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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Filidhrentithiel Fareyniel

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Nayril Payne
Nayril Payne

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PostSubject: Filidhrentithiel Fareyniel   Filidhrentithiel Fareyniel EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 4:37 am

Name: Filidhrentithiel Fareyniel
Meaning: little wise bird, plentiful woods
~Nicknames: Ren
Pronounced: Fill-ee-threhn-tee-thee-ell Fahr-air-oon-ee-ell
Gender: Male
Age (Human):...........hard to tell
~Sexuality: confused.....
Species: Elf
Clan: Arcadian

Human Eye Color: Teal green
Hair Color: Silvery white
Figure: Tall lean slender and athletic
Extra Details: Ren has long pointed ears duel pointed. The ear lobe is pierced through twice, he's light on his feet able to walk over the surface of freshly fallen snow without sinking in or making an indent in it. Able to walk unstable rock surfaces that would fall apart under anothers feet. He is quiet the archer able to shoot something miles away in the eye, two short swords silver and lovely to look at. His quiver seems to hold endless arrows and they are heavy not light weight.

Ren is in tune with nature, all nature around him be that animals or even the weather not much upsets him.

Ren has two unique skills. One he is a weapons dancer. The bow and arrows and the swords are both his creations created and maintained by his powers he can create any weapons he has has seen and use them to there fullest extent dancing with them around him unseen or expanding a little more energy and creating them solidly in the visible world.

The other is he's a potions master. A mage among the elves a magic user who specializes in making potions. They never fail  him.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: None
Rank: High Prince (Equalivent of a Crown Prince outside of the elves)

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Ren is a calm man, not easily upset or angered he seems to always be at peace and thinking  through things with a calm and level head. But that same calm makes him a fiece warrior.

Ren is the eldest son of Queen Vancarmiel, and Heir to the elven throne. Centuries ago back when elves still walked among the humans and other creatures of Earth things weren't going well and as the war's between those who walked at night and those who walked during the day began to surface more and more the elves left the world of mortals behind to enter into the lost isles of Avalon.

Now centuries later Ren has returned to Earth to the lands of mortals on a peaceful mission from his mother. Vancarmiel wishes to learn about the changes among the humans and the such. Although truth be told the elves are not much better at things then any other race....at least not under his mothers reign but he can not upsir her reign as queen or be consindered soiled and shunned from among his people.

The problem there in lies the whole thing of marriage. Vancarmiel has decreed that anyone can lay with him can demained it to try to gain an heir to the throne wither or not he wants them is beside the point. He has been forced to lay down with soo many men and women it is not funny.

Ren has left behind all off that to traverse the mortal lands having vulenteered for the mission in order to escape being used over and over again. Although he is a High Prince, he in essence is nothing more then slave to the throne......as even his mother the queen can attempt to sire an heir from him........and the part that troubles Ren the most.....she has.

Ren now travels the world trying to figure out who he is....and what he truly wants in life.

Human Image(s):
Filidhrentithiel Fareyniel Filidh10

Filidhrentithiel Fareyniel Pharma10

~Favorite Saying: Ništa u bilo carstvo je kao što se čini.
((Nothing in either realm is as it seems.....))
~Theme Song: World's End.
~Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_Az1TYs3mo&feature=related
A light is born at the world's end,
And now that very light
Is a spark within the wind

I cannot live if I just try to hide this
I cannot heal if I rely on kindness

And I wonder what had been stolen,
from this ever-unchanging world?
And I wonder what I am hearing;
Could it be a joyous song?


I want to make this shattered dream
An echo that is felt in the future yet to come
A light is born at the world's end,
And now that very light
Is what will make us unite
As a spark within the wind!

I cannot laugh while there is pain inside me
But I won't heal if I let sorrow guide me

And I wonder what I have gained here,
at the end of this battlefield
And I wonder what I am hearing:
could it be a dying scream?


I want to make this shattered dream
An echo that is felt in the future yet to come
A light is born at the world's end,
And now that very light
Is what will make us unite
As a spark within the wind!

You must try
To keep the world from tears
So return to where you once began
Far beyond the world you know
To the light


The sky I saw upon that day is what I know will come when my wishes are fulfilled
And in that future we'll return to where the world began in a pure cacoon of white
As a spark within the wind
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Filidhrentithiel Fareyniel
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