....was ashed. Temnyi looked up annoyed. "Krasnyi....they are to be punished for interupting me." Krasnyi bowed. "I will see to it personally."

Aoi smirked. "Ah, but you see...the boy owes me a favor...and since he is willing to repay his debt...I shall have him repay me in full..."

Temnyi looked at him. "By making him become a part of your family by making him contracted to you then."Temnyi said looking at him. "You aren't going to give him a choice."

Aoi sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "You're not giving me much of a choice in this matter...it would seem...that if I don't mark him as one of the royal family...you'll hunt him down and make him yours...and I really don't want that...not in my territory anyway..."

Temnyi looked at him. "Such is life Comrade." he said looking at him. "That one has power and you and I both know when it comes to holding a postion over others it's best to have those with power loyal to you rather then oppose you." He said and looked up at Orphen who was standing there and held up his hand firing off another blast and taking out three more as if they were nothing.

Aoi looked up at Orphen and chuckled lightly as if this was a funny joke. "You see...the funny thing about that sentiment of yours...I'm not one who rules my land with an iron fist and fear..."

Temnyi looked over at him. "Oh no Comrade? You think theyremain loyal to you becuase they do not fear you and what will happen if they disobey you?" he said Orphen looking annoyed blasted another four and then narrowed his eyes. "I've had enough," Orphen said as he unleashed his power spiralling and skyrocketing around him his hair and clothes billowing he was beyond pissed in five minutes ten maybe twelve vampires trying to lay there fangs or whatever else on him....normally he didn't have anything against anyone but he wasn't...'Damn't it all I'm not your freaking chew toy bite someone else...' he thought as the power gathered. "Part the celestrial heavens.... He shouted as he thru his hands up and formed what appeared to be a massive ball of power....he was going to lay out every Russian vampire in the area and more.....he was so very pissed off at the moment.

Aoi sighed and transformed into his dragon form. "Such a rotten boy...trying to destroy me when I helped you..." he said lowly and flapped his wings, and landed infront of Orphen, his dark crimson eyes glaring down at Orphen.

Orphen narrowed his eyes and looked at Aoi. "Like hell I will." he said glaring at him. "I'm not about to stand by and let one more of these bastards try to take a bite out of me. You have a problem with that fine." he said as he parted his hands and rings of power began spinning around both of his outstretched hands. "But I'm not such a second rate sorcerer that I hit those I don't intend to." he said narrowing his eyes and speaking. "Render the fangs of the wolf." He said and the pulse went off as balls of power flew out striking down the Russian vampires that were sneaking up on him attempting to get the drop on him again. And looked at Aoi. "I am a Stabber First Class. I only take out my targets."

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Sadly, I cant let you keep fighting...you had better come down here with me...if the Russian vampires are smart, they'll stay away from me..."

Orphen looked at him. "I don't need protection." he said looking at Aoi annoyed. Then down at the two Russian vampires who were standing there. Temnyi looking highly amused. "No control....you can not control that one small human boy."

Aoi glared down at Temnyi in annoyance. "Silence!" he said, his deep voice booming in authority, the king's authority. He then turned to look at Orphen. "That wasn't a request boy, you're coming down here like it or not," he said in annoyance as he grabbed Orphen in his clawed hand. In his dragon form, magic was useless against him. Dragons are one of the oldest living magical creatures in the world, their magic was the creation of human magic.

Orphen was beyond annoyed as Aoi grabbed him. He knew the history of his magic, knew that huamns who possessed the gift of magic it was because the dragons had gifted someone in there anscestory with magic. Krylancelo just happened to be exceptionally gifted as if he himself had been gifted again when he was being born. Temnyi rose an eyebrow and looked up amused as Aoi was loosing his cool with the boy.

Orphen looked annoyed. "Oh wonderful ancient dragon....whole helluva lot of good my magic's good to do now."

Aoi snorted and rolled one of his eyes down to look at Orphen. "Hush. I'm tired of listen to you, you damn brat. If you don't like me, that's fine, but you're not going to talk to me as if I have no say in what you do. Quite frankly, since the humans left you at my castle, I own your ass," he said, narrowing his eyes at the last part.

"Hmm gee and how would you like it if someone told you you were a possession, you'd fight it as well." Orphen looked up at the dragon annoyed and angry. "You can call me a damn brat all you want, it doesn't change the fact that although you haven't given it the title, the way your talking that you own my ass, your more or less calling me your slave." Orphen narrowed his eyes. "You haven't once asked if I would stay you've demaned it as if I were property so no. I could give a rats ass about your say in the matter."

Aoi tightened his grip in annoyance. "Quite honestly, though I've sworn to never have a slave, you're making it very damn tempting right now kid..."

Aoi tightened his grip in annoyance. "Quite honestly, though I've sworn to never have a slave, you're making it very damn tempting right now kid..."

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "I am tired of having kids act like they can treat me how ever they want. And, you know what, I do fucking know what it's like to be called someone's property...I was trained as a slave a few centuries ago, so don't you dare act like I don't know what I'm talking about, because honestly..." he paused, taking flight again. "I know exactlky what the hell everything you've went through fells like. And if you don't want to get that through your thick fucking skull, fine, but don't fucking push me when I'm already angry to start with...it's not the best idea in the world..."

Orphen grit his teeth when Aoi tightened his grip on him and closed his eyes of all the things to end up dealing with a tempermental vampiric dragon. "Quit calling me a kid." he breathed. "I may be human but I was born when this world was still young." He said annoyed. "I haven't forgotten what I was told which is why it's pissing me off your treating me this way. The humans gave me to you so you can do what you want with me?" he closed his eyes. "Forgive me but for a while there I thought more highly of you. But your starting to sound more and more like those bastards at the tower. And less like the man I was coming to respect."

Aoi chuckled and loosened his grip. "Respect is nothing unless you show it. And sorry to tell you this, but you've shown me no respect at all. I don't mind you being mouthy, or even fighting me on things, but now is not the time to argue with me. Those Russian vampires down there want to make you their slave, I'm trying to save your ass. It would be wise of you to let me do my job and save you."

"I am showing it....those who annoy me I blow up." He looked at Aoi. "I haven't cast a spell towards you since we met." he looked down at the Russian Vampires and sighed. "And I'm not used to anyone trying to save me.....since the day I was born the only one who I could count on was myself."

Aoi looked down at him and sighed. "Well, it's time you start learning how to let me help you, other wise, those Russian vampries are going to make you their feeder..."

Orphen sighed. "You talk like I don't stand a chance of defending myself." He said annoyed as Aoi was carrying him in one clawed hand. Temnyi looked up slightly annoyed Aoi seemed to be having a heart to heart wiht the boy who had....he looked about made such a fine mess out of soo many of his men.

Aoi shook his head sadly. "You'll never be able to fight the leader off...unlike his men, he is much stronger and way more dangerous....your magic wouldn't be able to do much to him so long as he has his second in command..."

Orphen looked down. "Oh?" he said noting how Krasnyi didn't seem all that concerned with Kotta near him and Krasnyi looked at Kotta smirking.....not much at all could harm in fact....nothing could. Temnyi looked up and sighed. "How long are you going to stay up there Comrade?"

Aoi sighed and landed, making sure to keep gentle hold on Orphen. "What the hell do you want this time?"

Temnyi looked at him. "We are leaving now, the Yakuza boss has been dealt with." he said as he turned to leave. "And as to the boy, there's not much your going to do to keep him safe. You can't be with him at all hours of the day or night."

Temnyi knew what they had acquired.......and it was quiet the prize.

Temnyi looked over at him and sighed. "Let us leave Comrade." he said looking at him. "My men have already returned with there spoils of war and some of them you could say are fragile."

Orphen knew it would be a bit harder but cast his magic uttering the spell under his breath taking a gamble that as long as it wasn't offensive to harm the dragon holding him he would be able to cast a farseeing spell and figure out what they were up to.

Aoi narrowed his eyes at Temnyi and shook his head. "I think not. You'll be staying here until I see these....spoils of war"

Temnyi looked at him and smirked. "Ah not the way it works comrade. We will be leaving or you will never see these spoils of war." Orphen's magic did it's trick although it hurt like hell to push his magic past the dragon. Different people captured but among them were two. A white haired young man who was kneeling against the wall craddling another who looked young almost fragile with long red hair and was out cold....but the oddity of it was his farsight allowed him to hear in the room a heart beat and see the white haired boy's fingers against his throat. To save the white haired boy he had lunged between and taken a blast full on. The white hair boy's arm was pressed to the others mouth who was drinking while out cold.....and the other looked highly concerned as he stared at the one.....who was drinking blood and had a pulse. "Ah shit..." Orphen breathed. As huge burly Russian's walked into the room towards them.....and his farsight cut out. "See something troublesome boy?"

Aoi looked at Orphen in concern. "They have someone of ours, don't they Orphen?"

Orphen nodded. "Yeah....a slender teenager with white hair and that dectective that was there at the castle the one who came a couple of times to deliever messages....Kuri I believe." he said looking up at the dragon. "Wherever they are there was a bunch of huge burly vampires approaching them. And Kuri was injured bad."

Aoi turned to glare at Temnyi. "Fuck you Temnyi. You're not going to make it out of this city alive."

Temnyi looked at him. "If you want them alive Comrade I will leave this city alive." He said smirking. "That one that Kuri is an interesting one a rarity in the vampire world.....how long do you think his heart will last under my mens tender mercies if I don't return hmm? Not to mention the women.....I'm sure they will fully use him I'm not home soon. isn't that right Krasnyi?" Krasnyi looked over. "The men tend to get a little wild in there games if not controlled yes."

Orphen smirked as he touched down and looked up. "Aoi....I am choosen of the heavens..." he said lowly. "Unseal the shackles of fate." He said lowly as he released the locks he put on his own magic Orphen didn't care to use it, kept himself contained and locked off but....he stepped down and moved flickering as his leg connected with Temnyi's head for good reason although he didn't do much damage. "Whisper the knowledge of the saints, borrow the lighted way..." he said and hit the ground slidding. Temnyi turned. "And what good will that do you boy..." Orphen smirked. "Gliding down teh winding way.....take me there." he said his magic was a combination of phsyical and phono, or verbal....and he was gone and the men who had been about to grab Kuri and Era in Russia went boom as several more came in.....

Tenmyi looked and narrowed his eyes. "Where did he go? Is this same new game Comrade one where did you boy go now?"

Aoi licked his lips as he looked at Temnyi darkly. "And now that he's gone...it's my turn..."

Temnyi looked over and braced his feet. "Your turn for what Comrade..." He said and cracked his knuckles. "to fight yes perhaps to die? For sure." But Krasnyi made no move to join the fight......that one wth the heat beat was fragile. Was an untoucable even he respected that.

Aoi licked his lips. "Oh...die? I think not...you see...I'm going to either kill you and eat your soul...or two...I'm going to mark you and have you comply with everything I say..."

Temnyi laughed. "Mark me not likely, you have not the power and your boy will die he does not have the power to fight off all of the Mafia." He said unaware that at that moment Orphen was doing just that.....close up hand to hand combat was his speciality......despite there immense strength they were match for him as they came in racing to get to him and the two they had prisoner...and he was taking them out staining his hands for hte first time in blood.....but he didn't have a choice. Krylancelo Finrandi knew that if he didn't take them down like this that the two behind him would not live long after.

Krasnyi stepped back and away, his power not becoming active, he was a man who had spent too long trapped in the bottom of a well chained and surviving off of rats......because he was different. He had no desire to suffer any fate similiar to that ever again. Not for anyone.

Aoi laughed a dry laugh and shook his head. "I'm afraid you're wrong...Orphen is doing just fine on his own...and you...well...you're done..."

Temnyi laughed. "The man's name is Orphen and he has you concivinced he is part of the tower of Fangs? I know of the sorcerers there and not a one of them goes by that name." he looked at Aoi. "Even if he is skilled there numbers are more then he can handle." He said and looked over when he heard a low dangerous voice say. "You had better pray he gets them out alive.....because if anything happens to my damn brat....I'll rip out your spine Temnyi." Sarubia's voice cut him off sounding beyond ferious.....his little brother...the bastard dared to touch Kuri.

Aoi looked over at Sarubia and chuckled. "Ah...look who decided to join the party...too bad I already took your place...the leader is mine...you can have the second in command..."

Sarubia looked at Aoi and then at the two there. Sarubia looked hagard as if he had been on the battle field and he had been.....taking out Russians and keeping any foolish human alive who had stayed behind in his time he had not killed innocent humans and was not about to start now. Or stand by and watch them die. He looked at Aoi and then at the second in command. "Krasnyi kill Sarubia and then join me." Krasnyi looked at him. "I decline comrade." Krasnyi said as he stood there. "Whatever happens from here I will not take part in this. That one, that boy with the heartbeat is an Untouchable Temnyi even I will not cross that line."

Sarubia looked at him. "Bullshit you came here..." Krasnyi looked at him. "I was following orders that is all. And by my contract I can not disobey unless he does something that jerpordizes Mother Russia, and he has. That one Kurimzon Aru you call him hmm? He has a living pulse for a vampire and that makes him a living treasure an untouchable and that means that harming him endangers all of Mother Russia." he looked over at Aoi. "I will fight no further."

Aoi nodded. "And in defying your leader, that means that your contract is no longer valid. Would you like to join me and recieve far better treatment than you've gotten so far?"

Krasnyi looked over at Aoi and consindered for a moment as Temnyi looked at him. "Do not dare betray me Krasnyi." he said in warning. Krasnyi looked at him and then at Aoi and nodded. "Yeah, I'll join you." he said as he looked at him. "Sorry comrade but you know me well enough to know you crossed the line with me a line that can not be crossed." Sarubia glared and narrowed his eyes. "Damn't that does mean that Kuri is safe and sound." He said angry.

Aoi smirked and looked at Temnyi. "Now...what were you saying Temnyi? Ah yes...you were saying something about me dying...but it would seem....that it's you who will die..."

Orphen though looked at the pile of ashes and bodies before the only entrance to the room and turned as Era shook his head. "He won't drink he's barely concious and he's dying." Era said in tears and Orphen walked over. "Calm down. Light of the everlasting sun, cast your gentle rays and mend with your healing warmth." he said as he held his hand above Kuri healing him. Temnyi looked over at Aoi and narrowed his eyes. "I will not die this day." he said as he looked at Aoi and braced himself. "Krasnyi's betrayal will be dealt with and when I return I'll have your chosen as well as the other two." He said angry.

Aoi laughed darkly as his tail came around and wrapped around Temnyi. "I'm afraid...you're not nearly powerful enough to make such threats...."

Temnyi hit him on the tail with incredible force he could feel the sting in his hand from the blow. "By now your Orphen will be on the ground begging for mercy as my men pin him and all because you are keeping me here." he said annoyed and angry as he hit Aoi again. Sarubia felt bile rise to the back of his throat. Kuri was powerful but he was also a fool he had been told Kuri had been caputered because he took a blow to save Era and if Sarubia got him back alive he swore to himself he'd beat him senseless for this.
Ashley Wolfe: Aoi tightened his grip, his tail having far more stength than Temnyi had in his arms. "I'm afraid not. Your men are dead...and unless you give in and submit to me, you will be dead just like them..."

Temnyi looked at him and narrowed his eyes but Orphen had finished healing Kuri and whispered the return spell having picked up Kuri so that he was sheilding him. He appeared again between them holding the red head in his arms and the white haired kid with him. Although truth be told Orphen was exhausted. High level magic constantly like that with barely any sleep and food....he'd need to eat soon and take a nap. Temnyi looked over wide eyed as he returned with them, looking a little hagard but otherwise find and went limp....."Who are you...and don't tell me Orphen." He said looking at him. Orphen looked at him. "Krylancelo Finrandi." Temnyi started laughing as he hung there defeated. "So that's why.....the chosen among the humans has choosen to align himself with you.....I didn't stand a chance."

Aoi licked his lips and looked at Temnyi coolly. "Sad to say, but you never stood a chance even with out him..."

Temnyi closed his eyes defeated. Never stood a chance. Sarubia walked over and after a moment Orphen handed the young man over who at Sarubia's touch began breathing easier. Before he himself staggered a little but didn't pass out and didn't go down. Not unless he was certain it was safe. Temnyi looked at Aoi. "You win."

Aoi smiled, making him look feral. "Ah...so...are you willing to come quitely and hear what I have to offer instead of killing you like I had promised?"

Temnyi closed his eyes. "Yes." he said and although Sarubia looked over and would rather the bastard died he knew better then to anger Aoi with it right now instead he was just thankful that Kuri was back and in his arms safe and sound and he'd have some ass's kicked because his brother had been harmed at all. Then looked at Eraba. And shook his head. His lover was not doign much better happy that Era wasn't part of the Yakuza anymore but still not doing much better without him.

Aoi nodded and turned, not about to let Temnyi go. "All right, Krylancelo, get your ass over here and get on my back," he said lowly, not in the mood to ask nicely. He then turned to Sarubia. "You had better bring them to the castle Sarubia, Rei and Seikatsu will tend to them in the medical ward."

Sarubia nodded. "I'll bring them." He said and looked at the man who looked annoyed at being called Krylancelo but watched him walk over too tired to argue and jump up onto Aoi's back once seated though he blacked out slumping forward. Krasnyi walked towards Aoi as well intending on going peacefully.

Aoi sighed and motined to Krasnyi. "You too, get your ass on here..."

Krasnyi looked at Aoi and then walked over to him and jumped up so that he was seated behiind Krylancelo. Then looked at the back of the dragon's head not sure what was going to happen from here as Sarubia began walking and moving to head to the castle.
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"Right If you think for a moment i'm worried about the Russians think again. I can handle myself and don't need your mark. Now if you'll excuse me or not I don't really care I've got something I have to do." He'd say in something of a heavily laced sacracstic tone...which unforntunately for him is normal for him and Orphen being nice.
hishirobara: Orphen looked at Aoi and turned to walk away heading towards the door.

Aoi growled lowly and snapped his fingers. "Kusatta, hold the human in place...I'm sick of this shit..."

Kusatta looked at Aoi, his ears back. "You sure Aoi?"

Aoi shot him a glare. "You had better not question me Kusatta...remember why you're here...."

Orphen looked over. "Oh so now we're resorting to threats." He said not amused and looking at Kusatta. "Take me there." he said and then was to the other side of the room looking at Aoi. "Later."

Standing in the dooway and getting ready to leave, as he started to step out.

Aoi narrowed his eyes and yelled in annoyance, "Rei, damnit, fix the kid so he can't leave...even with fucking magic!"

Rei looked at Aoi in sadness and sighed. "All right Aoi..."

Orphen glanced over and narrowed his eyes, then stepped thrugh the door. "This is bullshit." he said angry and annoyed.

Aoi growled in annoyance and shot up from his chair. "That's it, fuck what I've said!" he said, tossing his throne across the room.

Orphen narrowed his eyes and stepped out of the room not in the mood to deal with this any further. Rei looked over and flinched....."Oh shit...." he breathed.

Aoi looked at Orphen and growled lowly. "That's it, I'm tired of this shit!" he screamd and vanished, reappearing outside and glaring at Orphen.

Orphen looked at him and glared. "So am I. I don't know how many times I have to say it. I'm not a possession but your seem hell bent on treating me like one." he said narrowing his eyes. "So I'm not inclined to stick around at the moment." He said turning to walk away and past Aoi. But also at the ready if he had to fight his way out although that wasn't something he wanted to do it would be pointless to get the book if he had to fight off Aoi every time he was around him.

Aoi shook his head. "I'm trying to fucking protect you! You're so damn stubborn!"

Protect me? YOU aren't giving me a choice in anything. I don't have a choice but to accept the mark please." Orphen said looking at him. "I told you. I'm not concerned about the Russians. It's not the first time I've dealt with there sort."

Aoi shook his head. "You just don't get it! I'm not only trying to protect you from the Russians! I'm trying to protect you from the other people out there as well..."

He was angry, and hurt all at the same time, and he couldn't help it, they just started flowing. The tears started and kept flowing.

"I can't stand it...I just want to fucking help..."

Kyrlancelo looked at him as he burst into tears. "Protect me from what?" he said annoyed and angry shaking his head as he looked away. "I've managed all of this time on my own and now your acting like I can't defend myself any more and insist on putting this mark on me but won't tell me a damn thing." Orphen looked at him. "I'm mot some vampire who simply accepts your orders. And I'm not about to bow down to your because your a dragon. You want my respect dam it." Orphen looked at him. "Then how about returning it as well and respecting me enough to tell me what the hell you think you have to protect me against."

Krylancelo shook his head. "Because if you can't and there what ifs and imaginaaries well I've done just fine on my own so I will continue to do so without the mark as well."

Aoi continued to cry and shook his head. "I want to protect you from them...from yourself, from the other humans...but most of all..." he paused, taking a deep breath. "From me..."

"Really I can handle the others but your last comment is an interesting one." he said looking over at him. "From you? So how does bearing your mark protect me from you?" he said even as he got ready to the tower and retreive the book of worlds.

Aoi looked at him, sadness filling his eyes. "My mark...protects your soul...and should the darkness in me ever return, it keeps you from becoming a victim..."

Krylancelo looked at him and sighed. "Any outside Chi....anything invading my body screws up my magic." he closed his eyes. "So thanks but no thanks I'll take my chances."

Aoi shook his head. "The mark isn't the only change..."

"When you're marked, you have to be turned...fusing you with vampiric blood the proper way..."

Krylancelo pointed at the castle. "And making it so no matter what I can never disobey you and be my own person." He said. "So that I can not leave the castle without your permission? No thanks. I swore when I left the Tower of Fangs I'd never get myself back into such a situation."

Aoi looked at him in silence for a moment and sighed. "No...actually...once a vampire, if turned by me, you would share my blood...so actually...you would be as free as I am when walking out of the castle...."

Orphen groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "And disobeying the will of the Vampire King and Diety?" he said looking at him regarding him quietly as he stood there.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Only thing you have to do is follow the laws...just like human life...I won't care what you do so long as you follow the laws..."

Krylancelo looked at him quietly. "Why does it matter to you so much what happens to me?"

Aoi looked at him sadly. "It matters Krylancelo, because unlike me, you have a chance to change before things are too late....you have a chance to live your life without any mistakes..."

Krylancelo shook his head and sighed before looking at Aoi. "It's a little late for that I have made enemies out of the entire Tower of Fangs and the Russians." he looked at Aoi. "I have a habit of pissing people off." He said shrugging.

"Besides....." He said and turned shoving his hands in his pockets. "It's already too late for me."

Aoi shook his head. "No...it;s not too late for you...you've only had one bad experience with a single person...I've had bad experiences with nearly all people in my past...I'm still here, but just barely..."

Krylancelo looked back at him. "It's a bit more then that, but we'll let it go there." He said and sighed. "And I know......it's perhaps the only reason....I'm returning to the tower."

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "You don't get it do you?" he asked lowly.

Krylancelo looked over at him. "And what is it you think I'm not getting?"

"That you hunger for souls and it's destorying you or that everything you care about will become lost." Krylancelo didn't turn to face him. "I'm aware of it.....and it's why I'm going..." he closed his eyes. "Because there's a way to stop the desecent into darkness your sliding into."

Aoi shook his head. "That...was never something I was worried about...I could care less if I die..."

Krylancelo looked back at him. "No, but it's Kira you are concerned about. if you die soo too will he and that's the part that troubles you the most."

Aoi sighed. "I worry about Kira yes...but...I know that if he dies....then it wasn't truly my fault...Kira's always told me that where ever I go, he'll go with me..."

He looked at Orhpen in sadness. "I'm not worried about Kira, or even myself. I know that eventually Kira and I will die, but what will happen to the people I worked so hard to protect? Once I'm gone...good people will become slaves again...and I want someone like you to be there....to take my place...someone who I know is just like me..."

Krylancelo sighed as he looked at him and bowed his head. "Just like you...perhaps in a lot of ways but hte problem is I don't give a rats ass about everyone one else...." He said trying to dispell that right away, even if it was a load of bullshit.

Krylancelo looked back at Aoi and shook his head. "You've got the wrong guy....I'm no hero or leader..."

Aoi shook his head and looked at him in sadness. "But you are a hero...you saved two vampires who had nothing at all to do with you, and you had a choice...but you still saved them...you had a choice to let me die...but you want to save me..."

"You can say you don't care all you want...but when it comes down to it...you do care, and you can't try and say you don't because Krylancelo, I can hear your thoughts, and Neikan can sense your emotions..."

Krylancelo shook his head. "It was the situation and that guy was pissing me off." he said shrugging as if that explained everything away. "And you? I owe you a debt and a life for a life....you saved mine I'll save yours." Krylancelo looked at him and sighed. "You do realize most people can't stand to be around me right...."

He turned and locked his glowing green eyes wiht those of Aoi.

Aoi smirked. "Because you try to act like you don't care, and in the end hurt people...when you act like you don't care, people are pushed away... Krylancelo, it's your own fault that people don't want to be around you...you pushed everyone away because of that one person who hurt you the most...if you don't trust people, people won't trust you..."

Krylancelo looked at him. "Because I don't care." he said looking at Aoi. "I"m not good at making my words all sweet and pretty. Wither or not I care has become someting of a moot point in the past. If your a jackass I'm going to tell you as much and a lot of people don't like that."

Aoi shook his head. "You missed the point. If you don't listen to what people have to say, though you may not like it all the time, how are you going to know when you're the one doing something wrong? You can tell other people what they're doing wrong, but you can't listen to what you yourself are doing wrong and retaliate when others try to help you by pointing out the things you could work on. Does that seem fair to the ones who are trying to help you in anyway?"

Krylancelo looked at him. "No, but it's the system that has kept me alive thus far." He said and looked away. "Your approach on the helping thing needs work as well you know. your far from perfect, you come across as if it's your will or else. YOu want to able to help people then it should start here not end here." He said looking back at Aoi and sighing.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "I'm not a perfect being, I'm aware of that, but the way I act...is not purely by choice..."

Krylancelo looked at him and nodded. "Yeah....it's there's inside of you that shouldn't be there." He said shaking his head. "There is a spell....in my spell book that can help you thing is....I left it at the tower when Gen'ei absorbed me....and getting back in to get it out is going to be fun."

Aoi shook his head. "That isn't the only reason I am the way I am. I was, as you are aware, created and not born. Though I was born a human, I was never born a vampire. My vampiric father created a defect in my genes...that defect can never be removed...or I'll die..." he said lowly as he walked over to the blue roses in the garden and plucked one of the delacate flowers and held it in his hand, looking at it sadly. "In the vamprie world, sucha defect is the equivialent of a human with biploar disorder or retardation...but given my power level and my short temper...I go off over the smallest of things...even sex..."

"I can't control my emotions, nor can I get rid of the defect...and Rei has yet to find a medication that can help surpress the effects of the gene...there is no known medication for this disorder my father left me...and so I suffer causing those in my path to face me in my worst times..."he paused, crushing the rose in his hand and watching as the blood ran through his fingers as the thorns pierced his skin. "My body feels no pain, it feels only sadness, love, hate and anger...other emotiones are forced to the surface when Neikan controls my emotions...without Neikan, I could never feel those emotions..." he sighed and opened his hand, looking at the now blood covered rose.

"I nearly killed Neikan once...and nearly killed Kira...countless times...all because of this disorder...this...illness..."

Krylancelo looked at him. "This defect.....can be fixed. What was done can be undone or changed." he said as he walked up to look at the roses. "What has been put into someone can be taken out...." he closed his eyes. "What I go after is the Book of Worlds."

He looked over at Aoi and took a deep breath. "The book that belongs to me....and that contains spells in text that until given to me no one could read. From the celestrial heavens." He sighed as he looked at the roses. "But.....even if I can fix it, there is no guarntee's even then in life in general."

