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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Rebenok l'da Complete

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Rebenok l'da Complete   Tue May 31, 2016 7:12 pm

Full Name: Rebenok l'da
Meaning of Name: Child of Ice [Russian]
*Nickname: Rebel
*Alias(es): Aida
Sex: Female
Tribe: White [Non-Albino]
Species: Dire

Human Appearance
Human Age: 21
Human Eye Color: Sapphire
Human Hair Color: Silver
Type of Build/Body: Slender
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Has multiple jagged scars all up and down her back from her past battle with a Alpha out for blood.
Image(s) For Character:

Wolf Appearance
Eye Color: Sapphire
Fur Color: Silky White
Species: White
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 150 lbs
Image(s) For Character:

Attitude/Personality: Timid in nature, very kind and sociable. She has a fear of normal humans and most male wolves. Despite her size and great power she tends to stay in caves and travels alone. She is not very interested in packs so she has a tendency to survive off of smaller prey. She is very skilled in ambushing her prey and finding ways to do things a normal loner wolf wouldn't do. She is quick to attack when she feels threatened and slow to apologize. She dislikes most males and has a tendency to focus on females for the most part. As far as she is concerned she may never have a litter of her own.

*Talents: She is very skilled in setting up traps for smaller prey in order to safely hunt without having to leave her den very often. She usually sets these traps up in human form and catches the prey in larger amounts that way she can eat for a few days without worry. She does the same with water she keeps it with her that way she has it when she needs it. She will physically hunt in wolf form if necessary she is quite skilled in running her prey into dead ends that leave them with no room to escape or retaliate.

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name: N/A
Class: N/A

*Special Abilities:  

    Unique Skills
  • Ice Spears- The user applies razor sharp shards of ice to long hair, a rope, or other mid to long range lashing weapon. In this case it would be the shackles and chains around her legs. Then the user controls the shards to ensure the piercing weapon hits their mark, allowing the chains to lash at the opponent for multiple strikes.

  • Blizzard- The user has the ability to whip up a blizzard around their body from their mouth. This allows the user to knock away projectile weapons by throwing off their trajectory. It also can freeze a normal person very quickly. Common afflictions that effect people entering the ring of snow and ice is Frost Bite and Hypothermia. Minimum Post Time: 2

    Limitations- Blizzards duration is limited it can last for a maximum of 6 posts before it stops. Its range is also limited to just around her body.

  • Wall of Cold- This ability is quite simple it allows the user to make a pillar of thick glacier like ice spring up from the ground. The ice is strong enough to block a large variety of attacks but can also be used offensively in the right situations. It gives off a lot of bone chilling air so using this to seal up someone un-used to the temperature in a cave or something and they are likely to die from Hypothermia. Minimum Post Time: 3

    Limitations- It can withstand blows of great power but a strong enough strike can break it. It can be melted by very powerful and intense heat.

  • Shell of Ice- The user creates an armor of glacier like ice around their body to prevent attacks from hitting them at close range. It can reform if a piece breaks using the stamina of the user. It is a last resort defense that continuously uses stamina. Minimum Post Time: 1

    Limitations- The shell of ice can be melted with intense flames and takes a lot of stamina so should be used as a last resort. Quickly exhausts the user if continuously used.

  • Razor Claws- The user creates very thin razor sharp ice around their claws or fangs. This allows the user to pierce thick skin and strong defenses much easier.

    Limitations- Can break on abnormally harder substances such as titanium or magically enhanced metal, though it may still pierce such substances.

  • Shredding Needles- The users long fur allows them to create needles that fly in all directions. The needles are sharp enough to pierce elephant hide.

  • Frozens Fangs- The name is misleading it makes you think that she will freeze over her own fangs but in actuality she is creating several ice wolves at once that charge the opponent and attack all at once from multiple directions. The copies themselves are rather weak and can be destroyed with a well placed strike. It is not easy to hit them as they attack fast and are often large in numbers usually 10-15 copies are made. They act according to the actions of the caster of this spell. They seem to have a consciousness but in reality they do not. They attack similar to that of their caster and act accordingly. They literally are a copy of their master.

    Limitations- They are relatively weak to a physical strike and can be easily destroyed if you manage to hit them. They can only act within the parameters of the original. If the caster wouldn't do it then they wouldn't, can only bite and scratch. CANNOT use the other abilities the user can.
  • Claw Retraction- The user can project and retract razor-sharp claws from their fingertips for offensive purposes. Claws can be composed of energy, bone, metal, or simple keratin.

