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 Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.

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Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.  Empty
PostSubject: Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.    Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.  EmptyTue May 12, 2015 5:18 am

The low sweet hum of the engine cut off as he coasted up to the porch of the once lived in grand estate. Slowly he sat back he had left while his brother slept with the little one in his arms. Recently he had been having nightmare's. Reoccurring nightmares over and over again. His body had to have been about seventeen maybe eighteen at the time. The hand in his hair twisting violently holding him there half in the air, his knees bent hands resting on the man's legs as he was being held close and his mouth was full. He could see her in the mirror as she sat in the chair they were arguing at the time he hadn't understood anything they were saying he knew that...but he did now. His mind the way there lips moved the memories resurfacing the words his angry did she burn and destroy all traces of the boy. 'Yes' Was she certain there was nothing left. 'Yes' she had better be. He would be no matter how much time passed nothing more then a dog.

Should Sarubia even defy them a little and decide to allow the dog to speak, and to walk without his leash as long as he obeyed he would only have the name of the dog that they gave him now. The name of the dog that they called him by name. 'Kurimuzon' A pun on the color of there hair, no doubt. But He rolled his eyes up and saw the man look down at him shifting him to drive himself deeper, as he once again looked at her and she glanced at something in the room....always looked at something. But what....what was she looking at? Did she have a moment of regret?

Kurimuzon got up and stepped off of the bike removing the special key and slipping it around his neck before walking in. He stepped down on the marble floors walking through the empty house each step made his blood run chill and his heart beat loudly in his own ears. Why was he here? It was true he was still called Kurimuzon to this day but more to the point Sarubia called him 'Kuri' more then anything else. Everyone did. He had his red hair loose today, a dual black corded choker around his neck with a j hook hanging off of it. He wore a crimson red shirt half open, a pair of black jeans and combat boots. Just comfortable.

Kuri walked through the halls pausing as he looked at the dinning room he never sat at that table always on the floor at the feet of his brothers and sisters. At the feet of his parents feed either food and if he was lucky one of them would let him have blood.... He reached up and touched not his neck but his mouth feeling the pain of the bit he had been forced to wear to keep his fangs from lengthening at all times.

Closing his eyes he stepped back and walked out of there and started down the hall again walking along and paused that man from the dream.....the woman he turned down a different hall the room would be....he would have been....and it felt right...although it had been centuries since he had been here. Centuries since he had stepped foot in this place. But he was here alone. Why....did he think Sarubia would not come? Did he think Saru would tell him to leave it buried in the past? He walked down the hall past each room each closed door.

Past each painful memory. He could remember there voices Sarubia had killed all of those in the basement that day all six of them....all six of the twenty four but the rest never came looking for him. Did they just know to leave things be? Did Sarubia find them one by one and deal with them? He didn't know. He walked until he came upon the room and froze a moment hand before the door...and the pushed it open walking into it. He entered looking about then walked over to where the woman had been looking there was nothing there but a wall. Nothing there at all....

He put his hand against it, the wall was smooth painfully smooth as if there was nothing there. Kuri hadn't heard any noises and the stink in this place through off his sense of smell so the sudden hand around his throat and arm around his waist had him stiffening as he was pulled back against a strong body. Something hard was pressed against him.

"You have certainly grown up." A voice much different then Sarubia's spoke. Older far older. Kuri went to speak only to have several fingers shoved in his mouth forcing his head back. He tried to push away only to have his strength fail him.

"My ability is the ability to instantly take any power and turn it back upon the user. I know you have a version of it we all do. The same power with a variation. But yours? You wouldn't know...there's a spell laced into your very bones to shut your powers down the moment you step foot inside the house." He said as he moved his hand at Kuri's waist sliding it into his waist band and down. He wrapped his hand around what he found there playing looking at the mirror that Kuri couldn't see looking at his lovely face twisted in frustration and anger.

"Mmm you've been allowed some freedom's I see....but like any good dog you've come home.....it's take you a while but you've come home....question is where is your Master? Is he still out there playing?" He asked and then chuckled. "I know you can't speak with my finger's in your mouth but you see....dog's don't speak Kurimu...."

Whatever else he was about to say was cut off by the resounding bang and his scream of pain as he hit the floor a bullet hole through his leg as Kuri had shot him. He had not seen Hades against his leg and so he had not realized Kuri had more then his powers to play with. Kuri spit not happy as he had been made to become aroused by this man. Gun pointed at him. "I am no dog At least not in the sense you're thinking. Aniki is not my Master he's my brother...."

"Oh no? He still calls you by your dog name doesn't he?" the other asked.

"I'm certain it's because he doesn't know just like I don't what my actual name is. You jerks never gave it to me." Kuri said narrowing his eyes and keeping his eyes leveled.

"Mmm...something like that..." He said.

Kuri turned as he heard something slide open and the wall was no longer a wall but a door and there stood another brother holding a certificate. "Your here because your looking for this? Kana couldn't destroy it. Father told her to but....she hide it down here in the old records took me forever to find it. Luck would have it you would show up looking for it. He must have questioned her in front of you." Luca said as he tossed it to Kuri who caught it and Maki sat up more.

