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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Some things can not be erased no matter how much time passes.

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Some things can not be erased no matter how much time passes.  Empty
PostSubject: Some things can not be erased no matter how much time passes.    Some things can not be erased no matter how much time passes.  EmptySun May 03, 2015 10:36 pm

He sat there in the rows of graduating students each one like him about to go out in the world. About to make there own way. He was with a loving noble vampire family. He was popular, top of his class a single bachelor, straight A's. He had everything but....one thing that stood out to him his entire life. He waited until his name was called, he who could create anything from nothing who could make something anything and then of course it was....him. This man, this guy who he in love with. He was....no where near him his entire life that he knew of yet anything that he could want for was there for him. Clothes anything. Everything....he went through the song and dance then walked up to his parents then walked out with them. There in the distance he swore was a figure in sunglasses watching him and he wanted more then to break away from his parents to go and find out if it was him and he was drug off then the graduation party and then the college meetings and it was insane.

Not a moment of freedom for several weeks which turned into months and then one thing led into the next and before he knew it six months went by and he would be starting college soon and he didn't want to go to this school he didn't want to become a doctor like his 'father' he had no interest in it. He had a knack for media relations it was what he wanted to do he had a golden tongue able to smooth talk the press down. He walked through the streets this evening with a bunch of friends going to the house of cards. Eighteen years ago he had started life with this family and something about all of this through all of this he always knew about one single solitary man one who loved him this name this being who he quickly learned to never speak about to his parents or they went nuts on him. He entered with his friends the house of cards walking in and sitting down with his friends. He wasn't there long when a bunch of big burly guys came to the table and asked HIM to come with them that the boss wanted to speak with him. He was lead up the stairs to him to Sarubia and sat down there having a heart to heart with him. He talked about his life and was confused about past lives conversations although he did pause though and nodded then said Shushi....there was a name....one name that came to him constantly someone that he knew he had to find.

And that made this man before him smile. "Good....wait here....Crusher go find him and bring him here....." He said looking at the boy before him. Shushi was determined to keep him out of the Yakuza but Eraba had signed like him and like him was bound down to his blood and soul.
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Some things can not be erased no matter how much time passes.
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