Aoi shook his head and looked up at Krylancelo in sadness. "Even then...I don't want to let you go...not until I'm certain I can help you...even from a long distance..."

Krylancelo looked at him and took a deep breath. "Aoi......"

Aoi shook his head. "I can't...not knowing what awaits you once you walk out of those gates....those vampries will break you...or even kill you...I can let you leave knowing what they want to do to you..."

Krylancelo looked at him and sighed. "if I feared that I would never do anything." He looked at the roses. "But....I don't know of anyone with the strength to change me and not half kill me....and then there's the way my body responds to it...to other chi."

Aoi looked at him, a gentleness falling into his fatures. "I have more power than you think," he said and turned, looking at Krylancelo. "My chi is meant to be the one who changes even the most difficult humans. I'm a vampire God and vamprie king...you'll be perfectly safe with me being the one who does it..."

Krylancelo looked at him. "Why me though...why do you want me so badly I know what you said before..." he closed his eyes. "But for all of that you changed maybe one before now with Kira. I've seen him about so I know." He said looking at Aoi. "But I would be the first one you yourself changed."

Aoi looked at Krylancelo and sighed. "Why? I don't need a reason to desire to save a lonely human boy...to save someone who I see so much of myself in..."

He shook his head. "I have children, and I have siblings, I have power, I have fame, I have money, and I live in a castle...but you...you don't have the one thing that matters to me more than anything...a family..."

Krylancelo shook his head. "Orphen is more then just a nickname, it is all that I am. How I was born and how I've walked this world." he closed his eyes. "It's the core of what I know. And lonely.....yeah suppose so. If I stop to think about it."

Aoi smiled sadly. "I don't just want to save you Krylancelo...I also want to make you part of a family, give you a home and let you see what it's like..."
Ashley Wolfe: He smiled warmly now and placed a gentle hand on Krylancelo's head. "I want to give you something you deserve, and let you know what it feels like to really be loved."

Krylancelo closed his eyes. "Last time I let someone in, he had a vampire try to absorb me into nothing....." Krylancelo shook his head feeling the Vampire Kings hand on his head. "I've never had that, not sure I'd know what to do with it if I did."

Aoi chuckled and ruffled his hair. "You would learn. Family doesn't just love one another, they also argue, cry, laugh, hurt, and even scream. But in the end, they're really the ones who are there when you need them the most..."

Krylancelo shook his head. "Like I said....I wouldn't know what to do with....." he paused and turned throwing his hand up as he finished with. "Raise the sheild of light." He said annoyed and looked at the guy standing there. Cotre glared having managed to recover enough to appear here. "You....I'll never allow you to find any sort of happiness not you not the one born with eyes of hte dragon." He snapped holding out his hand. "Not the one who is said to be chosen, gifted again before he was born by dragons and again after." He narrowed his eyes.

"Are you finished Cotre.....if not doesn't matter I'm gonna fry your sorry ass and we'll figure out which piece belongs to you later...." Kyrlancelo said in a sarcastic tone.

Aoi sighed and glared. "You, boy have picked the wrong place to come to. You just walked right into the lair of a dragon...and I'm very tired of this shit..."

Aoi held up his hand, stopping Kyrlancelo before he could jump into the conversation any more. "Human or no human...you've made enough problems for this boy...and I'm not letting you waste his time anymore..." he said in annoyance as he shifted into his dragon form, his deep, dark crimson eyes glaring at Corte, the eyes of a true dragon.

"A dragon?" He started laughing. "Even now Kyrlancelo finds his way into the dragon's embrace. What does it take to make him like everyone else? To remove the perfection from him." he said angry " To make the choosen one normal." But Krylancelo looked at him quietly as if he had gone mad.....he never ask
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:26 am

Krylancelo looked at Cotre, he would never be accepted among the humans or even the sorcerers, shunned becuase he was the 'gifted' one as they called him, The choosen because his eyes glowed with what they called dragon light. That he had the eyes of the dragon and magic akin to a dragons according to them becuase he could if he let go and stopped being so controlled cast magic without incantation. Krylancelo looked over at Aoi.

You don't have the one thing that matters more to me then anything a family.......I want to give you something you desvere....and let you know what it feels like to be really loved....' Krylancelo looked at them both as Cotre continued to spout off...somewhere he was accepted and loved...."I.....accept...." he said softly. Lowly aware that even as angry as he was Aoi would hear and know what it was he was accepting. Krylancelo closed his eyes....somewhere to belong. Somewhere he would no longer be an Orphan. Cotre looked at him as if he had gone mad. "And what is it your accepting Krylancelo.....the fact that you will never be accepted fully taken in anywhere?"

Aoi lowered his head and looked at Krylancelo, his dark crimson eyes turning back to their normal color and looked at the human in gentle sadness. "Are you sure you want to accept?"

Krylancelo looked over at Aoi, he knew what it would mean. That if in the end Aoi ordered him as King and Deity he would have no choice but to obey. But at this rate....it was never ending. Cotre everyone else he met. And then there was the Russians and while he could handle them, constantly being hunted. He was tired now, his heart and soul just very tired. Tired of being alone. Tried of trying to be; to exist in a world that didn't want him. And the one he fought on it, the one who wanted him, to protect him and to give him a family he had been fighting and rejecting the idea of change. To be changed to belong somewhere and looked at Aoi. At the sad gentle look in his eyes and for once Krylancelo the man known to many as Orphen looked at him with his eyes unguarded the true depths of sadness and isolation the very things he so carefully hid surfaced and made him look almost as if a broken and lost child despite his age. "Yes...." he said lowly softly. He had nothing else.

Aoi closed his eyes and nodded. "All right..." he said lowly and shifted from his dragon form to his human form. "Kyrlancelo, human of the Tower of fangs. You have accepted a contract with the king. Should you not abide by the laws of the vampire community...you will answer directly to me...should your crime be too severe, you will face the ultime punishment...death." he began, his eyes gentle and sad.

Krylancelo looked at Aoi, and closed his eyes. He had accepted. "I understand..." he said and say movement out of the corner of his eyes, as Cotre through something that looked nothing more then a flicker a bolt he moved his power flying an deep purple arched sheild forming infront of him as he had placed himself between the danger and Aoi, but it pierced the arched dome like sheild shattering it and impaling him, in old times it had been created to destroy a dragon, to kill one and it could pierce through even Kyrlancelo's magic. Krylancelo hit his knees as blood fell from the wound he had accepted finally accepted that he could belong somewhere....Rei had not managed to make the full adjustments just yet and Corte dissappeared laughing as Krylancelo placed his hand to the wound. "Dam..." he breathed it wasn't fatal but it hurt like a son of a bitch. As it had pierced him through the stomach...at and out the back...at least to him it didn't seem fatal but he was in shock.

Aoi narrowed his eyes in anger. "That bastard...I'll kill him..." he said darkly as he moved to Krylancelo's side. "Since you've accepted...I'll take you back inside...and we'll begin the process..."

Krylancelo looked up at him. "Sorry....seems my problems are following me around and reappearing lately." he said as he grabbed the end of the lance as if to pull it out and closed his eyes. It hurt and he wasn't going to be moving freely at the moment. But at the same token he was beginning to realize....he was in trouble at the moment.

Aoi frowned and shook his head. "No no...don;t try and pull it out...We'll have to get Rei and Seikatsu to heal you..."

Krylancelo looked up at him. "It shattered through my sheild....is that even possible....to heal it now?" he said as he dropped his hand and bowed his head he was feeling a bit faint like he was going to black out and did...falling by graces uknown to the side so as to not cause anymore damage as he laid there. Not being awake to hear Aoi's answer.

Aoi looked at him sadly, gently. "You'll be fine...I refuse to let you die...not now...not when your life will finally be worth living..." he said and hollared for Rei and Seikatsu.

It was werid sort of dark and hazy and yet brought and insanely loud, he could hear everything around him and realized with a start that it was sounds from outside of his window as his vision cleared. He was laying on a bed, dressed from the waist down and banaged heavily around his middle. He laid there the bandages where clean no traces of blood but when he shifted it hurt and he laid back down completely looking up at the ceiling in his room...."That lance....and I blacked out....it had pierced me straight through so how...."

Rei and Seikatsu....and me...we all worked for two days to keep you out of the danger zone and keep you from bleeding to death..." Aoi said lowly as he looked at him with gentle eyes.

Krylancelo looked over at Aoi as he laid there and attempted to speak his voice cracking at first before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath and attempting again after swallowing a couple of times. "It...was that bad." he said aware becoming more and more aware that his voice was hoarse. And looked at Aoi they had kept him alive. "Dragon lance...." he breathed. "They....are not easy to heal....leave a bad magical trace that's hard to expell...." He said unaware that Kira had absorbed it...had taken it out of him by changing it to dark energy it's truest state and absorbed it, but the damage was done the wound refusing to easily close it...as it had been fatal. Seikatsu had not left the room refused to even for a moment for worry that Krylancelo would die and his death would upset Aoi about it, highly upset. Kira was still resting as it had taken alot out of him to absorb that much negitive dark energy.

Aoi closed his eyes and nodded. "Yes...it was that bad. Had it not been for Kira...we would have never been able to get it out of you and stop the bleeding..." he said lowly.

Krylancelo looked at him. Even with Kira whatever he had done, it had still taken them two days to heal the wound which meant his body was rejecting any attempts to heal at first. Krylancelo looked at Aoi. "Is he alright...." he said more concerned about Kira then himself but that was just the way he was.

Aoi chuckled and nodded. "Kira's body is meant to absorb dark energy. He's tired, and resting. Otherwise, he's perfectly fine."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi and nodded then leaned his head back. "I have another debt to you now." he said meaning Aoi saving his life not realy thinking about what he had done to put himself in that position because that would mean something in him was the 'hero' and he tended to always think of himself as more of the 'villian.'

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "You have two days to rest and recover..." he said as he opened his eyes and looked at Krylancelo, his gentleness replaced with seriousness.

"Two days?" he said looking at Aoi trying to place everything his head was still a bit groggy. He looked at Aoi recaping everything, Cotre arriving, the conversation and agreeing. And once agreed to...it was not something he could take back since Aoi had vocalized the contract and he wasn't sure he wanted to take it back. He was just tired and sore right now. Thirsty and hungry too....but he really didn't trust putting anything on his stomach at the moment.

"The contract..." He said after a moment's pause. "It's...to you directly right...." he said meaning the agreement everything good grief did he ache and hurt. But he was alive. He had dodged the 'bullet' again. Because Aoi had done everything in his power to keep him alive.

Aoi nodded. "The contract is to me alone."

Krylancelo looked at him. "How...does this work....once I...take your blood..." he said as he looked at Aoi. "What excatly will my positon be....." Krylancelo wasn't sure what his position would be he knew he would be part of the royal family but didn't know if taking Aoi's blood meant he had a new father or what it meant. He took a deep breath and let his head drop back.

Aoi sighed and looked at Krylancelo. "Once you take my blood, you will be considered my son. All who share my blood are my children. You will also be given the same rights as every other royal family member. In a month, I have a concert coming up, in America, and the royal family will be accompanying me. This will be your first concert, and your first time as a royal vampire. It will also be considered your true vampiric birthday, as newborn vampires are not mature until about a month later."

Krylancelo blinked and looked at him. "Alright....." he said after a moment. "Not mature until a month later.....please tell me I don't actually have to go through being a kid again.....the first time was hell."

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "It's not quite the same concept. Newborn vampires are the same age as when their human half dies, but their mentaility as a vampire is simply this: eat, feed, kill."

Krylancelo looked at him. "Are you telling me.....I'm going to desire to kill everything I come across?" he asked trying to grasp what was going on.

Aoi shook his head. "You will desire blood, and your hunger as a newborn will be unbearable...in that month, you will have fed ten times more often than an older vampire normally does. In short, though you won't mean to, should you choose human blood, you will often kill the human you feed on..."

Krylancelo looked at him. "And if I don't choose human blood?" he asked as much as he wasn't a part of there world he really didn't want to kill them all off either.

Aoi smirked. "You can drink all you like and still not kill us. Royal vampires do not die like other vampires. Our blood does not run out."

Krylancelo nodded and let his head fall back as he stared up at the ceiling. "Will it hurt?"

"Becoming a vampire?" Aoi asked as he looked at Krylancelo.

Krylancelo opened his eyes and looked at Aoi a moment. "yeah."

Aoi sighed and nodded. "I'm afraid it will. Vampire blood is like fire burning through your veins...only...no amount of pleading and screaming, or water can put it out..."

Krylancelo nodded and looked at Aoi. "Some things can't be helped then......will I loose my magic?" he asked it seemed like such an odd question but it was a part of him. And the idea of loosing it....that frightened him.

Aoi shook his head. "It will remain. In fact, you may be given a dragon form since your magic is from dragon blood...."

Krylancelo looked at him. "From dragon blood....:" he shook his head. "I know in ancient times long before I was born it is said that a few powerful dragons bestowed magic upon mortals. As a gift." he looked up at the ceiling. "And since Wakeland found me he swore that I had been blessed at birth, that I had dragon eyes. Eyes that burned with magic....." he closed them. "But....I'm human, so how then...." But he didn't know his parents who they were or where they were from since....they had dissappeared, many believed died....when he was born. Some were cruel enough to say he was born after his mother had died.

Aoi smiled gently. "You were born with the blood of a dragon. Dragons gifted humans in ancient times with a child who, like the dragons, had dragons blood. It was a promise between the families and dragons. The children born with dragons blood were to be the chosen dragons of the next generation."

Krylancelo looked at him. "But there are other children from those promises and none are like me..." he said confused. "None have glowing eyes.....I don't understand."

Aoi patted him on the head. "Those who also had the eyes of a dragon were to be a dragon clan leader. You, Krylancelo, were meant to be the next dragon clan leader. Once I'm gone, your rightful place is here, in this castle."

Krylancelo looked at him. "Really? I'm not all that great at leading anything." he said looking at him. "I'm better at causing discord and chaos then bringing people together." he said sighing. Once he was gone....then for the sake of his sanity, of not loosing his mind he'd have to fix Aoi but that was going to be pushed back thanks to one, Cotre's stunt and two, his needing time to 'grow' up again.

Aoi chuckled and ruffled his hair. "In time you'll be able to understand how to help people. You've helped me more than I asked you to already."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi and rose an eybrow. "Oh? I didn't do all that much." he said not stopping to think about the fact that he took the lance that nearly killed him because he had dragon blood in him which made it hard to heal. In Aoi's place. To him he had just reacted on instinct nothing more nothing less.

Aoi chuckled and let his hand fall back down to his side. "You saved me Krylancelo, even though that lance could have killed you. You took that lance in my place, even though I had no reason to worry about becoming injured. I can survive far worse than a dragon lance."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi and sighed. "Sorry impulse." he said shrugging. "Didn't have time to think I just reacted....saw the attack and tried to block it....." he looked at Aoi. "I really didn't do anything special..." But Krylancelo flinched and bit down on a groan as that shrugg moved things that really protested being moved in his stomach all the muscles screamed in agony and pain at that one.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "You should get your rest now. You have two days. After that, fully healed or not, you'll be turned."

Krylancelo looked over at Aoi and nodded closing his eyes to get that very rest. But as he was allowing himself to go back to sleep he spoke one last time. "Thank you."

Aoi smiled and nodded. He would let him rest, because whatever strength he could bulid back up would be needed when the two days was up.

Kira leaned in the door frame yawning and looking at Aoi as he stood next to Krylancelo's bedside who had fallen back to sleep. Kira shook his head he was still a bit tired but. "You treasure that one." He said fondly.
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:26 am

Krylancelo stood in the garden's having awoken that morning slept through two days the day Aoi spoke to him and the day after and now was up and looking at the sky above him. Rei had finished adjusting the barrier and made another change, no one who didn't have Aoi's permission could not teleport in or out now. It was for Krylancelo's protection while he recovered. But Krylancelo sat on a bench in the garden looking at the lovely pale ice blue roses in full bloom. "Dont be scared." Kira said walking up and Krylancelo looked back at him still banaged around the waist. "I'm not."

Kira smiled. "You are, in a way...." he said walking up to him. "Aoi will come for you soon, but you should know as gruff as he can be, he is a kind and caring father. You will be loved and taken care of after the change, to him you will be his son. Compeltely as if you had always been." Krylancelo sighed. "I'm fine....I've had six days to think about it." Kira chuckled. "You've had six days to sleep on it."

Kira glanced back over his shoulder and smiled able to sense and feel Aoi's approach. "He will try to make it as gentle as possible..." Krylancelo looked at Kira and then at the archway to the gardens as he could see Aoi approaching.

Aoi sighed as he walked up to Kira and Krylancelo. "All right...time for you to come in Krylancelo...we've made a room and fully prepared it."

Krylancelo stood up a stiff and sore and slow moving but sighed and nodded as he moved to follow Aoi he wasn't as fast as normal but not so slow as to being moving at a snails pace either. "Alright." he said. Kira smiled and shook his head. "You'll be fine.....trust in Aoi." Krylancelo glanced back at him. "If I didn't....I wouldn't be doing this."

Aoi chuckled lowly and walked into the castle and took Krylancelo to the room, which was nearly empty aside from a bed, restraints, and Neikan standing to the side.

Krylancelo was a bit worried about all of the restraints and not sure what was going on but walked in with him looking at the set up, beginning to wonder if this was wise. He hadn't thought to ask if he would be strapped down or how this would go down......Kira walked along but stopped in the hallway this was private between Krylancelo and Aoi, he knew Nei was in the room but Nei may have to hold him down further depending on how his body reacted to it.

Neikan smiled gently and strapped Krylancelo to the bed. When he was done, he stpped back and nodded. "All right Aoi. I'm here if you need any help. "

Aoi nodded and looked at Krylancelo with gentle and sad eyes. "Stay as still as possible. I'd rather not have you move around and get me excited...a vampire in hunt mode is bad news for humans..."

Krylancelo looked at him. "Thanks for the warning..." he said a bit dryly his usual scarcasm popping back up again consindering he was sore and not in any condition to cast magic at the moment it was one of those Oh shit what have I gotten myself into moments.

But he did as he was told and laid there although his heart was thudding a mile a minute in his chest. And that he was having a hard time calming back down.

Aoi sighed. He sat down on the bed and moved down to Krylancelo's neck and took a deep breath, taking in Krylancelo's scent. After a second, he opened his eyes and moved to kiss the spot where he was going to drink from. It was Aoi's silent apology for the pain that he was about to cause.

Krylancelo was good to his word, when he said thanks for the warning he told himself to stay still and would, although he drew in a deep breath, as if to catch and hold it closing his eyes as if in anticpation for the pain he as about to endure.

Aoi closed his eyes again and sank his fangs in, and began to drink. He took a deep breath through his nose and dug his claws into the bed. He had never drank human blood before, so the rich sweetness of it was far more intoxicating than vampire blood and it took all of Aoi's will to keep him from drinking all of it and killing Krylancelo.

Krylancelo went wide eyed gasping at the sharp pin pick of pain when Aoi's fangs pierced his skin, his hands clenching despite hismelf and his heart thudded a bit wildly in his chest, as his breathing became deeper, his glowing green eyes started burning as his magic rose up not to attack but of it's own accord lacing through his blood his body as if to try to heal the would from the inside out. As it had been attempting to do when he was run through.

Aoi squeezed his eyes shut and kept drinking. He had to drink nearly every bit of Krylancelo's blood, leaving only a few pints.

Krylancelo drew in a sharp breath his body his magic unable to keep up with Aoi as quickly as he as drinking it and his back against his will arched as his breathing hitched and heart beat slowed down as he slumped suddenly into the bedsheets the burning light of his eyes becoming a dull glow as he laid there and tried to breath, try to focus on anything and couldn't, everything was a haze.

Aoi broke away from Krylancelo with a gasp for breath, his chin covered in Krylancelo's blood and his eyes both a glowing crimson. When he caught his breath, he sliced his wrist and held it up to Krylancelo's lips. "Drink Krylancelo, or you'll die."

Krylancelo opened his mouth to put it to the wound in Aoi's arm his movements a bit slow and sluggish as he did, but they found there way there at first the command to drink or die was a bit hard to follow for him, trying to remember how to swallow, how to drink as the intoxicating liquid ran past his lips and into his mouth when it was full he swallowed an involuntary reaction before his eyes contstricted the pupils constricting as if the oval's of a dragon.

Fangs lengthened and he bit down drinking gulping as if a man parched for thrist.

Aoi smiled down at him, his chin still covered in blood. "There...drink all you want."

Krylancelo barely heard him was barely aware of anything at the moment as he continued to drink the gulping after a few minutes calming only slightly in desperation as he closed his eyes....drinking as if a newborn child. And still had not had enough not yet.

Aoi put his free hand on Krylancelo's head and smiled down at him as he ran his hand through his hair soothingly. "Welcome to the world as a vampire."

Krylancelo opened one eye to look at him a burning emerald green before he suddenly broke away his head flying back as he screamed in pain, feeling things wither and die, feeling the fire in his viens as it burned it's way through him his back arching and the chains going taut. But at that same moment he lost all controll over his magic nothing broke nothing was damaged just raw unbriddled power flew about the room levitated the bed and made it glow as he tossed his head. His heart trying to beat and stop all at once and the grutal roar of a dragon, of power leaving him.

His body suddenly collapsing as he laid there awake no longer in pain and aware but his teeth ached now, no....his fangs.....he blinked as his mind tried to focus tried to put everything together. And was having hard time doing that at the moment, all he did know...was that he took great comfort in the one who's lap served as his pillow, there was something safe about that pressence when nothing else made sense as if he was waking up.

Aoi ran his hand soothingly through Krylancelo's hair and hummed lowly, a sad, but soothing song.

Krylancelo laid there looking up at him as his mind finally cleared itself and he could think straight again. He looked up at Aoi ignoring the dull ache in his fangs for the moment and said in a complete and total deadpan full of scarcasm although now it was a bit of a moot point. "Ow."

Aoi smiled down at him. "Hello, and welcome to the world of vampries."

"Yeah yeah nice...." Krylancelo said looking up at him as he laid there restrained. "Hut is an understament...."

Aoi chuckled and spoke lowly, "I told you it was like fire in your veins..." he said even as he continued to run his hand through Krylancelo's hair.

Krylancelo snorted. "Yeah....more like acid really." he said sighing and felt himself being calmed by it, by Aoi running his hand through his hair like that. "You....know it's really hard to be in a sour mood when your doing that....." he grumbled.

Aoi chuckled and smiled down at Krylancelo. "That's the point of it Krylancelo," he said lowly and went back to humming as he coninued to run his hand through Krylancelo's hair.

It was horrible really his body the sensation it was as if every hair on his head could feel the touch and while it wasn't painful it was soothing. The scents in the room....so many of them and they all smelled delicious....both Aoi and Neikan, he realized after a moment. The sounds he could hear them the sound of Aoi's low humming and reaized it was barely audible but he could hear him just fine as if he was singing loudly. And closed his mouth then opened it..."Ouch dam it..." he said annoyed as he lanced the inside of his own mouth open on the long delicate fangs....which would not retract.

"Hey...how on earth do I get them to go away, retract or whatever you call it?" he said keeping his mouth slightly open to avoid sinking the fangs back in, not used to them at all and not wanting to bite himself again.

Aoi sighed and quit humming and held ou his wrist. "The only way to get them to retract, as a newborn, is to feed."

Krylancelo blinked. "Again?" he breathed but moved his head over and almost as if instinct found himself sliding his fangs in, his eyes sliding closed as he continued to lay there and unlike before began 'suckling' from the wound, drinking slowly languidly as if no longer needing it or dying but needing it because he burned it all up in the change and was hungry as if truly a newborn child....

Aoi smiled and began to hum again. He wasn't worried. He was completely confident in Krylancelo now that he was a vampire.

Krylancelo continued to drink for a while listening to the humming but after a bit not sure how long his drinkign slow down and fangs retracted not all the way they where longer pointed falling down below his teeth looking a little thicker they stopped about half an inch below his upper teeth when retracted and he moved shifting as much as the restraints would allow his head turning not away but into Aoi as he was lulled into a peaceful slumber by the sound of Aoi's voice.

Aoi smiled and nodded to Neikan. "You can go get Kira now. Let him come and see Krylancelo now," he said, his voice a whisper so that he didn't wake Krylancelo up.

Neikan nodded and left the room. His job was done once he told Kira that he could come in.

Kira looked over from where he was leaning agianst the wall at Neikan. "Nei?" he asked not sure how thing turned out but had been able to feel the insane amount of power barely contained in that room. Rei had really done a good job putting up barriers to keep the magic from escaping.

Neikan smiled at Kira and nodded. "He's fine, just sleeping. Aoi sent me to tell you that you can come in and see him now."

Kira smiled and nodded. "A newborn, it's been a while since one has walked among us." he said as he walked past Neikan. "I'm glad everything turned out well." he said as he walked past the man who in his own world he called master but here he called lover and brother. Through his mariage to Aoi.

Kira quietly entered the room and looked at them. Krylancelo was still chained down and chances were would be a for a while until he compeltely calmed down being magically inclined may mean needing to restrain him a bit longer but walked up and brushed Aoi's cheek before looking down at the slumbering figure. "He is the first chylde...you sired."
He whispered so as to not wake the boy.

Aoi moved into Kira's touch and looked at him with sad, gentle eyes. "Yes...and the first time I've ever drank human blood..." he whsipered lowly.

Kira looked at him. "Do...you crave it now?" he asked looking at him whispering as Krylancelo shifted a bit pulling at the chains that held him as if to curl up and making a small almost whinning sound in his sleep at the inablity to curl up to get more comfortable.

Aoi shook his head. "Not really. It's sweet and more intoxicating than vampire blood...but I sower that I would not ever hunt a human. Should I ever desire human blood...I would rather have a human come to me willingly and not hunt them down..."

Kira nodded and smiled as his fingers continued to play against Aoi's cheek in a gentle movement. "Alright." He said softly as he looked at him and then sat down carefully and leaned against Aoi's side looking at the boy who slept with Aoi his pillow. "This one....I don't think the Russians or anyone else understood what you meant when you said he's your Chosen..." Kira said in a low soft whisper. Kira knew Aoi too well to ever think he'd make him a feeder....no it meant something about this one, about Krylancelo above and beyond there children together and apart was what Aoi saw was needed for the throne should he die or step down and give it to another.

Aoi put his free arm around Kira and sighed softly. He was tired, but very happy and proud.

Just like a father who got to see his son born, and then got to hold him.

Kira smiled and snuggled into Aoi's side quiet comfortable to be there with him and then fought the urge to chuckle at the low growl as Krylancelo slept and yanked on the restraints making the headboard creak trying still to get more comfortable and growlign in annoyance when he still could not freely move. Kira burried his face in Aoi's chest in order to stiffle his giggles.

Aoi chuckled softly and smiled. This one was going to be a very interesting newborn.

Kira watched him, out of the corner of his eye and then a curled into Aoi laughing as Krylancelo broke not the chain the restraint that held him no that held fast the chain and shackle but the headboard suffered for it snapping and breaking as he tugged harshly with his right arm pulling it down and shifting around half twisted on the bed and tucked his free arm into Aoi his still restrained arm bending as he finally got a bit more comfortable not once waking from his nap.

Kira was dying inside he was laughing so hard silently his shoulders shaking as he half clung to Aoi's shirt and bit his lip to keep from laughing outloud and waking him as he needed his sleep.

Aoi sighed and rolled his eyes. Even in sleep he was completely rotten.

Kira giggled a bit and looked up at Aoi. "He is your son after all.... " he said in a low whisper as he tried to contain his whispers. The Kira of his world was kind enough to cast a spell knowing that he was coming sensing him during his last moments and transfered his memories for which he was thankful but it didn't weaken him any. No, Kira looked at Aoi and chuckled. "No wonder you like him." Kira said in a soft low giggle.