"You ass what are you doing?"

"What do you think?" Luca said smirking. "Read it allowed....go on boy...read it."

"Kurenai Hitogoroshi.....expected birth in July....received Dead." Kuri said looking at Luca.

"That's right." He said walking forwards and grabbed Kuri's chin looking at him. "Kurenai was declared dead upon arrival. Myself Maki and Kana were the only three who knew what your name was. Not even Sarubia knew your true name. You were to be brought before the family the day of your birth and announced. Instead father notified everyone even Sarubia that the youngest of our family our baby brother did not survive childbirth that Toki's pregnancy which we all knew was a hard one was too much for the infant and in the end....the child was born black and withered, only to ash in his hands. Toki wept for the loss of Kurenai for several days....she cried and cried...." Luca said in mock sorrow then smirked. "In the mean time they slapped a collar on you and called you 'Kurimuzon' the family dog...." Luca said laughing.
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Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.    Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.  EmptyWed May 13, 2015 6:02 am

Luca knocked the gun away smacking Kuri's hand and grabbed him jerking him around to pull him bodily against himself pulling Kuri up tight his back pressed against Luca's chest as he wrapped his one arm around Kuri's arms digging his claws into his right arm, the other hand going lower to grab him and squeeze hard making Kuri gasp and curl. "You are nothing more then the family dog to be used and abused Karenai....no..." Luca paused and laughed as he watched the pained look cross Kuri's face. "I believe the we declared our brother dead and named our dog Kurimuzon. Too bad Kurenai' was supposed to be Sarubia's second born to belong at his side. It's the way of the Hitogoroshi we're a set a team of two always. But Kurenai was born a reject so he was dumped and we got a dog in his place."

Sarubia walked into the room then having been there having followed Kuri knowing something was wrong and he was leaving...knowing it because Kuri wasn't moving right when he got up almost like he was in a half trance so he was here hidden until just now as he walked into the room and then and say lowly, "Kuri is no dog...If anyone in this family is a dog, then I'm the dog..."

Luca looked over at Sarubia. "You? You were the one father chose to be heir to everything. All this stupid little fuck had to do was be born correctly." Luca said looking at Sarubia. "Instead he's born with a heart that beats..." He moved his hand and pressed his nails agianst Kuri's chest above his beating heart. "Damn noisy thing...it never stops."

Sarubia narrowed his eyes at his brother, angry and annoyed, he wasn't one to be trifled with. "I was the one that man chose, but I'm a dog to the king...and even more than that, I'm a dog of the streets. I only use my money when I have no other options, I'm nothing like that man was..." he told them as he looked at them. "If you keep testing me Luca, so help me, I'll kill you where you stand..."

Luca looked at him looked at Sarubia and narrowed his eyes. "Dog to the king. Dog to the streets." He moved his hand away from Kuri's chest and licked his fingers clean looking at him. "Kurenai did you know?" Luca said bemused. "Dad believed we should always be a set. So he used old ancient magics sewed it into us you are no different. You need Saru don't you. You can feel it eat at you." Luca reached up and smirked as he grabbed Kuri's chin leaning in and then looked at Sarubia. "But didn't you ever wonder what it is Sarubia takes from you? We're a two way street."  

"Your an idiot if you think I care about it. Whatever Saru wants or needs of me he can have it...I only came here to make the damn nightmares stop...nothing more nothing less." Kuri ground out. Luca shook his head. Then looked at Sarubia. "WEll you certainly did a wonderful job of training him to be loyal and obedient to you." Luca said laughing.

Sarubia clenched his fists as he glared at Luca. "I hate this cursed family name of mine...I hate it even more for Kuri...had he never been born into this family, he would have been blessed with a happy life- with a father and mother who actually gave a damn about him!" he exclaimed, his hand coming up to form the shape of a gun. He was sick of his family haunting him, sick of his brothers and sisters who abused him...it was so haunting and it never stopped.

"Luca...I warned you once...don't make me repeat myself again. Let my little brother go and leave him alone...no one is allowed to touch what is mine...blood or no blood, you're in my way and I will not hesitate to kill you..."

Luca looked up at Sarubia quietly a moment or two. "Are you saying the old man did it before you killed him Sarubia? That he bound you two? That Kuri here needs you to live as ...."

"Dam it question him all you want after you let Kurenai go." Maki said annoyed he really didn't want to find out what it was like to be the one left alive. There father did them no favors. Luca looked at Maki before he let go pushing Kuri forward into Sarubia narrowing his eyes.

"Father declared your little brother dead Saru-nii remember? YOU were the one most devastated since as is tradition I believe you were the one who picked out Kurenai for his name. He was declared ashed upon birth and then we gained the red headed dog....so your're what using him as surrogate? Or are you saying he really is one in the same? That you really are linked since before birth to him."

Sarubia wrapped his arm around Kuri and glared coldly at his brothers. "Kuri is Kurenai...they're the same person...." he said lowly as he gripped Kuri's shoulder a little bit harder.

He was so angry. These two had been a pair, hiding out together since he began hunting them pair by pair. Sarubia looked at Maki and then back to Luca before responding lowly, "You're right though Luca...I was given my wish since before his birth...I can't let you have your fun with him...I can't let you touch what is mine..."

