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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Aleksandr Nikita Herr

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Character sheet

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Name: Aleksandr Nikita Herr
Meaning: Defending Man/Unconquered Hell.
~Nicknames: Sasha
Pronounced: Al-EK-san-dr Ni-key-ta Hell
Gender: Male
Age (Human): 18, born before the time of Rasputin.
~Sexuality: Gay
Species: Vampire
Clan: Daywalker (***True Blood)

Human Eye Color: Etheral Blue Green
Hair Color: Silvery White
Figure: lean and muscular 5'7" and 135lbs
Extra Details:
When the cybernetic eyes is fully active lines of energy can be seen glowing red from under his skin forming what looks like a tattoo on his face. The only other marking he has is an earring that he never takes off. In his left ear is a hoop with a red stone and long tassel hanging off of it. Due to his mastery of Alchemy and gaining what none before him or after him had managed to accomplish he lost his legs and left arm as well as his left eye all replaced by cybernetic parts as they will never even though he is a vampire grow back or heal. His right hand is always bandaged and he always wears gloves under the wrappings are a horrid mess of scars from his hands breaking and ripping apart as a child. His left hand would match if the hand was still his living one.
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  • Vampiric fangs, agility and strength that far surpass that of almost every vampire out there except that of his 'father' or sire.

  • Genius~ Sasha is incredibly smart always had been he not only knows the whole Periodic Table of Elements but how to blend use and manipulate the atoms around him.

  • Alchemist~It allows him to blend and use chemical and metal elements without the use of modern science in other words what he can do isn't magic but it sure looks like it.

    Philosopher's Stone~ The philosophers' stone has been attributed with many mystical and magical properties. The most commonly mentioned properties are the ability to transmute base metals into gold or silver, and the ability to heal all forms of illness and prolong the life of any person who consumes a small part of the philosophers' stone. Other mentioned properties include: creation of perpetually burning lamps, transmutation of common crystals into precious stones and diamonds, reviving of dead plants, creation of flexible or malleable glass, or the creation of a clone or homunculus.

    Descriptions of the Philosophers' Stone are numerous and various. According to alchemical texts, the stone of the philosophers came in two varieties, prepared by an almost identical method: white (for the purpose of making silver), and red (for the purpose of making gold), the white stone being a less matured version of the red stone. Some ancient and medieval alchemical texts leave clues to the supposed physical appearance of the stone of the philosophers, specifically the red stone. It is often said to be orange (saffron colored) or red when ground to powder. Or in a solid form, an intermediate between red and purple, transparent and glass-like.The weight is spoken of as being heavier than gold, and it is said to be soluble in any liquid, yet incombustible in fire.

    Sasha is the ONLY one to ever successfully make the Philosopher's Stone.....a small red stone that hangs from his left ear allowing him to bypass the laws of equal exchange......the silver stone is the impure stone while the red is the only true pure Philosopher's stone.

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.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name:

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality:Sasha for the most part is Apathetic towards most things well almost everything as if nothing really matters to him. In fact one of the few things or rather the one who matters to him is his 'father'. And the feelings of betrayal he has held for so long betrayal and hate stemming form a love so deep it hurt. He has a rather acute absence of Interest in just about everything, it's not that he can't feel it's rather he can't be bothered to care to feel.

Although if one can get past that Apathetic surface Sasha is a warm and caring young man one who would be bothered if someone cried over him bothered enough that even if he is angry with you hurt and wanting nothing to do with you he'll listen. He also has an interesting response to 'fear' he doesn't get afraid he gets angry and hateful that something or someone is attempting to make him fearful he'll fight back and work to remove the source of his fear no matter what it is. All of this stems from his childhood......which until he met his Vampiric father was......cold and cruel.

A painter and a writer in his free time he can sing but he doesn't usually as well as able to craft anything he wants.
Born long before Rasputin Sasha was a 'magical' child back when they didn't know what magic was. His mother and father were believed to be witches and evil because even as a young child Sasha could control the very base elements learning them how to use them. To save themselves they threw him out onto the streets at a young age. Frightened and cold he survived for a while wandering around and avoiding contact with people until he became seriously ill.

Ill to the point he was dying a small child not knowing what else to do and having traveled close to the mountains stumbled across a dark and frightening man to many. He asked for help his hands badly torn and bleeding dying and needing help he asked this man this stranger for help. The man instead of turning him away took him in out of the cold lifting him up and bringing him up the mountain to his castle where he did everything in his power to save him including changing him into one of his kind. An Original vampire he was now this man's son and had a family.

For a while Sasha lived among them happily centuries in fact without a problem but there whispers to him now that he was older grown up to eighteen years of age were frightening. They whispered that the only reason he was spared was so that when he accomplished what no other before him had and mastered his alchemy making the Philospher's Stone that the man he called father that he loved and adored so much would consume him, would devour him only to not long after hear the man himself say as much.

Sasha not one to be frightened but rather one to get angry and cold one to fight back left swearing that he hated the man and the air he breathed feeling utterly betrayed and seeking to find a way to gain power to prevent this one who he loved so dearly from killing him. He loved him so much that he hated him.

Centuries passed as he had left Russia left his home wandering as a Vampire hunter. And he had finally done it. Finally made the Philospher's stone but he had gone so long without feeding that the toll it took on his body was great. It destroyed his legs his left arm to his shoulder and destroyed his left eye ripping apart his face. Lucky for him the inventor of the Cyber tech and her husband came across him clutching something tightly in his hand and she put him back together. He found that he didn't hate all vampires but rather those who committed unforgivable sin. Hanging from his left ear is the Philospher's stone away from him it's an ordinary rock as the stone is as much a part of him as his own flesh and blood is. He has traveled back to Russia but does not know for sure what is in store for him. But only that he needed to return home for a while and that was because the woman who saved him told him nothing would be solved if he didn't return home first.
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~Favorite Saying: Tremble in Fear.......
~Theme Song:
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Aleksandr Nikita Herr
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