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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Yasei Inu

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Name: Yasei Inu
Meaning: Feral Dog
Pronounced: Ya-see In-you
Gender: Male
Age (Human): Unknown appears 19
Species: Vampire
Clan: Dog

Human Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color: Chocolate brown
Figure: Medium build and athletic.
Extra Details: He is a normal vampire in the aspect that he has the upper fangs, and extremely sharp lower fangs, (the lower do not extend) He has incredible agility and speed. His senses are incredibly keen- able to taste the rain on the air during a perfectly sunshiny day- he can hear the wind brushing against blades of grass when there is no breeze. Yasei can see the minute differences between blades of grass and his sense of touch is so fine that he can tell you the differences in weaves of silk just by touch alone no matter how small. He has a incredible healing ability able to regenerate lost limbs if torn from him and everything but his brain and his heart.

Yasei can speak directly to anothers mind hearing thoughts and projecting his own. He has a berserker spirit which would be dangerous except he can keep it confined with the collar around his neck so long as he's wearing it he doesn't have to worry about going out of control. His ability to speak to the mind of another is his only active ability his true vampiric heritage is seen in his immense strength and agility. He kills with claw and fang.

He is always seen with a double dog collar around his neck. Sorta a reminder that he has to behave. Below his right collar bone is a peircing vertical through his flesh.  

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name:

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Wild, feral a trouble maker when he's allowed to misbehave. Playful and a good friend to those who actually earn his trust. He's still learning a lot as he's just a pup a very young pup.

The younger brother of Kyoki and Jigoku, his mother ran when Kyoki came back to the clan to take Jigoku while she was pregers with him. She used a spell to appear completely human to a vampire hunters and ended up marrying after she gave birth to Yasei. All in order to hide away she didn't want anyone finding her and the pup before she got what she wanted from him. When the hunter went out she toremented and abused Yasei wounding him getting him to lash out over and over again until she created the berserker inside of him a feral monsterous being who would tear apart both friend and foe. The hunter who Yasei liked came home early one day to find her doing just that and she made her mistake the chain wasn't fastioned right as she toremented him and he attacked ripping her apart gutting her and killing her without a moment's hesistation.

The hunter knew Yasei although he never appeared as if human to him could take a human form. Evidence was in the shower being used or various little things like that. And then he used an old hunters magic a trick long lost to wrap a collar around Yasei's neck on that would transform and stay with him before approaching when Yasei finding his sanity returned backed up the man knelt down and held out his hand telling him it was alright that none of this was his fault.

Yasei approached the man who was dying she had been slowly posioning him his blood bad his heart near failing him and the man knew all of this the only reason he stayed was because of Yasei and he confessed as much. Yasei shifted to a human form looking much akin to a teenager he was and is incredibly intellegent college level at the human age of six he was now a young man and the man sighed shaking his head he knew his time was running out he had come home to say his goodbyes as he was coughing up blood. Yasei had come to him a few times at night in human form so for the man who smiled sadly shook his head. Yasei had told him his blood was going bad that he was dying and the man despite that had stayed. Now though he told him to go to Aoi's castle that Aoi would take in a young pup like him and to keep the collar it was the only thing keeping what that woman had done what he had been too blind to see from killing everything that Yasei was. That he deserved to be more then a ravage and feral dog. And that was after the man asked him to do something for him. To grant him a quick death.Yasei did, Killing the man and granting him a mercy he would no otherwise have. A death that would not be painful. Before setting out on his journey to the Dragon Castle on earth.

Human Image(s):
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Yasei Inu  Hellho11

Yasei Inu  50041310

~Favorite Saying: Bonds of flesh and blood do not matter to me. The only thing that does is loyality. And that is something you earn I won't give it to you.
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Yasei Inu
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