Aoi shot Kira a mock dirty look and growled a little in annoyance. "Oh geeze...here we go..."

Kira turned his head and bit down on his wrist really unable to keep down his laughter any other way at the moment closing his eyes. He knew he annoyed Aoi with that one but it couldn't be helped as he shook his head a little tearing his skin just a bit when he did but ignored it. This was far too amusing at the moment. But it was also sweet and endearing.

Aoi sighed and let out a little huff as is he was a small child and he was getting annoyed.

Kira released his wrist and turned his head leanign up to kiss Aoi on the lips when he broke it he smiled. "It's sweet Aoi." Kira said softly lowly and then glanced down at Krylancelo who had snuggled up now that he had an arm free and hugged Aoi's legs in his sleep. "But...it's also a relief he instinctively accepts you as his father...there are chyldren who refuse that bond after they are changed....your pressence is a comfort to him." Kira said lowly softly.

Aoi sighed and looked at Kira for a few moments before he looked down at Krylancelo. "He accepts me because I'm the only one who ever took him in and treated him like family, even when he wasn't."

Kira looked at him. "That may be part of it." Kira said softly. "But it's also more then that, that is a shallow emotion alone gratitude no Aoi..." Kira looked at him. "You came to mean something invaluable to him in the short time he's been here. Rei said as much a bit ago, said he wants to save you Aoi because of a debt, but..." Kira looked down at the slumbering figure. "A debt isn't enough alone to make one accept becoming a vampire, you offered him something different...you did more then treat him like family Aoi you got upset because to you he is a small child trying to leave home before he's ready."

Kira looked up at his husband and lover. "He reponds to you because since the moment you two met you have been treating him like he is your son, and now he is....and he's aware of that bond now."

Aoi closed his eyes and shook his head. "I treated him like my son, because he was. He's a dragon born human. Only I could have turned him, only my blood will be allowed to mix with his."

Kira looked up at Aoi and reached up cupping the side of his face. "And he's finally come home." Kira said softly. "Shen made you the voice of the dragons and you are vampire King and Diety of all Earth Vampires." He said looking at Aoi. "But despite all of that Aoi, there are still many dragons out there that would reject him that would forsake the bonds and leave him the way they found him." Kira looked at him. "You just wanted to bring your son home."

Aoi nodded. "Dragons are, in their own rights, not very social beings. It was one of the reasons the dragons decided to bestow dragon children upon humans as gifts."

Kira nodded. "Yes, but the old ways where they did such things are long gone, many dragons look at humans with great disdain and would look at Krylancelo with disgust or worse." he said looking at Aoi. "They would seek to find a way to use and abuse him and he'd be able to sense that." Kira looked down at Krylancelo before looking back to Aoi. "You are one of the few dragons left that embrace the old ways Aoi, that look at Krylancelo as for what is, a dragon child born human."

"And you accept him, not just as that, but as all dragons once did when finding an orphaned dragon pup, as your son the moment you found him. And while he fought it, he knows deep down inside that he has finally come home. And is safe because YOU are here."

Aoi smiled at Kira. "Krylancelo has been gone for far too long. The dragons had once said that he was still alive, but I had never been able to search for him. When he was brought to me, I was shocked and lost my temper way too many times, as fathers often do. But in the end...Instead of hitting him or forcing him...I broke down into tears and pleaded him to let me help him, to let me save him...I'm not sure how or why I managed to squeeze those tears out, especially since I was so completely angry at him...but I did..."

Kira chuckled. "I'm sure our twins have given you enough pratice on that one." Kira said softly looking down. "But I remember the council meetings when they mockingly said that over and over again that he was gone, that the child was long dead." Kira looked up at him. "I was as suprised as you were when they brought him here. Confined the way he was with no true understanding of his powers and he's so reckless." Kira shook his head and looked down at him again. "But you did reach him Aoi, and you did bring him home but now is when the struggles will really begin you know that right?" Kira asked softly sadly. "The dragons will come for him among others now that they know he's alive. Some to force him to take his station....before he's old enough or ready to....others to silence him since a dragon child with his eyes is rare....and the likely hood of being born again is slim." Kira frowned. "He has no idea of the dangers you seek to sheild him from."

Aoi closed his eyes in sadness. "I will gladly give him rebirth should he ever need it. But..." he paused, opening his eyes and looking down at Krylancelo. "The problem won't be the dragons, it'll be the Russian Mafia. I can scare the dragons away, but I can't scare the Russian's away...they'll be back, despite what they said. And now...I have to protect more than just a human...I have to protect my son..."

Kira looked at Aoi and smiled sadly shaking his head. "We have a your son to protect, as you protect Taki, and all of my children seperate from you and together with you, soo to will I protect him." Kira looked at Aoi. "They will not so easily get there hands on him. I promise Aoi he will be safe."
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:27 am

It had been two and a half weeks since he had agreed to be changed. Two and a half weeks since he had found himself discovering new things. One of those things was the way his eyesight worked now able to zone in on things small and delicate in greater detail then he would be able to see normally. He found himself also having a odd curiosity, an almost playful curiosity. Had anyone said that they could find Krylancelo Finrandi aka Orphen in a garden lush and gorgeous they would have believed them, had they told them they would find him doing what he was now....they would have been laughed at. He was dressed in a pair of black leather pants, and boots, a cloth belt with a metal clip holding it shut a t-shirt and sleeveless jacket. The medallion of the tower of fang hanging around his neck and fingerless gloves on his hands not soo unusal for the 'badass' of the Tower of Fangs. No, it as the fact that he was crouched low at the moment, fingers splayed out on the ground quietly sniffing the air.

One might say it had to due with the fact that he was hungry and able to move about on his own, others would simply stare in wonder at the Scion of Sorcerery, the heir to the dragon clans and Aoi's choosen as he knelt there one knee hovering just above the ground. He had the scent of his target. Had it as clear as day and breathed in able to scent him knew how far away he was and was so very calm at the moment waiting.

His target rouned the roses and he moved fast and low coming up high faster then his target could respond or blink no magic adding him although his glowing green eyes were constricted as he pounced the man with unfinished black hair, the white splashing around his face. One eye an unnatural white and the other a deep intense green.

Neikan Chi found himself on his back in the garden pinned beneath Aoi's new brat who was sitting on him the kid was just that, no matter what his age once was he was a newborn not even mature yet, not even full grown and full of mischeif it seemed. Altough Neikan became aware of a low rumble a barely audible sound even to a vampires ears and realized the kid wither or not he realized it was purring. So he picked up Aoi's others forms as well it must have been when his magic surged out and back in, it must have learned Aoi's two other forms so the fact that a new born vampire, a dragon child to boot was currently pinning him to the ground was faintly amusing.

Neikan watched idly not pushing Krylancelo away or scolding him for 'attacking' him since the hunt was a good thing, the fact that he was instinctively looking and hunting insinticively doing this meant that he would be able to fight once he was a bit older and track, he would have everything he needed to survive. Neikan watched as Krylancelo brought his head down but had not been given permission to feed and stopped himself starting to pull back fighting against instinct now.

Neikan was not about to allow that not right now it could be addressed later but the fact for a newborn he was hunting on his own, searching out food on his own was a good thing. A lot of newborns at this stage still needed coaxing Krylancelo was a surivivor it was a trait from when he was human so it wasn't surprising to him that the man adjusted as a vampire and it transfered over. Neikan brought his hand up cupping the back of his head gently tangling his fingers in the long golden hair and coaxed his head back down speaking even as he smiled that everything will be alright no matter what even if the world is ending smile of his.

"It's alright Krylancelo, you pinned me, you have the right to take my blood." Neikan said in an amused tone finding this very amusing. "When you pinned me like that I lost so it's yours....go on feed."

Krlancelo paused only a moment longer before opening his mouth and leaning in his fangs finding purchase in Neikan's neck the entry although he had not meant it to be was rough that was something he was still working on as he bit down a bit harder then he meant to, and began drinking.

Neikan closed his eyes and shivered at it. If he had his way anytime Krylancelo took from him he would always sink his fangs in like this and perhaps one day when he was no longer taboo to touch take him to bed and find out just how much and how far he could go. But for now he'd allow this allow Krylancelo to take from him and he had not known he was right there in the garden with him yes. But that he was hidding and waiting tracking him and getting ready to pounce no.

Neikan laid there looking up at the azue sky and smiled a bit. Aoi would be happy to know Krylancelo didn't ignore his hunger, didn't fight it all that much but was trying to not do something he wasn't allowed, but this? He had pinned Neikan and so it was his. And that was funny to him, although the kid was new to it, two and a half weeks he was already acting and responding as if he was a full blown vampire hunting when he was hungry utilizing all of his skills and catching his prey.

Krylancelo continued to drink it was slow and laungud not in any hurry as he was not being denied aware on some level that Neikan's fingers were still in his hair and the manw as playing idly with it while he feed not that he cared, his focus was on the rich sweet liquid flowing past his lips, the liquid that he needed to live and wasn't about to be denied. He felt Neikan drop his other arm around his lower back holding him there although he could pull away if he wanted to but was in no hurry at the moment. Not while he was being allowed to fill his hungry stomach.
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:27 am

"Neikan...remember your place. He's still a newborn, and very innocent. Once he's past the month it takes for him to mature, he can make his own choices....just don't forget that if you touch him in anyway...you'll have me to answer to..."

Neikan surpressed an involuntary shiver at that one, knowing Aoi meant it. 'Yes Aoi....' he answered sourly knowing that he couldn't touch Krylancelo in any way right now other then this. While the kid was rediscovering the world and himself. He glanced down at Krylancelo's head as the kid seemed to collapse and fall asleep which was normal for him after feeding right now and sighed.

Aoi shook his head and sighed. "I know you need it Nei...but not while he's still so young...just wait...and when he's mature enough, let him choose. If he doesn't want to, you will have to move on and find another one."

Neikan sighed. "I know....I know this...." he said irritated but not with Aoi with the situation in general as he glanced down at the blonde head resting on his chest. His fingers lightly playing through the hair. "He has the same allure you do....." Neikan grumbled. But was highly against anyone touching him in that way before he was changed Neikan could only imange what he'd be like after a month. And that was a short week and a half away even if that seemed like an eternity to him.

Aoi sighed and smiled gently down at Krylancelo. "Yes...he's just like me...." he said lowly and bent down, picking him up off of Neikan and cradled him gently in his arms. "He's in for such a treat once he's completely mature...I can't wait to show him everything...I can't wait to show him my homeland..."

Neikan sighed and sat up. "If I didn't know any better Aoi, I'd swear he was really your son, not just changed but fully." He said looking at them although Krylancelo had blonde hair and glowing green eyes, And Aoi had raven black hair and mismatched eyes one white one crimson there personalities there auras were so very similiar.

Aoi chuckled and looked at Neikan. "I said he was my son and I'm not lying Nei....Back in ancient times, the dragons that I decended from gifted me to my human parents...and I then gifted Krylancelo's human parents with him....though where his human parents are right now....I wish I knew....they would be so proud of him..."

Neikan blinked and sat up. And then stood up. "So when we were before the dragon council then and you wouldn't explain why you became enraged when they said that Krylancelo had been killed millenia ago...it's because he really is your son and you thought someone took him from this world." Neikan looked at the boy who rested in Aoi's arms. Sleeping peacefully. Neikan shook his head, not in disbelief but in wonder. Gifted them with this boy...."So his fighting you before....was a child lashing out against his father...."

Aoi nodded. "Though he didn't know it...and he may never know it....I was his father from the moment he was cocieved..."

Neikan looked at Aoi. "So his human father isn't his father at all. And after all of this time the humans found him and brought him home where he belongs." he said not sure how things came about in Krylancelo's past that the kid was so rough and tumble to be around. Krylancelo shifted in Aoi's arms curling slightly as his hand came up to tangle in the shirt resting peacefully but snuggling up subconsiously to his father.

Aoi smiled down at him when he felt Krylancelo snuggle up to him. "Yes. His human father was nothing more than a step-father meant to raise him until the dragon council was ready to take him back. But he vanished without a trace for nearly as long as I've been a pureblood vampire....and the council had told me he was dead. I refused to believe them because I knew different, I could feel him out there somewhere...still alive...still breathing..."

Neikan took a deep breath. "And for whatever reason between the humans and the dragon council they failed to keep him safe and out of harms way." Neikan said shaking his head as he looked at Krylancelo and then at Aoi who was smiling so gently at him. "Which would make Krylancelo true heir to your throne....he would be your eldest child even if he is only coming into his true powers now. He is your first born."

Aoi nodded and looked at Neikan sadly. "I hadn't said anything to the others, to his brothers and sisters because I wanted to be sure....wanted to know for sure that he was still alive....that my heart wasn't playing tricks on my mind and sense..."

Neikan took a deep breath and nodded. "And it hadn't been." he said looking at him. "Of course you would know he's out there Aoi, just like you are able to sense all of your other kids." he said and shook his head although the kids arugements about wither or not they were worthy to be choosen as heir and Aois always I will decide not you comments made sense. Aoi had not given up on Krylancelo. "Did Kira know? Know about him?" Neikan wondered since Kira seemed to be handling finding out Aoi had a son, long before they met, or was it during....he wasn't sure excatly about the timing.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "In a way, Kira did know...but in others...he did not," he said lowly. "I had told Kira about him before, but told him that I wasn't sure if he was still alive. That was centuries ago, when I was still young and no where near being a pureblood..."

Neikan sighed. "So Kira knew of him more or less but not wither or not he existed..." he said and blinked. The timing when Kira had been upest and demanded Aoi be forthright about any of his children was when they learned of Kuhaku.....which meant. "Kira's know for a very long time then." he said shaking his head but he had not and while that didn't bother him he looked at Krylancelo and sighed. "And once the other Vampire clans figure his exact position who he is, he'll have a target plastered to his back. They'll all be after him to get to you."

Aoi frowned and nodded. "Which is why I worked so long and hard to get him to accept me, and himself. It's also why I broke down into tears even though I was so angry. I had no choice. It was either get him to let me, or force him..."

Neikan took a deep breath. "And forcing him would not be good..." He said softly looking at his brother and his nephew..."He's like you....if you tried to force him he'd fight back to kill...." Neikan knew that in his own right, Krylacncelo was a lot like Aoi was before Kira, if forced into a corner, if pushed too far he through everything he had even at the cost of his life to stop someone. "And I don't want history repeating itself not with you two." He said softly lowly. Aoi was not their father and he didn't want to see the day Krylancelo killed Aoi.
Or worse.....Aoi being forced to kill Krylancelo.

Aoi nodded and looked back down at Krylancelo. "I didn't want to force him...but my temper doesn't make much room for sweet talk..."

Neikan chuckled. "I'm sure there are going to be some interesting conversations and arguments between you two, he has the same temperment it seems." he said recalling when the two of them would get into verbal wars. Although he just hoped Krylancelo never pushed Aoi to far. "It doesn't help he seems to be highly stubborn." Krylancelo choose that moment to speak he had woken to that comment about his being stubborn. So what if he was? It was his right. "Tsk, more like focused and if you have a problem with that you can shove it." He said opening an eye to look at Neikan who blinked.

Aoi burst into laughter and looked at Neikan. "Nei, all I can say is, he won't break nearly as easily as I did. Unlike me, he doesn't desire anything about you besides your blood...you've got your work cut out for you."

Neikan looked at Aoi and shook his head. "Really?" he said looking at Krylancelo. "Nothing more then my blood huh you sure about that...." Krylancelo continued to rest in Aoi's arms not really thinking about where he was and if he did, he didn't care, it was one of the few places he felt safe, in his 'fathers' arms. But he looked at Neikan. "And what more do you think I would want?" Krylancelo said his voice dripping with scarcasm. "Sorry but the only thing I am interested in is the blood that flows through your viens. It's scent is appeitizing." he said as if that explained everything. "Anything else well you'll just have to deal with it." And Krylancelo was himself alright....full of scarcasm with every word and disdain as if the idea of anyting else just pissed him off and annoyed him to end.

Aoi smirked and looked at Neikan. "I told you Nei...this one will either deny you, or it will take a hell of a lot of work to get him...either way...I'll still have fun watching..."

Neikan glared at Krylancelo. "Oh come on....." he said annoyed. "Your going to tell me you won't let me have your ass." He said looking at the kid. Krylancelo looked over at Neikan quietly for a moment one eye closed and eyebrow twitching. "Hell no." Krylancelo said after a moment's pause. Neikan smirked. "Oh I think I can change your mind Krylancelo." Krylancelo looked at him. "Yeah? Well you can try all you want, but my position on the matter isn't going to change. And try any tricks with my emotions and I'll fry your ass. I know when I'm not behaving right so don't even go there."

Aoi burst into laughter again and shook his head. "Sorry Nei...but even as a newborn who can't be touched, he's fighting you...looks like you won't get your way any time soon..."

Neikan sighed. "That's alright. I'll get my way soon enough. He'll change his mind." Neikan said as Krylancelo's denying him just made him want the kid that much more, it meant something to work for, since not many could say no to him. Krylancelo looked at Neikan warily. "Right.....if I come across you when I'm hungry again, I'll make sure to pin your sorry ass face down...." he said annoyed at the idea that Neikan wanted him and was going to drive him nuts chasing after him.

Aoi chuckled lowly and patted Krylancelo on the head. "You'll be fine. He can't touch you just yet. So you don't have much to worry about right now....though when the month is up...he'll be free to make all the passes he wants...I can't stop him, because Nei is a special vampire...and needs more sex than he does blood..."

Krylancelo looked up at Aoi as he was pat on the head although anyone else would have been blasted and he had a feeling it was more then being what had Kira told him....oh yeah Sired....but that simple act was comforting to him. He wasn't used to that feeling and despite how safe and comfortable he felt he snorted and looked at Neikan. "And if he tries anything I don't like I'll fry his ass. It's far warning." he said looking at his uncle needing sex or not if he didn't want it then that was that....although that look in Neikan's eyes wasn't something he was fond of seeing.

Aoi chuckled and said lowly, "Fry him...more like excite him...Neikan loves promises like that....he thrills in what you consider pain...burns, cuts, stabs, whips, chains...rough sex...everything....the sky is the limit with Neikan..." He looked up at Neikan and smiled. "When I said evertything, I meant it. Being thrown into walls, broken bones, crushed organs...he doesn't care...the only pain he feels is when my blood touches his skin and I use it as torture..."

Krylancelo sighed. "Right. Then prehaps using a feather would be more effective...." his voice dripped with the very irony and scarcasm he was feeling at the moment.

Aoi chuckled lowly. "He'll still be thrilled. I'm afraid that I've trained his body for both tender touches and bone crushing pain..."

Krylancelo sighed. "I see." he said looking at Neikan annoyed and then away again. "Ignoring him isn't likely going to work.....that leaves binding spells....they'll take a few months to wear off and status doesn't harm anyone..." he grumbled thinking to himself. "They sustatin...which would give me a bit of repreive...."

Aoi sighed and ruffled his hair. "Just fight him. He'll eventually get tired. He'll give up, even if that requires me having to make him give up...he'll give up...won't you Nei?" Aoi asked, looking up at Neikan.

Neikan sighed. "Eventually....if I can't change his mind." he agreed begrudgingly as he looked at Krylancelo wanting the kid. Krylancelo looked at him annoyed and then let his head drop back against Aoi's chest yawning as he closed his eyes. "fight huh......I can do that one just fine."

Aoi chuckled lowly and nodded. "That you can...and it will certainly be interesting and entertaining for me to watch..."

Krylancelo chuckled. "Yeah suppose so." he said as he rested there and looked over at Neikan again. "Because I'm going to fight you on this one." Neikan smirked. "Oh I'm looking forward to it my darling nephew." Neikan said as he smiled with an almost hungry preditoral light in his eyes. "A week and a half and then the chase begins."

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Actually...two and a half weeks...Nei...we have the concert the week after he's mature enough...remember?" Aoi asked lowly.

Neikan took a deep breath and sighed. "Two and a half weeks." He said and then looked at Krylancelo. "And then I'll find a way to convince you to be mine." he said smirking as he looked at them. Krylancelo sighed. "And then I start kicking your ass...." he said sourly.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "All right you two...that's enough for one day...let's go back inside and rest..."

Neikan sighed and nodded he knew when to call it quits or anger his brother and turned to go in but the challenge was there and he'd find a way to win over Krylancelo. Krylancelo looked over as Neikan walked away and sighed. "Oh great....just what I needed....is this the family life you were talking about?" he asked as Neikan walked back into the castle.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Neikan is always like that...even to Kira and the knights...aside from the females that is..."

Krylancelo snorted. "Yeah well I'm not getting a sex change so I'll figure something out." he said shaking his head and it was true after all of this time he wasn't going to go and become a girl.

Aoi chuckled and ruffled Krylancelo's hair again. "I didn't expect you to do that. But...you will eventually grow to love Nei...he's just...different and hard to understand at times..."

Krylancelo snorted. "That is an understatment." He said as he shook his head and sighed stretching a bit he was tired and wanted to go find a bed to lay down in and take a nap. "So...this constant need for a nap should go away in a week and a half then right..." he said already feeling sleepy and lethargic.

Aoi chuckled and nodded. "If you're anything like me, then yes. I hardly sleep at all now..."

Krylancelo nodded and yawned as he went to step down and staggered so decided that leaning against Aoi was safer and much steadier. "Not sure which is better needing a ton of sleep or needing hardly any at all." he said as his head dropped against Aoi's chest and he felt his awareness slipping away it was a little disconcerting since he had no way of knowing what was going on while he was out cold.

Aoi sighed and picked him back up, cradling him gently in his arms. "You rotten kid...should have stayed in my arms..." he said, but smiled warmly as he carried Krylancelo into the castle and into Aoi's room. He didn't feel the need to put Krylancelo back in his own room. Instead, Aoi shifted into his wolf form and jumped up onto the bed and curled up beside Krylancelo and sighed.

Krylancelo snorted at being called a rotten kid he had given up on saying he wasn't a kid when he was countered with he was a newborn vampire that made him a kid again. His human life had ended he had in essence died and was reborn as a vampire just starting out his life all over again. "yeah whatever..." he grumbled sleepily, and after asleep as if aware Aoi was there in his wolf form a few minutes later had him hugging the wolf close and resting peacefully. It was as if on some level he was aware that Aoi was his true father and was loath to let him go...to be alone and orphaned again. To become....Orphen....again.
He was offically no longer a newborn today and stepped outside of the front doors. To find himself surrounded by dragons.

"Ah shit." He mumbled one maybe two but six? But before he could stress over it any a seventh dragon landed and this one he was happy to see as it was Aoi. Who started growling lowly having landed so that his great claws rested on the ground on either side of Krylancelo as of to sheild him.

One of them would shift to human form and walk fowards. Saying. "Only to confirm with our own eyes that Krylancelo is indeed alive and well, that it is truly him and you are not being decieved. For if that deception happens it is you who will be hurt Aoi." She said looking up at him. "If the boy is truly Krylancelo we mean him no ill will. But if he is not then we will ask him to leave and stop his cruel game." That is all."

Aoi narrowed his eyes as he looked down at the female dragon and shook his head. "He was able to accept my blood and has a dragon form of his own. Krylancelo is indeed here and alive...now if you'll excuse me...I've got things to do..."

She nodded. "Of course." She said nodding but none of them made to leave or move from that spot as far as they were concerned being able to accept Aoi's blood and having a dragon form weren't enough. They had lost track of him and now millenia later he showed up again. Shen had blessed Aoi made him high dragon on earth. The mark was there on him always unless Shen cast him out and to have Shen Mira do something like that was impossible as far as they could tell for no matter what Aoi did Shen Forgave him.

Aoi growled lowly. "If you want his blood, I'm afraid that's not happening..."

"No not his blood Aoi." She said looking at him. "His past, we wish to hear his story, to learn what became of him and what he knows. We wish to study his eyes and look into them to see if he is Krylancelo."

Aoi sighed and shifted into his human form. "His past...his past isn't much. He lost his human parents at birth, so he doesn't even know them, who where they are," he said as he looked at Krylancelo. "Krylancelo, go to the woman and let her see you...they obviously don't trust my judgement..."

Krylancelo snorted. "Oh I'll go to her alright but If I don't like what she has to say she's going to be sorry." he said annoyed at this whole chain of events. He walked over and she looked at him looked into his soul into his eyes and sighed. "Hmm clever you could be his double but you are not the Krylancelo Aoi is looking for." She said and he looked at her annoyed reached into a back pocket and held out a different medallion one that had been around his neck one that he kept safely with him always.....the name written in ancient dragon text, while the last name was what the tower gave him his first name was given to him by a dragon...."Then care to tell me why, my name was given to me by a dragon?" She paused and stared. "That is...." The symbol of the gift to humans the only one who could hold that was Krylancelo himself....and the one who gave it to him. "So if your done being stupid, shut your mouth and go away I don't have time to mess with the likes of you right now." He said scarcastically not liking her already.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Krylancelo, be nice. That woman is a dragon, just like you. You have to listen to her...or I'll have to punish you for being rude..."

Krylancelo looked over at Aoi. "So what? I'm not about to waist my time being nice to her when she's the one telling me I'm not me." He said annoyed. "And quiet frankly I don't care if she's a dragon or not. That doesn't give her the right to stand there and insult me and not expect something to happen the fact I'm not attempting to blow her to kingdom come means that right now I am being nice." he said in a bad mood. She stared. His behaviour was horrible. "A child...even now he has the temperment and standing of a child."

Aoi shot her a glare, a warning to back off or suffer for her stupidity. "Krylancelo, you can't keep treating the dragon council like they're ordinary people. They will insult you because they are the higher ups. Be a good boy and be poilite to them," he said lowly. Even though they were higher ups to Krylancelo, Aoi was higher than all of them.

Krylancelo looked over at Aoi and snorted. "Oh please the Council of elders at the tower were higher ups then me as well and if they were acting her like her I'd do the same." he said looking over but walking away from her or attempting to as her hand rose and he couldn't move. "Now your just pissing me off." Krylancelo said lowly. "let me go or I kick your ass." She sighed and looked over at Aoi. "He does not know his place, his standing. He knows nothing even looking into his soul everything that was supposed to be done to prepre him for his role has not been done. We can not accept him because he is not the Krylancelo that should be walking...." Krylancelo's eye twitched. "Shatter the chains of illusion." He growled and her magic exploded outward releasing him and he turned pointing at her. "Look lady now you've pissed me off for two reasons. One what right do you have to judge me and what I can and can't do, and two, thanks to the fact that you've managed to piss me off. I have to deal with the fact I'm going to be punished for kicking your ass."

Aoi growled lowly and his eye twitched. "Silence! I've had enough of this shit...both of you...all of you, enough is enough!" he sad, his voice booming and commanding. "He had not been prepared for his position because the humans who were supposed to prepare him for his role vanished. Like it or not, he's Krylancelo, and he's already been given his throne as prince. You're too late in take back his birth rights. So shut the hell up and get out of my sight!"

The council all exchanged looks but did just tht vanished in the blink of an eye. Krylancelo wasn't facing Aoi though didn't want to. If he was to be punished he didn't want to face him. He'd had enough punishments in the past in the tower, as a child and they didn't break him. But he was aware that they were gone but nor did he appologize for his way or speaking or what he had said and done. Instead just stared quietly at the tree's in the distance as if they could off some answer on how to get him out of trouble....finally no longer a newborn his 'birthday' as it were and....it was turning out to be like every other one since the day he was born.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Come back inside, we've still got packing to do...and we'll be late for the flight if we don't hurry..." he said lowly as he turned and walked bacl to the castle.