Luca looked at Sarubia looked at him as he held onto Kurenai at the one who belonged to Sarubia since before he was even born. It was the way of there family. Maki had been born first and then Luca they were a pair. So if Maki told Luca to back down he did...Luca closed his eyes and stepped back and shoved his hands in his pockets. "I won't take what is yours." He said lifting the paperwork along with the original birth certificate the one that had Kuri's full name and date of birth which had been hidden and a pain to find. He held it out to Sarubia. "It's his...his birth records. I won't touch him. Maki won't allow me to." He said shrugging and looking away. "That bit of messing is as far as Maki would ever let me...nothing to hurt or harm...just a bit of goofing...."

Kuri though didn't fight Sarubia he simply stood there with his head against his brother's shoulder accepting the fingers digging in...he had gotten lost in the dream had come here without a word to Sarubia he would be in trouble he knew that. But....he had wanted them to stop. The nightmares.

Sarubia lowered his hand to let it also come to rest around Kuri's frame. He had been so angry with his family then...but they were the only brothers left besides Kuri and himself.

"If you ever tell him anything else...I will finish what I started Luca..." he said lowly as he looked back up to his brothers. Family or not, he'd kill them for what they've all done to him, to Kuri. "What you helped create...I'll show you every dark aspect of it..."

Luca went a bit wide eyed as he looked at Sarubia. He was dead serious it was there in his eyes. If he ever....he looked at Kuri who just leaned against Sarubia eyes closed.

"I get it...I won't say anything else. I won't drag up anything else. But what will you do if more of the past creeps up on him? His mind won't keep it all sealed away forever." Luca said and Maki sighed.

Sarubia looked at Maki and chuckled lowly. "Crusher is my lead assassin...if you so much as scratch Kuri with him around, he'll find ways to make you suffer for it...even if it requires him to dig deep into your soul, he'll find a way...he always does..." he told them both.

"For his sake. I hope it does stay sealed....the only one of us who even deserves to be anywhere near him is Sarubia. We didn't 'touch' him. But....we did hurt him we're not innocent in this." Maki said shaking his head. "I can't say I don't have regrets."

Kuri though didn't want to hear there voices really so he was more then content to stay in Sarubia's arms and keep his face turned into the curve of his brother's neck.

Sarubia's gaze softened a bit as he looked at his only two remaining brothers. "I'll tell him when the time comes...but for his sake, I hope he never has to hear it..." he said lowly as he held Kuri close.

"Luca, Maki...if you ever want to pay us a visit again, next time, do it the proper way...if something like this happens again...I can't make any promises that you won't be faced with my anger again...or worse, Crusher..."

Luca looked at Sarubia and mouthed Crusher. And Maki looked from Sarubia to Kuri and back again and then went wide eyed. "His lover doesn't like it when people harm him.." He said lowly even a little. Maki put it together really quick. He walked up and put his hand on Luca's shoulder. "We'll do it the correct way Saru-nii...and for all of our sakes...I suppose it's to much to hope...Kurenai remains innnocent Kuri....without the memories of the pain that our stupid has caused him."

Luca sighed and turned nodding he'd do as Maki said and stepped up to him. He could be brash and impulsive but Maki kept him in check pretty well. Most of the time.

Kuri held to Sarubia he hadn't been expecting it. Why did shit like this keep happening why? He just wanted to know what it was that was taken from him then. Where they put the documents concerning his birth....he probably should have asked Sarubia but. He had wanted to hurt or upset his brother.

Sarubia looked at Maki and chuckled lowly. "Crusher is my lead assassin...if you so much as scratch Kuri with him around, he'll find ways to make you suffer for it...even if it requires him to dig deep into your soul, he'll find a way...he always does..." he told them both.

Luca blanched and looked at little green. Maki shivered and looked at Sarubia then looked at Kuri. "And he loves Kuri...." He said lowly realizing that it wasn't such much as an order that Sarubia would give as Crusher this man whoever he was would make the one who dared to harm Kuri pay dearly for it. For making Kuri experience even a little bit more pain and suffering. Maki drew in a deep breathe nodding. "Saru...as far as I know it's just the four of us but I thought I saw Akai... our eldest brother a few days ago around Chi Aka Yuki..." Maki was worried because Akai was worse then there father....but Akai and Kokatsuna could be mistaken for twins if one didn't walk right up to them and Katsu had kept his promise to Sarubia and stayed here to help.

But at the Mention of Akai's name Kuri stiffened and drew in a sharp breathe....he did remember him. Cold blue eyes short red hair and the things Akai made him do.They weren't things he wanted to think about and so as if once again a small child he curled into Sarubia holding tight as if Sarubia alone had the power to chase away the bogey man.

Sarubia narrowed his eyes at the name. "If he's here looking to start trouble, I'll give him trouble..." he said lowly, coldly. He wasn't in the mood to play games. The eldest of them all, and even if it killed him, Sarubia would end his brother.

