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 Hybrids (Includes Clarifications) [WIP]

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Hybrids (Includes Clarifications) [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Hybrids (Includes Clarifications) [WIP]   Hybrids (Includes Clarifications) [WIP] EmptyThu Oct 24, 2013 12:33 am

Hybrids are creatures created by science in an artificial womb. The DNA of various creatures that can not possibly come together in nature and have a offspring are combined using chemicals science and black magic to create a species unique unto itself with powers and characteristics of it's own.While this process is done it is would be destructive to a woman giving birth to such a creature as they are not a natural part of nature. Because of this artificial Wombs in labs called the Embryo Codex were created and then scattered throughout various hidden labs throughout Japan, China, Russia, Italy, France, England, Germany, America, Africa, you get the picture. There are so many that Aoi and the others can't possibly find them all and stop them from creating these poor creatures.


What a Hybrid Looks Like

The Nature of a Hybrid

Types of Witch/Warlock
Naturally Occurring Half-Breeds versus Hybrids

  • The Elves- Now, there are naturally occurring oddities among the races that are not Hybrids but Half-breeds by birth but that does not always mean they are accepted by one side of there parent's lineage. For example. Any race outside of the Elves that mates with an elf and creates an half elven combination is considered unworthy and outcasted by the elves wither they are Half Elven-shifter, Half-elven-vampire or even half-elven-werewolf, or Half Elven-human.

  • Vampires and Everyone Else- Vampires are capable as are werewolves of having children outside of there own race as well with other races as are the mythological 'Dragons' and the such if they can take human form. So as such they are not Hybrids but rather Half-breed children.

Angels, and Demons
Now Angels are not capable of having children with another race as they do not actually have a physical form and are bound to the deities to which they serve and to have feelings for a mortal is considered a sin of flesh and outcasts them rendering them mortal and casts them to the depths for which they will never do and demons well they will mate with whatever they can seduce.  That brings into how an Angel or demon being in the equation can be a hybrid it's simple that dna combined with something like a vampire and a natural for legged wild natural tiger that has no powers is now a Hybrid. That three strains combined together at the time of creation or at any point are impossible.

The Codex
Since gene splicing is not only impossible it would be extremely painful until the creature died it is not a practice that is done. Now that does not mean that the Codex is not without fault. Some combinations are doomed form the start. They seem to start out fine in the glass Codex forming the creature but mid way through they begin melting and the legs begin reforming together as the gene's reject and try to form all at once the result is a mess that they destroy and flush to start all over again. The process is not without failure and without trial and error.

That being said, there are a few things to note:

  • The Codex brings together the DNA in the order in which is was put in for example.

    Example One
    Lion-Wolf-Vampire Hybrid
    This particular one is a Lion-Wolf-Vampire Hybrid.
  • The Lion is a common animal normal no powers in it anywhere and it is the first line of DNA inserted.
  • The second is a common wolf. Like the lion the common wolf has no powers as it's a naturally occurring animal in nature and is the second coded dna brought into the the creatures make up .
  • The third and final is the vampire. Now the vampire is a being that naturally has powers to it but however because it is the last it is not overwhelming the other two but it does blend int and yield some of it's talents and traits for example this creature can now speak, has speed that it would not normally have, and strength, it now lives off of blood and perhaps has a power that it would not normally have however it is an animal bound Hybrid meaning no matter how long it lasts it can not ever attain a human form because it's primary two DNA factors are animal.

    The second Example

    • The Vampire is the first of the Dna strain, it maintains all of the normal Enhancements of the vampires as well as any special talents that, that vampire had and passed on as it would from any parent to child.
    • The Second Strain is that of a Lion. Now the lion is a common creature on earth however thanks to the first strain it now has it's normal abilities enhanced a stronger bite ratio, it's five senses are augmented and it also has access to the special talents of the vampire however it does not grant any further special powers to the creature as the lion itself in nature has no natural super powers to speak of.
    • The strain is the Bunny. Now here is where the quirks come in, because the Bunny will show itself in the lion the lion's normally clubbed ears are now long and floppy perhaps looking less threatening falling down either side of it's head, and the long tail with the poof on the end is now perhaps a giant cotton ball on the back end of the once proud lion and a sore spot for it, but these set backs also offer to the lion a gift because of the vampire gene in the first. Which takes the bunnies 'hop' and turns it into a powerful leap because of the lions strength in the legs which the vampire would strengthen and the vampires own natural enhancements and so on and so forth it would augment the natural abilities of these two creatures bonded with it immensely because it is the first strain but that does not mean these two would suddenly give the vampire whose gained the ability to control fire from it's first strain the ability to now control earth and metal as well. Those were not and ever were abilities that could belong to the lion and the bunny.

      Third Example

      • Vampire- The DNA has yelled of course all of the natural abilities of the vampire. It's Enhanced strength as mentioned in the second example.
      • Wolf is a normal wolf however because of the angel DNA the wold more then likely will appear with large feathered wings in whatever color the vampire and angel hair is.
      • Angel will have angelic powers and will more then likely cause mythological powers to arise in 'holy' ways with the wolf making it a divine creature. Because the angel inside of the combination it tends to bring forth the angelic properties of the 'neutral' creature in the middle.

      Please Note: Now this doesn't mean that a werewolf can't be used or even a vampwolf, however, in these examples a normal common earth wolf was used meaning that the wolf itself had no extraordinary powers of it's own to add into the mix from it's DNA.

      Genetic Flaws
      A lot of the time the Hybrid's lives are short lasting if not days in the Codex then perhaps if they make it a year...maybe two outside of the Codex. Because they are not a creation naturally occurring in nature there bodies eventually begin to break down and apart causing what the Hybrids term the 'Madness' inside of them as everything begins to turn to sludge inside of them. The separate DNA's that should not have been put together are once again attempting to separate and return to there original state as they were intended to be.

      In a few rare cases, the bond of the Unique codes actually completely bond and take however and instead of the break down and death of the hybrid they continue to live for years and centuries however if such is the cause it is not determined yet. The oldest living Hybrid is there current king is according to his natural state is still just a 'Kitten' at two years old. Although his human state appears in his late teens early twenties. He has made it the longest outside of a few others who have made it nearly as long as him. Any new hybrids discovered would be a year and a half or younger keep in mind though that depending on the make up is depending on wither or not your hybrid has a higher chance of survive in the world. Just because a Hybrid is a werewolf-tiger-bunny combo doesn't mean it's doomed to die. But in order for he/she to make it there has to be a good reason for it, wither that is because it took or further testing and tonics given to it. Be creative remember they lived for at least the half of the first year of there lives or more in a lab at the mercy of scientists who are trying to create and play with the very forces of life and creation that they should not be meddling with.

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Hybrids (Includes Clarifications) [WIP]
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