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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚)

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PostSubject: Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚)   Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚) EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 11:16 pm

Name: Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚).
Meaning: Fear Summoner
~Nicknames: Kyo
Pronounced: K-yo-fu Show-kahn
Gender: Male.
Age (Human): 18.
~Sexuality: Unknown.
Species: Vampire.
Clan: None.

Human Eye Color: Dull Crimson with no pupil.
Hair Color: Dark Chocolate.
Figure: Lean and built
Extra Details: He has all of the normal vampire traits. And is unique among vampires as he doesn't seem to have a power of his own but he does. A more abstract one he is a demon handler. Able to summon demons normally that do not have a human form although he does have one in his possession that does have a human form and because of them he is not someone one wants to mess with on a good day let alone a bad one.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: Yakuza.
Rank: Handler.

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Independent and free spirited it's amazing to all around him that he works for anyone and although no one knows why he seems to stay working for Sorubia and they all wonder how Sorubia got a hold of him.

Always picked on by others growing up he found the way to get power to be able to rise above them and found a place in life while he won't talk about what happened in his past all he will tell you is he will inform you should you somehow manage to live past what his pets will do to you.....needless to say no one has ever lived past his pets attacks and no one....they say can fight him and live....so the question is how did Sorubia earn his loyality when no one is said to be able to face his power and live.

Human Image(s):
Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚) 505106

Demons he handles:
Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚) Demon_by_HighDracaBlancfrit

Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚) MysticMoon

Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚) Renderedcopy

Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚) Bof3800

~Favorite Saying:
~Theme Song:
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Kyōfu Shōkan (恐怖 召喚)
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