"Crusher loves Kuri, has confessed it to him long ago, and will do anything to win...he's a Yakuza member, so he doesn't always fight fair...but God have mercy on his soul if Akai ever hurts Kuri..." he told Maki and Luca lowly as he looked at them. He would be fine with just four of the siblings remaining, at least Maki and Luca were easy to deal with...but if Akai still lived...he'd have to hunt him down and end him.

Luca nodded. He had been playing a bit 'rough' with Kuri but he would never have taken it further. Simply because Maki would have his backside if he even tried. Maki though nodded as he looked at Sarubia. "Akai....what will you do if he demands his rights as eldest of family Sarubia? Techniqually with dad gone....that makes him the new head of the family." He said lowly not happy about that one at all.

Luca looked at Maki and took a deep breath before looking at Kuri who refused to move from the security of being close to Sarubia nor did Sarubia make him move. "If anything happens to you it will devastate Kuri you know that right?" Luca said looking at Sarubia.

Sarubia sighed and closed his eyes for a few moments, centering himself a little before he opened them again and narrowed them, a killing intent clearly visible. "If he comes sniffing around, I'll kill him..." he told Maki lowly. He wasn't easy to kill, and damn sure wasn't easy to get rid of.

"If he wants his fucking rights, I'll shove them up his ass..."

They paused they were looking at Sarubia the brother of old that they had seen in the past that said don't mess with me because you'll be sorry the day you were born. Maki nodded as he looked at him seeing it in his eyes the look that said woe be the fool who came because mercy was not what Sarubia was going to give them. Luca looked down at the ground. He wanted to say that no one knew what Akai did to Kuri behind closed doors. But if Kuri's response to the name alone was any clue...it wasn't good.

"Do you think it's possible that maybe...like us he's changed? That he's not  the same as he was then?" Luca asked not sure, neither he nor Maki were anything like the others then they didn't use and abuse Kuri for physical pleasure. Clung to him and fed him but they didn't do the other....But...Akai...Luca didn't know if it was possible for someone to change.

"No." Kuri whispered. "I don't...believe he will ever change...."he spoke for the first time in a long time he knew he could Saru would never get mad at him for speaking but his fingers were white in the material of Sarubia's shirt. "He...swore an oath of blood....that...."Kuri fell silent turning his face into Sarubia's shoulder. He didn't want to say it out loud if he did he feared it would make it real.

Sarubia brought a hand up to rest on Kuri's head. "I know him better than to assume it's safe around him...he's nothing but bad news Luca...you might not remember...but he's the one...the one who began my creation..." he reminded his brothers lowly.

"If I have to see him again...I'll give him nothing but what he created...it's what he's always wanted...because he's wanted me since I was born..."

Luca closed his eyes shaking his head. "But Saru...Kurenai is a part of you...father had Kurenai be born be created to be your partner because Akai and Taiko were partner's....but if your created from him..." Luca said frowning.

The sound of dull clapping could be heard sharp pronounced one after another. "They both are." Came the rather cold flat loveless answer he looked at them. Perfection against perfection. Sarubia and Kurenai. Scarlet and Crimson. Akia looked at them his hair hung half over one side of his face a deep dark red his blue eyes so dark nearly black but he looked at them both. "If you have to see me again.....how...quaint. How about what if I come to collect that which belongs to me?" Akai said looking at Sarubia. He was leaning there on the building watching them. Luca and Maki were of little concern of his. No it was these two....who....he wanted. They were both a part of him his creation....when he had a part in creating Sarubia....and then Sarubia was used to create Kurenai. "He's beautiful isn't he Sarubia? Kurenai....attempt after attempt and finally the perfect doll was created....you love holding his immortal warmth in your arms. Knowing you can be rough with him and he won't break."

Sarubia growled, his gaze moving to meet with Akai's. "You may have had a hand in my creation...in my training...but you'll never own me Akai...I wasn't fathers, I wasn't mothers, and I sure as hell won't be yours..." he spat coldly, angrily.

How dare this man have the nerve to appear before him. After what he did to him as young vampire, how dare Akai ever show his face ever again. "You have some fucking nerve, I'll give you that though...but I'm not the same sniveling little kid you knew back then...big brother...." he said lowly as he looked at Maki and held Kuri out to him. As much as he hated to have to trust anyone else, Akai needed to be dealt with and he couldn't do it with Kuri clinging to him like that.

Maki looked at Sarubia and realized in that moment that Kuri's mental state was not good. He reached out and took his baby brother into his arms letting Kuri cling to him as he had Sarubia moments before hand. Kuri was shaking like a leaf.

Akai sighed and looked at Sarubia. "Always so quick to loose that temper of yours....I'm not here to fight Sarubia.  I'm here to collect what is mine." He said looking at him. "I had a large part in your creation...but...Kurenai?" he smirked as he brought his finger up and cut it open. "I swore an oath of blood...carving it into his bones that when our father died and at a time of my choosing I would come to collect what belongs to me...Now I'm not a complete ass Saru, your more then welcome to come along as well. I certainly won't mind having you both around." Akai smirked as he stood up off of the building. "Of course I knew by the time I came to collect more then likely he'd be with you...stop fighting me Sarubia...and you can come...you can even play with him as much as you like..." Akai said smiling coldly. "And I'll keep you both as long as I like."

