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 Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do....

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Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do.... Empty
PostSubject: Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do....   Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do.... EmptyThu Apr 16, 2015 1:21 am

He stood in the store, here everything was expensive, nothing was below 7,000 dollars and that was just the most basic thing you could buy. He was holding the spec sheet on the one that was supposed to be new and top of the line on the market. Top of the line and yet he was certain most of the specs were things that she had already put together and so he set it down and began walking down the isles looking at the different systems before him.

Each one would be impressive for just about anyone except for his beloved. For her nothing so common would do. And certainly nothing as simple as Roses or Chocolates. For one thing Chocolate would mean nothing to her now. The other he would get her the roses but they would be a compliment to this. This was beyond important she seemed so stressed and bummed as of late of course he had no idea what was troubling her she would not tell him anything.

He though wasn't getting any help in here, why because the men and women alike were busy drooling as they stared at him. Not that he wasn't used to it. After all he had been a popular high school jock in his day. His pitch black hair was long enough to always be bedroom messy around his head falling haphazardly into his face. His silver eyes were focused on the stats before him and not on the people around him to him they were all useless just blob's along the walls. He was wearing a black mesh shirt falling off of his left shoulder with a black tank top underneath, black pant me on peel me off pants with carefully placed cuts and tears down the left leg the right pant leg was cut off at mid thigh. Hanging down around his waist were at least a dozen belts in leather and chain criss-crossing and hanging about his waist. Heavy black combat boots. A black choker with a black diamond hanging down from the center. His ears were pierced several times. Around the upper edge of each ear were spiked hoops the middle edge of his ear was pierced on the right connecting to a piercing in the lobe while his left ear was pierced so many times one had to wonder if there was any flesh left between the piercings.

His lower lip was pierced along the right hand corner tracing his lip with three distinct piercings one above his lip on the left hand side. The right side of his nose was pierced with a hoop going through it, everything finished off with three hoops piercing his eyebrow on the left. His pitch black hair wasn't perfectly pitch black either streaked through his bangs falling into his face were tones of deep violet and rose red. He had a wedding band around his ring finger on his left hand and bracers around both wrists. Under the belts at his waist a long leather scarf hanging down long on the left and short on the right. He wore cut off gloves which finished off the look hard rebel punk more or less so many thought and yet they weren't trying to kick this punk out but drooling over him. Why because he made it look sexy and anything but punkish and dangerous but more like 'come eat me up I'm tasty'.

There problem was as one shortly after he walked in here found out he was happily married and he would flay anyone alive who thought they would and could convince him to let them climb into the sheets with him for a rumble or two.

Turning on his heel he walked up to the manager in the store and sighed not selecting any of the models on the main floor and narrowed silver eyes, framed by insanely long black lashes and lined with heavy black eyeliner his eyes were intimidating when he wanted them to be but he looked at the girl who looked nervous and smiled his 'I'm the star Quarter back, the guy every girl wants and you're about to melt for me smile' as he looked at her.

"Hey don't look like that....I'm not going to eat you......" he said in a low teasing tone warm and inviting but those words seemed to break the ice with the girl who then leaned against the counter and looked at him nodding her head and smiling as she giggled.

"Is there something I can help you with?" she asked as she shifted tossing her hair in what she supposed was a flirty manner enough to catch his attention or so she hoped.

"Mmm I hope so. I've looked over everything you have out here on the main floor and nothing can do what I need. I don't want to waste time going around all of Tokyo if I don't have to.....but surely you have computers that are worth far more and can do far more then what is here on the floor?" he asked her and she nodded.

"We do. We have computers that aren't on the main fllor simply because they cost far too much to put out here where someone could possibly steal them. We're talking starting prices of at least one million dollars and that's for just the basic model......" She said but now she was looking down her nose at him as if he was low class.

"Thought that might be the case. I'd like to see them." he said and she really looked at him like he was a problem.

He sighed. "If I have to go somewhere else I will be sure your company doesn't last one bit of bad publicity because your treating me like a lesser without knowing anything about me will ruin you. I don't want to do that but I don't care to be looked at way either...."

She flinched but sighed and nodded before leading him into the back room. Here he walked through looking at the specs before him each and every one before finding one that was by far insanely expensive he went over the spec sheet then pulled out a card from his back pocket double checking a few things. No....she didn't have anything like this one. In fact this was the model she was looking for and that made him smile.

For once he could get his beloved a new toy to play with something he was certain she didn't have. He already had a collection of the rare Manga she was trying to get and even went so far as to find the Manga-ka and ask the signature on them the trade off almost didn't happen until one of the others there realized he was an insanely popular UTAU Kyoku Maboroshi. The trade off? The Manga-ka signed each one with a wonderful comment in exchange for front row back stage tickets to his next Digital concert. Who knew this guy was a huge fan of his while his beloved wife was a huge fan of the Manga-ka?

