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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Witch/Warlock (Guide)

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Some gain power through study, some through devotion, others through blood, but the witch/warlock gains power from their communion with the unknown. Generally feared and misunderstood, the witch/warlock draws their magic from a pact made with an otherworldly power. Communing with that source, using their familiar(s) as a conduit, the witch/warlock gains not only a host of spells, but a number of strange abilities known as hexes.

As a witch/warlock grows in power, they might learn about the source of their magic, but some remain blissfully unaware. Some are even afraid of that source, fearful of what it might be or where its true purposes lie.

The word Witch/Warlock is derived from the Old English term Wicca (Sorcerer (Male)) and Wicce (Sorceress(Female)). Witches have long since been a thing of myth and folklore, but they're not just a thing of fantasy.

*Pentagram/Pentacle (Five pointed star)
*Star and Crescent
*Hectates Wheel
*Endless Knot
*Three Snakes One Charm

Witchcraft is defined as a practice of magic that encompasses many different types of activities including astrology, divination, spell casting, and spirit communication. It includes the practices of many cultures, nations and religions as well as many books and writings from ancient times. Depending upon the individual, some witches practice their power by certain belief systems, such as hoodoo, voodoo, wicca, or any number of other magical practices from countries and cultures all around the world.

Although the majority of witches are portrayed as being malevolent men and women who use their powers for dark and sinister deeds, other witches have proven that not all witches are evil, and commonly use white magic to maintain balance within the world.

What a Witch/Warlock Looks Like
Witches and warlocks are human men and women who have the power to use magic. They do this by connecting themselves with supernatural forces that have yet to be completely understood.

The Nature of a Witch/Warlock
Witches and warlocks are humans who just so happen to be able to use magic, and as such they are just like other humans in terms of personality traits.

Like vampires, they should be treated as individuals and their personalities can vary from person to person. An encounter with a good witch or warlock doesn't mean that the next encounter with one will go the same. Caution is still required when meeting one of these beings.

Witches/Warlocks are powerful men and women who are more often than not, human in race. However, they're not expected to always remain within the human race. Vampires and other species can learn to use magic and are divided by class. These classes are as follows:

  • Apprentice- This is often a young witch/warlock who is studying under an experience magic teacher or witch/warlock.


    • 1. Magic is unstable as they are beginning to learn the spells under their Master/instructor.
    • 2. Not every spell will go off as planned in fact half the time they will back fire and go off wrong in their face.
    • 3. Spells will, more often than not, not pack enough punch.
    • 4. The length of a spells term is much much shorter than that of a master.
    • 5. Spells require energy and inner strength. The more they cast, the more it wears down on the user. Being a young user they have a limit of how many they can cast in a day.

  • Novice- This is the next step up from an apprentice. This class is often a young witch/warlock who is no longer studying with a teacher, but instead on their own.


    • 1. Magic has stabilized and spells can be learned and cast on their own.
    • 2. Spells don't pack the same punch as a master.
    • 3. Spells maintain an average strength.
    • 4. Spells last longer but not as long as a seasoned Master.
    • 5. Spells are learned by trial and error, so spells that are newer to them will have the same effect as a beginner level Witch/Warlock.
    • 6. Spells require energy. Although they have built up a stronger magical muscle, they still have a limit of how many spells they can cast in a day.

  • Witch/Warlock- This is often the "patron bonded" class and are usually in their late teens to early twenties. They have finally reached the ability to practice magic and control some stronger spells, and are no longer required to remain close to their master or teachers and may begin to wander the world in search of patrons, or people that wish to have them help them or serve them.


    • 1. Like the previous two levels, they have a limit to how many they can cast in a day. Depending on the strength of the spell and duration. They have a stronger 'magical' muscle which allows them a greater number depending on strength and duration of the spell.
    • 2. Able to control and contain higher spells, they have a larger arsenal in their grasp, but must still research and learn new spells. They simply aren't gained by watching another preform them.
    • 3. While magic is easier for them to use they still must be careful how many spells they cast in a day before feeling exhaustion creeping up on them although they can recover from the fatigue they feel much faster.

Types of Witch/Warlock

  • Hexer- This class of witch/warlock deals specifically in Hexes or Curses. This class is generally a black magic user.