Kuri clung to Maki not wanting to go to Akai refusing....to go. period as far as he was concerned the only one he'd listen to was Sarubia....and Akai wasn't Saru.
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Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.    Forgotten Memorries....Remembered Truths.  EmptyWed May 13, 2015 5:02 pm

Sarubia growled, an animalistic sound now. He was beyond pissed, and had slipped down into the depths of instinct. He was dangerous enough when he could think clearly...let alone when he was in a state like this.

"I don't care what you think is yours...but you'll never own anything in this family...not while I'm able to think of my own free will!" he exclaimed before he was gone, moving so fast even he didn't know he could do it. He brought his leg around, swinging in hopes to catch his brother's ribs. Even if he missed, there would be a surprise in store for him...

Akai moved disappearing from that spot sneering and smirking he came here to collect and collect he would even if he had to invoke the magic he had put into Kuri's body.

Maki watched the fight one hand up on the back of Kuri's head keeping it down to his shoulder even if Kuri bit him that was okay as long as he was staying put like this clinging to him.

Akai pivoted on his foot as he split open his wrist and began chanting the words to an old spell it's target was not Sarubia but Kuri perhaps having Kuri fight Sarubia would prove to be entertaining for a bit.. Kuri stiffened trying to ignore Akai. "Sink your fangs in..." Maki said and when Kuri stiffened. "It's alright feed it will give you something more solid to focus on...I owe it to Saru for sparing Luca when he misbehaved earlier."

Akai scowled as he went sliding. "Maki...will pay for that..." He hissed annoyed as Kuri did just that sank his fangs in and began to drink Maki put his hand on the back of his had. Maki looked at Sarubia and nodded...He could keep Kuri safe for a bit this way out of Akai's reach but only for a while before Akai figured out how to get past it.

Sarubia had chuckled though. He figured as much. Good thing he hadn't been hoping to connect. "If I had been hoping to connect, I'd have been pretty disappointed just now..." he said lowly as he brought his leg back around, swinging around almost like he was sky dancing. With the swing of his leg in reverse, the air almost become a visible object, a blur of it speeding towards Akai's back, no time to dodge it completely. It would be a hit for sure.

Landing, he pivoted just as easily as Akai had, and licked his lips. An animal in a fight, Sarubia was dangerous to anger, but he was even more dangerous to excite. "I'll give you this Akai, you're not half bad...however...I've had a very large number of powerful people show me their abilities..." he said lowly as he once again took that stance, his index finger and thumb coming up to seemingly form nothing but a useless mock gun.

Akai looked at him having taken the blow and sent sliding the smoking coming off of his back from the impact the solid grunt and he looked at Sarubia. Looked at the so called 'mock gun' and had a feeling that like all things with them was more then what it seemed.....and had it. He stepped down look at Sarubia shifting the position of his feet just a bit as he stared him down. "Of course I capable of fighting. But I told you...I didn't come here to fight....I came here to collect what is mine....." He said as he brought his hands up together in an almost prayer like position as he looked at him. "I cam here for Kurenai and you.. You always were a pain. I am eldest and head of family Sarubia. It is within my right to demand him to my side. As it is with you."

Kuri pulled back and looked over as Akai was facing off against Sarubia they were talking about him of course they were and they were talking about Saru too. He was talking about them both. But his bones.....and then he was gone grabbing Maki and Kuri in one move throwing Maki into Sarubia and holding Kuri close to himself. "As you can see I easily have the speed to simply take what I want and leave..."

Sarubia actually started laughing, his body shaking a little with it. Excited and pissed off...there was no hope for Akai now. When he finally stopped laughing though, he licked his lips once more. "You're very amusing Akai...but did you ever think that maybe you're doing what I want you to do?" he questioned lowly, his hand still raised and his body still positioned in the same pose.

"Doing what you want me to do?" He said narrowing his eyes. "YOU want me to rush over and grab Kuri?" He said as he brought his hand up and Kuri offered no resistance. simply closed his eyes. "That You have any control at the moment?" He said as he looked at Sarubia kept his eyes on him bent Kuri's head painfully to the side and sank his fangs in deep,with a look that said see he knows better then to disobey me.

Kuri opened his eyes he could feel Akai's fangs deep in the side of his neck and while he could fight it he'd just end up making a mess out of his own neck, instead he allowed himself to go limp in Akai's grip so that he had to support Kuri's weight while feeding. Kuri grunted though as one arm supported him in the air and the other Akai brought his hand down knowing how Sarubia felt about *his things being touched* Figured he'd rile Kuri up right here in front of Sarubia. With a look that says I'm invoking my rights as eldest brother....live with it..as his hand slide down to Kuri's stomach with one goal in mind.

The only thing going through Kuri's mind the entire time was...'Shit is Aniki pissed.....'

Sarubia began to laugh once again. "Yes! Do it..." he breathed lowly, so amused right now. Having fun, but perhaps seeming a bit psychotic to his other brothers, he stood there in that same pose as he seemed to do nothing but watch.

"Take my blood you bastard..." he whispered lowly as Kuri's image melted and he was in his place, body resting in Akai's arms. "This is a trick I learned from the king...hope you like it..." he said lowly as Akai drank Sarubia's blood.