Krylancelo looked back over his shoulder and sighed walking inside to go pack for the flight. He stared mutely at the ground feeling like a scolded child.....no anger no yelling no threatening he could handle all of that, for him this was the worst....Aoi not adressing it at all....he walked up and walked into the castle beside Aoi. Silent as a church mouse.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Will you quit with that look. I'm not going to punish you Krylancelo, I never was. I was simply trying to get you to show a bit more respect to the dragon council....after all...one day you'll be in my place and control the dragon clans and the vampire clans..."

Krylancelo looked up at him and sighed. "I don't show respect to those who act like them." he looked ahead. "They have the same look in there eyes that the council of elders did. AS if there role gave them the ability to beat down and dismiss anyone that didn't fit there mold. If you didn't fit into the role they cast for you and they couldn't conform you to it they removed you." He narrowed his eyes. "They have that same damn look. I'll treat them with respect when they become a council worthy of respect."

Aoi sighed and ruffled his hair. "They're worthy of respect, but...you'll have to learn to work with them, not against them if you want to gain their trust and respect...it's just like every other person," he said lowly as he continued to walk along.

Krylancelo looke at him and sighed looking ahead again. "perhaps." he said he wouldn't say no, it was his first time meeting them and he wasn't about to say yes because it was his first time meeting them. But he didn't want to be treated like trash by them either. It wasn't a matter of his position it was a matter of his being a person....that and her telling him that he wasn't Krylancelo really fried him. Or rather the one they were looking for and that Aoi would be hurt....He glanced at Aoi an loose of a choosen heir wouldn't be enough. "Why would it hurt you?" he asked lookign at Aoi. "Why would it hurt you if I wasn't the Krylancelo you were looking for."

Aoi stopped and looked at Krylancelo. "Because...it would mean that the Krylancelo I was looking for..." he paused as he began to walk again. "Died long ago..."

He took a deep breath and looked at him. "Dam fine don't tell me." he said able to sense to tell there was something more Aoi wasn't saying but he turned to go to his room and finish packing or rather start as he hadn't even started yet...he really was the worlds worst procrastinator.

Aoi sighed as he went to his room to finish packing. What he didn't want to tell him was, that if he wasn't the Krylancelo he was looking for, he would have to kill him for the dragon council...and he just couldn't bring himself to do that. Should he have to...Aoi would give up all of his rights to keep Krylancelo alive

Krylancelo went through his room packing things and turned hollaring and was about to cast a spell when the hand landed on his head gentle and he felt almost instantly calmed by it before falling into his arms. Shen sighed as he stood there he would not be here now meddling if the council wasn't throwing power around again. He had to interefere one other time and bless Aoi in order to get them to listen to him. Shen shifted him and held his hand above his heart watching as he glowed and closed his eyes looking back beyond what the council could see. "Don't worry child.....he'll be here shortly and after I speak to him, I'll let you wake...." He said softly....Aoi was not wrong and Shen Mira knew it. Not only was he the Krylancelo Aoi was looking for, he was Aoi's son and first born.

Aoi narrowed his eyes in annoyance. "Damn it Shen..." he mumbled as he walked out of his room and to Krylancelo's. "Shen! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he asked, his eye twitching.

Shen looked over. "Giving you peace." he said in answer. "And before you take that the wrong way Aoi, you should know, your heart is not wrong." He said as he set Krylancelo gently down and looked over at Aoi a moment. "He is your son, by birth, and if need be...." Shen looked at him. "I will give him divine protection form the Council.....you've searched for too long for him and even I could not see him not until he used his powers on such a level and then he was with you."

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "I don't need you to tell me that I was right Shen. Though the divine protection wouldn't be too bad...the poor kid has so many enemies now that he's take the throne as prince..."

Shen nodded and leaned down placing a kiss on the boys forehead and after a moment pulled back, a small tear appeared on his forehead tiny but would glow with celestrial light should the council do anything to harm him and then looked at Aoi. "It is done. I would not be be here now if the council was not pulling there normal stunts." He said sighing. "It would seem they like to find ways to cause you grief."

Aoi snorted. "That's an understatement." He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "They give me so much hell because they don't like me...not that I give a rats ass if they like me or not..."

Shen smirked and looked at Aoi. "Don't be upset but I choose you becuase they don't like you." he said smiling. "if they liked you and visa versa then this world would be in trouble. The fact that they don't like you means they'll be careful in what they say and do and things will be fine." he said lightly. "it's horrible and I'll understand if your upset with me for my reasons in choosing you."

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Like I Said...I honestly don't care..."

Shen chuckled and nodded. "The divine protection will detour some weaker minded vampires and the such but anything stronger will be able to get past it. As to the dragon council they can not touch him any orders to remove him because they clam and find some way to prove he is not the one your looking for it will glow and repell them. That should make things clear enough to them." Shen said and looked at Aoi then at Krylancelo. "He'll wake when I leave....and Aoi....you should tell him who you really are to him."

Aoi sighed and nodded. "I know I should...but I need to find the right time..."

Shen chuckled. "You'll know it when it comes." He said as he looked at Aoi and sighed. "I should go before they realize I'm here and start having fits and wanting blessings and favors I should not be granting." he said softly.

Aoi sighed and nodded. "All right..." he said lowly as he looked at Krylancelo with sad gentleness.

Shen looked at Aoi and then was gone, past the barrier which could not hold him. Krylancelo laid there for a few minutes and before starting to stir.

Aoi sighed lowly as he finished packing for Krylancelo before he woke up. His clothes and the such were ready, all he had to do was pack them into the limo.

Krylancelo opened his eyes and jerked awake looking around a spell ready to fly and other then Aoi the guy....who had been there wasn't. "Wha...." he said confused.

Aoi just has finished putting the last bit of clothes into Krylancelo's suitcase when Krylancelo woke up and spoke. Aoi zipped the case up and chuckled lowly. "That was Shen...a friend of mine from the dragon council...he was just checking in on me and you..."

"Right so he just shows up here and knocks me out? What to say that I don't belong or I'm not hte one your looking for..." he said having no idea that Shen from the dragon council was Shen Mira the Deity of the dragons himself. Or that he had Shen's protection.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "He was here to give you his blessing and divine protection..."

Krylancelo looked over. "Divine protection and blessing?" he said puzzled. "There someone on the council wiht the power to great that kind of protection?"
Ashley Wolfe: Aoi chcukled. "Not on the council per-say....more like....divine being of all dragons..."

Krylancelo looked at him. "Divine being.....as in....The Celestrial Dragon....." he said the only one. Just like and he knew it, although all vampires could clam to be Earth Vampires who lived there, there was truly only one Aoi who was connected to the world itself. "His blessing.....but why...." he pondered outloud.
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Aoi looked at Krylancelo and smiled gently. "Because I asked him to give it to you...as a favor for a friend"

Krylancelo took a deep breath and sighed. "I see." he said he wasn't upset how did one get upset when he found out that that he had divine protection from a diety? He looked over at Aoi and tipped his head. "So....how excatly are we getting to this concert?" he asked since it was about a week away and there was travel time in there and Krylancelo had never once willingly gotten into a car or airplane a boat.....it wasn't so much as a phobia as he always felt like he was tied down to a wheelchair, and when his magic returned he used it on the chief of police......suffocating like he was suddenly cut off from his magic which was ironically how the police got him here in the first place knocked him out and shoved him in a car

In truth....he Krylancelo really was frightened of the darned things.....having trusted his magic forever and didn't like them at all.

Aoi looked at Krylancelo and sighed. "A limo and then a plane. Sorry Krylancelo, but you can't use your magic this trip."

Krylancelo looked over and shook his head moving away from Aoi. "No, not going...not in one of those...." he said but the scarcasm was not there it was more of a quiet subdued protest.

Aoi shook his head. "Sadly, you don't get a choice this time. You're going."

Not in one of those...."No not in one of those...." Krylancelo said as he moved back and against the wall not wanting to get anywhere near the moving metal death trap.

Aoi sighed and moved, a streak of black as he did. He placed his hand on Krylancelo's head and looked at him gently. "Krylancelo, you'll be right with me, you don't have anything to worry about."

He folded his arms over his stomach not moving away from Aoi's touch but closed his eyes. If he could curl into the wall and dissappear but not loose that touch he would. It was crazy but for him since he met Aoi that simple thing Aoi's touch usually comforted him but against this? It wasn't working he was still frightened still wanting to dissappear and not get anywhere near them. Near the limo or the plane.

Aoi sighed and looked down at Krylancelo. "I have a big surprise for you once we get there Krylancelo. If you'll just go with me, I'll give you the best gift ever...I promise..."

"It's not the issue of going.....it's what we're going in....." He said quietly as he stayed where he was, feeling much akin to a petulant child but he couldn't help it, this was perhaps one of the few issues that would subdue him and get him acting like this.

Aoi sighed and leaned down, kissing him on the forehead. "I know...but this isn't just for you, this is for me as well. I want you to see it all. To see where I came from...and to see me do what I love..."

Krylancelo looked up at Aoi, as he was kissed on the forehead and closed his eyes looking away as he did, and down. He frowned....."I don't mind going to see your home land, hell I don't mind seeing you do what you love, that's not the problem...." He said as he stood there.....

Aoi closed his eyes and smiled sadly. "Krylancelo, you'll have to get over your fears...I worked so long to get over my fear of going back home...today is the first time in centuries since I'll be going back..."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi. "Yeah sure.....not today...." he closed his eyes. "I want to go but.....not in that..." he said quietly lowly staring at the floor he didn't even want to think about it. About the ride in the limo or the plane.

Aoi sighed, sad and defeated. "All right...you don't have to go...I'll leave one of the knights here with you..." he said sadly as he let his hand fall to his side and he turned to walk out.

Krylancelo looked up at him annoyed. His hand raising and the door slamming shut he was very annoyed. "You don't get it." He said angry and frustrated. "I....can't breathe, I can't sense my magic at all in those things, in limos and planes any of them....it's like I can no longer sense or feel the world around me." He shook his head. "I've been on one....twice now and it's always the same. Yes I'm frightened of them..." He looked away this was soo stupid. "Fine....so if I din't ride in the damn thing I can't go? So be it." He turned and walked over to the window his fist slammign into the wall next to it.

Aoi looked at him and sighed. "I didn't say that you couldn't go....I just...would rather you be close to me....for...simple reasons..."

Krylancelo dropped to lean against the wall before slidding down and sitting there. So stupid he could fight monsters in the old days, fight vampires who could spit fire, walk through shadows and try to kill him, insane corrupt sorcerers with vandettas against him all of that, but was done in by metal beasts of an entirely different nature.

Krylancelo let his head drop to his knees drawing them up and dropped his forehead on his arm, hidding his face and the burning in his green eyes, the threat of tears of frustration and anger and wanting to go but unable to getting into the limo.

Aoi looked at him sadly. "Krylancelo, I suppose this is about the only time I'll be able to speak so freely...so...I should tell you now..." he said, his voice low and sad.
Ashley Wolfe: "I'm your real father..."

Krylancelo paused and looked up slowly. "My real...." he said looking at him. "Father...." He stared in shock at Aoi unable to say anything else at the moment trying to fathom this one he wasn't angry or upset, they weren't even faint emotions in him that way. Confusion yes...."I don't understand.....you....are a vampire, and dragon.....I was born human....."

Aoi closed his eyes and sighed. "In ancient times...dragons would gift humans with children. You....were my son, and the human who bore you...was meant to trai you to one day...take my place, and rejoin the dragons...but...before you were even old enoguh to understand your place, the humans who I gifted you to vanished...leaving you behind..."

Krylancelo sat there and sighed. "I never knew her. My mother or the man she was with." He said as he leaned there and sighed. "At least that answers many of my questions...." he said resting there and then looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. "And that I truly have a place to call home."

Aoi opened his eyes and nodded. "Which is why I was so hurt and frustrated when you wanted to just leave...and walk right into your death..."

"Yeah well I had no idea." he said looking at Aoi. "At that point I was used to being tricked and decieved and having to defend myself from everyone and everything." He said then sighed and closed his eyes. No magic....which meant he wasn't supposed to teleport over there to meet him but the only other means of travel would be those metal things or figuring out how to transform and fly and h really wasn't ready for the whole transforming thing still getting adjusted to his current state.

Aoi nodded. "I knew that...but I still got frustrated...because it hurt..."

Krylancelo got up and walked over to him as he did he walked through the room the metal around his neck was special made out of alloys that didn't interefere with his magic at all and picked up a simple metal bowl off of the dresser nothing special about it as he walked across the room in fact it was made out of hte same alloy's as the limo and up to Aoi although he was not surrounded by it, it still affected him some as he opened his eyes and looked up at his father. "I wasn't trying to hurt you. I didn't want to be used and tossed aside again." he said as he looked at Aoi the glowing of his eyes had dulled and there was a faint grey cast to them. Then looked down at the bowl in his hand. "And I wasn't rejecting you.....I was so used to being an Orphan, to being Orphen that it was safer that way....that's all."

Aoi nodded. "I knew that. But it didn't stop me from wanting to help you, to save you...to...love you..."

There's a concept I'm still getting used to." he said softly lowly. "Being loved and wanted by anyone."

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "That will all take time...it always does," he said lowly and opened his eyes. "The fact is, Krylancelo, that I want you with me, and if you don't want to ride in the limo and plane...I can't be with you...unless I can get you to transform and fly with me..."

Krylancelo took a deep breath and sighed as he continued to hold it and then held out his hand the bowl in his hand normal and true. But he looked at Aoi his eys grey a light pale grey. "I can't figure out the transformation yet, but...." he said looking at him. "I'll......deal with it." He said looking at Aoi.

Aoi smiled sadly. "You don't need to worry. I can teach you how to transform...but we'll need to be in the garden," he said as he took the bowl out of Krylancelo's hand and sat it down on a near by table. "You won't have to ride in the plane and limo for my sake...I won't make you...but eventually...you'll have to face it...but...for now...this is good enough for me."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi and nodded and looked at him. "Alright." he said softly.

Aoi smiled and took Krylancelo by the hand. "I'll get Kusatta and them to pack our bags in the limo for us, and will tell Kira that I'll be flying with you..."he said as he snapped his fingers and told Kusatta to pack his and Krylancelo's bags in the limo.

Krylancelo watched as Kusatta nodded and then down at Aoi's hand holding his. "Alright..." he said lowly looking at him a bit suprised at the way things were working but his eyes were already returning to normal.....was it really just fear that did this to him?

Aoi smiled as he walked down the hall to Kira's room whee he found Kira finishing packing. "Kira...I have something to tell you."

Kira looked over his shoulder at the two and smiled. "yes Aoi?

"I'll be flying with Krylancelo...he's ready to learn the transformations and I'm afraid he's very scared of the limo and plane..."

Kira smiled and nodded. "of course. Then we'll see you there. I'll make sure we all get there alright."

Aoi nodded. "All right...I'll see you there then"

Kira walked over and leaned up to kiss Aoi. "of course." he said softly. "Safe journey Aoi." He said softly and then smiled and ruffled Krylancelo's hair. "Safe flight." he finished and turned to finish up the last bit of packing only to find Dastan holding his bags and laughed. Shaking his head and walking towards him looking at him. "Dastan take them to the limo would you?" Dastan chuckled. "Of coruse Wakasama." He said and dissappeared to do just that.
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Krylancelo looked at Aoi as he stood there in the gardens outside having listened to the fact that he had three forms he had to learn how to access three forms that belonged to him, the final being his birthright as he was born a dragon in human form, but first..."A wolf? Seriously.....transformationing...." He said trying to wrap his mind around that one as it wasn't so much as a magical spell but another form that belonged to him.

Aoi chuckled and nodded. "Yes. You must first start with the smallest of the transformations in order to understand how transforming works. Then you will learnt he other two."

Krylancelo looked at him and sighed. "Alright..." he said and then leaned back agianst the tree behind him looking at the man he had just recently learned was his biological father, and while it was a relief to know that he had family and was not nor would he ever be an orphan again....."So....how excatly do I change into this wolf?" he asked confused.

Aoi smirked and transformed into his wolf form. "In order to transform into your wolf form, you must look deep into your soul. Search for the wolf in you. When you find it, embrace it and let it's warmth consume your soul."

Krylancelo looked at him and wondered about that one....let it's warmth. But he stood up off of the tree and took a few steps away assuming it was like when he first looked within himself for is magic, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, and felt it a warmth bubbling up inside of him, but didn't fight it, when he opened his eyes he didn't notice the difference right away only that he was on his hands and feet...A radiant white wolf with red markings dancing over his fur around his eyes and face flowing down his neck and over his shoulders. Floating above his back was a ring of fire of magic.....Off of his shoulders was tufts of white fur that stood up on there own accord but they just looked right.

Aoi smiled and sat on his haunches. "Just like Kira...."

"Hmm...what is just like Kira?" he asked still not realizing although he was looking around hearing thing differently then as a vampire, becoming aware that every little sound outside was making his ears twitch slightly at the noises and then looked down and back at the body of a....wolf.

Aoi chuckled and stood up. "You're wolf form, like Kira's, is white. White wolves are rare."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi and tipped his head. "Rare?" he asked not sure why it was rare, only that he was white and his father was pure glistening black.

Aoi nodded. "White wolves represnt pure souls. While black wolves..." he paused and sat back down. "Represent corruption...darkness...and death."

Krylancelo looked at him, and shook his head. "I'm not pure...." he said in protest.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Your wolf form says other wise. And so does your soul."

Krylancelo sighed and sat down. "I use black magic, destructive magic. I was trained as a stabber and I have killed..." he said looking at Aoi. "All of those things are hardly pure....." but it was more like a soft protest it was hard to argue with his father on this one when he knew more about the forms then Krylancelo ever could.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Killing is something that cannont be avoided in our world...you are pure...not in the sense that you've never killed, or never used black magic...but in the sense that you yourself are completely innocent..."

Krylancelo sighed and laid down since he was already sitting down. "Alright. I can't excatly dispute that one." he said since Aoi had told him he was a hero even if he himself doubted that one. His tail idily swished over the ground behind him and he looked back at the firey ring above his back. "And that's not normal is it..." he said looking at the ring and back at Aoi.

Aoi chuckled and shook his head. "We're not normal," he said lowly and shifted into his human form.

Krylancelo looked at him and took a deep breath focusing on that same feeling and after a moment or two shifted back to human but stood up and didn't lay on the ground. "Alright....so I'm a white wolf...." he said not sure what else there was.

Aoi sighed and shifted forms, this time into his giant cat form. The huge three headed cat looked down at Krylancelo. "All right. Your next form is a big cat. It's the same concept, just a different animal."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi and repeated the process to become a large impressive cat. The large white cat had flames licking across his back and his tail seemed to be made out of flames, he stood there looking around and roared not that he meant to but it was as if the large cat needed to free itself form a long long slumber.

Aoi chuckled and purred a little. "A fitting feline form, firey, just like your personality."

Krylancelo looked over at Aoi and snorted. "So I noticed." He said as he looked at the tail behind him, not quiet a normal cat like the wolf that walked on all fours, his legs were thicker and better built for sure he looked more humanoid but had all of the normal features of the cat.

Aoi chuckled and shifted back to his human form. "Now for the real fun," he said happily.

Krylancelo looked at him and became human once again. "OH boy..." he said not sure what to make of this one.

Aoi chuckled and closed his eyes. "Just be a good boy and do as I say," he said lowly as he shifted into his dragon form.

At those words Krylancelo snorted and looked at his father. Be a good boy and do as he says......that made him have to fight his instintive response to tell anyone who told him that what they could do with it. Instead he bit his tongue and looked at Aoi waiting to hear if there was something different he needed to do.

Aoi chuckled, a low, rubling laugh that sounded like it came bellowing from his entire body rather than his throat. "Now, when you transform into your dragon form, you will have to search deep into your soul," he began as he folded his wings behind him. "You'll have to search for the dragon's heart. It's a flame that burns in your soul, the flames that the dragon breathes, the flames that keep the dragons alive."

Krylancelo looked at him and nodded then sighed. "Deep within my soul..." he said and sighed he really didn't ever want to go soul searching that deep but closed his eyes and did as he was told searching out the dragon's heart within him but as he searched deeper within himself his magic cut loose whipping his hair around his clothes as if caught in gail force winds were being whipped around his frame, the grass beneath his feet bending away from him and then there was an explosion and he was on his ass end staring up at the sky. "Ouch....that's why I don't go soul searching that deep..." he grumbled.

Aoi chuckled that same, rumbling laugh as he lay down in the garden's grass and curled his tail around him. "You have to want to look for it, you have to be willing to embrace it...other wise...it'll reject you just like you reject it..."

Krylancelo looked over at Aoi as he sat up. "Huh really....we may be a while." he grumbled as he stood up and attempted to go soul searching once again and the same effects happened including the explosion. He laid there staring up at the sky for a few moments annoyed and took a deep breath. "Can't reject it....." he said not really thinking he was but decided to take a different approach as he stood up and once again went searching in his soul this time accepting all aspects of himself, wither or not he liked them.

Aoi smiled as he lay there in the grass, his tail patting the ground a little. "Dragons are the oldest beings on earth. They're the ones who created magic, and the ones who created the first magical order for all 'magical creatures'," he said lowly.

Krylancelo cracked open his eye as the power was steady while he soul searched. "No offense...but I don't see how that tid-bit is helping me any!" he shouted in scarcasm, as the power lifted him off of the ground he seemed to be floating there as he was getting closer and closer to his dragn heart.

Aoi chuckled as he shook his head. "Ah, but it does. You'll need to understand the dragons in order to become one," he said lowly as he lay there, his tail still patting the ground lightly. "Dragons are the leaders of all Magical orders, and the Celestial dragon is over all dragons. I'm the leader of the dragons on earth, just as you will be once I'm gone," he said, speaking lowly, but happily. "The Dragon council are the elders of the dragon clans. All dragon clans have a leader, the Earth dragons are over all other dragons since they are bound to every aspect of the Earth. The Fire dragons are over all fire, water dragons are over all water, moon dragons are over the moon, thunder dragons rule the thunder, lightning dragons rule the lighting and work together with the water and thunder..dragons. Together, we make the dragon order. I'm special because not only am I a dragon, but I'm also a god, and a king. I'm ruler of all vampires, and all hybrids. I'm also a dark, destructive man...I've killed and kept killing all for the sake of the sight of blood...all for the sake of power..."

He said as he stood up. "These eyes of mine...these deep, dark crimson eyes that surface when I'm angry...are the color of all of the blood that I've spilled over the centuries...this white eye is the eye that I had to take from Neikan when my other eye was ripped out by a very sick vampire...a very sick man...I was corrupted with his evil, his illness and had no choice but to rip out the eye that I had stolen from him.'.."

Krylancelo looked at him and growled as the power ripped out exploding outward and he was in his dragon form. "None of that matters to me." He said having gotten an ear full on things he really didn't want to know all over again, the dragon history he knew his fathers history well he didn't know all of the details he had known enough the battles, the fateful day that Tsuin Seiikai was created although according to the magical tombs it was Kira who in the end took his biological mothers life....unless he meant because he could not save her and yet..."None of that even matters to me at all. I could give a rats ass about your past we all have them and it doesn't change who you are today."

Aoi chuckled as he uncoiled his tail. "Though you say it doesn't change who I am today, what you don't realize...is that it does. It changes everything about me. It's because of my past that I was able to accept myself, and accept everything that I've done. None of it can be erased, I know that...and I cannot be made innocent when I'm not," he said lowly as he spread his wings.

Krylancelo shook his head and sighed taking a deep breath as he stood there wings expanding up and out before he shifted and sighed. "I'm not saying you should forget or erase it but there's no point in dwelling on it."

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "I dwell on the past because I don't ever want to forget..." he said lowly, sadly as he flapped his wings and began to ascend into the air.

Krylancelo looked at him and without thinking his wings flapped to follow after him. "That's the best way to handle it." He said lightly.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes as he continued to flap his wings and began to fly across the sky. "They''re pointing and saying 'look! look! It's Aoi!'," he said lowly as he opened his eyes and looked down at the city below. The city full of faces and fingers pointing up at them as they flew. Aoi chuckled and let out a loud roar, and breathed fire into the sky. The people below began to cheer and scream his name.

Krylancelo looked at him and shook his head as he flew along side him. His wings flapping but he didn't make the foolish mistake of panicking while in the air. "They love you, so you can't be as bad as you think."

Aoi sighed and looked at Krylancelo. "They love me because I protect them. And I protect them because, unlike them...I had nobody to protect me."
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
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Krylancelo took a deep breath as he flew along. Thinking about what he had said about not having anyone to protect him and remained quiet in reflective thought not sure what to say.

Aoi sighed as he continued to fly. "Krylancelo, Are you mad at me...for not telling you who I really was when we first met?" he asked lowly.

Krylancelo looked over at him. "No." he answered as he looked ahead again he was lost in thought but he wasn't mad. Being a Sorcerer Stabber and then having a vmapire deciding to make a home of his soul meant he just simply learned to roll with the punches or blow them out of his way.

Aoi sighed as he continued to fly along, his wings flapping every now and then. "Krylancelo...you know...I'd much rather you tell me what's on your mind..."

Krylancelo sighed as he flew along looking at the sky before him. "I'm just adjusting to everything.' he said which was the truth he was till adjusting to being a dragon having a father, having a wolf form and cat. Not to mention being a vampire now. It was a lot to take in.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "That isn't what I'm talking about..." he said lowly, finally looking at him. "I meant about what I said earilier"

Krylancelo sighed he was so very distracted at the moment seeing things flying and other things that he honestly looked at Aoi confused for a moment trying to recollect his thoughts and figure out what it was that was troubling Aoi.

But it was enough of a distraction between trying to figure out what his father was talking about flying and everything else he forgot to one keep his wings exteneded and two to flap the dog gone things as he free fell through the air a bit before recollecting himself. Beating his wings quickly to once agian get airborne.

Aoi sighed and looked away, facing ahead again as Krylancelo caught back up with him. "You were thinking about what I said...about not having someone to protect me..."

Krylancelo looked over at him and ahead again. "Going dancing around in my head again?" he asked looking at his father.

"You said you had no one to protect you...." he said lowly looking ahead again. He shrugged as he flew which caused him to bob in the air a bit. "don't know what to say about it."

Aoi sighed and kept on flying. "I had no one to protect me. I only had myself....my family was too afraid of my vampiric father..."

Krylancelo nodded as he looked at Aoi taking a deep breath as he flew along. "Oh...." he said a bit dully not sure not really as to what to say on the matter.

"My family...beat and raped Rei as a human...and also my sister...." he said lowly. "They used Rei as a replacement for me because I was the one that they couldn't touch, the one who was meant to be prince."

Krylancelo looked over and ahead again. "I see." he said he was never sure what to do with stuff like this what did one say? Oh sorry that was rough? But yeah I understand what it was like for Rei since I was beat and raped every time I did something wrong as a child? No....it wasn't something he felt comfortable with talkign about.

Aoi looked back at Krylancelo in sadness. "They used my own siblings as my replacement....but while my siblings were being beat and raped...I was selling my body...sleeping with anyone who would pay the amount I asked for..."

Krylancelo not one to give much sympathy and it normally got him in trouble nodded even as his thoughts which would betray him wandered to.....why would you make such a choice.....although he didn't speak them outloud.

Aoi sighed and looked ahead. "I made that choice because I was ready to sell my soul if that was what it took for someone, anyone to hit me, yell at me, tell me they ahted me...because not one of my family members would, and none of my classmates would either. I was always popular, always had girls and boys after me...but I was tired of being popular...I just wanted someone, anyone to hate me..."

Krylancelo looked over at him. "Most people try to be loved by everyone, your the first to say that he wanted to be hated by someone."

Aoi sighed as he looked at krylancelo. "I wanted to die...even before I was raped..."

"Idiot." Kyrlancelo said looking Aoi. He didn't know what else to say not really. "That's soo stupid wanting to die, no matter what's happening death is not the answer things can change if you work hard enough for it." And failed to stop and think that he was sayiing all of this to his father.