Forget the monitor his love had the best of the best that she made herself no he bought just the tower and that alone was a good 45 million American dollars. He carefully made certain that the tower worked there was no point in getting it to bring it to her and have it be an epic failure then after paying and it going thru partially from him and from Tokoshie as well. He really was thankful that he was more then willing to go in half and half with him for her. He had it carefully gift wrapped and went out to the Hummer that belonged to the before mentioned vampire. Toko was off in Germany doing something over there right now so he was letting him borrow his 'baby'.

He carefully tucked everything away in the back the roses the tower and the gift wrapped box of rare limited edition Manga. Now the question was how did he figure out even with all of this to cheer up Den?

He leaned against the cold black metal of the Hummer looking down the block and closed his eyes. Something was really bothering Denshi these days so much so that she wasn't tinkering. He had no idea what it was when he wasn't writing lyrics or preforming he was spending his time with her and yet he swore she was in a state of depression lately heck even her brother who had this thing with trying to get his head to leave his shoulders wasn't really messing with him but concerned about Den as well. He brought one hand up and placed it over his face before letting it drop and leaning back to stare at the sky above him.

He wouldn't be meeting up with her until later on that night so right now he had free time. That and Den was busy until tonight anyways. He was driving down the road trying to figure out what to do now. What else he could possibly do to make this night really special for her. She seemed to be under so much pressure as of late. Like something was truly bothering her more then anything else and what was more she didn't seem to want to talk about it.

Driving down the road brought the castle into view did he stop there and bother the royals? Was it really bothering though? Aoi, Nei, Kira and even cranky Zero all said that he and Den were welcome there anytime. He paused for a moment at the stop sign before turning down the road perhaps one of them would know of a way to really make tonight romantic and special for her. Help him really turn it up a notice or two.

He drove down the road and let go of the feeling of being a bother not to them. Aoi, Neikan, Kira and Zero well maybe Zero might think he was bothersome once and a while and Neikan well it depended on his mood really.....that and he knew he had to be careful it was entirely to easy to get lured in by Neikan Chi something about his Aura was alluring in and of itself. And the man was certainly never bothered by the idea of a tumble or two.

Pulling up outside of the castle he parked the Hummer off to the side and climbed out making sure everything was locked up safely not that anything would turn up missing on the Royal's grounds. He moved walking towards the main doors and sighed as a guard opened them for him. Letting him in he looked about. Not seeing anyone in the main throne room he sighed and began walking as if he lived there not waiting in the throne room. Not that he was expected to.

Walking through the halls he simply took his time and made his way towards the outdoor gardens perhaps one of them was there enjoying the gardens of the castle. He hoped so right now he was at a loss and while it seemed ironic he wasn't coming to them with problems that needed fighting to solve or anything like that he was coming there for an entirely different reason.....
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Master in Training

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Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do....   Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do.... EmptyThu Apr 16, 2015 2:44 am

They were for once sitting in the garden. After all of there ups and downs. And after the reveal that most of the roller coaster of emotions was his refusal to let go of Eri to let his soul rest peacefully and merge and with help he finally accepted that his beloved twin was not going to be around anymore. Right now though Aoi's tall frame was resting against the tree trunk relaxed and at peace. His arms were around the slender beauty that he so adored. Before the ups and downs had nearly broken him since then Kira was soft and gentle and quiet like now. Simply resting against him in his arms wanting to be held. Not yelling not arguing not barking and or upset. It was as if that large painful gap opening up between them had shrunk and the one who had received Kira's wrath was Neikan.

Or rather Kira had glared painfully at Neikan and looked away from him uttering simply. 'I'm not speaking to you.' And since that day has not uttered a word in Neikan's direction. Forcing Aoi hurting him that bothered Kira more then anything. So right now Aoi was beneath the large sweeping branches of the tree relaxing in it's shade and holding Kira in his arms. Kira who for the first time in a very long time fed. It was after Aoi convinced Kira to accept Eri choosing to go to sleep and fade away that Aoi realized Kira like himself wasn't feeding. Aoi promised Kira he would feed soon but right now he wanted Kira to feed it was hours before nightfall and the moon would be in the sky for him to absorb the moonlight and regain his strength. So when Kira had yielded to him with little to no fight at all and began drinking Aoi felt like his heart would break with relief and joy. The sudden release of so much worry in that moment that his beloved little bird was making himself so painfully sick and ill was gone. That small token already made Aoi feel much better. The strain he was under was lessened by that small token.