    May take practice to retract claws.

    • Claws may not be durable.

  • Contaminant Immunity- The user is immune to some known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, etc.


    • May not be immune to all poisons or pathogens.

    • May not be immune to the poisons made by those with Poison Generation.

    • May still become ill, but not fatally.

  • Enhanced Agility- User with this ability can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

    Agility is "the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration", the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.


    • Can still experience exhaustion.

    • Over time the joints of the person could become inflamed and arthritic.

    • Does not necessarily mean they can survive falls from great heights or crashes into walls


Enhanced Reflexes- User has enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.


  • Enhanced Speed users may be too fast to react.

  • Objects moving at tremendously quick speeds may be too difficult to dodge.

  • Enhanced Jump- Users can jump incredible distances and land safely, covering frighteningly tall heights and long distances. Usually comes with strong legs. In some cases a jump can fool an observer into believing the person is "Flying".


    • Not actual Flight.

    • Legs require full operation, may even require a running start.

  • b]Lunar Empowerment-[/b] Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come in contact with moonlight, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers.


    • May be weaker during the day.

    • May only absorb energy from certain phases of moon.

  • Lycanthropic Infection- The user can turn others into werewolves. This can be done by several methods, via a curse, claw but traditionally through a bite.


    • Turning others does NOT mean one can control them.

    • May be involuntary and constantly active.

    • If the target is alive the power will work but it will take time.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor- The user can regenerate, in other words, they recreate lost or damaged tissues, and limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely, some can regrow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. They are generally in very good physical shape as their bodies are constantly reverting to a healthy state.


    • Instantly lethal attacks are likely un-recoverable.

    • Complete Disintegration or Incineration may prevent regeneration permanently.

    • Decapitation and distancing of the head away from the body will kill the user, as it prevents the brain from sending signals to the body to regenerate.

    • Wounds of extreme depth or those carrying deep emotions may not completely heal, resulting in scars.

    • Brain cells can be repaired, but if the cerebral cortex (where information, memories, awareness and consciousness are processed) is damaged, unless the user is at least master-level, complex issues may arise:

      • Since the information transmittance ceases, it stops telling the body to regenerate, killing the user.

      • Even if it does repair, damaged memories may not regenerate, causing the user to have nothing more than primal instincts at best.

      • As long as the cerebral cortex remains unharmed, the user is practically immortal, being able to regenerate pretty much from that one portion alone.

      • If the weapon used stays on the wound, regeneration may be slowed or stopped.

    • Pain Suppression may not be included.

    • Some forms of regeneration simply forces cell division to occur faster, rather than repairing/reviving damaged cells, and thus this actually speeds up aging shortening lifespan.

    • May still be vulnerable to disease.

    • Depending on injuries, regenerating may change.

    • Can not regenerate internal organs.

    • User is still vulnerable to suffocation or asphyxiation.

    • Users of Healing Factor Nullification can prevent the user from healing.

  • Wolf Physiology- The user takes on or has the forms, traits and abilities of wolves.

  • Enhanced Bite- The user has particularly strong bite, either because of sharp teeth, strong jaw-muscles, unusual jaw-structure (mandibles of insects) or some other reason. Exactly what they can bite depends of the jaw-strength, resilience of their teeth/bite-surface and their shape.


    • Has to be careful not bite down on anything potentially harmful or dangerous.

    • May still be broke against harder substances.

  • Enhanced Durability- The user's physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.


    • Since this ability isn't the same as Invulnerability, the user can only take so much damage before it finally takes an effect.

    • Enhanced Endurance-

    Users can operate on a low power setting, allowing them to operate for an extended amount of time. They can hold their breath for longer periods of time and remain calm through stressful or painful situations, tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep.


    • Users are still limited on how far they are available to continue.

    • May require a specific item or sustenance that would allow them to go without others.

  • Enhanced Senses- The user has extremely accurate senses, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, and/or feel more than an average member of their species.


    • Overloading may be a frequent occurrence.

    • Magic may cause interference.

    • Drugs or other means can negate or remove these senses unless they are reversible.