His fangs had been deep he had been drinking Kuri's sweet blood had  had several times in the past, vampire blood pushed through a body by a pulse. The energy in Kuri's blood was unlike any other. And then it wasn't his but Sarubia's neck his fangs were deep into, it wasn't Kuri he was holding but Sarubia and Kurenai was sitting where Sarubia had once been standing and when there eyes met spoke. "Idiot....you lost before you even got started." Kuri said lowly.

Akai ripped Sarubia's neck, pissed his insides didn't feel quiet right something was wrong, very wrong his stomach felt like it was being eaten out. His fist connected with Sarubia's own stomach as he savagely pulled his mouth away not caring if he tore out chunks of skin and threw his younger brother into Kuri if something was wrong with Sarubia's blood let it get all over Kurimuzon as well....

Sarubia smirked even as the pain ripped through his body and he collided with Kuri. "You made a mistake when you let your guard down Akai..." he breathed lowly, his breath not completely returned yet.

"I've had centuries to learn more abilities...Aoi and Neikan showed me some of their powers...even if you are faster or physically stronger...I'll always be the smartest..." he told Akai as he watched his eldest brother begin the first stage of his death.

Kuri stood there with Sarubia in his arms having easily caught his brother when he was thrown into him looking at Akai. Kuri wasn't being clingy this time but let his arms loosely encircle Saru's waist and his chin rest on his brother's shoulder.

The same motion that he had thrown Saru in had ended with Akai on the ground shaking he was trying so hard to not cough and yet each time he exhaled bits of flakes were...coming out of his mouth. Ashes....he was ashing from the inside out he was dying..a slow and painful death. He looked up at Sarubia. "That may be so....but the damage done is damage done just as this is my undoing there are scars in him that you will never be able to reach and heal...or save him from."

Sarubia shook his head. "Save? No...I'm not a saint...I never intended to try to save anyone...I'm a dog and will forever be a dog...don't misunderstand my desires Akai..." he answered him lowly as he watched his brother start to ash from the inside out.

"You created me this way...you begged father until he gave in and gave you the leash....it's too bad I was always his favorite...maybe then I'd be yours and you would still be living..."

Akai shook his head. "Indeed you were always his favorite. And I did want your leash I wanted it so very badly. But you left and he adored you...so much so then he made the point...of asking if Toko got pregnant again what name should the child have and you named it." He paused and coughed looking at the massive amount of ashes there he opened his eyes again. "He used dark arts...Toko couldn't get pregnant no matter how much she tried and he wanted you to come home....so he used what he had collected from you  in conjucntion with magic and well nature and Kurenai was born. He turned remants of your hair and whatever he else....fused it together to create him. "Akai looked as his hands and legs were fading out now his stomach part of his had he was about to be gone for good. "When he finished and Kurenai was born....he was pissed because he looked nothing like you...when he was supposed to be your spitting image....and a heart beat..." here Akai started laughing even as the rest of him burst into ashes it was the last thing they heard from him.

Kuri sighed as he closed his eyes as he yawned softly and blinked a couple of times before speaking lowly. "I....when can I apologize Aniki....for leaving your side without permission?"

Sarubia closed his eyes as his entire body relaxed. "Not this time..." he answered Kuri lowly as he just stayed there, resting against Kuri. "I should have explained so much...but it's not time..." he breathed as his neck finished healing and his ribs, which had been broken by Akai finished healing.

So much he had to explain, and yet it wasn't the time for it yet. Kuri didn't remember enough for it to mean anything to him yet. He couldn't make Kuri remember too quickly...it'd finish breaking what little of him was left.
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Maki and Luca had ended up staying the night in Sarubia's estate there own home being to far away to send them to and since they were family and not causing trouble Saru was willing to give them a chance. Then once agreed upon he passed out and Kuri smiling gently lifted his big brother into his arms and proceeded to carry to his bike and then went and collected his gun before coming back and had them follow him back to Sarubia's place....well there place that is when he wasn't staying at Crushers. It seemed Kuri bounced between the two houses and although Crusher wasn't always happy about it he seemed to understand it.

Once he was sure Maki and Luca were settled in and then he took Saru back to his room where Misute was still there sound asleep. Kuri smiled and laid his brother down gently covering them both up after cleaning off the blood on the side of Sarubia's neck and then left them alone. Misute as soon as Saru was there rolled over and curled up to him falling into a more restful slumber with Sarubia close to him like that.

Kuri though walked out of Sarubia's room and down the hall turning half way down and going down the adjoining hall until the came to his room. It actually shared a wall with Sarubia's bedroom and his brother wanted that way he swore so that he could make sure Kuri was behaving. Kuri though sighed as he set the key to Fenrir down on his dresser pulled Hades from his leg and then walked over and sat down on the bed taking off his long red jacket and paused as the one side was loopsided he hadn't noticed it while wearing it. But did now because it hung funny in his hands.

Kuri reached into the pocket and pulled out an old dusty leather bound journal. Where it had come from he wasn't sure it must have come from Luca or may Maki but further inspection showed it to be neither it was.....Akai's.....so why did he have it?