Kira really had no idea just how much something so simple so small on his part could mean so very much to Aoi. But it did. Here he was curled up against Aoi feeding the warmth of the small man pressed against Aoi's cooler body. That warmth that Aoi so adored. Skilled fingers ran through Kira's hair Aoi had truly thought they were done. That he and Kira had gone as far as they could go together and if Kira so wished for it he would die for him. If Kira had no further need of him he would do as Kira wished and be gone. But when he whispered that Kira needed to feed. That he was too cool too pale after the dragon had settled and everything Kira had looked at Aoi sadly in return noting that he too looked far too pale. But as they stood here in the garden in the cold Kira reached up and lay a gentle finger against Aoi's lips shaking his head no. Saying that he would feed if Aoi promised that he two would feed. That he would take what he needed.

And so that was how this started. Aoi had promised and pulled Kira to him and sat down beneath this tree. Once sitting there he closed his eyes half expecting Kira to protest to deny him to tell him no. From someone else. Someone other then him......only to feel Kira's lips brush so aching gentle against the side of Aoi's neck a fleeting kiss before fangs pierced his skin and Kira's warm breath brushed against him as his mouth pressed to Aoi's cool skin. Aoi's eyes had gone wide only for a moment those fears that Kira would deny him were hushed. Those fears that Kira would reject him yet again would push him away again. Would......were gone in a mere moment.

Aoi whispered thank you over and over again holding Kira to him as he felt tears sting his eyes before falling down. Kira had taken from him had not rejected him. Had not pushed him away. Aoi let Kira feed for a bit before he two dipped his head down kissing the exposed side of Kira's neck and while his little bird fed he did as Kira had asked of him and began to feed himself. It was this sight that there guest walked in on.

Aoi and Kira wrapped up together holding onto each other as they fed from each other. There could not be a more romantic sight. One that he felt he should not be interrupting but a whispered thought one from Aoi himself bid him stay. They were both aware he was there and would be with him shortly. If he didn't mind waiting for them to finish that it. He said he didn't mind and instead moved to look at the shimmering pale blue roses. Such a lovely flower the entire rose maze of this color made for Kira. A gift from Aoi to the fragile bird.

Those two had come so very far and yet he knew they would have more and more hurdles to jump he just hoped they had the strength to jump them all and not break along the way. To the vampires out there, there was not a more beautiful or powerful couple then those two. Nothing compared to them. NO one held a torch to them relationship wise. It was simply amazing there love for each other what they were willing to give up for each other. The vampire community had been aware as a whole that Kira and Aoi had been struggling lately but to see them like this was a relief. To say that even he wasn't worried about what he was hearing was wrong. He had been worried greatly for them.

After some time the two finished having both been famished and Aoi chuckled licking his lips as Kira snuggled up to him curling up and seeming to go to sleep closing his eyes and just resting there breathing in Aoi's scent so close. Kira wanted this more then anything to be held by Aoi to breath in his scent like this to feel the strength of his arms. How long had it been since they had been like this something so very simple? And yet Kira wanted to loose a few days with Aoi locked in a room just the two of them enjoying each others company.

Aoi chuckled and leaned his head down kissing the top of Kira's head. "If that is what you want of me Kira you shall have it. Just.....let us help Kanzen first. Then as many as you wish you shall have.....everything and anything you want...."

"Just you." Kira answered his fingers tensing against Aoi's chest. "That message seems to have gotten a bit jumbled and lost as of late....but all I have ever wanted is you."

Aoi smiled sadly as he looked down at Kira no longer so tired but he was still weak. Still beaten down by this. By Eri's jealousy and Kira's timidness in the face of his twins wrath rolling through him. And yet....he'd pull through for Kira. He'd find the strength to pull through as he looked up with mismatched eyes at the popular UTAU singer. "Come Kanzen have a seat something trouble's you?"

Kanzen smiled a bit as he walked over and then sat down shaking his head. "Not troubling me exactly but more like I'm worried about Den. Lately she seems to be troubled about something and unwilling to talk about it. Today is Whitest Day. I've already gotten her a few things but I don't just want to hand her material's and say here.....I wanted advice on how to actually cheer her up something more then simple materials. She's been through so much and I just wanted to make her feel special. Such things like romance are alien to my family. They disowned me since I choose Denshi instead of some other true blood and denied marrying my sister." He sighed. "But Den is my world.....I'd give her anything but I'm not sure how to cheer her up."

Kira looked over and tipped his head. "Mmm you said you got her gifts.....otherwise I was going to suggest stripping down and wrapping a bow around your neck as a present for her. You yourself."

Kanzen blinked and would have blushed if such a thing were possible. "Mm problem is her brother could walk in at any time and he already hates me. I really don't need him attempting to kill me while I'm trying to cheer her up." He said shaking his head.

Aoi chuckled. "Somehow I think killing you would be the lesser problem. If you were standing there with a bow and he walked in he may have other ideas in mind simply because he could and you'd be presenting quiet the sight. But honestly when Den is ready to talk to you about it I'm sure she will."