  • Enhanced Hearing- Users have ears enhanced to hear with amazing clarity, distance, and even frequencies outside normal range. Users ears can pick up every single sound, can decipher layer upon layer of differing sounds/conversations, locate the source of noise or pick up a sound from a mile away in a busy city.


    • May be more sensitive to loud sounds.

    • Noise can limit the distance of the users hearing range or ability to detect minor sounds.

    • Inaudibility and Silence Manipulation will make this power useless.

  • Enhanced Smell- Users can detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track with nothing but their nose. Some may even be able to detect lying, sicknesses or tumors by which hormones/smells they excrete.


    • May be sensitive to stronger smells or foul odors.

    • Does not work well when someone masks their scent.

    • Does not work on odorless materials.

    • Ability is nullified if the user's nostrils are clogged.

    • As sneezing prevents the user from being able to use this ability, tactics such as sneezing powder can nullify this ability until the sneezing wears off.

    • Hard to find someone if the user doesn't know their scent firsthand often requiring an object touched by the other person to get their scent.

    • Other scents from an area that has a large amount of people such as a battlefield can make it harder to find a specific scent.

  • Night Vision- User can see in a dark or dim environments as though it were well-lit.


    • May become sensitive to sudden flashes or bright light.

    • Might take some time for the eyes to re-adapt to regular light.

    • May not be able to see in pure darkness, such as deep inside a cave.

  • Enhanced Speed- Users can move far faster than the average member of the user's species. This power is not without any ill effects however, as it can strain the body.


    • User can only travel at a speed of  60 mph in wolf form for about 50 yards before they become fatigued.

    • Users physical state affects their speed and endurance.

    May suffer fatigue if the user overuses their high speed powers.

    • May be temporary in effect and limited in continuation depending on the user.

    • Speed doesn't necessarily mean maneuverability, some users may have problems with inertia and tight corners.

  • Enhanced Stamina- The user's body is highly resistant to the build-up of fatigue toxins in their blood, allowing them to be physically active for considerably longer periods of time than the average member of the user's species.


    • Users can only exert oneself for so long before the excessive build-up of fatigue toxins will begin to wear them down.

  • Enhanced Strength- Users have incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the member of their race, but not completely break them. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy to move and simple to use in nearly any manner. Users can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight.


    • Balance, gravity, and mass still affect the user.

    • Users are still susceptible to Newton's Three Laws of Motion.

    • Strength does not equal durability. If a user were to attempt to lift something extremely heavy over their head, their bones and joints could snap.

    • May damage environment/other people without meaning or noticing.

    • There may be a limit to how strong a user can become before it's dangerous for themselves to use.

    • May be limited to certain limbs.

  • Feral Mind- User is able to tap into primal, unstoppable rage that allows them to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage that they wouldn't in their normal state. In some cases, the user's mind descends so far into the feral rage that, mentally, they are little more than animals.


    • May be unable to separate friend from foe and attacks everyone.

    • May be unable to remember activity in primal rage.

    • May revert to a state of mind where the users only thoughts are simply: fight, flight, or mate.

  • Predatory Instinct- The user possesses predatory instincts, allowing them to become masters of hunting and tracking. One with this ability can discern numerous factors of a situation that make them a master of pursuit and capture. This includes what move a foe will make, where he is headed (if the user is in the foe’s proximity, or knows the foe fairly well), as well as how to effectively cause a foe to play right into one’s hands in combat/pursuit.

  • Temperature Regulation- The user can maintain different levels of their own body temperature for extended periods of time. Some users may even be able to manipulate their own body temperatures at will.


    • Certain temperatures may be lethal.

  • Lunar Mind- The user can employ the forces of the moon to revert the mind into a primal state prone to violence and survival instinct.


    • Applied electricity can prevent the transformation.

    • May be connected to the phases of the Moon (Full Moon in particular) and either only be able to transform or be involuntarily forced to change during one.

    • Are vulnerable to silver, wolfs-bane and/or other traditional werewolf weaknesses, or be harmed only by them.

    • May include loss of memory of human emotion.

    • May include loss of self-control.

    • Are vulnerable to other Lycanthropes natural attacks.

    • Are vulnerable to vampire attacks.

    • May be limited to a certain moon stage (i.e, Full moon, half moon, etc.)

    • May completely lose awareness of their normal self.