Kuri held it in his hand part of him wanting to pitch the darned thing another curious as a kitten and biting his lower lip he did what he probably should not have done and opened the journal. AS soon as he did he realized that perhaps he had made a mistake when the letters glowed on the page everything shifted and instead of being in his room safe and sound he was....floating  in the air.........in the past.....at least he hoped it was the past.

Akai looked at his father as his mother laid there having just been rocked into the bed sheets by Akira who smirked and sat back. Toko was asleep right now and he got up walking over to a table and picking up a special disc.

"You wanted me here to watch you..." He said and Akira snorted.

"No I wanted you here to understand what it is that makes us Hitogoroshi. That makes us special.And why we come with powers in sets of two....once and a while more...but basically two. And sometimes altered although in our blood line everyone has the similar base power just formed differently."

"I know this...." He said annoyed as he looked at Akira who walked up and then plunged his hand into Toko's belly. Pulling back out a glowing sphere.....he went a bit wide eyed as his father tipped his hand as it began to separate seemingly splitting or doubling but instead of staying together the smaller half which had formed due to the weight of gravity broke free and dropped into the disc in his hand. Once that happened he replaced the glowing 'egg' like sphere and then walked over to the desk.

"That baby inside of Toko is your brother Sarubia....this one...will one day be his second." He said smirking but instead of the glow going out and the disc 'frosting' over to keep the other in suspended animation it the small light inside continued to glow and then pulse.

"Is it supposed to do that?"

"No....it's not. It would seem Sarubia might become a Hitogoroshi worth something...." Akira said smirking."I might have finally ironed out all of the impurities among all of you.....and gained perfection. Absolute perfection. Can you just imagine Akai? A child who is flawless, who is perfect in every way? Our abilities lie in the ability to manipulate an-others powers while using them or turning them back upon them the same power over and over again but different depending on the one who has it....but....what if....what if there was a way to take that power and change it's fundamental core?"

Akai looked at his father and stared a moment or two. "Change it's core?"

"Yes Akai, change it. What if instead of being able to manipulate any power we wish making flames that should burn hot as the sun be as warm as bathwater and as threatening. Or making them turn back upon there master. What if instead the one who wielded the power had the power to gain every power in existence? What if they had the power....to not only gain it but own it make it theirs keep it and make it even better combine it. And best of all his body will hold an active library of every power out there. Everyone that he chooses to take." Akira said as he licked his lips. "Like I said....perfection."

Akai looked and nodded waiting for him to be born. Not sure what his father intended to do with the smaller piece that had been put into a spell chamber and kept in suspended animation. Held in check. But he watched Toko go through pregnancy yet again and then she had Sarubia. Sarubia was a lovely boy scarlet hair deep scarlet the color of fresh young blood stunning clear light blue eyes he was a true beauty he was a Hitogoroshi through and through.

And the first year passed with them being unable to contain and 'mold' Sarubia, the second year he would still not conform and the third.....year at the beginning of it Akira walked up to Sarubia who looked as if he was about to go on a trip looking sour and disgusted at his father.

"What do you want now?" Sarubia asked narrowing his eyes he had had enough of this place he was going to make his own way he had figured it all out had tried to escape once when he was younger been beaten for it and met a young human boy who he dared not take with him. But he had returned here.

Akira looked at him. "Will you be gone long?"

"No, there's something I wish to do. I'll be back before you know it...." Sarubia said to clean house here once he had the power to do so but he would not tell his father that one.

"I see you should know. Toko has finally gotten pregnant again. Like all of your siblings before you this one will be part of the family but this one will be specifically your little brother or sister...."

Sarubia actually gave pause and looked at him. "Can the shit. You've made him wait three fucking years....His name is Kurenai, and he's MY baby brother. I said I won't be gone long and I won't....I'll be returning for him. You can count on that...he belongs to me."

Akira smirked and nodded. "Of course he does. He is your second after all." Sarubia scowled at him and walked out.

Akria watched him go. He had figured he found the secret to keeping his children alive past death. It was simple as far as he was concern even should there current body die they could jump into the imperfect twin the second life that wasn't truly meant to be. The time of Toko's pregnancy was not easy normally she went through it like it was nothing but this one took a toll on her unlike any other. When the midwife finally brought the boy out into the waiting area the first thing Akira noticed wasn't the color of is son's hair, or eyes. How many fingers or toes. It was a sound that should not be in a house of Pureblood Vampires.

A sound that belonged to the world of Human's. A heart beat slower but strong steady. The baby slept in the midwives arms as she trembled and apologized she did nothing wrong she knew she didn't. Akira reached out and took the child looking over at those gathered. "It will be announced that Kurenai died during before birth and fell to ashes once he was born and cut form his mother."

Akira held the sleeping boy....hair the stunning dark shade of crimson red. Long crimson lashes lay against his tiny cheek bones he yawned and small fangs were there but he did not scent human and nor would he. "Send word to Sarubia that he need not return for his baby brother for his baby brother is dead. WE dare not let this thing disgrace the name of Hitogoroshi."