Aoi sighed and looked at Krylancelo. "I was human back then. I didn't care about my life, or that I was supposed to be prince. I was tired of being the one who never got in trouble, never did anything wrong, and never had a single person dislike me..."

Krylancelo snorted. He didn't know what that was like he had been choosen and hated for it.

Aoi sighed and said lowly, "You won't understand the desire to be hated, to die because you were never treated like you were perfect, like you were a damn angel when in fact you were a demon..."

Krylancelo looked over. "Your right." he said as he flew along. "Because I was hated for being born. I was hated for having the eyes of a dragon which glowed, for being the 'gifted one' the choosen one." He flew as he looked ahead. "I'll never know what it's like to be consindered perfect...." He looked at the clouds. "But the same can be said for you. You'll never know what's it's like to be hated just for existing."

Aoi sighed and nodded. "That may be true. But...I wasn't just looking for someone to hate me...I was also looking for sex. I had, up unil high school, kept my sexual preferences safely hidden...but one day...a group of boys I thought were my friends found out about me sleeping with men and took advantaged of how my body responded when touched...they took it as me wanting it, asking for it and stripped me down in the cold winter and raped me on the streets, then left me laying there, cold, crying, and alone..."

Krylancelo looked over he was learning more about his fathers past this soon after meeting him then he would have thought he'd learn but listened anyways. He looked at Aoi and then ahead again. "I see." he said.

Aoi looked at Krylancelo sadly and sighed. "Let's stop and take a break...I've got more of this to tell you, and I don't feel like talking about it while in the sky," he said lowly as he began to descend.

Krylancelo looked at him and followed him on his descent down, although as he glanced around the area they were landing on where they were did Aoi even realize.....the tower was less then half a days walk for a human away in fact he could see it easily form here.....Then looked at his father as he landed.

Aoi looked at Krylancelo as he transformed into his human form. "I'm not worried about that book Krylancelo...I'll keep living the way I am until I can no longer live as myself..."

Krylancelo looked over at him. As he too became human He looked at Aoi and narrowed his eyes. "You may not be but I am. At the rate your going it'll be about a century and wither or not you like it I'm not about to step and take the throne then." Krylancelo said a bit irritated. "I haven't know family and I find out that you *are* my father." He pointed at him. "Forgive me I'm not about to just stand back and let you be consumed and erased because of the souls you take in.

Aoi sighed and took Krylancelo's hand and placed it in his own. "Krylancelo, listen...I'm very old, though I don't looke like it. I'm getting to be a very tired man, and things are all becoming boring to me...I love you, and I love Kira and Eri, and Neikan....but I'm nearly done with what I was meant to do," he said lowly and squeezed Krylancelo's hand gently

"I've been alive for so long now...the world is becoming more and more advanced, and it's getting to the point that I'm no longer needed...I know you don't understand this now...but one day, you will."

Krylancelo looked at him angry and annoyed and upset. He jerked his hand away and turned away from him. "Dam it." he said as he closed his eyes. "Yeah you have a history to you but dam it all don't give me something then tell me it's going to be taken away."He said glaring in the direction of the tower.

Aoi sighed and sat down on the ground and looked at Krylancelo. "Come on...lets get going...Kira will worry if we're late," he said as he transformed into his dragon form. "Krylancelo...when the time comes...if you really want me to stay here...you can go get the book, but for now...don't go chasing after it. I don't need it right now," he sad as he begn to flap his wings and ascend into the sky once more.

Krylancelo looked up at him and closed his eyes. 'When that time comes it may be too late to make a difference...' he thought as he shifted to his dragon state and followed Aoi into the air. Not happy about this at all.

Aoi sighed and looked at him. "When you feel that I need to be saved, you can save me. But for now...lets go...your birthday party is soon, and we need to prepare for it,"
Kira sighed as he waited for Aoi and Krylancelo to arrive, he was there with Neikan and they were at Reza's large mansion. Why because the Russian's snuck into America or had a few operatives here and they blew Aoi's castle/estate here in America to kingdom come. So he was here at Reza's mansion and it was grand alright, and wanting to scream in annoyance at being here to begin with. It wasn't that Reza was a bad host he wasn't. It was that he didn't want anything happening between Reza and Aoi again.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "Great...no matter what I do I'm faced with constant temptation..."he said as he began to descend.

Krylancelo looked over at him. "Constant temptation?" he asked not at all understanding that one. Kira walked out having sensed them as well as Reza and his younger brother who still looked like he was determined to pout all the time.

Aoi sighed and transformed into his human form. "Reza...nice to...see you again..." he said, forcing himself to keep focus on Reza's feet and not anything else.

Reza chuckled as he looked at Aoi. "I'm sure." He said shaking his head. "Although I assure you I have both feet, I doubt that's why your focused there hmm?" he teased good naturedly. "Unfortunately I'm afraid whatever trouble was stirred up with the Russian's has carried as far as your estate here in America so during your stay here you'll be staying with us."

Aoi sighed and looked up at Reza in annoyance. "I think you shouldn't tease me...we both know what happens when you do..."

Reza looked at him and smirked. "Yes I can't move for a day or so." He said amused and chuckling at the annoyed look. "But I'll try to behave Aoi." Although his tone indicated that behaving was not nor had it ever been his strong point.

Aoi sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Damn it...why do you always have to be so annoying?" he asked as he began to walk past Reza and to the estate.

Reza laughed as he looked over at him. "Because I know the only reason I'm annoying your dear Aoi is because you yourself are trying very hard to *behave*."

Aoi glared back at him. "Shut up...I'm tired, and really not in the mood for your teasing..."

Reza couldn't help it he started laughing and shook his head as he watched him walk in. Altough this would be the first time Aoi would have the pleasure of meeting his second in command since he had not been here the last time Aoi was here for any other for that matter usually out taking care of something he was actually here for once.

Aoi growled in annoyance as he walked in and paused, pursing his lips at the man who was wearing a rather interesting mask. "Ah...now I remember, you're Reza's second in command, Jayrehl Powers," he said lowly after a while of silence. "The one who is half Nosferatu...if I remember correctly...."

Jayrehl nodded as he stood there finding no reason to speak at the moment hidden in the dark shadows of the room where the light would not harm his eyes. He was indeed half Nosferatu and watched Aoi waiting to see what hte king of the vampires would do as he tipped his head his red hair fallign slightly around his face.

Aoi smiled and bowed a little. "Hello, it's nice to meet you. Please forgive me for being so rude a moment ago...but I was rather absorbed in my thoughts," he said as he straightened back up and smiled warmly at Jayrehl.

Jayrehl looked at him and then spoke his voice the sort that reminded on of somethind dark ominous and twisted. "You.....are odd." he said after a moment. "It does not bother you.....until now only he is not fazed."

Aoi chuckled and walked a little closer to him. "I'm not fazed, because I don't care about what you are, only who you are," he said warmly.

Jayrehl looked at him and tipped his head a bit before shaking it. "you are indeed an odd one....only what I am.....what that is....frightens everyone."
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
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Aoi sighed and shook his head. "What you are...is just you. The people who run from you obviously don't want the chance to know an amazing person..."

Jayrehl looked at him queitly a moment. "You sound like Reza. He more or less said the same thing when he took me in." He said shaking his head and sighing behind the mask but lifted his right hand the long slender fingers that seemed more like long blades then actual fingers, they bent and moved but were elgongated into fine points the skin twisting and fading into bone, which ended in wicked points. "And yet that does not change the fact...that I am part Nosferatu that which all vampires fear. "

Aoi smiled and chuckled. "I'm sure you'll find that not all vampires fear them. If it wasn't for them trying to kill us all...I would let them live and do what they pleased so long as they abided the laws...I really dislike having to kill them all off..."

Jayrehl chuckled. "I can feel it inside of me." he said tipping his head. "An hunger that can never be filled, a thirst that can never be quenched." He closed his eyes. "A dark indulgence that begs for more and more, blood, flesh and soul...it does not matter all it is hunger primal instinctive......" He opened his eyes to look at Aoi. "Brother or enemy does not matter if the Nosferatu where to consume all who lived they would then turn there fangs on those around them to fill the endless hunger inside."

Aoi closed his eyes and nodded. "Yes...and now I understand that illness...the illness that nearly drove me insane..." he said lowly and opened his eyes, having forced the dark crimson that moved to replace the green fade away and show the original eye. "This eye...was the eye of a vampire who nearly became a Nosferatu....and nearly poisoned me and made me go mad...."

He nodded as he looked at Aoi. Jayrehl sighed. "Yes.....the posioned kiss of the Nosferatu, wither by fang, blood or other means the 'illness' inside of us can be transfered..." he said as he leaned forwards slightly to look at Aoi the wicked face mask still between them, still locked firmly in place on Jayrehl. "But it is not something that can be cured in me. For it is part of the Nosferatu. It is not sickness for them but what simply is...."

Aoi lifted his hand and placed it gently on Jayrehl's face, the mask showing just enough of his face for Aoi to touch. "That doesn't matter. All that matters is that you never become him...never become your father...it's a nightmare to try and escape once it's began....never let yourself give up...and never stop fighting...." he said as he let the dark crimson come to reclaim the eye.

Jayrehl looked at him and closed his eyes Reza was not afraid to touch him and now this one. He opened them again to look at Aoi watching the crimson take back the eye and took a deep breath. "I will not stop fighting it. I have promised Reza that I will not loose myself to the darkness inside." he said looking at him, looking at Aoi then glanced about the room seeing the others of the Mafia and the fear that laced through them was enough to awaken his hunger not that he would act on it. "I have no desire to be the source of my own destruction....and nor should you be."

Aoi sighed and let his hand fall to his side. "That...has been long forgotten. I've lost my desire to die....lost it long ago...I have too many important people here with me now...it would crush them if I died simply because I gave up..."

Jayrehl looked at him. Looked at Aoi queitly then sighed. "........Yes....but there is more then one way to die." He said regarding him quietly he could scent it faint traces always lingering of other souls, blood scent faded but consuming souls made others a part of yourself. The more he consumed the less of his scent was there it was getting lost slowly very slowly but surely with the others. "One can leave the body alive....and still leave it behind....those important people...it is not your body but your soul they love....becareful that you do not loose that along the way."

Aoi closed his eyes and sighed softly. "I'm not going to let go of my soul so easily. Souls are something that take a rather long time to consume properly...and I've not let the time pass as I should have...." he said lowly before he opened his eyes and looked up at Jayrehl. "Don't you worry about me, I may not seem like much, but I'm not ready to let go of my life just yet...I'm too selfish to let someone else take my body," he said and smiled. Then, when he noticed the other mafia members and how they were looking at him and Jayrehl, he narrowed his eyes. "You bastards had better treat him better...just because he's different doesn't give you the right to shun him," he said darkly, as he glared at them all.

Jayrehl nodded and glanced over as they all began whispering among each other but Reza walked in that moment with Kyrlancelo and Hedy lagging behind Krylancelo much to Reza's amusment giving Hedy quiet the tongue lashing for something snide he had said. But Reza glanced over to Aoi and Jayrehl before looking over to the members and narrowed his eyes. "Is there a problem....." he whispered and silence befell the room before quickly uttered 'No sirs' were said and they went on there way. Jayrehl sighed.

Aoi growled lowly. "Rude bastards..." he mumbled to himself as he sighed and looked at Krylancelo. "Oi! Come here, you've got someone to meet."

Krylancelo looked over. "Oi?" he said annoyed. "I have a name you know." He said sourly as he walked over anyways. Already in a rare mood thanks to the arugement with Hedy but walked up to his father never the less. Jayrehl looked at him and smiled behind the mask, finding the kid amusing already as Krylancelo looked at Aoi and then at Jayrehl and back again.

Aoi narrowed his eyes. "Damn it, we're here to have fun, not to have you act like you've got a stick stuck up your ass," he said in annoyance. He sighed and looked back to Jayrehl. "I'm sorry...you'll have to excuse him, he's often got a rotten attitude...." he said lowly, then turned back to Krylancelo. "All right Krylancelo, since you have that attitude again, you get to bond with Jayrehl. Better be good...he doesn't take crap...not even from a kid."

Krylancelo snorted. "Quit calling me a kid." He said annoyed he had several centuries if not a milliena or two behind him being a sorcerer who had a vampire side saddle his soul then glanced at Jayrehl and back again. "And what's wrong with my attitude I'm easy to get along with." he said and Jayrehl started laughing....oh yeah this kid was gonna be loads of fun. He could tell as a Vampire he was only a month old.

Aoi growled and flicked Krylancelo in the forehead, sending him scooting back a few feet. "Your attitude sucks. You treat everyone as if they're lower than you....perhaps it's time you get a taste of how you treat everyone else...." he said as he looked back to Jayrehl. "I give you my permission to treat im just like one of the lower ranking mafia members...show him exactly what it's like to be treated like you're lower than everyone else," he said and looked back at Krylancelo. "And I don't want to hear none of that 'I was never wanted by anyone' crap. You live your life as the chosen one, today you get to live your life as a low ranking mafia member who has no magic," he said as he locked away ]Krylancelo's magic.

Krylancelo looked at him pissed off to no end. He didn't look at everyone like they where lower then him. He had a hell of a time letting anyone in. That and he was just that abrasive with everyone even those who were close friends....and then to be told....Krylancelo's eyes had already gone grey the moment his magic was locked off and narrowed his eyes and turned to walk out. Hitting would do him no good and procceded to walk away and walk out.

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "If only he would see that he is treating other people that way....he doesn't ever think about what he's doing or saying..." he said lowly as he watched him walk out. "He has trouble letting people in, I know that...but it doesn't give him the right to treat others like shit. He can scream and yell at me all he wants, it still won't change the fact that he needs to change his attitude towards everyone else...this is no longer the tower of fangs, and he's no longer alone. He needs to learn that he can't act like a child. He's a grown man, not a five year old who can get his way just because he throws a fit."

Reza walked up. "Yes, I suppose so, but for a man who has lived his life one way to expect change quickly is not possible Aoi." he said looking back in the direction Krylancelo walked off in. "He's afraid to let people in Aoi, he's afraid of being hurt Again." Jayrehl sighed as he leaned agianst the wall and shook his head. "I know that fear." He said lowly and he did, to let another in, to put trust in another he was the easiest to get along with and most of the time he didn't speak. So he did understand. Krylancelo walked out of the mansion grounds not once looking back without his magic he'd have to rely on his hand to hand and strength but he couldn't stay there not right now, no one had ever stripped him of his core, of his magic it left him feeling vulnerable and he hated it.......

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "I don't expect him to learn to let people in right off the bat...but I do expect him to quit acting like a spoiled child. He can't keep treating others like they aren't just like him. He treats everyone with this 'I'll make you understand by treating you like shit' attitude...and not everyone will like that attitude of his. I deal with him because he is my son...but others will eventually get tired of it and beast the hell out fo him...."

Reza chuckled. "Perhaps." he said looking at Aoi and shaking his head. "But how long has he been with you, been with anyone who has cared about him? And compare that to how long he's been alive that boys soul is old Aoi. We look at him as if he's a child and can correct something like a child can quickly.....but this is him." Reza looked towards the door. "And while he's coming into our world he has his behind him." Krylancelo walked down the road hands shoved in his pockets he was back to wandering.......he would not stay there. Nor would he go back not while.....it felt the same as there, behave how I say do as I say or be punished.....having his magic sealed was a new one to him. It didn't matter though he knew now he was simply Orphen because no one could accept him for who he was.....

Aoi sighed and looked at the door. "The concert is tonight..." he said lowly and looked at Reza. "Can I barrow Jayrehl for a few hours?" he asked lowly.

Reza nodded. "that's fine." he said looking at him. But shook his head. "Just becareful Aoi, it's easy to loose something one has just gained. Espeically when bringing that something into a world that is not there own." he said shrugging lightly and turning to walk off. "Jayrehl give him a hand won't you?" Jayrehl sighed. "Of course." he said and glanced at Aoi. Krylancelo walked along and found someone willing to give him a lift for a bit of cold hard cash and not really caring at the moment paid them and climbed in leaning back and closing his eyes he wasn't asleep just resting and thinking......they wanted some ideal not him. Which meant he was not in the end the one they were looking for as far as he was concerned.

Aoi sighed and shifted into his wolf form. "Come on...I've got to go get him before he does something to get him in trouble..." he said lowly as he unsealed Krylancelo's magic. He wasn't going to leave Krylancelo so he couldn't fight.

Jayrehl looked at him and then moved nodding and hitting the deep shadows flickering and appearing outside shadow jumping which was easier for him to move about then even stepping foot in the sun. Krylancelo felt his magic return to him but didn't look back he wasn't in the mood right now. As the vechile moved along....well to be frank he felt it return but with the metal around him it was still useless to him.....and neasuating which was why his eyes were closed. "Car sick?" Krylancelo barely cracked open an eye to look at the little old lady.

"Motion sick, don't worry I won't actually get sick....just not fond of it." She chuckled and kept on driving.

Aoi sighed and stopped, throwing his head back and letting out a loud, heart-wrenching howl. He wanted him to come back, wanted him to understand....wanted him to feel like he belonged. "Please...don't run away..." he pleaded lowly and mentally.

Krylancelo sighed as the woman had pulled over and he had given her the name Orphen but as she drove off he glanced back in the direction of the howl a bit surprised he understood it but scowled. and turned to start moving further into the large city. Jayrehl paused in a set of shadows kneeling there fingers on the ground spread out and sniffing the air he hated cars only because they cast the scent wider and it took a moment or to longer to track down.

Krylancelo closed his eyes. "There is a difference between running and leaving." He answered coldly scarcastically. "You never change.....If I'm not excatly how you want me to be you'll make me? I didn't tell you my past for pitty.....but I'm not about to live like I'm in the damn tower again either....." He shot back the same way he recieved it and then walked into the heart of New York City fully intent on getting.....lost.

Aoi's ears fell back and he whined. "I'm not..." he said lowly and turned, ears down and tail tucked between his legs. "Jayrehl, find him...and tell him that he can come home whenever he's ready..." Aoi said lowly, his voice starting to crack from the tears that threatened to fall.

Jayrehl looked at Aoi and sighed. It would seem they would have many father son disputes at this rate. Then nodded adn turned. "I will tell him." he said as he moved off but if he understood things correctly chances were Neikan could catch wind and find the boy long before he would not that he woudl stop going after him either.

Krylancelo paused under the shadow of a building tarp becuase of the communication he heard the whine, heard his father near tears and closed his eyes. 'Sorry I'm a cold hearted bastard...' he thought which was far from the truth but started walking agian ignoring the dull ache there was no filter between his mouth and his head often speaking what he was thinking at that moment in time but he had always been that way straight up.

Aoi finally let them fall. The tears fell and wetted his fur, as he walked, ears down and tail betwen his legs. "I won't stop you...because I'm useless as a father...because I can't even show you what I want you to know...."

Krylancelo paused and closed his eyes. Show him....he wasn't about to hold this arugument like this and whispered on the wind. "Take me there." and the magic did the rest as he appeared higher up on a ledge and glared down at Aoi. "Useless as a father I wouldn't know." he said as he looked at him his gaze cold as he took in the crying wolf. Even if it hurt to see him like this. "But stripping me of my magic? Telling me you don't want to hear it and then that I have to act and behave as if a lower class Mafia member?" he narrowed his eyes. "No one is beneath me but I'll be damed if I let anyone in so easily every again." Krylancelo looked at him. Narrowed his eyes. He looked at Aoi quietly and turned. "I don't fit into your world. I can't be what you want me to be and if I'm not you'll try to make me be it.....seems it's best for both of us if I do leave." He said a bit coldly scarcasm rolling off of him.

Aoi stared down at the ground. "Idiot...I'm not trying to change you into what I want you to be. I never was.."

"I'm the idiot?" he said shaking his head. "I have always been this way, and because you don't like the way I talk and act, you strip me of my magic and attempt to make me be someone I'm not?" he narrowed his eyes. "Then what exactly are you trying to make me be?"

Krylancelo shook his head and sighed. "Forget it.....it seems all that I can be is Orphen..... I didn't belong at the tower of fangs which is why they tried to kill me and to fit into your world you'll force me to be someone else....this Krylancelo you expect me to be....." He looked over and shook his head. "Keep looking and I hope you find him because obviously I'm not him."

Aoi looked up at him. "A person who can love and be loved...." he said lowly and stood up and began to walk. "If you want to leave, fine. But I'm not going to let you keep telling yourself that all you can be is someone who pushes people away!"

Aoi looked up at him. "A person who can love and be loved...." he said lowly and stood up and began to walk. "If you want to leave, fine. But I'm not going to let you keep telling yourself that all you can be is someone who pushes people away!"
Ashley Wolfe: "The concert is in three hours. I've got work to do, and your birthday celebration to plan. But if you're not even going to be there, I'm not going to waste my time..."

Krylancelo looked at him and away again. "Don't bother." He said a bit coldly as he turned completely away from Aoi. "I never said I was incapable of loving anyone. I speak my mind wither or not others like it." he glared at the skyline not looking at Aoi as his eyes burned he was so angry he was fighting back tears of pain and frustration. "Don't waste your time. This was a mistake......I know that now. Not even you can accept all of me." he said and jumped easily enough onto the top of a building and began moving away......his heart hurt. He hurt. "Damn't..." he breathed. "This is why I don't let people in."

Aoi glared down at the ground, but ended up letting out a scream of pain and anger. "Fuck my life!" he screamed as he threw a car into an abandoned building.

Kira sighed as he leaned against the wall having come out as he sensed Aoi becoming more and more destressed. "Hmm interesting statement." He said a bit softly as he looked at Aoi. And then at car and the building. "It would seem he's as stubborn as you are."

Aoi glared at the car. "I don't care," he said coldly. "I'm going home...let him do what he wants..."

Kira looked at Aoi quietly. "You do care Aoi. Otherwise you wouldn't be this upset." he said shaking his head as he looked at his husband and lover. He walked over to him and looked up at him. Looking into Aoi's eyes as he regarded him quietly. "You do care, otherwise you would not have crushed that car." he confirmed gently and sighed reaching up to cup the side of Aoi's face. "And you will worry yourself sick if you do go home Aoi."
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Krylancelo walked along lost in thought not happy about this as he moved from roof top to roof top but in the end it didn't matter. He closed his eyes as he paused and dropped down into a darkened Alleyway taking a deep breath as he sighed. Orphen....it seemed there was no other choice but to be Orphen. Aoi......despite all of his words that he didn't have to be anything other then himself had......if he didn't behave a certain way if he didn't speak and that stuck in his head. Why he wasn't sure perhaps because it hurt.

Krylancelo opened his eyes and looked up in time to see the man standing before him and hear him utter but one word, one word that would overwhelm him in a mere matter of moments.

"Sleep" And Krylancelo's word went dark as he fell but would not hit the ground as the man held his arms and Krylancelo's falling frame dissappeared and reappeared in his arms. Then the man with his precious cargo was gone....leaving New York behind trusting that no one would follow or give chase, because no one could accept Krylancelo's personality and want him around.

It was sheer toture, although no one actually touched him. Teachers and elders of hte council used there magics having him trapped in a special device where they raped him over and over again at once and yet didn't lay a hand on him. Watching the figure in the glowing sphere jerk and twist attempting to fight his fate and in the end he went limp. Laying there unmoving having been forced to listen as each one betrated him from speaking out for speaking his mind totured him in a realm that his magic was useless where he was helpless. In his own mind and soul.

When the sphere releaesd Krylancelo laid there on the ground staring up at the skyline with dull obedient eyes, clothes were tossed down for him to change into and he did. Putting on the black jeans that hugged his slender built frame, the black top leaving the meddallion on and putting on the cloak that wrapped around his shoulders to be secured by a medallion like shaped like a large circle with that same crest in it over his left shoulder. A black belt cloth and held but a metal buckle that the cloth looped through. A barrett sat on his head the hat at a slight tilt and waited he was wearing fingerless gloves and his Master and teacher walked up to him.

"You are late for classes again Krylancelo." Wakeland said his voice holding notes of superiority to it as he turned. "No matter come, you have not missed much right now we are going over placement for the new class of Sorcerous stabbers."

"Yes Master."He said in respect although the cold scarcasm was not there. As he fell into step behind Wakeland and followed him out to the courtyard where the new class was all waiting with several of the old.

Krylancelo took his place among the old class if he was not dressed as a First Class Stabber he would not have and accepted that his postion had fallen but he was placed right back in the same spot and took it.

He watched as one after another stepped up and attempted to blow up the large stone that sat there none of them capable of it or even putting a few scratches in it making them still third class or support for anyone above them.

"That isn't right no one can blow that thing up." One kid protested.

Wakeland smirked. "YOu think not? Anyone of the stabbers over there can shatter that rock into a thousand pieces but there is one who can blow it up as you say. Krylancelo come here." he said and watched as the boy obdeintly walked over and took his place on the line as indicated. "Show this one, what it means to be an elite, to be the only one among the stabbers that does not require a partner. Unless he's willing to train another on the boarder between second and first."

"Yes Master." Krylancelo said simply as he gathered his magic to him.

Wakeland knew he was a vampire now, knew that he had been changed for while they were punishing his very soul for disobdience, they were waltzing there way though his mind through his memories and learning all that thay needed to know but not all that they wanted to know. In truth Wakeland knew they would have left the boy to wander and in the end die if not for the fact that he was the only one who knew where the book of Worlds was and even dancing through his memories had not revealed it's location to them.

Krylancelo lifted his right hand his left locking around his wrist as if to stablize it and then let loose his power the blast of white light flying forth like a blazing comet. "The cold of destruction...." Krylancelo said lowly it was his magic, no one elses not something anyone of them could mirror or even hope to mimic, as the blast of white light hit the stone the large enchanted stone didnt' stand a chance as it blew up and not even dust hit the ground just glittering bits of fading magic danced through the air looking like tiny snow flakes whose life span was so short they would melt before they ever hit the ground.
Jayrehl knelt there in the shadows it had taken him a bit to locate him Krylancelo was a harder man to find then he would have thought but in the end had and paused Aoi had told him to tell him that he was free to do what he wanted......but......it would seem that no one was willing to let him do just that. to live freely to express himself and moved along the wall seeing the way Wakeland as they called him turned his head and looked at him where he was perched in the shadows and looked away again smirking.

Why what did Wakeland know that he didn't? And Jayrehl blinked when Wakeland looked at Krylancelo and spoke.

"Krylancelo it would seem we have vermin in the tower. It needs to be removed."

"Yes master." Krylancelo said as he turned the blade already forming it wasn't that he actually needed to utter a spell to get his magic to come forth it just made it quicker and easier. But he looked over and moved flickering across the courtyard right at him and Jayrehl not wanting to hurt the kid dissappeared into the shadows and was gone.

Wakeland sighed. "Krylancelo do not give chase but come back to my office, we need to go over a few things." he said and Krylancelo turned nodding and following behind him walking into Wakelands's office behind him as the man pinned him to a wall and kissed him shoving his tonuge into Krylancelo's mouth smirking when he stifferened before giving in and going still. Wakeland moved sliding his hand down into his pants and playing with him.

"You need to be punished since when do you move so slow? The yes master should have been an after thought not the start of it Krylancelo."

"Ye....yes master." He breathed.

Wakeland sighed as he continued what he was doing and then stopped letting him hit the floor. "THE choosen one, the gifted one the Sorcerer of the CElestrial Heavens. Choosen of the dragons. Gifted to us pathetic humans....." He looked at him and reached down tipping his chin. "And yet you are as human as we are aren't you Krylancelo? I am the only father you have ever known. Father, Master, and teacher.....will you defy me Krylancelo will you fight me?"

Krylancelo looked up at him. "N...no Mas...Master..." he breahted his body stirred up and Wakeland sighed smirking before lifting him up and turning him forcing him to face the wall and shook his head.

