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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Tokoshie Toshokan

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Character sheet

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Name: Tokoshie Toshokan
Meaning: Everlasting Library
~Nicknames: Toko
Pronounced: Toe-coe-shee Toe-show-kahn
Gender: Male
Age (Human):17
Species: Vampire

Human Eye Color: Pale teal blue
Hair Color: Silvery violet
Figure: Tall and built.
Extra Details: Vampire, Incredibly strong fast agile, a hunter through and through,  He's your typical vampire always present fangs, a true pure blood. He can hear things no one else can, his sense of smell is soo accute he can tell your every change in emotion no matter how small. His sense of touch so find he can count the grains of sand beneath his fingers on a beach. His sense are beyond perfect. HIs strength to the point if he taps something it shatters to dust, Incredibly agile he's the very image of 'prefection.'

Despite all of this Tokoshie doesn't seem to actually have a power like other vampires other then....his entire life every moment since before he was born is unforgetable. Everything, every moment he has lived, every book he has read every song, everything. It's not soo much as a photographic memory as it is a medical condition called hyperthymesia which is rare and not always welcome for those who have it. It involves total recall and the ability to remember every thing. From the perfume someone is wearing to every person on the street.

If he misses something at first it's fine.....he can simply go back to that day and walk through it again in his memories and spot what he missed. Everything for him is unforgettable. Because of this Tokoshie works out hard keeping himself built and can seem to be something of a loner.

He is a compelete Closet Otaku, not willing to let others  know the manga is usually tucked inside of his books. He never takes notes doesn't need to passes tests and finds most of them boring.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name:

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Quiet keeps to himself his nose is mostly in his books and doesn't interact with others much. Consindered by many to be a Cali beach bum who moved to Japan it's not true. He's always lived there. To annoy and frustrate people to get them to leave you alone he can recite everything down to the detail of the clothes you were wearing it tends to unnerve people and get them to leave him alone.

Toko is a born vampire with an exteremly rare medical condition that allows for total recall, he could tell you his whole life story what he was wearing every day of his life what he ate who he came across what they were wearing everything. So much so that his parents unable to take it kicked him out of the house four years ago he's been living alone in an apartment ever since and going to school still.
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Tokoshie Toshokan
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