He watched his children nod and leave the room knowing Sarubia would be livid that the boy died. Akira wrapped a collar around the childs neck quickly before his life force grew too strong and could be sensed hiding it so it was as if he had truly died. Akai looked at his father leaning against the wall. "So Kurenai is dead in your arms. Never having a chance to live....then what do we call the little beast."

"Kurimuzon." Akira answered. For the color of his hair. The beast will only be called by a color by the name of an animal for that is all he could ever hope to be to our family. No Hitogoroshi would ever be born with a heartbeat.

The first three months he was beat and fed made to be broken and crawled around not given anything to speak to learn....other then how to be a 'dog'.....no sign of Sarubia...then the fourth month in human time but his eighteenth year as a vampire his body mature and his mind trapped....

It was then that Sarubia arrived. But he never made it to where Kuri was being held in the basement that day being punished for not obeying quick enough. While Sarubia was there to find out the truth about a rumor he heard and yet.....Akai overpowered him easily and took him deeper still within the estate grounds to a room that he was sealed within.....others could enter he could not leave....

But then Akai walked back up through the halls to where Kuri was......Everything with Sarubia was black there no sign of it. Written within the enchanted pages. But what was there caused Kuri to hitch as he was seeing it as if he was looking through Akai's last memories before dying.

Two large metal 'balance' beams seemed to be in the room one slightly higher then the other. Kuri was laying over them both, the higher one under his stomach....his legs chained to it spread apart the shorter braced at his collar bone wrists chained down to it as well. He knew those in the room with him....he knew them....Sinking there fangs into his sides was Fujiiro and Sumire...behind him making Kuri pause was Shoga and behind him Kosho.....Kosho seemed determined to imprint the metal bar into Kuri's stomach....Beneath him kneeling on the floor was his brother's Yoko and Shuko....and they were.....He closed his eyes not wanting to see it to remember it in such a way but he had little choice in the matter having invoked the spell....Hana and Midori were playing at his chest while his father was....making use of Kuri's mouth. And Akai's second his more or less 'twin' Taiko was licking his lips as if waiting his turn....Akai walked in as did there mother but instead of looking horrified she whined about them starting without her. Before long they all shifted and it went on like that for hours.

The next day had him down there still but not all of them were there. Akai was missing....Akai and Taiko as well as Hana and Midori. Where they had gone he didn't know but it started with his father behind him...his mother...was...Kuri broke free of the spell harshly by using power and force. ....
The book which had been in his pocket landed with a resounding thud on the floor in his room he looked at the thick leather book nothing was clear about what happened to Sarubia then. Only that something did happen and kept him from showing up then.....and for another almost seven months....when he finally did...he freed Kuri, and then Aoi showed up looking angry and sad. But Kuri looked at the book. Some day he was sure Sarubia would tell him. Would be able to talk about what happened to him. Why....he wasn't able to get to him sooner.

Did he hate Sarubia for it? No. He knew what they were all like the only thing he did see often in there with Maki and Luca was Maki liked to make him sit there and feed him...he supposed it was Maki's way of being 'nice' without being caught. And Luca? Luca had this thing with using him as a living teddy bear holding on and 'petting' him. But it was what he saw near the beginning that bothered Kuri the most.

Had Akira never pulled apart that smaller bead from the magical essence that was the beginning of Sarubia's life Kuri would not be here now. This body this life all of it was stolen from Sarubia. He didn't hate him but Sarubia surely had a reason to hate Kuri didn't he?

Kurenai sighed he supposed he had to get used to that now. His real name how long had it bothered Sarubia to call him by the name of the beast because Kuri didn't know it. He always angrily declared that they denied Kuri everything even *his* name. He walked into his bathroom and turned on the water. Letting it run for a bit to warm up as he undressed and then climbed in showering and cleaning his hair. Akira had carved the roman numeral thirteen into his flesh one day telling him it was his mark because he was unlucky enough to be born broken, wrong and defective.

Kurenai sighed as he finished in the shower not staying in long just long enough to wash and condition his hair and wash up then dryed off slipping into a pair of loose pj pants and walked into the room sitting down and looked at the floor where the book laid. And yet Sarubia didn't say Kurenai should never have been born just that he should have been born to a different family where he would not have been so cursed.

Kuri lifted his hand and looked at it. "Akira....the entire reason I was even born is because he split off a small piece from you with dark arcane magic.....and used it to create me...Aniki....and yet...instead of demanding what he stole from you to bring me into being....you....you do everything in your power to protect me and keep me safe....and I? I don't even know how to thank you....for any of it. For a life that....I shouldn't even have....because it was never mine in the first place....according to that....thing there....there was never supposed to be a Kurenai Hitogoroshi....so why then....why want me instead of wanting back the piece he took ti's not the same thing....you could have taken it back then. From the looks of things.....why do you not take back what is yours? This body, it's blood it's powers everything....came from you." Kurenai whispered to himself burying his face in his hands as he let his long crimson red hair air dry. Sarubia was sound asleep in his room. Kuri was alone right now to deal with the sorrow and confusion dancing in his heart. Sorrow and confusion that this book only added to the nightmares....Nightmares of this of his past.

Nightmares so real at times he woke swearing they had just been doing it to him then when it was such a long time ago....
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