    • 1. A mis-cast hex will backfire on the caster.
    • 2. A user must know they are being hexed. In other words, in order for the hex to take hold, the user must hear and realize they are the target of the hex.
    • 3. A Hexer can NOT use white magic or healing/shielding magic their dark magic is used for attack and damage only.

  • Summoner- Summoners are known for their ability to summon magical beasts to fight for them. Summoners generally have some of the lowest physical stats. However, they have some of the highest magical stats and are thus more dangerous among magical items or beasts.

    Summoners use special magic that allows them to call forth summons. The summons go by various names including Summoned Monsters, Avatars, Espers, Guardian Forces, Eidolons, and Aeons. Summons usually cause a strains on summoners of weaker stamina and power, so summoning isn't advised unless the user of such magic is physically able to withstand the strain.

    Summoners can be users of either Black or White magic, however Black Magic summoners are more distinguishable because they often summon demons and will often make pacts with Tamers.


    • 1. They can summon only one at a time.
    • 2. Summons are not witches or Warlocks they can not cast other magic as well.
    • 3. Summoners, in order to have a strong bond with that which they summon, must form a trust or bond with the one they summon. The weaker the bond, the less control they have over what they summon.
    • 4. Depending on the type of summon, they need to either preform a ceremony or meet certain conditions in order to summon them.
    • 5. The strength of the summoner is determines how long the summoned creature can be be maintained.
    • 6. Forming a physical contract will allow the summoner to contract with more than one, but it comes with a price depending on what the summon creature demands in return.

  • White Witch/Warlock- This class is for those witches/warlocks that wish to practice only White magic or "Good" magic.

    Many White Witches/Warlocks are practitioners of healing magic and do not fight. Instead, they are often kept on staff by many magical hospitals and by royal families in case of war or illness that can't be healed by any other means.


    • 1. It draws on their inner energy, so it wears on them like all the others.
    • 2. Can not cast 'Black Magic' or attack magic.
    • 3. Usually radiate a pure aura and are associated with wearing white.

  • Elemental Witch/Warlock- The class name says it all. These witches/warlocks are bound to whatever element that they have chosen.


    • 1. Their spells must pertain to their element and cannot go outside these limits.
    • 2. They can not use more than one element.
    • 3. Spells CAN NOT be a combination of elements. For example: it can not be fire and ice. It would put itself out.

    • Fire
    • witches using fire magic are weakened during a full moon
    • Due to its aggressiveness and pursuit of continuous assault, it traditionally lacks basic defensive techniques, which can leave an inexperienced user considerably vulnerable to enemy counterattacks
    • Though anger, rage and other intense emotions can amplify the power of fire manipulation, it can lead to dangerous explosions or wildfires and can also cause any nearby flames to burn out of control.


    • Although water manipulators gain power from the moon, the moon's absence during a lunar eclipse results in a complete loss of water magic
    • A water witches power comes from the internal life energy, chi. Due to this, a water witches power is connected to his or her present emotional state. If an inexperienced water user were to lose his or her temper, their water magic  is intensified, but in turn, control is lost


    • nearly all earth wielders do not know how to use magic with processed metals, the magic abilities of an earth user can be negated by securing them within a metallic barrier, separating them from any contact with the earth
    • Wood cannot be subject to earth magic because it is neither a mineral nor mineral-like
    • Earth magic is at its strongest when the feet are in direct contact with the ground, enabling earth witches to transfer their kinetic energies into their bending for fast and powerful moves.


    • the most controversial aspect of air magic is its supposed lack of fatal moves, being a more defense-inclined art.
    • When applied correctly, air magic can be as lethal as any other element. Air magic moves such as the air blade and air blast could prove particularly fatal against living creatures seeing as they can cut through stone/timber and break entire rock-columns in half respectively

  • Necromancer- A class known for their dark/black magic, Necromancers are known for being involved in the communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge.


