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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Stolen Identities

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PostSubject: Stolen Identities   Sun Jun 14, 2015 4:13 am

A month had went by since Adalyn Valdis had stepped off the plane that brought her to Tokyo, memories of her parents were fading away with the distance and time. Everything she knew before was stuck in a void of pain that caused her to shut out the world and not try hard to succeed. It was nearly noon, the small room was filled with take out boxes and empty cups. a foul scent creeped to the neighbors who complained to the landlord. Adalyn laid on her skinny mat curled in a ball. Hearing the neighbors outside her door made her clinch up more. "GO AWAY" She yelled when a knock came to her door. "I don't care what you want! just go away!" but the knock came again becoming more like a pound. the pound sounded something like what the police in America would do before they broke through the barrier of a door. Adalyn started to slowly get up. Her hair had not been washed since the day before she had left America. it was knotted and snagged with twigs and leaves from climbing in and out of the window to avoid the landlord. Her eyes filled with tears ready to drizzle down from the reminder of how she was never going back home.

She pulled on the knob and slid the door open. "yes?" She asked the man who was standing there in a pitch black suit. "Miss Valdis?" the man asked in English while looking past Adalyn into her small one room apartment. "I may be.. depend on who is asking.. she replied snarkily while allowing her mind to study the man's identity. "Sorry to bother you, ma'am, I was sent here to check on you. Your uncle asked me to..." Adalyn shook her head and quickly slid the door shut with a slam and lock and turned around on her heels. Why would her uncle send someone to check on her? he told her there would be no contact for her protection, she reminded herself. packing her backpack in a hurry she heard the man outside the door "excuse me, Sir, can you unlock this door for me?" "FUCK! I need to leave now!" Adalyn thought to herself before grabbing her shoes and tossing her bag and shoes out the window before climbing out herself. In a hurry, she rushed down the tree getting scrapes along the way. when her feet touched the ground she grabbed her belongings and looked up to make sure no one see her. Everyone was too busy to pay attention to her slip down the street feared for her life.

With her bag on her back and her shoes on her feet, she started thinking of how she was going to get money to pay for a hotel. It was going to be hard, but she knew she was going to have to go about it a very illegal way. She would need to steal someone's identity and their purse or wallet..... Checking her pocket, she realized she had enough cash to buy a drink and prolong her drink while she studied her victim. Finding a small restaurant, she sat down and ordered a tall glass of beer to slowly sip on while she looked around like a lion stalking their prey. At last.. there he was, her victim a tall handsome man who seemed to be doing well for himself. a small smile grew on her lips as she stood up with her bag and beer and made her way to his table to join him. "Hi... I am sorry, I was sitting over there and noticed you looked a tad lonely.. can I join you? I am Adalyn. she said politely. the man looked her over before giving in and nodding for her to join him. Adalyn took the seat and the two started talking as if they been friends for a while. After an entire two hours, Adalyn heard the soft bell chime in her head and excused herself. "Oh I am terribly sorry, I didn't realize how late it is... I should get going.. It was so nice to meet you and thank you so much for dinner." the man stood and bowed to her as she bowed back. when he turned from her she quickly slipped his wallet from his jacket and turned on her heels leaving.

Outside she looked around for a good place to shift... the alley had an another alley connected to it and no one was using it so Adalyn hurried down the alley and slipped into an abandoned building and started to concentrate on her shift. It was painful but not as painful as it was when she first ever shifted. Her organs moved and her bones broke and shifted around in her body, a good fifteen minutes of pain Adalyn stood up and looked at herself in the broken glass of a window. "Perfect.. now it's time to get a hotel Jiro" Slipping back out to the streets the headed south hoping to find a hotel to stay a few nights at, while not bumping into anyone "Jiro" knew..............
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PostSubject: Re: Stolen Identities   Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:35 am

Peyton stood infront of his mirror. It had been so long since he had dressed like a male, and his double d breast were making it hard to pull off. He looked again and shook his head stripping his clothes and going for one of his favorite outfits. A simple tank top that, with the proper sport bras, made his breast look like large pecks, he wore a loose but form fitting pair of jeans and sneakers. and his hair up in a pony tail with a ball cap. There, such a Gender Fluid look. He intended to go visit his grandparents, who like his father, weren't the fondest of his gender bender ways. They loved him and accepted him, but it was like, an unspoken rule. They didn't talk about it and he did his best to not rub it in their face.

They were to talk about his trust fund which he gained access too when he turned 25. It was something he looked forward too. He grabbed a wallet and put the important stuff in it and threw it in his pocket. Grabbing a slightly tinted chap stick. He did have makeup on but luckily he was good enough that it looked as though he didn't. just enough to make them both happy. and the chap stick could take the place of lipgloss. He left the hotel he lived at and smiled to the man who played bouncer for the club he worked at. He would be walking down the street texting a few people when he accident bumped into "Jiro" with his should. Oh I am so sorry. I should really pay attention to where I am going. He would say stopping to make sure the gentleman he bumped into was alright.
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PostSubject: Re: Stolen Identities   Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:46 pm

Adalyn was not even paying attention while walking towards the hotel her/hisself. Roaming through the stolen wallet Jiro's face was gleaming with happiness of the wad of money the original Jiro had in his wallet and bank. Yes she stopped at the bank and wiped the account out so she could have money to buy new clothes and food until she studied her next victim, Being bumped into "Jiro" dropped the wallet and growled in frustration. "yeah! maybe you should...." She started to yell in jiro's voice but instantly calmed down when she seen the man in front of her. Stopping instantly in mid sentence Jiro's voice would sound studders and clam "I am so sorry.. I should have not been trying to count my money... I am Ada.... Adalyn's brother Jiro.." slapping his arm he shook his head, "sorry you dont even know who she is.. She is coming to town to live and i promised to help her out til she found a place to live. Gonna get her a nice suite at that hotel..." He/she said pointing over his shoulder towards the hotel Peyton had come out of. "I hope she likes it... Maybe I could pay you some money to take her out... She has no friends and I am going to be way too busy to spend time with my dear old sister..." Adalyn as Jiro was rambing on like a fool, Only because she had spotted her next victim. He seemed wealthy enough to support her for a month after stealing his identity. "so what you say? 100 dollars? how about 1000?"
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PostSubject: Re: Stolen Identities   

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Stolen Identities
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