"I don't particually like punishing you liket his Krylancelo but.....you have been slackign while you were away." He said as he pulled down the material in the way and shoved his way in joining them and began moving smirking as he....."YOu have to be 'spanked' you have to be punished for your faliure." he said as he continued to move taking him harshly savagely he didn't need a mirror.

Wakeland shook his head and smirked as he continued to take him hearing the panting gasps as Krylancelo fought to stay standing or be punished worse his fingers braced against the wall and head bowed but Wakeland didn't need the mirror or any relfecltive surface to see that his eyes were dulling and going a deep dark grey black. Another's chi entering into him always messed Krylancelo up so nicely.

Wakeland groaned as he found release and went a bit longer forcing him to come one more time before pulling away and then reached over and grabbed his wrists pinning them up above his head and putting a gag in his mouth leaving him like that.

"I have not decided if you are done being punished for disobeying me yet Krylancelo you will stay like that for a while." he said as he tied ribbon around his need and then forced it awake again leaving him like that. "Until I'm sure you will never make that choice again, it is not a choice that is yours to make you are NOT allowed to leave the Tower of Fangs for that long of a time. And Aoi is not your father, you happen to look alot like his lost son but you are not him. Krylancelo."

Krylancelo's head bowed as he stood there unable to even think of an argument.
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
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Jayrehl arrived back in America, a flurry of movement Aoi was getting ready to return despite Kira's words as if Krylancelo's actions had hurt him and pehraps it was both father and hurting each other he didn't know nor did he particullary care. Reza asked him to help Aoi and so he was helping him it was as simple as that as he appeared on the wall in the shadows looking down at Aoi and Kira who were in the middle of a conversation and Aoi looked suddenly distracted. "The Tower of Fangs has recollected....Krylancelo."

Aoi narrowed his eyes. "Bastards..." he said lowly, darkly. He turned to Kira and spoke lowly, "Kira, we'll have to put the concert on hold...I'll return once I'm done..."

Kira nodded. "I'll let Neikan know." He said softly looking at him. "And he needs you now Aoi, don't worry about anything here I'll take care of it all." He said softly to him as he stepped back. Jayrehl watched and looked at them. Not sure what was up with Krylancelo. "Aoi.....Krylancelo is not himself." He warned it was best to warn him so at least he knew if when he arrived and Krylancelo didn't respond right, he had not been before Aoi's arrival.

Aoi closed his eyes. "I...know...that bastard has raped him...and I'm going to eat him alive..." he said darkly as he turned and vanished.

Kira closed his eyes that was not something Aoi would even begin to humor. Wakeland in the mean time finished one more round ravaging Krylancelo in such a way that had him broken and leaning against the wall sitting there. "Stay like that for a bit boy. I have paperwork to finish." He said and Krylancelo rolled one darkened eye to look at him. "Yes master." He said as was proper to call all Magical teachers in the tower as he sat against the wall on some level he knew Aoi was drawing rapidly closer but closed his eyes it didn't matter anymore. Why he was coming he wasn't sure but Krylancelo's will to fight had faded when he was taken back here. When his soul wasn't strong enough to fight back against the sleep spell or what they had been doing to him.

Aoi was in his dragon form and had flew to the Tower of Fangs. When he landed, he looked up at the tower and called out, "All right, get your ass out here you bastard!"

The students in an uproar were running about as if in panic, although Wakeland took his time making Krylancelo dress and becomes presentable agian and then walked out with him just a step behind him after making him drink a tonic to stablize his magic once again. To purge the alien chi from his body and stepped out into the court yard looking up at the dragon before him. But not only did he walk out but soo did the council of elders all looking at the dragon there. "What is the meaning of this? What does a dragon have to do here that he would frightened the students so?" One of the elders demanded.

Aoi glared down at them. "Wakeland, you bastard. I'm going to destroy you, and all that you stand for," he said darkly, his eyes that deep, dark crimson that always spells death.

Wakeland looked up at him and sighed. "Oh? On what grounds?" he said. "For punishing my disobdient apprentice he knows the rules and broke them. He has been punished accordingly that is all." He said as he looked at Aoi shaking his head.

Aoi lowered his head and growled darkly. "How dare you lay your hands on him," he said, his voice full of anger. "You raped a dragon. But not only did you rape a dragon, but you raped a young, innocent vampire and my son!"

Wakeland shook his head. "No, I punished my disobedient Pupil, I made him remember his place here in the tower and that such disobdience and behavior will not be tolerated, back talk, rude comments leaving before he is given premission to do so all are things to be punished and he has been punished accordingly wither or not you argree with them, he is a charge of this tower." Wakeland said looking at Aoi. "The fact that he is a young vampire and your son are besides the point he has been a charge of this tower since he was a child. Not yours but ours."

Aoi brought his tail around and wrapped around Wakeland. "You also forget, you annoying son of a bitch, that I am god of all vampires, leader of the dragon clans. If you touch a dragon, or a vampire, I have complete authority of your punishment."

Wakeland looked at him. "Except here on Tower Grounds. We exist outside of your rule." he said as he was caught up in Aoi's tail."Krylancelo." Wakeland said and Kyrlancelo looked over. "Master to me." Krylnacelo said, his voice holding none of the cold scarcasm of the upidity tones it held before as Wakeland dissappeared and reappeared next to Krylancelo. He had simply obeyed. There had been no thought behind it as if his mind was on vacation while his body functioned on auto-pilot. Wakeland looked over at Aoi. "As I said, Krylancelo is a charge of this tower. And we function outside of your rule."

Aoi narrowed his eyes and looked at Krylancelo. "I'll fix that little problem..." he said lowly as his eyes glowed for a few moments, then dulled. "Now...this is between you and me he's no longer got his magic, and you cannot give it back to him, no matter what you do. His magic was given to him by me, giving me the ability to take it away, and only I can return it," he said as he once again wrapped his tail around Wakeland and glared at him. "You filthy bastard...for your ignorance, I will eat you alive," he said darkly, his eyes holding cold hatred and darkness.

Wakeland smirked and looked at him. "You think so...I told you. Krylancelo has returned to the tower...." He said looking at Aoi not at all afraid....becuase Krylancelo would react now to his magic being taken in only one way....the council had seen to it. Krylancelo moved forwards precieving the removal of his magic as an attack and flickered using speed and training to move jumping up and landing on Aoi's tail lifting his head up and looked at him cold blank eyes as he pulled a weapon from behind his back.....a enchanted blade that would seriously hurt anyone if used. Wakeland smirked. "He will kill you now Aoi, He is a Sorcerous Stabber after all Elite first class, and you just attacked him."

Aoi laughed a dark, dry laugh. "Oh, you think so?" he asked as he looked at Wakeland, his eyes holding nothing but hate and darkness. "Sadly...the towers weapons affect me in no way. Enchantments are useless on me. The dragons gave you humans your magic, our own magic is useless against us," he said and grabbed Krylancelo, and pinned him to the wall of the tower. "Foolish man. Did you really think that I would come here not knowing exactly what I was up against?" he asked as he looked at Wakeland.

Wakeland looked at him. "Of course not, but as you become more dangerous soo too does Krylancelo's fighting.....after all there are some things you can not take away from him." Wakelands said amused as Aoi pinned him to the wall. Krylancelo's head was bowed, and then he began to shift and change looking up suddenly as he was becoming a dragon himself. Pushing away from the wall. Wakeland smirked amused. "You've taken his magic pinned him against the wall you've just become a threat he can not ignore....and will fight you with everything he has." He said codly smirking as he looked at Aoi.

Aoi flung Wakeland down to the ground, and stepped on him, listening until he heard bones crushing. "I'm not worried about him. I will no fight him, and..." he paused, looking at Kryalncelo, his eyes glowing again. "the fun thing about him sharing my blood is...I can use that very blood...to hold him in place, and no matter how hard he tries, he'll never be able to move..." he said, having frozen Krylancelo in place and turned his attention back to Wakeland. "You're my prey, and nothing shall stop me from eating you...." he said, his voice deep, dark, and dangerous.

Wakeland hollared in pain as his bones broke hearing them as Aoi crushed them. Krylancelo looked he was having a hard time breathing, it was happening agian...no magic, not able to move to anything.....he was......suffocating where he was standing, his eyes focused on the dragon on the creature that was taking his life away from him, He didn't like Wakeland he would find a way to break loose from him, but the loss of his magic left him feeling hollow and cold empty inside, the inablity to move to get away left him feeling like he was suffocating, and he could feel a new cold creeping up inside of him.....a cold that outweighed anything else as his gaze fixed on the dragon before him. Wakeland despite his pain looked amused......as Krylancelo was beginnign to form an unbriddled hatred for the one who was suffocating him for the one who had had come to love.....and that they had blocked him from knowing right off the bat....as Aoi did everything in his power to protect him, Wakeland had ensured it would cause Krylancelo to hate him instead....

Aoi narrowed his eyes and ground his foot into Wakeland, hearing more bones break. "Filthy trash..." he said darkly and moved, clamping his jaws around his head, hearing the crunch of his skull and felt his body go limp. Then, Aoi done exactly what he had promised, he turned his head back and swallowed the man whole.

When he let his head come back down, he had Wakeland's blood running down his chin and his licked his lips. "I normally don't feed on humans...but that was well worth it..." he said lowly as he freed Krylancelo and looked at him. "Hate me if you want...attack me if you want...I won't fight you...no matter how close to death I am," he said lowly, his eyes returning back to normal and he transformed into his human form.

Krylancelo looked at him. Looked at the man standing there and narrowed his eyes. "You've done that to me twice." he said his voice cold vacant as he looked at him. "You ripped out the wamth of my soul, my life almost compeltely twice and then locked my body....made it impossible to move.....I more then hate you...." He narrowed his eyes as he turned. "I dispise the very air you breathe." Krylancelo stepped down to leave and turned his head. "Worlds to me." He said in command and the book he wanted, that belonged to him appeared in his hand and then was gone as he sent is away on his person he began to walk away. He wanted gone to never lay eyes on this one again....this one who seemed to enjoy toturing him in a way he hated more then anything he could imagine....he could handle beign rapped but this one....took away at will a part of his very being.

Aoi stood there in sadness and put up his hand, a forcefeild coming up, blocking him from leaving. "Damn it!" He yeleld in pain. "Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!" He screamed as he hit his knees. "For once, yell at me, kick me, hit me, beat me...kill me! Do something other than walk away! I can stand anything you'll do to me...just stop running away from me when the only thing I want is to help you!" he said, bringing his hands up and 'hugging' himself, digging his claws into his arms until the blood ran down his hands.

Krylancelo paused and turned to face him narrowing his eyes as he looked at Aoi coldly. "Help me?" He said as he turned and walked up to him. "Is that what you call what you were doing? That's twice now you've stripped me of my magic, why? Because your a dragon and it's your right to take it away as you please? Because your my father.....and it's for my own good? And then because I share your blood you can rip me of the ability to move......and you have the nerve to call that helping me?" Krylancelo looked at him. "At that rate I'm better off here, I can handle there raping me, it's phsyical and has been since I was a small child but you seem to like to rape my soul, take from as you see fit and claim it's helping me." Krylancelo said looking at Aoi coldly. "Or is it because your a Deity that you feel you have the right to do whatever you want when you want and everyone should just forgive you and be thankful?" he was so angry at the moment and it had nothing to do with the tower anymore. Krylancelo had always fought his way past what they did to him.....but this? This...."Your hurting me....why would I stay?"

Aoi dug his claws in deeper as he sat there, eyes fixed on the ground. "Because...you're hurting me...." he said osftly, nearly a whisper. "You've attacked me Krylancelo. Mentally, verbally and physcially. What else am I supposed to do?! I'm not like the other people around you, I can't let you beat me down and not fight to keep myself from drowning. I'm not like them...I'm dead inside and everytime you leave, everytime you don't at least show some sign of your anger, it kills another part of me....I can't deal with people just beating me down and then walking off...I'd rather they deal the finishing blow..."

Krylancelo looked at him. Narrowing his eyes. "Attacked you Mentally Verbally and phsycailly?" he shook his head and regarded Aoi quietly a moment before looking away. "I'm not tryinig to beat you down. I'm trying to keep you and everyone else from doing THIS to me." He gestured to the tower to everything around him. "Because I speak bluntly cleanly what I'm thinking about the way someone is acting you'll strip my magic and force me to obey another. Because I'm not willing to allow anyone no matter there station look down there nose at me I'm told to watch my tongue and let them treat me like shit out of respect?" Krylancelo knelt down and grabbed Aoi's chin lightly making him look at him despite the fact that he was the son and not the father. "I told you I am Orphen and you told me you wanted to give me a family, but it seems to come with a price.....I can't be this person you seem to want me to be, and since I can't the most logical thing to do is to once again become Orphen and walk away." He looked at Aoi. "Because the one you want obviously isn't me."

Aoi lost it then, his hand moving before he could stop himself, his anger boiling over. He slapped Krylancelo across the face. "Shut your mouth and listen to yourself. You sound like a spoiled child. You expect things to just fall into place, well, I've got news for you. Life is full of sacrifices. I sacrificed my humanity to be able to become the prince. I paid the price of my life, my soul to protect the ones I love. If you think that for one damned second that I'll let you act like you're five you're dead wrong," he said lowly, his hand balling into a fist as it still hung in the air, never falling back down to Aoi's side. "I gave up my dreams of ever growing old and dying, my hopes of ever one day being accepted as the fucking normal kid just like every one else. I gave up everything.. all for the sake of becoming someone who can stand for something that my father never did. So that I can protect those I love like my father never did for me. I gave people who had nothing a second chance. If you bleieve that I want to make you someone who you're not you're wrong. All I want from you..." he said, pointing a clawed finger at Krylancelo. "Is for you to grow up and open your fucking eyes. The world isn't made for you to just waltz around and act like you're not supposed to pay for anything. You're a living, breathing person just liek everyone else. It's time you looked at the faces of the people you crush, the people you send into their suicides..."

Krylancelo looked at him having felt the blow to the side of his face, acting like a five year old? He stood up this was pointless. "Well excuse me for trying to talk to you." He said looking down at Aoi. "Five....look at the people I crush and send to there suicides? I dont' deal with a lot of people and those I do, are usually on the darker end of the spectrum." he said coldly glaring at Aoi with a look of hate in his eyes. "The amount you fucking sacrificed to get where you are, I'm a spoiled brat......" he shook his head. "You don't know a damn thing about me.....and you won't now. You want me to grow up so be it. I won't be sticking around lets get that prefectly clear. I'm not going to pretend to want to be around someone who judges me without knowing a damn thing about me. I'm leaving and I can take care of my damn self I don't need your protection, nor do I want it." Krylancelo said as he turned held up his hand and the arch of white light shattered the forcefeild punching it's way through. "And take my damn magic one more time.....and you will have me more then hating you I won't stop until I have found a way to fucking kill you." He was so pissed.....

Aoi shook his head. "I don't need to know your past...I don't need to know ..." he said as he grabbed Krylancelo by the hand and pulled him into a hug and broke down into tears. "I don't care about what happened in the past...but please...if you're going to leave me again...you might as well kill me before you go..."

Krylancelo stiffened and tensed. "Let me go." He said coldly. "Let me go dam't....." Krylancelo wasn't happy about this as he started to shove away, it hurt....Wakeland may have raped his body but the damage done inside....it was part of the reason he had a hard time letting anyone close.....phsyical contact hurt, it was the price of being punished in that damn machine. Krylancelo had his reasons for everything wither or not anyone else understood them. "Dam it....let me go....." There was a while when Aoi's touch was comforting but not right now......not soo soon after being punished his body felt entirely too raw to even handle the smallest of touches.

Aoi shooks his head and let him go, letting out a roar of complete anguish. "Fine...I'll let you go...go where you want, do what you want...but know that I'm giving up...so long as you're not willing to face your problems and fight them, I quit...I have no will to keep fighting...because..." he said, turning back to Krylancelo. "If you don't want to fight...then neither do I...I have no reason to...."

Krylancelo looked at him quietly a moment, his body humming in pain and he was so angry that it got the better of him, and his answer to Aoi was to hit his father full force showing that he has his fathers immense strength indeed when not holding back but he paid for it, his hand blacking and blueing almost instantly. "That's what I'm talking about. You judge without knowing a damn thing." Krylancelo said coldly scarcasm once again dripping from his voice as he glared at Aoi. "It hurts alright.....I can't handle being touched like that not for long because the pain makes me freaking sick to my damn stomach is that what you wanted to know?" Krylancelo glared. "I shove people away verbablly speak the way I do because then they don't play the lets get all touchy and affectionate game with me when my damn body can't take it." He looked at Aoi. "I dont' act like a fucking five year old and I'm not afraid to face my damn problems. But I'm not about to wither in pain just to be touched!"

Aoi shook his head. "If I judge without knowing a damn thing, then just what the hell do you do?" he asked coolly as he held his hand up to his face, the pain humming through his body and playing havoc with his groin. "You can't just hit me when you so please...if you wanted me to feel pain, you should have poured your blood on me and turned it into acid...it would have been the only way to physically hurt me..." he said as he let his hand fall to his side, the wound having already began to heal.

Krylancelo looked at him and away again not saying anything at first before sighing. "If you want to make me feel pain feel like I'm suffocating take away my magic again it's thrum beneath my skin is the only thing that allows me to continue breathing easily." He looked at Aoi for once not speaking with scarcasm as he looked at his father but turned away from him. Looking at his hand which was still a raging black and blue only now it had lovely shades of purple green and brown in it. Krylancelo let his hand drop and closed his eyes. "It doesn't freaking matter....." he said cooly as he stood there. "Nothing does."

Aoi shook his head. "You know that's not true Krylancelo..." he said lowly and closed his eyes. "I know you have problems letting people in, but you can't reject everything that others try to do to help you..." he said, looking at his son in sadness. "I don't take away your magic to hirt you, to scare you...I take it because you use it for things that you shouldn't use it for. You turned against me, tried to attack me because of that bastard...I had to stop you from hurting yourself...If I get too angry...." he trailed off and clenched his fists at his sides. "Not even you will have a face, not even you will matter to me...I will kill you...and only when you're dead will I know what I've done...I...I can't stand that thought...I don't want to be the reason you died...I don't want to murder my own son..."

Krylancelo looked back over his shoulder at Aoi. "My body....can't even handle the weight of the clothes I wear, the air around me. Without my magic, all of it comes crashing down on me all of that at once and I can't breath." He looked at Aoi quietly. "I use my magic when I feel the need to use it...' He wasn't even touching the subject of turning against him but turned away again looking out at the distance and closed his eyes. Krylancelo shook his head eyes closed not wanting to speak any further he was tired and hurting cold inside and angry. All he wanted was to go lay down and get some sleep. He didn't even care that this was supposed to be his birthday he didn't want to celebrate anything......because to him it was the same as every other year..."Your wrong you know..." He s said lowly. "I'm not thinking I'm better then anyone else....." Krylancelo looked up at the skyline. "I shove people away, becuase......" he paused and spoke lowly so very lowly. "I hate myself the most."

Aoi looked at him sadly. "But others don't hate you..." he said lowly and closed his eyes. "I love you, Kira loves you, Neikan loves you...the knights all love you...Krylancelo, you've been so busy rejecting the whole world, that you were too blind to see just how many people love you...you can't keep believing the lies that those crule children told you. You are loved, we do want you, and you do have a home...and we want you to come back..."

"Your parents didn't abandon you, they've been in the one place that you seem to have forgotten you even had...your heart..."

Krylancelo closed his eyes and said nothing what was there to say? He folded one arm over his stomach but didn't turn to face Aoi didn't do anything other then slightly bow his head and stand there quietly the tears of frustration and anger wanted to fall. Loved....he had only been there a momth and during that time he needed to grow up, that he......he shook his head and closed his eyes. He couldn't help the way he spoke the way he was......."My heart......." he shook his head. "Even knowing that....doesn't replace everything else." He said the years of being treated like that for one.

Aoi shook his head. "We love you Krylancelo...give us a chance...stop rejecting us....let us show you just how much we love you. We don't punish you because we want you to be a robot, we punish you because we love you, to protect you and raise you the way you should have been raised...we want you to love yourself, to see the love of everyone, and most of all...to be happy..."
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Krylancelo still didn't turn to face Aoi. "To raise me....I am a grown man." he said without turning he was tired, so very tired right now. And stood on the cliff edge overlooking the water. Tired of fighting to be allowed to be himself. Tired of trying tired of soo much. "I'm not rejecting anyone." he said looking at the skyline. "But......even with you I'm not allowed to be myself without you wanting to change some aspect of who I am." He said but fell forwards his eyes closing so very tired and hurting after everything that had been done and fell towards and into the water, sliding beneath it's surface with a splash.

Aoi didn't even stop to take off his shirt, he just jumped in after him and collected Krylancelo into his arms. He surfaced and held Krylacelo gently in his arms. "I don't want to change you...I just want you to stop being so rough with everyone..." he said softly as he got out of the water and sighed, gently placing Krylancelo on the ground, the grass being the only soft surface to place him. "Even if you don't want to change...what you don't realize is...you already have..." he said lowly and slit his wrist, and placed the wound to Krylancelo's lips.

At first there didn't seem to be a response before he opened his mouth more his fangs finding purchase while he slept and drank on some level hearing Aoi. He knew that he would change some but he didn't want to be punished just for speaking his mind, for not being willing to take others bs. The young recurits of the tower stared some in wonder others in shocked horror as Krylancelo laid there drinking Aoi's blood.

Aoi looked down at him sadly. "I know you don't take shit from anyone Krylancelo...just like Neikan....but sometimes....it's better to just let things go..." he said lowly, sadly as he sighed and closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of Krylancelo drinking. When he opened his eyes again, he looked up at the young humans. "I take it this is your first time ever seeing a true vampire?" he asked lowly.

They all nodded. "Krylancelo-senpai needs to drink blood to live now?" One of the young ones said glancing at another who nodded. "Yeah seems so must have been how he survived all of this time. Heard talk that Corteisian was gunning for him and being his partner I wouldn't put it past him to do something dirty...." Another said and the first snorted. "Ah man but why Krylancelo is soo cool. He's got this whole I'll kick your ass if you mess with attitude but the water dragon's love him." The girl said shaking her head. "Heck they keep asking if he's returned to the tower yet."

Aoi chuckled and looked down at Krylancelo. "My son seems to be quite popular...even if he doesn't know it," he said and looked back up at the young humans. "Well...to answer your question, yes, Krylancelo needs blood in order to survive...but...he can't have just anyone's blood. He can only drink my blood...and since he's been upset with me for the last few days...he's not fed....so he's rather cranky," he said and smiled. "I do hope you'll forgive him for being so rotten...he's just like my little brother..."

The group looked at each other. "Rotten?" the girl said shaking her head. "He's soo cool. I mean yeah he's a little rough around the edges but I love his no nonsense attitude." She said gushing although her friend's gaze at her said she thought it was his looks that she was in love with ignoring his personality which was a bit rough around the edges. The other shook her head. "OH sure....if you don't mind the way he flays you alive with his tongue for doing something stupid."

The first looked at her friend. "Duh, that's what makes Krylancelo soo cool....I mean, there's no one in this tower who I'd entrust my life to more. No one who would watch your back better then him. His way of speaking is minor in comparrison." The girl who was older and had been around at the same time as Krylancelo shook her head. "You've never been flayed alive. by his tongue." Krylancelo choose that moment to stop drinkign and look over at her annoyed. "Yeah shut your mouth unless you have something intellegent to say. Every time I've ever said something to you it was to keep you alive."

Aoi laughed and looked down at Krylancelo. "Better?" he asked and took his wrist away, licking the blood away from it and watched the wound heal. "Just like Neikan....at least Nei has one reason to like you so much," he said with a small laugh and looked back to the humans. "Well, he's rotten just like his uncle. You see, My little brother Neikan has quite a mouth on him as well...of course, Neikan has gotten better over the centuries..." he said and stood up. "So...how many of you young ones want to learn about vampires?" he asked casually, ignoring the slight pain in his stomach. He was hungry, but wouldn't dare feed on the humans.

All of them nodded curious as to what Vampires were all about. Krylancelo sat up snorting. Wanting to say open a book and read but kept his mouth shut since Aoi was offering and he wans't in the mood to get into it. The girl who find Krylnacelo soo very interesting smiled. "Ne.....is it true that Vampires can't enter a home unless invited in or cross holy ground? Or even running water?" She said rattling things off while pressing her finger to her lips.

Aoi chuckled and shifted into his wolf form. "Actually...we can enter any home we like at any given time, and we can cross running water and holy ground just fine," he said, sitting down in the grass and looked up at the humans. "Most things you hear about us are simply what the media comes up with to make a quick buck. We're actually just like humans, only...we have a few...darker desires," he said lowly, his tail swishing behind him a little.

The girl dropped down to lay down in the grass propping her arms up and her chin in the palms of her hands her knees bent and her feet kicking in the air. "Really wow, darker desires like what kind of desires and how are they soo much darker then humans...." She said happily and Krylancelo snorted. "There you go see what you started they never shut up...." he said scarcastically and she giggled. "Oh Krylancelo you soo funny!" She said unphased and he cast a wary look in her direction. Noting her as insane because being funny was not what he was trying to be.

Aoi sighed and looked back at Krylancelo for a second before turning back to the humans. "Our desires are, for the most part, for sex, for sex with one another. We're all divided into clans, which means, that in one way or another we are all related....I believe you humans call it incest," he said before looking at the girl in front of him. "Other desires are slave trading. Sex slaves and feeding slaves...though the laws now only permit one slave per vampire in each clan. Most slaves are lower ranking vampires from other clans, but every now and then...a human becomes a slave...."

She shivered, as she looked at Aoi. Krylancelo snorted and looked at him. "And here I thought you had finally baned slave trading or have you reccently changed your mind?" He said as he moved to sit on a rock looking at Aoi and stretching feeling a bit better now that he had feed although not at all happy about the fact that he had to feed so soon.

Aoi sighed as his ears flicked. "I banned slave trading, but not owning a slave. I eliminated all slave trading houses, and freed all slaves from their masters, yes...but...I cannot keep them from holding at least one...." he said before turning back to look down at the human girl. "Not only is it sex that we desire....most of the vampire community is composed only of males, leaving the possiblities for female partners few small..." he said lowly. "Most of us have fetishes that only the strength of another vampire can please...such as a bondage fetish, a pain fetish...we are all that is taboo among the humans," he said, still looking at the human girl in front of him.

She made an 'ohing' sound and tipped her head. "So the vampire community is comprised of mostly men...so women are rare and few between?" she said puzzled not realizing how much truth there was in that statement.

Aoi nodded. "In short, most vampires are men, and are either gay or have sex with other males because they have no other options," he said lowly. "We are often shunned in society, but what most humans don't understand is, we have a limit to how many newborns can be introduced into our world. Limiting the females in our world also limits the possiblities for reproduction the natural way, so if we want to have another member of the vampire world, we must turn them."

She tipped her head. "How come? How come there's a limit to newborns is it more dangerous for them or something? And Krylancelo was human so does that mean he was turned? And then would that make you his sire and not his father?" She asked and Krylancelo groaned. Looking at her he really didn't want to become the center of there conversation.

Aoi looked at at the young girl intently. "Limiting the newborns means the lesser chance we have of other clans creating an army of newborns. It also lessens the chances of a newborn being taken advantage of before they are mature," he said, his eyes fixed on the girl in front of him. "I am indeed Krylancelo's sire, but I am also his original father. The dragon clans are what created magic for humans, and Krylancelo is the last dragon to be a chosen one. He's the last chosen, the most powerful of the dragon clans. Earth dragons are always chosen last, because we are the rulers of the earth, the most important planet in the universe, and we are also the last chosen because we have to be the strongest of the dragons chosen."