    • 1. Dark magic always has a cost and Necromancy is no different. Users of this cursed and dark art will often lose some of their life force as toll for paving the way to communicating with the dead. Normally, mindless creatures require only a blood sacrifice, but creatures with a mind and/or humanity of their own require human life force, usually in the form of souls.
    • 2. Summons must all be paid for before they can happen.
    • 3. Some spells can often disfigure or alter the caster's looks or appearance so it is advised that they be prepared to feel the pain of their darkness.
    • 4. Should the necromancers magical ability be low it is possible for the creature he or she summons to turn on them, attacking their summoner.

  • Grave-walker- Having much in common with necromancers, the grave-walker is obsessed with the occult manipulations of the dead, particularly mindless undead such as zombies. Unlike the creations of standard necromancers, a grave-walker's creations remain forever tied to their will, and they can produce vile apparitions of tremendous power.


    • 1. Their creations are never creatures with a mind. Meaning, they have no will of their own.
    • 2. Summoning mindless creatures require a blood sacrifice. Be this the summoner's own blood, or the blood of another it makes no difference.
    • 3. Summons must all be paid for before they can happen.
    • 4. Some spells can often disfigure or alter the caster's looks or appearance so it is advised that they be prepared to feel the pain of their darkness.

Special Classes

  • Blacksnake- Blacksnakes are masters of the whip, focusing on the possibilities inherent in using a length of leather or cord to accomplish things less flexible (but more easily mastered) weapons can't. Their name comes from their appearance in combat—fast-moving, nimble combatants with long, twisting, and striking shapes that strike and recoil in the way a snake does.

    Blacksnakes are most common among the lower castes and are usually found working as enforcers, assassins, thief-takers or thieves. In many cases, they operate in regions where carrying a sword or pike would draw attention, but little thought is given to someone with a rope belt or loop of tanned hide hanging from their belt. Of course, it takes more than a need for stealth to drive someone to train in the ways of the whip—daggers and saps can be concealed and mastered far more easily than going through the training required to become a blacksnake.

    Blacksnakes are often perceived as thugs and bullies, and the class is often taken by characters that are slavers and enforcers. Of course, the difference between these two types of blacksnakes is solely in their attitudes, and so can be difficult to determine at a glance.


    • 1. Magic is usually lower level.
    • 2. Magic usually deals with snakes or spells take the shape of snakes.
    • 3. Their attacks and defense revolve solely around their whip.
    • 4. Should their whip be damaged or destroyed, they lose a lot of their attacking range and abilities and become very vulnerable.

  • Spell-hammer- A spell-hammer has learned to convert spell energy directly into combat effects. Most spell-hammers are already combatants who have some access to spell casting and a desire to focus their mystic talents directly on harming their foes.


    • 1. Cannot use healing spells
    • 2. Do not have the ability to use protective magic

  • Dreamweaver- A Dreamweaver draws upon their hag heritage to ply the dream realms in order to touch mortal minds and souls, for good or ill.


    • 1. Mis-cast spells can lead to years of nightmares
    • 2. Often times, Dreamweavers are rumored to be the Dream Givers of the Gods and are held in high respects among civilizations.

      However, their powers are limited to casting dream magic to only one to three specific targets and not the entire world.

    • 3. Dreamweavers can manifest dreams not only while someone is asleep. They can also cast illusion magic making things seem real, or they can cast daydreaming magic in which the target dreams while they are completely awake.
    • 4. Powerful Dreamweavers can cast spells powerful enough to not only kill a target in their dreams, but also in reality.

      The draw backs to this is that it seriously diminishes the caster's magic, and can also lead to physical injury.

  • Bonded Witch/Warlock- While all witches/warlocks commune with the unknown, the blend of human ingenuity and adept learning mixed with elven blood gives some half-elves a unique conduit to channel the powers of the arcane. Bonded witches/warlocks forsake familiars as vessels of power in favor of a specific object that grants them powers above and beyond those of other witch/warlock classes.


    • 1. Should their particular magical item be stolen or broken, they will no longer have magical powers.
    • 2. Without familiars to guide them, a witch/warlock runs a risk of conjuring forsaken beasts such as demons unintentionally.
    • 3. No new magical item can replace their original. In other words, once they lose the original item that gave them magical abilities, they will not be able to regain those powers unless they study under a master like all beginning witches/warlocks must.

      However, once they do so, they are forever bound to a spell book and can never regain their more powerful magics that had once been granted to them.

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Witch/Warlock (Guide)
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