  • Semi-Immortality- Users of this ability never age, and as a result, they stay young forever or at least never suffer the ravages of aging. Because of this, the user will always be at their physical prime. The user will also be immune to aging abilities, such as Age Acceleration or Reversal.


    • User is still vulnerable to everything else that would affect other beings, from disease to mortal wounds.

    • Some users keep aging, they simply won't die from it, leaving them to become extremely elderly and frail.

    • Some users will stop aging only after they reach a certain point.


.:Weapons Information:.
Name: Kholodnyye [Cold Touch]
Description: The tonfa were passed down from generation to generation, originally created by her ancestors. They have been well taken care of and maintained through the generations so they are still in premium condition. There is a chain that is 5' inside the 7' shaft that can be launched out of the shaft to create a mid range bludgeon. It can be launched with quick efficiency and accuracy due to a button on the ends of the handles to the weapons.
Strengths: they are effective in both close to mid ranged combat. The metal shaft is effective for blocking strikes from bladed weapons. It makes for a quick offensive and defensive combination. If trained correctly tripping a retreating opponent becomes an easy feat.
Abilities: They are very effective augmentative weapons for Rebels powers. She can manipulate ice to create a fast, sharp as hell and precise blade. It makes for a fast and effective killing strike if necessary. The weapon itself is enchanted with the ability to augment elemental magics. It absorbs energy from the person wielding it and manifests an elemental attack according to the type of energy used. Putting in fire energy can range from high temperature beams being launched off of the nunchaku end or a flaming blunt end. The special power manifests differently for each user. For Rebel it came out as blades attaching in quick precision attacks.

Pack Arc: In her past Rebel was the Alpha of her white wolf pack but was soundly beaten by a challenger. The challenger walked into her territory and demanded a fight for dominance. He soundly defeated every other wolf in the pack leaving only her and then he nearly ripped her to shreds. As strong as she is he was so ferocious that his memory is nothing more than a nightmare to her now. Before his arrival she was respected and her pack was very large successfully maintaining control of a large part of the North. Her pack respected nature and used what they killed, never taking more than was necessary. During that time she met a young brown wolf that was in line to become an Alpha for her pack. A friendship was kindled and they spent a lot of time together. Feelings of love began to surface during this time but as far as mating with her it never happened Rebel never even told her how she started to feel. The spent a lot of time together Rebel even let her join a hunt and she was quickly becoming an honorary pack member. The night the challenger appeared was a rare night. During this night Rebel was going to select a mate in order to produce a litter and pass on the line. He was at first a suitor she thought. He stood and towered over her he was abnormally big and oddly colored he wasn't albino but you could tell her was very much a dominate figure in the lives of the people around him. He was a Dire Wolf looking to start a pack of his own. She is a Dire wolf as well but he was even bigger and meaner looking than she was. She refused his advances and he lashed out in rage against her demanding that she accept his challenge for dominance or lose the respect of her followers. Naturally she accepted his challenge unafraid. She should have refused in the end he defeated her pretty badly. He cast her out from the pack leaving her to die on the ice.

Survival Arc: After her defeat she was left to die by her old pack. Their new leader had no respect for previous leaders especially ones weaker than himself. She managed to find a cave to restore herself back to her original state. On her back the nasty, gory, cuts into her flesh scarred becoming permanent reminders of her failure. From that point on she stayed hidden until she got out of the territory of her old pack. She survived on smaller prey hunting rabbits mostly since they breed so quickly. She would capture rabbits, foxes, raccoon's any small prey really something that gave her enough strength to find a new territory when she did she began hunting larger prey when she could properly ambush them. Deer and the like were on the menu. She knew she couldn't survive like this so she took to hunting during the day as a human as well. Buying and setting small game traps while she hunted larger game and gathered water from a nearby stream. Whilst exploring she found several safe ways to these places in order to avoid being seen or smelt out. She has lived like this for five years alone and scared for her life. If a member of her old pack were to find her it could be the end of her she knew that. Even still she kind of wished she could go back and fight her way to the bastard that turned her family against her.

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PostSubject: Re: Rebenok l'da Complete   Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:14 pm

I have a few things to point out. Your character's backstory is a bit inconsistent. She couldn't grow veggies and the like in the Russian tundra?
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PostSubject: Re: Rebenok l'da Complete   Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:33 pm

fixed took out the veggies
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Rebenok l'da Complete
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