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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Mattaki Yuushoku

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Master in Training

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PostSubject: Mattaki Yuushoku   Mattaki Yuushoku EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 4:24 am

Name: Mattaki Yuushoku
Meaning: Perfect traces of sorrow
~Nicknames: Taki
Pronounced: Ma-ta-key You-show-kuu
Gender: Male
Age (Human):19
~Sexuality: terrified of it all thanks to his twin….
Species: Daywalker vampire

Human Eye Color: Pale blue
Hair Color: Silvery white
Figure: Slender athletic and strong
Extra Details: In skills and power he is identical to his father Kira. And yet he has even more control able to from golden sphere's of power that can do massive damage.....When using his vampiric blood his left eye becomes burning crimson in color....while the left remains the same. He has two sets of interesting birth marks. The first is on his right shoulder and mirrored on his left, small and yet highly detailed. The second is on his lower back. The lower part spanning out over his back while the other which goes up towards his shoulder blades is dead center. Neither of them are tattoo's but something he was born marked with.
This is the first on both shoulders the image is flipped on his left or the wings switch places rather...
Mattaki Yuushoku Tattod10

This first image on his back is dead center above the lower one that crests his lower back just above his tailbone and over his hips...
Mattaki Yuushoku Artnou10

This is the image that spans his lower back, the last part of his birthmarks that goes out towards his hips and is centered over his spine altogether.
Mattaki Yuushoku Tribal10

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: In many aspects his a lot like his father, a sadomasochist, gentle and pure and yet one heck of a fierce warrior, the younger of the twins he’s more apt to fight and run thru someone who is angering him than anything else. He enjoys hurting those he loves and doesn’t love, allows only those he loves to hurt him and anyone else who tries to…well…..he’ll shred them into ribbons.
Backstory: Taki and Sei were twins born from Kira without his full awareness having been heavily druged. Five years later they were seperated as they wanted Seimei to become there 'Princess' and he was to be hidden away for they didn't need twins. During that time he was trained and beat, hardened and where such things had broken Kira, Mattaki did not break, instead he became stronger colder and perhaps more dangerous.

When he turned sixteen he was reunited before his twin and what had been done to him. Seimei was a cruel bitter lonely man who hide behind the cruelity of his actions. Mattaki and Seimei knew who they were to each other upon meeting but before his beloved twin could say anything Taki spoke. 'You are my princess, and I am your servant.' And sealed there fates his voice calm and cool.

He could see the pained look enter into Taki's eyes and yet let it go at that. And centuries passed like that in the small country in romania so many that before long they had no even relaized how much time had passed until one day the villagers rose up wanting to silence the tyrant 'Princess' once and for all.

Taki got them out of there perhaps the safe guard had been that none of them knew the pretty soft spoken cruel princess was a prince, like him although that title meant nothing to him and escaped with Seimei to Japan were they have been on the run for a while now. Sei once agian dressing as he was most comfortable but Taki was no longer hidden behind heavy robes. Although Mikiri had arrived to 'deal' with Sei in the past had left when faced with Taki who was not corrupt but would tear down anything that threatened Sei who was trapped in such a cruel twisted fate. A fate he knew there father knew nothing about for if he did, Kira would have come for them.

Human Image(s):
Mattaki Yuushoku Zz8-110

Mattaki Yuushoku Sumike10

~Favorite Saying: I’m sorry, had you but not endangered us you might have perhaps lived a moment longer…..although why am I bothering to say this to your corpse?
~Theme Song: Servant of Evil
~Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxzdNRxG1CM
You are my lady
I am your servant.
Destiny divided pitiful twins.
If its to protect you, Ill become evil for you.

Expectations were expected of the two of us since we were born.
The bell of church blessed us.
For selfish adults reasons, our future was ripped in two.
Even if all of the world becomes your enemy, I will protect you.
So just be there smiling and laughing.

You are my lady.
I am your servant.
Destiny divided pitiful twins.
If its to protect you, Ill become evil for you.

When I visited the neighboring country.
I happened to see a green girl walking in the city
With her kind voice and smiling face
I fell in love at first sight.

But if the princess wishes for that girl die.
I will answer that.
I wonder why my tears wont stop

You are my lady.
I am your servant.
Destiny divided lovely twins.

Todays snack is brioche
You laugh , a laugh that was ever so innocent.

Before long, the angry townspeople will probably overthrow us.
Even if we so rightly deserve this,
Despite that, I will still defy them
Here, I will lend you my clothes.
Wear this and escape immediately.
Itll be alright, we are twins , no one will notice.

I am a lady
You are a fugitive.
Destiny divided sad twins.
If you are proclaimed as evil,
then I also have the same evil blood
running through these veins.

A long time ago, in a certain place
Evil people lived in a kingdom,
and there ruling over all at the throne was my very cute sibling.

Even if all of the world becomes your enemy, I will protect you.
You just be somewhere laughing and smiling

You are my lady.
I am your servant.
Destiny divided pitiful twins.
If its to protect you, Ill become evil for you.

If I could be reborn
At that time, Id like to play with you again.
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Mattaki Yuushoku
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