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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善)

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Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善)  Empty
PostSubject: Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善)    Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善)  EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 11:11 pm

Name: Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善).
Meaning: Elaborate Sin.
~Nicknames: Toketsu, Kotta.
Pronounced: Co-tah Fu-zen
Gender: Male
Age (Human): Unknown
Species: Vampire

Human Eye Color: Pale lavender
Hair Color: White with lavender highlights
Figure: Tall lean and athletic.
Extra Details: Kotta has all of the normal vampire traits. But his power is the ability to breath ice, but more then that the ability to summon an endless amount of ice creatures. If not for the bit he's made to wear he would summon an frozen army to destory everything around him.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name:

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Cold flat and emotionless. He has none of those things Kotta does not feel love, hate, pain or sorry the only thing he desires is the kill. Not one to be tamed he is perhaps the only man that Kyogi truly feared.

Kotta's history is full of tragedy and sorrow with pain and suffering but to know any more would mean talking to him and good luck on that one. Kotta has been forced to wear the bit in order to keep him from summoning creatures at his beck and call. He does not feel anything not even pleasure. He is in essence the perfect killing machine.

Human Image(s):
Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善)  Jrmaru

Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善)  Juurou10

~Favorite Saying:
~Theme Song:
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Kotta Fuzen (凝った 不善)
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