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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Shouming Shou Wuran (Seikatsu Kegareta)

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Shouming Shou Wuran (Seikatsu Kegareta)  Empty
PostSubject: Shouming Shou Wuran (Seikatsu Kegareta)    Shouming Shou Wuran (Seikatsu Kegareta)  EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 11:56 pm

Name: (Chinese) Shouming Shou Wuran, Seikatsu Kegareta (Japanese)
Meaning: Life Tainted
~Nicknames: Xue Lieren (Blood hunter)
Pronounced: (Chinese) Show-ming Show Woo-ran. (Japanese) Say-cat-sue Keg-ah-reh-tah
Gender: Male.
Age (Human): looks 21
~Sexuality: Straight.
Species: Dragon.
Clan: Ryu.

Human Eye Color: Pale Crimson
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Figure: Tall and powerfully built.
Extra Details: He has all of the vampire traits. The speed, healing, stanima as well as incredibly sharp upper and lower fangs. Seikatsu is incredibly strong able to crush cars into little balls can knock down buildings if he wants to. Able to levitate things with his mind and his talons/claws are sharp enough to cut through the toughest metal as if cutting through a butter with a hot knife. His sense of smell is incredibly keen. His eyesight...he can catch the finest detail and movement. And hearing.......he can hear the sound of air brushing against grass when there is no breeze if he pays attention.

On his left shoulder is an intricate tattoo. The line work there for a while. Over his right ear are three small rings.  He's able to take on the form of a dragon, which in that state he can breath black fire....a fire that burns so hot it leaves nothing behind not even the ashes....

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: Chinese Mafia
Rank: Ex-assassin

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Seikatsu is cool calm and reserved.....on the surface. The keen cunning and intelect of a hunter, he can be cruel and cold or sweet and charming there seems to be no base for his emotions just rather how he's feeling at that time. And wither or not you amuse him or interest him in any way.

Shouming Shou Wuran has been connected to the Mafia in China for as long as he can remember always a part of it since a child. His father was an assassin for the head of the Mafia and his father before him. Trained since a small child to carry out the dirty work he had done so faithfully for centuries without a problem once he became of age.

Shouming however grew bored with it. Always being told what to do, who to kill and where to go he staged his own death, skilled at it with a cunning mind he had succeeded for centuries leaving his homeland of China behind as well as the name. Shouming went to Japan to start out a new life working for himself doing what he wants he took the name Seikatsu Kegareta meaning the same as in china as no one who would think he left.

For centuries now he has done this what he's wanted and has become aware of shadows of glimpses of the Chinese Mafia showing up here and there in Japan he's managed to avoid them and drawing attention to himself and the last thing he wants is it to come to Sarubia's attention. That the Yakuza has a ex memeber of the Chinese Mafia since all Mafia familes have one rule...once your in your out only when you die. Which is why he took great care to kill off Shouming Shou and become reborn in Japan as Seikatsu.

Human Image(s):
Shouming Shou Wuran (Seikatsu Kegareta)  L_27066888a78603acb7648082a0810dbc1

Shouming Shou Wuran (Seikatsu Kegareta)  Dragon-8

~Favorite Saying: Honestly......your the best they have? They could have sent someone at least a little interesting......how....dull.

~Theme Song:
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Shouming Shou Wuran (Seikatsu Kegareta)
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