She looked at him. "Wow.....so Krylancelo has the blood of the ancients in him....no wonder he's soo powerful." She said and her friend snorted. "some great power if daddy can take it away from him, his magic everything." She said looking over at Krylancelo. "Seems being a choosen doesn't mean all that much." Krylancelo who had been leaning back with his eyes closed opened them to look at the other. "Whatever you seem to forget I never asked anyone to treat me like the choosen one, you were the ass that thought you had to." He said annoyed and she blusehd bright red and looked away.

Aoi looked at the human girl who spoke and shook his head. "I can only seal his magic, not take it away. I simply used dragon magic to keep him from moving," he said and looked back down at the human girl in front of him. "He has my power to be precise. He was my gift to his human parents...unfortunately, his human parents vanished shortly after he was born, and I had lost sight of him until not so long ago," he said lowly. "Who you are speaking to right now, who I am is king of the earth and king of the vampires....I am also god of the vampires...."

She looked at Aoi. "So basically you can bind him but not render him powerless persay." She said because it was a firm belief in the tower that which can be bound can be unbound. Krylancelo looked between them annoyed leaned back and grabbed his barrett and pulled the hat down over his eyes closing them to take a nap and proceed in ignoring all of them for the moment.

"And your a king and a diety.....how on earth to do you have time to have any fun?" She asked after a moment of reflective thought.
Ashley Wolfe: Aoi chuckled and looked at her. "I'm the guitarist for a band....a famous band actually....Hopeless Beauty to be exact, and I have quite a lot of fun playing concerts," he said and smiled.

She smiled. "Wow so you do get to have fun. And a lot of it by the sounds of it." She said happily. The other looked at him. "I"ve heard Hopelss beauty playing when I've left the tower on missions on the radios and I know you can sing." Her friend said crossing her eyes. "But does that mean Krylancelo of all people being your son can sing as well." Krylancelo had been ignoring them he had been really trying and snorted lifting his hat and glare at her. "Oh shut up, and do yourself a favor don't hold your breath on that one you'll suffocate." He said scarcasm dripping off of every word. He wasn't about to get on a stage for anyone...or anything.

Aoi chuckled and sat back down. "I wouldn't try too hard...he's not exactly the social type," he said lightly as he looked at the girls. "Then you've also heard my little brother sing. Neikan is actually the lead singer of the band, he just lets me sing when I get upset or have something to say. If you really want someone interesting to meet, then you should meet Neikan. Though he doesn't like females all that much....I'm sure I could get him to be nice for at least one meeting...."

All of the girls there squealed in delight at the idea of getting to meet Neikan it didn't matter that he wasn't into girls. Just getting to meet and talk to him would be neat. Not that talking to Aoi wasn't neat but some of them were worried about being eaten. The girl who asked if he could sing sighed and looked at Aoi. "He never was. Krylancelo has this thing against people I swear." Krylancelo looked over at her annoyed. "I dont' have anything against people. I have something against people who don't know when to shut there traps." he said scarcastically and she stuck her tongue out at him. He stared at her as if she had lost her mind and she started laughing. "You are soo much fun to mess with Krylancelo. You act like a hardass but your really a softie." He scowled at her and rolled on the rock to face away from them.

Aoi chuckled and looked at them and shifted into his human form. "You know...just because I ate Wakeland doesn't mean I'll eat you. I don't prey on humans unless they fuck with the people I love," he said and smiled, as if the way he said it was perfectly normal. "I also don't normally feed on human blood. I was just angry earlier."

The girls all relaxed and then as one rushed Aoi becoming a chaos of sound asking everything from if he was married did he have a lover. Was he avalible. Did he want any more kids naturally born and so many other questions they seemed content to be bombarding him. Krylancelo bit his lower lip trying hard not to laugh....this would be why.....or rather part of the reason he had developed such a bad attitude as a child a small child......

Aoi sighed and shook his head. "As a matter of fact, I have two husbands. I don't plan on having anymore children, natural or other wise," he said and pursed his lips for a moment before speaking again. "And no, before you even ask, I will not turn any of you or feed on your blood. I do not take human blood, willing partner or not."

There were more forlorn sighs then thought humanly possible. Each girl looking at each other and procceeded to bombard Aoi with even more questions as if the first round was not enough every question they could think of all at once. Krylancelo curled on the rock holding his stomach and laughing his ass off at Aoi's deliemia as they asked things like how old he was. Did he enjoy being a vampire? Did he have any personal dislikes about being one, what was his most favorite thing about being a vampire. What was his favorite thing about being in a band....just to name a few.

Aoi smiled and answered lightly, "I am over six centuries old, though my current human age is 26. I love being a vampire. I have no dislikes for being a vampire, and my most favorite thing about being a vampire, I must say, is as I stated before, sex."
hishirobara: The girls all blushed at that one before looking at each other. "Do you enjoy being in a band? What made you decide to start a band?" One girl asked. "Would you ever take a human lover?" Another said and Krylancelo fell off of the rock falling behind it curled up and bitting his lip too busy laughing to hear the answers.

Aoi smiled. "I love being in a band, but it wasn't me who started the band, it was my little brother, Neikan Chi who started the band," he answered before shaking his head and replaying lightly, "I'm afraid I cannot take a human lover, my tastes are rather...interesting when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom..."

The girl who asked that sighed and frowned. Not liking that answer but knowing it to be the only one they would get then looked over at Aoi a moment and shook her head. "You said you have two husbands....how on earth to you keep them from hating each other?" She asked having no idea he married twins.

Aoi smiled warmly at the question and answered happily, "I married twin brothers."

They all looked at each other. "Twins....and they don't mind sharing your time or get jealous if one twin gets more attention then the other?" The girl asked finding that amazing. "Hm......maybe that's the way to go maybe I should find a set of twins to marry..." Krylancelo found himself having a hard time breathing but for an entirely different reason.

Aoi shook his head and smiled warmly. "Your laws only permit you to have one lover in your marriages, so I don't advise you trying that. However, if you would like, I will gladly let you meet Kira and Eri for yourselves."

Really?" The girls asked and looked at each other. "you don't mind us meeting them?" Another girl asked and first sighed. "Ah man...." She said sighing and shaking her head.

Aoi shook his head. "I don't mind you meeting them at all. They actually love meeting people," he said lightly. "Of course, you'll all be able to spend time with us after the concert as well as before it. We don't often allow large numbers back stage, but I'm sure the managers will let you in if I'm with you,"he said and looked at Krylancelo. "Krylancelo, would you be a good boy and help me transport these lovely girls to America?"

Krylancelo took a deep breath after a moment having finnally settled down and walked over to them looking at Aoi slightly annoyed at this one. How on earth did he get roped into this into transporting them all to America and if he was right it was too the mannor they were currently staying in and sighed. "Shatter the deminsional barrier....." He said gathering his power and it unwound wrapping around them all including Aoi winds that kicked up lifting them all off of the ground including him. "Take me there." He breathed and in a flicker of movment and light they were there. And he was standing there beads of sweat rolling down his face he could d this but even he had his limits...and this many was a limit for sure.

Aoi sighed and closed his eyes. "And once again, you seem to favor magic over having wings...what a waste...." he said lowly before opening his eyes and looking at Krylancelo. "Since you've used so much power, I will have no choice but to let you feed again, and this time...I'll be needing to feed first..."
Ashley Wolfe: he said before his eye twitched at the sound of Reza's voice coming towards him. "Shit...why does he always have to show up when I come back?" he asked annoyed.

"Because I know the very vibrations of your lovely soul Aoi." Reza said as he walked up with an annoyed Kira who moved between Reza and Aoi. "Lovely or not your not doing what you think you are." Reza laughed good naturedly and glanced over. "I see you've brought company Aoi how interesting." Kira scowled when he was ignored by Reza and glanced over at Aoi. "Your manager is determined that you would make it back in time, the concert is in two hours he refused to cancel until last minute and he said he'd figure something out then."

Krylancelo looked at Aoi. "Wings may be something your fimiliar with, but until this morning I didn't even know I had them magic is more natural to me."

Aoi shot Reza a glare and growled lowly. "Damn it...now I wish I would have just left you wanting...." he said annoyed before looking at Kira and sighing. "Ah hell...which means I've got to hurry the hell up..." he said and frowned. "Damn it....and I wanted to play with my food too...." he said, a mock pout forming on his features.

Kira rose an eyebrow and chuckled. "Hmm perhaps that is true you do have a bad habit of playing at meal times." He said amused. "But you could settle for an apitizer now and the main course after the concert." He said lightly in a teasing tone. Reza laughed and reached over ruffling Aoi's hair past Kira but managed to get his hand back before Kira removed it and looked at Aoi. "Relax Aoi. Once with you is enough I don't enjoy loose several days of work for one exteremly pleasurable night, although I do enjoy teasing you about it."

Aoi growled lowly and glared at Reza before he sighed and looked back at Kira. "But I wanted to play...." he said, sounding much akin to a child who was trying to get his way. He suddenly perked up. "Ah, I have a lovely idea....since the concert is in two hours, I shall play with Nei until I get home....then I will have my main course..." he said and looked at Kira. "Then...I will give you anything you want," he said, kissing Kira passionately.

Kira happily returned the kiss as he looked at him after a moment. "Hmm remember that my love, because I will hold you to that." Kira purred as he looked at Aoi after they broke the rather passionate kiss. One girl looked over at him and then said. "Ano...is that is he....um one of the twins?" Kira blinked. "One of the....." he mused shaking his head and smiling. "Kiramekiko Nanimono Chitsuki. Nice to meet all of you....." She looked at him. "Kiramekiko?"

Kira nodded. "Yes although I prefer Kira." He said looking at her and blinked when he got confused looks. "Oh...." he said realizing what they were asking. "yes myself and my twin are marrired to Aoi...." And then the squeals of delight as he was swarmed and twenty twenty started again.

Aoi chuckled and looked back just in time to see Neikan come walking out of the mansion. "Ah, there you are Nei...These lovely girls here wanted to meet you. And I would much appreciate it if you were nice to them, I really don't want to punish you for being rude....I don't feel like hearing you scream...."

Neikan sighed as he walked down the steps and took his place beside Aoi. He was dressed in his concert outfit; black leather pants that looked like they had been painted on that had straps and chains hanging off of them, and his favorite shirt, the shirt that read 'We are all Hopeless Beauties' in Japanese. though this one was an altered version and had straps on the upper arms. He also wore a black spiked 'collar'. "Damn it Aoi...you had better pay me back for this..." he said lowly, his hair now streaked a lovely blue and spiked, leaving some of the longer hair hanging down to frame his face.

The girls almost as if on que abandoned there twenty twenty session with Kira and darted over to swarm Neikan although Kira moved quicker and flanked Neikan on the other side looping his arm through his since the girls seemed to have no idea of personal space. "Wow cool Neikan Chi this rocks." One girl squealed and they all giggled before another said. "Wow what made you decide to start a band?" "Are you married?" Another asked. "How many lovers do you have?" A third said and they were close close enough to touch him although Kira and Aoi's pressence there reminded the girls that they could look but not touch.

Aoi sighed and looked at Neikan. But Neikan, being true to his word, answered their questions. "I have as many lovers as I desire, and technically I am not married, just bonded. As for the band...I started the band because Aoi loves to play guitar and I love to sing."

"As many lovers as you desire...." One girl shook her head and sighed. "Do they ever get jealous how do you keep them from getting jealous?" She asked. "Did you ever think Hopeless beauty would become so popular?" Another said and a third spoke up. "Do you enjoy being a vampire? Is there anything you dislike about it?" She asked looking at him.

Neikan shook his head. "My lovers do not get jealous because they know what they signed up for before they got into my bed. No, I never planned on becoming famous, it just happened. As for me enjoying being a vampire...the only thing I dislike about my being a vampire is my constant hunger for sex...sadly, I'm not like the other vampires, my body needs sex in order to survive."

One girl looked at him and moved as if to hug him and blinked when Kira shifted for her sake. Neikan didn't always handle sudden female advances well it tended to piss him off and she blinked when she hugged Kira instead. "Neikan is simply stating a fact." Kira said gently. "it's not something to pity him for." She blushed and stepped back she had thought she'd at least get a quick hug in not thinking about the fact Neikan wasn't all that fond of girls.
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Neikan sighed and nodded a quick thank you to Kira. "I apologize for not allowing physical contact, but I'm completely gay, and, not to be rude, but females who advance towards me or touch me without having my approval often times make me sick. It isn't anything personal, it's just how my body reacts...."

Kira nodded slightly to Neikan and moved back after she let go of him to his place next to Neikan it was part of the reason why he had moved to stand beside Neikan. The girls all looked at each other trying to think of other questions. Krylancelo sighed and walked past the large crowd shaking his head. He wanted away from the girls of the tower and there gossip as they fired off more and more questions becoming chaotic sound that could not be understood. One girl smaller then the rest walked up pushing her way through she had an old poster one from a long time ago, it was a bit worn something that had been sent out more like a flyer then a true poster but it had Neikan and Aoi there she was such a timid creature. "Um...." She said having a hard time getting up the nerve to ask. She had a hard time when it was just Aoi even harder now as she looked down. "Can I.....may I...." She said softly and the girls glared that she had cut infront of them her voice soft almost afraid to speak and all she was trying to ask for....was there autographs something to remember them by.

Aoi smiled at Neikan. "Nei, would you mind giving the little one your aoutograph? I'll sign after you," he asked lowly. Neikan sighed and pulled out his marker for signing autographs and held out his hand for the poster. "And your name, little one?" he asked softly, so that he didn't scare her.

She looked up at Neikan and took a deep breath. "Veralia." She said softly lowly and held out a shakey hand to him the poster in it as she stared at the ground. "Thank you." She said softly lowly she enjoyed hearing them play having old cds and records that she had played so much they skipped and didn't always sound right.....but some of them she simply couldn't find anymore. To her they were incredible.

Neikan took the poster gently from her hand and signed it with a warm, 'Veralia, you're a sweet girl, make sure you keep your head up and never let anyone push you around, Neikan.' He then handed it to Aoi. "Thank you Nei" Aoi said happily as he took the poster and signed it with a happy, 'You'll be a very special person when you grow up, stay strong and come out of your shell.'

The small girl looked up and smiled brightly before the other girls started up jealous and angry one moved and blinked when her wrist was in Krylancelo's hand it was shit like this he hated the most. Veralia looked up at Krylancelo while many found him impressive she found him scary and it wasn't his peronsality but his class none could touch him. "If you can't behave like a lady then back the hell off you have no business around here." He said coldly as he pushed the girl away and looked at Veralia shaking his head she had potential but she was suffocating with the other students. "hey." she blinked. "Y...yes...." Krylancelo looked at her his eyes as intense as always as she looked up at him. "I'll only offer once.....but leave tower and I will teach you..." She had already carefully fold the poster with another hushed thank you and blinked hugging Krylancelo. "Ah HEY OFF GET OFF!" He said stiffening up as she held onto him crying. Whispering yes over and over again.

Aoi smiled at Krylancelo. "Ah, so you do have a heart under that tough skin of yours," he said happily.

Krylancelo glanced over at his father and scowled. "Yeah yeah nice....get her off of me!" He said not moving as every nerve in that area and below anywhere she was touching was lit on fire. Kira chuckled. "It would seem he has a different way of showing it....."

Aoi sighed and kneeled down and pulled the girl off of Krylancelo and shook his head. "No, it isn't that. That bastard Wakeland raped him, so his entire body is sore."

Kira frowned and walked over to Krylancelo holding out his hand and placing it lightly on him which began healing as he changed it, the pain to energy and began to absorb it. The girl looked up at Aoi as pulled her away. "I didn't mean to hurt him...." She said as she looked like she was about to cry and Krylancelo glared. "Don't do it. Don't you dare cry. I didn't say you did anything wrong I just said let go. First rule of thumb if you want to find your power find your inner strength don't cry over every little thing got that?" He snapped scarcastically he couldn't help it it was just the way he was and she blinked sniffed and looked at him. "Yes....Master." she said although not a slave it had a different meaning in there world.

Aoi smiled and nodded. "All right. But Krylancelo, remember, don't train her to call you master, train her to call you sensei. Our worlds mixing like this is a little dangrous. Humans only call vampires master if they are a slave, please rememebr that," he said and looked at the group of girls. "I'll be back shortly, then we will take the limo to the concert. Krylancelo, you can use your magic or wings...I won't force you to ride in the limo," he said gently before turning and walking into the mansion to get dressed for the concert.

Krylancelo looked over and nodded. "Sensei will take come getting used to." He said lowly as the girls all nodded and wandered off a little bit in order to look around while waiting. Kira walked with Krylancelo over to a rock to finish healing him out as Veralia left alone with Neikan shook her head. "But for him to be hurting like that..." She frowned. "He was in that room.....the older classmen know and there all like him...." She said lowly softly. "They are taken in there to be punished and all of them react that way to being touched.....as if it's painful for them." She said lowly to herself not really thinkign about the fact that Neikan was standing there.

Neikan spoke without really thinking, "It is painful...to be touched after being raped...even the slightest touch makes you want to scream in agony..."

She looked up at him. "That's horrible." She said softly and looked over. "Willl what Kira is doing help him?" She asked softly lowly concerned but in truth all Kira was doing was removing the phsyical traces of pain he couldn't do much for everything else Krylancelo would still suffer from the same problem.

Neikan looked down at her and shook his head. "Kira can only remove the physical pain. I'm afraid the emotional pain can only be removed by himself."

Veralia looked up at Neikan sadly. "Can one ever get past it?" She said softly looking at Neikan curious about that one if her Mas...no her sensei would ever be able to be touched again.

Neikan frowned and shook his head. "Only time will tell...."

Veralia looked down at the ground and frowned. "But that's horrible.....he's surrounded by people who love and care about him, and to not be able to be touched or close to any of them....that's horrible." She said softly lowly.

Neikan nodded and closed his eyes. "Yes...it is."

Veralia looked up at Neikan. "Then I have to be strong for Sensei to give him something to focus on. I have to focus on my studies and really learn so that he can move past, can find something better to have there." She said thinking that if she did this kept his focus on her studies he'd be able to forget it and move past it. Kira sighed and walked back over to Neikan. "I....can remove the phsical damage....but not the scars on his soul." Kira said lowly softly. Then sighed. "I'm afraid the only two who can help him through this is you two." he looked at Neikan. "You can sense when he's withdrawing into himself I can''t and Aoi....is his father to him that may come as a natural comfort."

Neikan sighed and patted her on the head. "You'll be just fine doing what you're doing now. Learn all you can, and be good," he said and smiled his famous smile before looking at Kira. "I'm afraid that this is one that I'm not getting involved in. Aoi has already asked me to leave them alone, and I shall respect Aoi's wishes...."

Kira nodded and sighed looking over at Krylancelo who was sitting on the rock looking up at the skyline. "Aoi may be right on this one it's hard to say right now." Hard to know when Krylancelo was loath to let anyone in. Veralia looked up at Neikan and smiled when he gave her that heart warming smile of his. "Alright." She said happily.

He smiled down at her and then looked up when Aoi came walking down the stairs. "Damn Aoi, think you're dressed enough?" he asked, commenting on Aoi's not having a shirt on. Aoi smiled and nodded. "I'm happy with this. I don't often go shirtless, so I decided to give the crowed something different this time....however....Nei....once in the limo...I want you to do me a favor...." he said, his voice becoming a low sensual purr.

Neikan licked his lips and nodded. "All right....but remember, this is for you, and only you."

Aoi nodded. "I'm aware of that...."

Kira looked at them both and groaned. "This concert is going to be hell....." he said if he was in the limo with them during that.....he was going to have one heck of a time focusing. Lonacht and Criost walked out dressed for the concert as well and Lonacht spoke. "Ne Kira are ye not dressing for the concert tonight?" Kira blinked and looked down grumbling about getting razed by his blind band member about his clothing and walked in....Criost hid his mouth behind his hand not to muffle his laugh to hide is smile as he was mute.

Aoi had chuckled and motioned to the girls. "Load into the limo....we'll be there shortly."

Neikan sighed and closed his eyes. "Aoi, are you sure it's wise to give them young girls a peepshow?" he asked lowly, opening his eyes to look at Aoi with concern.

Aoi chuckled and nodded. "They're all over the legal age Nei, they're perfectly fine."

Lonacht laughed as he stood there shaking his head. "Aye, there all over legal Age, but you may have to be dealing with a bunch of horny women by the time you get there hmm?" Lonacht said finding this amusing. Criost elbowed him and Lonacht laughed that much harder.

Aoi smirked and looked at the two. "Ah, but I'll certainly find it amusing once the concert is over....I still like to watch them, even if I can't touch them," he said as he watched for Kira to come out of the mansion.

Kira came out of the mansion a few minutes later in clothes that looked like they had been painted on. How he dressed in them so quickly Eri often picked on him about. The black leather pants hugged his frame, boots up to his knees buckled up the length of them. Metal at the heels and toes. A black leather vest that was snug seemingly no room for movement and quarter gloves that came up to his elbows. Four chained belts criss crossed around his waist, around his neck was a black silk chocker with a simple onyx hanging down. From his one ear hung a matching earring, and although the crowd would not see it his tongue ring matched as well. "Ready." He said and Lonacht smirked. "Much better now you look like the lead singer of Unforgiven." Kira snorted. "I am the lead singer."

Veralia Krylancelo's apprentice.
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PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 3:34 am

Kira leaned back against the seat looking over at Aoi and Neikan as they were sitting next to each other the girls gossiping they had just started out on the road and he was a bit surprised they were behaving thus far. As it stood Krylancelo would arrive on his own and Lonacht and Criost were sitting with him. Yokoshima and Yokai were there as well. Yokoshima dressed in a pair of black leather pants boots and a off the shoulder top with belts while Yokai who many forgot lived in the castle and was around wore his black pants top with white loose very loose mesh over it, covering only one arm with a partial sleeve on the other of black the handcuff his signature it seemed firmly around his wrist. Yokoshima and Yokai were the rest of Hopeless Beauty.

Aoi pursed his lips as he looked out the window, listening to the girls gossip. He was getting bored rather quickly. After a while, he sighed and closed his eyes. "Ne, Neikan....would you mind entertaining me for a while?" he asked lowly, opened his eyes to look at Neikan with a smirk.

Neikan smirked as he looked over at him and shook his head. "Huh it took you this long to say something Aoi?" He quipped not sure how Aoi tolerated there idel gossip the way he did, personally he would have kicked them all out the limo three minutes in as he leaned closer to his brother. "And I'd thought you'd never ask...." he said in a low teasing tone.

Neikan was doing this just to get the girls attention to blow there minds if he was stuck in the limo with them he might as well have some fun along the way.

Aoi chuckled lowly as he took hold of Neikan's chin and pulled his face closer to his, leaving the space between their faces a mere inch. "Ah...but I like to make you wait...." he said in a low, sensual tone. "Besides....we're in a moving limo...there are limits to how you can entertain me in here..." he said and kissed Neikan before moving to kiss him along his jaw bone down his neck and to his collar bone.

Neikan let his head move with the movements watching at the girls stared falling silent, which was bliss in and off itself as he closed his eyes. "Aoi...." he said lowly if Aoi teased him like this it would not be fun for him. But he heard the slight inhale of air and felt the emotional shift and smirked as he shivered....Kira was getting....as they liked to call it...'Distracted.'

Aoi leaned back, licking his lips and chuckled lowly. "Something wrong Nei?" he asked lowly, his voice full of sensual tones as he moved, straddling Neikan. Neikan opened one eye to look at his elder brother. "You know what I want...." he said lowly to be 'hurt' to be played with to be taken he didn't normally like being on the recieving end but when it came to Aoi, well that was different. And the girls were thankfully silent and gawking he could handle that, in fact he liked that...the silent part that is.

Aoi chuckled and leaned back down, kissing the place where he was going to sink his fangs in. "In a minute...I'm hungry..." he said lowly, and sank his fangs in, and let his claws sink into Neikan's skin.

Neikan moaned lowly barely audible but it couldn't be helped between Aoi sinking his fangs in and the delicous feel of his claws in his skin it was enough to go straight to his groin. One of the girls whispered no way and as he cracked open an eye he could see them looking between Aoi and Neikan, to Kira and back again having a hard time believing Kira was sitting back relaxed and not having a fit.

Aoi drank until he was full and moved, turning to look at the girls, Neikan's blood running down his chin. "Hmmm....how interesting...they're very quiet for human girls...." he said lowly, amused as he turned back to Neikan. "Nei...I won't give you what you want unless you give me what I want," he said, his hand going into Neikan's pants to tease his awakened need.

"Ah....shit..." he breathed and looked at Aoi bringing his hand up to lay against bare skin and looked at his brother before he suddenly flexed his fingers tearing deep gashes into flesh. "And just what is it Aoi that you want?" he asked shifting a bit as Aoi played with his quickly awakening need.

Aoi gasped a little and looked down at Neikan. "You....on your knees..." he breathed lowly.

Neikan smirked. "A little hard when your sitting on me....Aoi...." he said smirking and shaking his head but moved shoving his brother off of him and into the opposite side of the limo which ironically enough shoved Aoi onto Kira's lap where Aoi would be able to feel his lover's and husbands distraction even as Neikan went to his knees in the limo. Kira groaned....that was soo not helping him any. "Nei....dam't leave me out of this...."Kira breathed...once started he had a hard time stopping.

Aoi smriked and ground his back side into Kira. "But Kira...you're distracted when you're not invovled...." he said lowly in amusement.

Kira groaned and reached up his hands moving to rest on Aoi's waist against the smooth skin before he closed his eyes and smirking sank his claws in ripping apart smooth skin and feeling the cool heat spilling over his fingers.....Kira of this world he was not....this one had no problem endugling Aoi's interesting in the bed room at all. Neikan smirked. "And since when are you in the room or with us and not involved Kira?" Nei said in a low tone looking up.

"I'm a bit distracted regardless.....but we may never make it to the concert if you get me Involved Aoi, Nei...." he breathed lowly as he pushed his hips up to get even with Aoi for stirring things more for him there.

Aoi gasped and moaned lowly. "Oh well get there....don't worry about that dear Kira," he said lowly and pulled Neikan to him by his hair. "You're forgetting something Nei....you're not supposed to be talking, you're supposed to be doing what I asked you to do..." he said lowly, still holding Neikan by the hair.

Neikan smirked. "Which is on my knees..." He said bemused as his hand moved to groop Aoi squeezing as Kira moved again shakign his head and leaning in his lips brushing against Aoi's shoulder feeling the skin beneath his fangs and to have fun ran his fangs along said skin as Neikan decided to liberate Aoi's need and took him in his mouth.

Aoi moaned lowly and closed his eyes. "If you're going to bite me, bite me," he said lowly, his eyes still closed as he held onto Neikan's hair.

Kira smirked. "And what if I only want to tease you with my fangs Aoi?" Kira breathed lowly against Aoi's skin before running his tongue along that same spot letting the smooth golden ball on the end of his tongue ring drag along Aoi's skin. Neikan continued what he was doing but found the conversation between Aoi and Kira amusing to say the least.

Aoi gasped and leaned his head over, letting Kira have better access. "I'm not sure how long I can stand to be teased...." he said lowly, his eyes still closed, and his fingers still coiled in Neikan's hair.

Kira hummed against his skin as he closed his lips lightly against it litting his gaze shift up to look at Aoi as he drug his fingers upwards suddenly but failed to remove his claws from where they were burried in Aoi's skin once up a good distance however he moved his right hand and brought it to his lips over Aoi's shoulder making a show of licking each finger clean. "Hmm you don't say..." Kira said as he continued to hold onto Aoi. Neikan continued what he was doign but found it hard to not start laughing....this one, although still very pure was much darker sexually then the Kira they had known for so long.....the old one was not a tease by any stretch of the imagition and the girls? Well they were spellbound.

