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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Tenma (Shadow World Dwellers)

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PostSubject: Tenma (Shadow World Dwellers)   Sun Aug 31, 2014 11:04 pm

When the world of Tsuin Sekai was created like all things it needed to be balanced in it's creation.  Being a magical world it too had creatures of light and creatures of shadow or darkness. As such the creatures of shadow could never exist in the light. Being shadow lords, shadow beings they possessed horns and powers.  They worked on a scale of power over each other where the strong were kings and the weak were dominated. They exist by different rules by different standards. Not many things are considered crimes among them but those who fall.....loose everything and are branded by a different title lose any right to even life....unless they are bound to one higher then them.....

All of the Tenma start out as Fan and with each won fight gain more and more power until they finally climb ranks. But they gain power with wins not losses while losing does not strip them of power, winning is the only way for them to gain strength. For the energy that is built between two fighting Tenma goes to the victor while the loser gains nothing.

There are no women among the Tenma. They are a solid male race. NO one knows how they are born, were they come from but in the realm of shadows new Tenma will appear daily in the darkness and begin working there way up the ranks. Slowly fighting and crawling and clinging, and biting their way up towards the top.

An interesting thing to note. Those who are bonded. If a Tenma is Master to a Bonded he can not be a slave to another Tenma, if a Tenma is a Slave to another Tenma he cannot then become a master to a different Tenma no matter how many wish to challenge him. Nor can he become another's through another battle for Bond. Only through Submission because he can no longer fight for his own freedom it is now his master's power inside his body that must be made to submit. However a Tenma even Bonded as Master or Slave can bond with a Daywalker as much as they like with no interferance.

Rank Prime Class 1
(Only 1)

  • King- The king of the Tenma is the most powerful. The most powerful is determined through combat. During the history of the Tenma there is only one who has never been defeated in battle no matter who has faced him. That one alone is considered king, to utter his name is to speak with great respect. In his presence they bow to him and him alone. All Tenma take a knee before him to not take a knee is to issue a challenge to him and to issue a challenge is to be fight or be crushed. Over the course of time many have tried and many have failed. There are none powerful enough to defeat him.  He allows others to run around claiming the 'title' of King, because those who come before him can feel his power his presence and know he is the one.

Elite Class 1
(Only 1)

  • Kronos- There has only been one Kronos, one time keeper among them. A Tenma who has lost only twice in the history of his life once in his climb to the top putting him below the King or making him prince of all Tenma and again in a tricked battle. But a battle is a battle and that loss cost him. They say he is now bound. Trapped and confined. Due to his loss...he was stripped of everything even this title and cast into the lowest of the ranks...one that they say no one comes back from for only the King has the power to reinstate the lost title and he never will.....or so it's believed. The Kronos is said to be the only Tenma to have the power to slay over One Hundred thousand of his own in one moment of time.....

Standard Class 1

  • Tampei- They are considered to be High class the royal guard with losses amounting to under fifty in their entire lifetime. To reach this point and earn this place. Once here they've amounted enough power to hold this position to keep it and keep from loosing.

Rank Class 2

  • Rangi- They are the high ranking warriors of the Tenma. There numbers are many and there defeats are few in number few being less than five hundred. Considering the number of fights one can be challenged to in one day that is saying a lot. They are the enforcers of the shadow realm going after those who break the laws of the shadows.

Rank Class 3

  • Foron-They are the low ranking Tenma with battle losses amounting to more than five hundred but less than a thousand. They are strong and often then not have a chipped or broken horn. They are powerful but not as powerful as the Rangi or even the King himself.

  • Fan- considered to be cannon fodder they are weak easy pickings and low end of the pecking order. A Lot of the Tenma start out here fighting amongst each other with each battle and win they get stronger eventually climbing the ranks. While many climb the ranks only the King has started out here and climbed to the top without losing one battle ever.

Rank Stripped Outcast

  • Sinner- The lowest foulest rank of all. No Tenma in there right mind wants to be labeled or branded as a Sinner. To be branded as a Sinner is to lose everything. Is to be attacked outright wherever found and fought to the death. To lose a battle is to lose one's life at this point it is no longer a battle for strength but a fight for life. To be cast as a Sinner is to commit a crime among the Tenma that is completely unforgivable.
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Tenma (Shadow World Dwellers)
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