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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Finding the truth, dawn of a new day (open to all)

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Finding the truth, dawn of a new day (open to all) Empty
PostSubject: Finding the truth, dawn of a new day (open to all)   Finding the truth, dawn of a new day (open to all) EmptyThu Jun 25, 2015 7:52 pm

It was a normal day or at lest it should have been. Hina was thinking back to how the day started...

It started like any other day. Hina awoke to the dawn, sun shining through his window, turning over to his clock Hina saw that it was only 5:30 on a Saturday morning. Hina sighed and spoke sleepily, "Why do I have to wake up so early. Oh yeah, it's because I run a store ughh..." Clearly he hadn't  woken all the way up yet. He rolled over, pulling the covers over his head. "I have to get up now or never. It not like I can set an alarm to wake up" Hina thought,  remembering the talk he had with his dad about werewolf's hearing being to sensitive, but he didn't have any such luxuries when it came to alarms.

He got up, making his bed before changing out of his sleeping clothes. He looked over his room; blue walls and not too big. A dresser next to the window in front of his bed so the light of the sun could wake him up. On the right side of his room he had a desk and a bookshelf which so full of books that they had to be laid on top of each other now. "I really need to get a new shelf," Hina said to himself as he combed his hair out of his face with his hand. "...and a hair cut," he added, looking over to the mirror.

It was a full body mirror that had two pictures of his mother and one of his grandparents- not something most boys would have in their room, but it was his mothers so he kept it and a few other little things that he had gotten over the years. Most of it was boxed up by his dad and put in the attic. The memories were too painful for him to deal with at first, but over the years he had given Hina some little things of his mothers.

Hina walked over to the mirror, running his hands over the scars along his side to the middle of his stomach- painful memories started to surface in his mind of a time where things were not so good. Just barely, he managed to beat back the memories of those days. Hina walked over to the dresser, picking out a red t-shirt with long selves under the short selves and black baggy shorts that came past his knees. Then he headed to the shower.

After a long shower, Hina changed into the clothes he had picked out. Once he was dressed, he headed downstairs. The sun had come over the mountain top, covering everything in the store with a warm, orange glow. "I love this place," he said with a warm smile, looking at the clock on the far wall. 6:00.

Hina decided that he would go over the store doing what he did every morning; fixing the things on the shelf, restocking, and cleaning. This took only 30 minutes to do. After that, Hina decided that he would go to the back room where they stored most things and look around a little like Tasia and Sora told him to do. It could hurt, but he felt that it was something that he needed to move past.

Hina made his way across the store. The layout of the store was simple really there were shelves around the store, a few tables set up and the counter was on the far right with the stairs going up to his apartment. While the store room was on the far left. When Hina opened the door to the store roomm he was not surprised by the fact that it was bigger on the inside than the store was itself. He had become used to the stores magic, as he called it.

Over the years, his home has had three instances of strange things happening that had become normal. The first was in the store room; two seven colored doors that would show up in random places around the store, things popping up out of nowhere, and the last one being the most active one.

Hina made is way around the countless shelves of objects that where sold in the store before finding a case of water on the ground in the middle of the isle "That's weird..." he said to himself. "Things like this are almost never off the shelves. It's usually clear in here. Dad must have moved it..." he said as he picked up the case and took it two isles over to where the water was shelved. As Hina put the water on the shelf, it started to tip over, but he stopped. He couldn't help but sigh in relief that could have gone bad he thought as a large book dropped off of the shelf with a loud smack next to him.

After getting the book back to the counter, Hina opened it, reading what was inside. It was a book about his family history on his mothers side. It told about his mothers family living in early Japan, fighting Demon's and discovering their craft. It told hina about how the store was built and even had personal story of the past and advice on how to use magic and different types of it. The first 500 out of 3,000 pages had this in it, then it started to get weird...well, weird  for Hina.

It talked about a power that each person had, but Hina didn't get that far in the book because it was time for the store to open. Looking up form the book, he saw it was 9:00. he hid the book in his room and went back down stairs and opened the store willing for the day to end
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Finding the truth, dawn of a new day (open to all)
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