Aoi gasped and moaned lowly. "Shit..." he breathed as he opened his eyes to look at Kira. "You're such a rotten little vampire...."

Kira finished licking off his last finger and looked at him a slow smile playing across his features. "Hmm that's a new one, usually it's you such a timid vampire..." Kira mused as he leaned in letting his breath linger on Aoi's skin once again scrapping his fangs along it enjoying himself before he bit down sinking his fangs in his now 'clean' free hand moving to cup the side of Aoi's face as his other hand tensed in his flesh. Neikan hummed in order to not laugh....Timid his ass there was no way this one that Kira was timid....not when it came to this.

Aoi closed his eyes again and moaned. "Timid my ass...." he said, mimicing Neikan's thoughts.

Kira smirked and to get even bit down on Ao's shoulder a bit harder, not enough to cause perment damage but enough that when he pulled his fangs free it would be Aoi's turn to carry his mark. Not that Kira didn't have a few of Aoi's on his frame, and the dragon was back around his arm the way it had been on his other self. And the delicate phenoix and dragon on his back as well. No....he was finding this amusing. Neikan snorted as Aoi said that out loud while Kira's fangs were in his flesh. It was interesting between them anymore as he continued to have fun bringing Aoi around.

Aoi moaned louder and lower his head, his breathing becoming heavier. "Damn..." he breathed as he pulled Neikan's hair harder.

Kira continued what he was doing, his fingers playing against Aoi's skin tearing it a bit more. Neikan continued picking up the pace. The girls stared Aoi Rei was sitting in Kira's lap and highly turned on which was amusing to see him like that and yet they were also horrified to see him drenched in his own blood and Kira, gentle timid soft spoken Kira was the one tearing him apart ripping apart his flesh as if he were a present and Kira the child trying to get to the treat inside.....they weren't sure wither to be turned on by it or mortified that Aoi was.

Aoi tensed his fingers in Neikan's hair and pulled him away. "Enough...I want to play now..." he said lowly, his breathing a bit heavy.

Kira broke away after a moment licking his lips and pulling his hands away bring the one 'soiled' in Aoi's blood to his lips to lick those fingers clean as well. Neikan released Aoi a bit begrudingly with a wet popping sound before sighing and looking up at Aoi licking his lips not sure what his brother was up to. Kira watched the wounds seal leaving behind two little scars that marked where his fangs had been. The girls all sat there staring slack jawed.....all of that And Aoi wasn't upset in fact he wanted more?

Aoi smirked, taking hold of Kira's hand, and licking Kira's fingers clean. "Neikan, you get bottom..." he mused lowly, letting go of Kira's hand and standing up, stripping himself of his pants, then moving to strip Neikan of his clothes. "And Kira...you, you get to stay right there and watch," he said as he turned back to Neikan, licking his lips at the sight of the very 'exposed' Neikan.

Neikan shifted and squirmed. Not sure how much more he could take. Kira rose an eyebrow and looked at Kira shifting a bit and sitting back. "Then....Aoi.....you have better make sure this is worth watching." he said in a low sensual tone, but one that promised if it wasn't he'd make sure to have his fun with Aoi later for not being totally distracting.

Aoi chuckled lowly as he moved over to Neikan, pulling him into his favorite position, the same one he had always put Kira in. "I promise...you'll be very amused..." he said in a sensual tone as he lined himself up and, without any warning, plunged into Neikan.

Neikan cried out in pleasure his head going back as he felt Aoi join them shivering as he tensed his fingers agianst the flooring of the limo the girls all leaned fowards watching fascinated and horrified all in one solid breath. Kira smirked as he leaned back licking his lips and smiling. "Good...." he said softly lowly sensually as he watched Aoi join with Neikan his gaze taking in both his husband and his lover.

Kira was still shaking off the blush he had acquired when Aoi had grabbed his fingers and licked them clean.

Aoi didn't give Neikan any time to adjust, and began moving. Rough thrusts that looked like they would break Neikan in two. "Say, Nei...would you like me to make you beg?" he asked lowly, stopping after a moment of rough movements.

Neikan looked back over his shoulder at the question as if Aoi was insane and took a deep breath. "Yes..." he said lowly shivering in pleasure now but he wanted it to be dominated.

Aoi smirked and nodded. "As you wish." he stayed joined with Neikan, but began to play with him, laying gentle, nipping kisses along his frame and teased him. His touches were painfully gentle, as if he would break Neikan if he moved any other way.

Neikan shivered and bowed his head his breathing deepening out as he stayed like that able to feel Aoi joined with him, and yet not moving able to feel his every tender feather light touch and his lips parted as it was doing wicked things to his already awoken need.

Aoi kept his smirk, and stayed silent. He kept teasing Neikan with his gentle touches, and nipping kisses. To make it even more amusing, he wiggled his hips a little, but made no attempt to begin his rough movements again.

Neikan's eyes went wide as he gasped for air that was it, he needed that craved it and His head bowed down eyes closed. "Aoi....I can't take anymore..." He said lowly.

Aoi wiggled his hips again, but didn't begin moving. "What was that Nei? I didn't hear you..."

Neikan moaned lowly his fingers tensing into the carpet tearing the material as if nothign more then tissue paper. "A...ah...dam't Aoi take me already!" He said which was as close as Neikan Chi got to begging as tears nearly began to fall he needed it.....all of it everything that Aoi could give him.

Aoi chcukled lowly and thrusted into him with enough force to make the entire limo shake. "As you wish," he mused lowly and began to once again move with enough force to break Neikan in half, his hands coming up to dig into Neikan's flesh.

Neikan moaned and cried out his head bowing as Aoi took him with that much force. His breathing deep as he head bounced no control on his part. He shivered in delight as he felt Aoi's claws pierce his skin. It was mindblowingly amazing that was for sure. Kira shifted as things were entirely too tight and his already skin tight leather pants now felt about three sizes too small.....it was tight and to anyone else painful but to him it would ensure he stayed highly aroused and distracted if left alone.

Aoi continued to move, his pace never stopping. He moaned lowly, feeling the heat starting to coil in the pit of his stomach. "Shit...." he breathed as he found release, only stopping a moment to catch his breath, then picking the pace right back up.

Neikan groaned as he came right along with Aoi and let his head hang as he caught his breath the heat calming in his stomach and panted not sure what Aoi was up to but was certain he was far from done.
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Unforgiven had been up first, Kira more then happy to sing and open for Aoi even if he was a bit distracted during the concert. Aoi having seen to that as he stood there on stage listening to the opening rifts he was opening tonight for Hopeless Beauty. Listening to Lonacht and Criost playing and falling into the beat how long had it been since he had sang like this?

"You walk on like a woman in suffering
Won't even bother now to tell me why
You come alone, letting all of us savor the moment
Leaving me broken another time
You come on like a bloodstained hurricane
Leave me alone, let me be this time
You carry on like a holy man pushing redemption
I don't want to mention, the reason I know

That I am stricken and can't let you go
When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know
That I am crippled by all that you've done
Into the abyss will I run

You don't know what your power has done to me
I want to know if I'll heal inside
I can't go on with a holocaust about to happen
Seeing you laughing another time
You'll never know how your face has haunted me
My very soul has to bleed this time
Another hole in the wall of my inner defenses
Leaving me breathless, the reason I know

That I am stricken and can't let you go
When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know
That I am crippled by all that you've done
Into the abyss will I run, Into the abyss will I run

You walk on like a woman in suffering
Won't even bother now to tell me why
You come alone, letting all of us savor the moment
Leaving me broken another time
You come on like a bloodstained hurricane
Leave me alone, let me be this time
You carry on like a holy man pushing redemption
I don't want to mention, the reason I know

That I am stricken and can't let you go
When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know
That I am crippled by all that you've done
Into the abyss will I run

Into the abyss will I run
I can't let you go
Yes I am stricken and can't let you go."

He stood in the crowd covered by a hooded cloak to hide his ears but he was running out of time this far from water and he needed to speak with Aoi...but to get to him close to him would be hard.

Kira began singing again.

"I've felt the hate rise up in me...
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...
I wander over where you can't see...
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed...


I wipe it off on tile, the light is brighter this time
Everything is 3D blasphemy
My eyes are red and gold, the hair is standing straight up
This is not the way I pictured me
I can't control my shakes
How the hell did I get here?
Something about this, so very wrong...
I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this
Is it a dream or a memory?

I've felt the hate rise up in me...
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...
I wander over where you can't see...
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed...

Get outta my head cuz I don't need this
Why I didn't I see this?
I'm a victim - Manchurian candidate
I have sinned by just
Makin' my mind up and takin' your breath away

I've felt the hate rise up in me...
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...
I wander over where you can't see...
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed...


You haven't learned a thing
I haven't changed a thing
My flesh was in my bones
The pain was always free

I've felt the hate rise up in me...
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...
I wander out where you can't see...
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed...

And it waits for you!."

He took a deep breath pressed in with so many people. He was taking a deep breath and trying to make it the body heat was insane.

[i]"It starts with
One thing I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time

All I know
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away

It's so unreal
Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on, but didn't even know
Or wasted it all just to watch you go

I kept everything inside
And even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be
A memory of a time when

I tried so hard and got so far
But in the end it doesn't even matter
I had to fall to lose it all
But in the end it doesn't even matter

One thing, I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme
To remind myself how

I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I'm surprised

It got so far
Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me in the end

You kept everything inside
And even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be
A memory of a time when

I tried so hard and got so far
But in the end it doesn't even matter
I had to fall to lose it all
But in the end it doesn't even matter

I've put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
And for all this
There's only one thing you should know

I've put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
And for all this
There's only one thing you should know

I tried so hard and got so far
But in the end it doesn't even matter
I had to fall to lose it all
But in the end it doesn't even matter."

Kira continued to sing, some of his songs more violent then others.....but the crowd loved him for it for example this one.....

"Watashi wa kuso anata o nikumu

Anata wa watashi no jinsei o dainashi ni.
Tokku wa, subete no Ite ita.
Uso ga anata no saidai no okurimonodeatta.
Watashi wa boroboro to kowarete hidari.

Watashi no mawari no subete ga anata ga nomikonda.
Kurushimu dake hidari.
Jitaku de anata no te de.

Watashi wa kuso anata o nikumu.

Anata ga satsuei shita mono o watashi ni kaeshi nasai.
Kōhan ni tango.
Rongu wa kono sekai kara sugata o kesu.
Anata wa subete o satsuei shita.

Kokoro nikushimi o ippai ni shite watashi o nokoshite.
Watashi ga kanjiru subete no kanashimi sa reru watashi no chi no kōru omoi o suru.
Kimi ga iru yō ni, futatabi wotōshite watashi piasu ichi shite imasu.

Watashi wa kuso anata o nikumu.

Subete no anata no tame ni
Subete ga mechakucha
Anata no sei de, watashi no jinsei no
Subete ga mechakucha.
Anata no sei de, watashi ga shita
Hobo subete o ushinatta.

Kanashimi no kēji
Torappu wa, sekai no rūpu ga sakusei sa remasu.
Hangeki ni yowai tame ni
Anata ni taikō suru ni wa

Watashi wa kuso anata o nikumu.

Watashi no karada wa Broken.
Watashi no kokoro o konagona ni natta.
Soshite, sutōru watashi no tamashī.
Nani mo watashi o hidari.
Watashi wa zentai o nomikonda.

Anata ga satsuei shita mono o watashi ni kaeshi nasai.
Anata wa ai no subete no auto odayakana.
Anata ga satsuei shita mono o watashi ni kaeshi nasai.
Watashi mo....

Watashi wa kuso anata o nikumu.

English Translation.

I Fucking hate you.

You messed up my life.
Took all I had
Lies were your greatest gift
Left me tattered and broken.

All around me you swallowed.
Left alone to suffer
At your hands at home.

I fucking hate you.

Give me back what you’ve taken
Words to late
Long gone from this world
You’ve taken everything.

Leaving me with a heart full of hate.
My blood runs cold as all I feel is sorrow.
As you’re lies pierce me through again.

I fucking hate you..

Kira continued with one last song.

"Watashi ga ichiban tsurai no kotoba wa ima made to nobeta. Anata wa sakendaga massugu ni chokumen shite aruga. Soshite, mada watashi wa riyū o shinjite mitsukeru koto o nozomu Anata no yōna sore wa dare ka ga riyū o mitsukeru koto ga dekimasu Watashi no yōna kyogi no tenshi o aisuru koto.

Watashi ga aisuru subete no watashi no se o mukete Hanarete watashi ga chikaku ni itakara ni natte Tenshi no hane o kurippurudo Soshite, watashi no kokoro wa mada watashi wa...... Mama ni narimasu

Yurusa rezaru mono

Watashi wa tenshi no kao o shite akumada Watashi wa seijin no me zainin to shite imasu. Watashi wa koibito no koe de kaibutsuda. Watashi wa anata no hozon yūyo..... Suru shikaku wa nai

Anata no me wa totemo kowarete sanshō shite kudasai Anata no kokoro wa totemo, ushinawa reta Dakara, totemo tsumetai, subete no tango ga usui mugon o nokoshimashita. Watashi wa anata o aishi, sore ga watashi no tsumida. Anata ni itami ga tame, subete no watashi ga ataete iru.

Anata no ai ni ataishinai. Watashi ga ima made hanashi o shita mottomo tsurai kotoba Anata wa sakendaga massugu ni chokumen shite aruga. Soshite, mada watashi wa riyū o shinjite mitsukeru koto o nozomu Anata no yōna sore wa dare ka ga riyū o.... Mitsukeru koto ga dekimasu Toshite chūkū watashi...... Toshite dare ka o aisuru koto

Watashi wa tenshi no kao o shite akumada Watashi wa seijin no me zainin to shite imasu. Watashi wa koibito no koe de kaibutsuda. Subete no fitto shinaide anata no setsuyaku no megumi.... Suru

Watashi wa burūmirā ni mite kita Anata no tamashī ni wa, Windows Watashi wa anata ga watashi no naka de sanshō shite kudasai miru koto ga dekinai Watashi wa kono hikari o mitsukeru koto ga dekinai Toki ni watashi o mite.

Watashi wa kokoro no kagami ni mite kita Watashi wa sora ni shite chūkū ningyōdesu. Anata no ai wa, watashi no tsuyomi wa, sore ga ni natte Soshite kon, watashi wa anata o ushinatte shimatta, watashi wa moto ni modosemasen kite iru. Watashi wa tenshi no hane o fujiyūda. Soshite, watashi no kokoro wa mada watashi wa...... Mama

Yurusa rezaru mono....

Watashi wa akumada Soshite, anata no tenshi. Watashi wa zainin Soshite, mada anata no seijin. Watashi wa kaibutsuda Anata no koibito..... Sa rete kazatte Oshiete kudasai dono yō ni....

Go wa iu watashi.....

.... O oshiete kudasai

Dono yō ni watashi wa osoraku anata no hikari ga dekimasu ka?"

Having ended the night with his signature song, Unforgiven left the stage and Hopeless Beauty walked on. The band began playing and Aoi bowing his head began singing.

" I was born of the womb of a poisonous man
Beaten and broken and Chased from the land
But I rise up above it high up above it and see

I was hung from a tree made of tongues of the weak
The branches, the bones of the liars and thieves
Rise up above it high up above it and see

Pray to your God open your heart.
Whatever you do don’t be afraid of the dark
Cover your eyes the devil’s inside

One night of the hunter
One day I will get revenge
One night to remember
One day it will all just end.

Blessed by a bitch from a bastard seed.
Pleasure to meet you but better to bleed.
Rise, I will rise, I will rise

Skinned her alive ripped her apart.
Scattered her ashes buried her heart.
Rise up above it high above it and see

Pray to your God open your heart.
Whatever you do don’t be afraid of the dark.
Cover your eyes the devil’s inside.

One night of the hunter
One day I will get revenge
One night to remember
One day it will all just end.

Honest to god I will break your heart.
Tear you to pieces and rip you apart.
Honest to god I will break your heart.
Tear you to pieces and rip you apart.
Honest to god I will break your heart.
Tear you to pieces and rip you apart.
Honest to god I will break your heart.
Tear you to pieces and rip you apart.

One night of the hunter.
One day I will get revenge
One night to remember
One day it will all just end. "

Aoi closed his eyes as he started the second song. He took a deep breath this was long....he just hoped he could make it until the end.

"No matter how many times that you told me you wanted to leave.
No matter how many breaths that you took you still couldn’t breathe.
No matter how many nights that you’d lie wide awake to the sound of poison rain.
Where did you go
Where did you go
Where did you go

As days go by
The nights on fire.
Tell me would you kill to save a life.
Tell me would you kill to prove you’re right.
Crash: Crash
Burn let it all burn
This hurricane’s chasing us all underground

No matter how many deaths that I die I will never forget.
No matter now many lives that I live I will never regret.
There is a fire inside of this heart and a riot about to explode into flames.

Where is your God
Where is your God
Where is your God

Do you really want?
Do you really want me?
Do you really want me dead?
Or alive to torture for my sins?

Do you really want?
[heart beat, a heart beat]
Do you really want me?
Do you really want me dead?
[you know I gotta leave, I can't stay,
I know I gotta go, I can't stay]
Or alive to live a lie?

Tell me would you kill to save for a life?
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?
Crash, crash, burn let it all burn.

This hurricane's chasing us all underground.

You say you're wrong, you're wrong, I'm right, I'm right, you're wrong, we fight.
Ok, I'm running from the light, running from the day to night.
Oh, the quiet silence defines our misery.
The riot inside keeps trying to visit me.
No matter how we try, it's too much history.
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony.
So let it breathe, let it fly, let it go.
Let it fall, let it crash, burn slow.
And then you call upon God.
Oh you call upon God.

Tell me would you kill to save for a life?
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?
Crash, crash, burn let it all burn.
This hurricane chasing us all underground.

This hurricane...(x5)

Do you really want?
Do you really want me?
Do you really want me dead?
Or alive to torture for my sins?

Do you really want?
Do you really want me?
Do you really want me dead?
Or alive to live a lie.

Running away from the night, running away from the light.
Running away to save you're life."

Aoi took a deep breath and closed his eyes, as he began his third song.


One more goddamn day when I know what I want
And my want will be considered tonight, considered tonight
Just another day when all that I want
Will mark me as a sinner tonight, I'm a sinner tonight, yeah

People can no longer cover their eyes
If this disturbs you then walk away
You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of
Ten Thousand fists in the air

Power un-restrained dead on the mark
Is what we will deliver tonight, deliver tonight
Pleasure fused with pain this triumph of the soul
will make you shiver tonight, will make you shiver tonight, yeah

People can no longer cover their eyes
If this disturbs you then walk away
You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of
Ten Thousand fists in the air

We are the ones that will open your mind
Leave the weak and the haunted behind

People can no longer cover their eyes
If this disturbs you then walk away
You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of
Ten Thousand fists in the air
Ten Thousand fists in the air
Ten Thousand fists in the air."

He shifted and moved taking a deep breath making his way through the crowd. He had to get water even a little and then make his way back to speak with Aoi.

Aoi started his next song.

"Shut up! That's fucking bullshit
Blood tastes like vanilla

Fuck off!
Mottomorashii kao shite
Azamuku koto shika atama ninai saru
Saa moujin ni tou

Shut up! That's fucking bullshit

Koukatsu no juu ga narihibiku Headless body,
Koukatsu no juu ga narihibiku Headless body,
Sousa warai kurue I'm damned

Fuck off!
Mottomorashii kotoba de
Sukashita kao shite hiteishiten darou
Saa kieru jikan da

Koukatsu no juu ga narihibiku Headless body,
Koukatsu no juu ga narihibiku Headless body,
Sousa warai kurue I'm damned

I say destroy, fuck off!
Naze da... shinjitsu o kanjizu ni ikiru
Doko ni ai ga aru no ka sae--

Shut up!

Koukatsu no juu ga narihibiku Headless body,
Koukatsu no juu ga narihibiku Headless body,
Sousa warai kurue I'm damned

Shut up! That's fucking bullshit
Blood tastes like vanilla."

He made it into the rest room and turned on the water at the tap not to wash his hands or drink even as he could hear them still playing or singing, but to splash his face down burrying it in the water once he had filled the sink and taking a deep breath.....

Aoi started his next song.
"Watashi wa ichido hokori, utsukushii kodomodatta.
Kon, watashi wa mōmokuteki ni jikkō sa rete iru akuma o shite imasu.


Watashi no kako wa yami no naka o hashire!

Tsuba, nagura re tari akuyō shite jūten.
Satsui no chinmoku wa anata no chi wa tsumetai jikkō ni narimasu koto o kakunin shimasu.
Watashi wa, sekai no kiretsu ni kakusa rete imasu Hyōmen no sugu shita ni hisomu kage no oni!


Nikushimi watashi wa, watashi wa kaibutsuda!

Dou~eru wa nani mo sore wa sō to sa rete iru shadourerumuinchi
Tsuneni hisonde iru,
Watashi no jinsei o kurushimeru kotodesu ka!


Shippai wa, yukkuri to ue ni hai shi o sanshō shite kudasai!

"Anata wa tomodachi ga inai, jinsei wa anata ga doko ni aru muimidesu."

Dangan no yō ni watashi no kokoro o kitte kotoba!


Kiretsu o kaishite aki, watashi o mitasu tame ni,
Bangō hitotsu no shadou oni!


Kakusan byōki no o osorete anata no kodomo o kakusu!


Watashi wa hōhō no tame no watashi o mogi,
Watashi wa fagotto o yobidashite, watashi wa fukō o negau!
Watashi wa yarō to anata ni yoku shitai anata ni denwa suru yo!

"Jigoku de sanshō shite kudasai."


Watashi wa, anata ga shitte iru yarō no yō ni shine!
Anata wa anata no haka ni oboreru kon, watashi wa kono hōhō o tsukutta yo!

"Wa koko de happīendo ga aru, yuiitsu no keizoku zetsubō."


Watashi wa mohaya anata no uso ni tatsu!
Obutsu ya yogore ga, watashi ni shigamitsuku,
Anata wa kyogi ni koshitsu suru tame ni shiyō sa ne!

Anata no kotoba wa, mohaya watashi ni wa nani o imi shite imasu.
Desukara, watashi wa ichi-do ni tojikome rarete ita kiretsu ni ochiru yō ni,
Watashi wa anata ni yoku shitai yo!

"Nani mo shite itadaki arigatōgozaimasu."
"Anata no fagotto no musuko wa ima made sore o shita baai o mite!"

One guy just stared at him not that he cared as his head was down face in the water and shooed the man away who was attempting to make sure he was alright.

"Sore o tsukidasute kudasai!

Anata no sora no shōri o totte, sore o tsukidasu!

Watashi wa anata no tasuke o hitsuyō to shinai, watashi wa nakatta.
Tokei wa watashi ni watashi ga kore made ni kurabe yoku naru yō ni!

San rei-soku jiga to ochite sūpāman.
Watashi wa anata no sūpāman janai,
Watashi wa kage no naka ni yadoru tada no ningenda!

Watashi no ashiato o tadotte,
Soshite, watashi no jiga no tabi ni watashi ni sanka!

Nikushimi dare ga byōki ni kurushimu sa rete iru yō ni anata o mite hito ga!

Seiketsu yogore watashi ni shigamitsuite iru koto o kakunin shimasu.
Tokei watashi wa jigoku no ana ni ochiru yō ni!

"Watashi wa, watashi to kare no puraido o ushinatta haha yarō anata o toru yo!

Anata no kotoba de gōkan bōkō.
Watashi wa jojoni wana ni ochiiru.
Ima watashi wa, koko de kodawatte iru,
Kage torappu de!

Kono subete ga watashi no ego no tabi no tamedesu!
Watashi wa nani o watashi o tsukutta orokana otoko wa,
Watashi wa kono yōna bamen o yaru!

Ichido akaruku manzoku shite ita me ga kiete iku.
Ai ga nikushimi ni okikae rarete imasu.

(Ki o tsukero!)

Tokei wa, shinpin toshite watashi ga umarete iru!

Kuro wa watashi o hakai sa reta yō ni, watashi ni itta,
"Anata ga ita yō ni umarekawaru mae ni, monku o iwanai eikyō o ukeru koto wa, onajidarou"

Watashi wa uso o kyōkyū sa re, koko ni shūryō!

"Naze, anata wa shishi ni naru tame ni, watashi o koko o okutte kita?"

Zaiaku-kan ga watashi no mainichi no seikatsu o fushoku sa seru.
Watashi wa mohaya watashi no kako no jinsei no kanjō o kanjiru koto ga dekiru.
Watashi wa katsute wa yoku shitte iru yō ni watashi ni okotta ka?!

Hikari no tame no watashi no te no kensaku,
Watashi o mitsukeru no wa watashi no mainichi no seikatsu no naka de watashi o nayama sete iru watashi no uchinaru akumadesu.

Ima wa nani mo ri ni kanatte iru.
Kotoba wa watashi no atama no naka de nan-do mo nan-do mo kurikaesa reru.

"Koroshite...-Goroshi ni"

Satsujin oni toshite no watashi no kao no shimo namida sutorīmu ga mu bōbina ningen ni yurunde settei sa rete imasu.

Watashi wa shōki no han'i kara miru.
Watashi no shirube hikari suru koto ni natte ita anata wa, usodesu.
Anata wa watashi ni aru kyōkyū to watashi wa, nani ga tadashii to shite ita shinji saseta.

"Dareka ga jibun kara watashi o sukuu koto wa dekimasu ka?"

Watashi wa kon, atarashii jinsei ni natte iru kage torappu no han'i kara kore o tazuneta."

Aoi continued to sing.

"Konagona ni yami

Piasu yoru no bēru.
Sore wa watashi o shōhi shite iru.
Tsubasa hiroge ga tobu.
Akiraka ni sora no hoshi.

Watashi wa jibun no namae o sakebu.
Kasukana hikari.
Kage no ryōiki o riyō shite imasu.
Watashi mo anata no namae o shiranai.

Watashi no jinsei wa imi ga arimasen.
Muryō no matsubi ni gaitō suru mono.
Shikashi, kinō no kotoba o sasayaita.
' Watashi no raibu, watashi wa anata o aishite imasu.'
Watashi wa sono tame ni makaseru koto wa arimasen.

Hitobito, korera no tsubasa o hakai shite imashita.
Anata no hikari nitaishite muryokudesu.
Watashi wa nani mo nokotte ita
Tatakai o kangaeru.

Konagona ni yami no naka

Tsubasa hiroge ga tobu.
Watashi wa nani mo nokotte inakatta.
Shinu koto o boshū.
' Watashi no raibu, watashi wa anata o aishite imasu'
Watashi no atama no naka de kurikaeshita.

Kurayami no naka ni oshikoma reta.
Owari no nai kono shadourerumu o shiyō suru.
Odayakana atataka-sa.
Mabayui hikari.
Kurayami no naka ni kasukana.
Saigo ni, sore o motarashita.

Konagona ni yami no chū.

Watashi wa kon, sentaku suru koto ga dekimasu.
Watashi wa riyū ga aru.
Torappu ga kowarete iru.
Kanashimi ga kaijo sa remashita.
Anata no tame ni watashi ga sunde iru yo.

Tōsō wa nakunatte.
Jinsei wa, kono fuhai no tamashī ni fukugen sa remasu.
Moe anata no hikari wa, watashi ni tasshita.
Watashi wa zentai no meido.

Watashi wa jibun no namae o sasayaku.
Kage nitaishite.
Anata no egao o sanshō shite kudasai.
Anata no tokei....

Konagona ni yami no naka"
Aoi sang ending the night with Shatter the Darkness for Kira.
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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.    Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.  Empty

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Romance on Earth.......Nightmare from the moon.
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