Kanzen smiled sadly. "I know she will....but in the mean time I wanted to take her mind off of things for a bit. Something special just for her."

Kira frowned something special just for her. Something that would take her mind off of things. But he glanced past Kanzen to where Sasha who was a current new guest here.....someone Neikan had found and drug here because he said Sasha needed help finding himself he was a bit lost. Leaned against another tree not wanting to interrupt but sighed and muttered something in his native tongue low shaking his head.

"Something troubling you Sasha?" Aoi asked looking over at him and Sasha looked at the trio.

"No not really. But if you want romantic something special just the two of you. Then I suggest taking her away from everything for a weekend. Perhaps to a natural occurring hot springs. Something private for two. Anything else is really something humans partake in. But if you want to help her relax then a vacation of that sort would do her wonders." Sasha said and that got a nod and smile from both Aoi and Kira.

Kanzen looked between the three and smiled. "thank you. I think I'll do just that.....and Aoi, Kira if I may you two could use with getting away from everyone and everything for a while. Find a deserted island or something that the two of you can go to. Away from distractions away from everything to just.....reconnect without any stress or problems." Kan said looking at the two Royals. "You two are always so busy saving and helping everyone else that you haven't had time to be together not really not like you should. That more then anything will put strain on a relationship. Feelings of isolation and abandonment. I'm happy to see you two close like this again but.....take time just for the two of you alone."

Aoi was quiet looking at Kanzen before he looked down at Kira.

"I"m serious. Everyone comes looking for Aoi. Needing Aoi to save them. So much so that The more he's pulled to help others the more.....you feel abandonded and alone don't you Kira? Like your watching him be pulled further and further away from you? Even though he's not going anywhere and still loves you more then anyone everyone else needing him has made for little time for the two of you and when he has the time.....you hurt so much inside that you just want to be alone. Even though it's not truly what you want. You want to be near him, you want to be close to him always but it gets lost and confused by the time things are done and slow down....you just want to curl up and cry....."

Kira went a bit wide eyed but then looked down and closed his eyes. Aoi looked at his little bird seeing the silent response always trying to not be a burden but Aoi looked up at Kanzen go to an island away from everyone and everything for a bit. Leave everything behind for a while and just be the two of them. Nothing and no one else but them. Aoi stood scooping Kira up in his arms as he glanced at Sasha.

"Tell the others that Neikan and Zero are in charge until we return....but I think I'm going to take up Kanzen's suggestion just now. It has been a long time since I spent any serious time with Kira. Too long if it's left the feeling of abandonment in his heart. I would never abandon him but it's caused a painful cycle that we must break now. Thank you Kanzen, Sasha."

Sasha shook his head....he himself had his own demons to battle through. Although he gave solid advice he knew he should follow he still hurt inside too much to head back that way. His master....no his Sire, he truly loved and adored him but that was what made this hurt all the more. The betrayal.....tore him apart inside....part of him even now wished to return to Russia to the cold northern snowy plans.......and find him. Another part knew he wasn't ready to hear his cursed fate told to him again. Aoi glanced back at him sadly and knew it would take time to ease Sasha through this pain to one day return and see his Sire who Aoi knew Sasha loved and adored so much it hurt.

Kanzen though got up saying good bye to them and moved to leave the castle as he walked through the halls he called around and finally made reservations for tonight through the weekend five days just the two of them in a closed off area of natural hot springs. NO one else he bought it out. Wanting it to be private normally he would not do things as expensive but he wanted to lavish Denshi with attention wanted to spoil her a bit and make her feel like a princess. Since she was worth far more to him then all the money in the world. To him he could be broke not a penny to his name but as long as he had Denshi he would be rich beyond words. That was just how much she was worth to him. And although somewhere along the way Kira and Aoi had stopped communicating clearly with each other he knew that to Aoi, Kira was simply that precious. But with the pressures of Aoi being King of all Vampires weighing down on Aoi and taking up so much of his time....Kira had without meaning to felt like....instead of being the most important being in Aoi's life despite words felt like the least. Actions spoke louder then words and all of the actions had the people pulling Aoi further and further away. Hopefully this pulled them back together firmer then ever.

Kanzen though climbed into the Hummer and drove towards home calling Denshi's cellphone and trying to locate her.....he had quiet the surprise for her and boy did he hope she liked it. She could use a bit of pampering after everything that had been going on in there own lives lately. He was certain Aoi would take Kira disappear and spend some time lavishing the little bird with his full attention....Kanzen had every intention of doing the same thing........it was just getting Denshi away from her brother without him stopping them.....especially since he was certain beyond a doubt that her brother hated him and would do everything in his power to ruin this on Kanzen.
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Whitest Day, For my lady nothing so common will do....
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