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 Roleplaying: A Quick What to Do

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Roleplaying: A Quick What to Do Empty
PostSubject: Roleplaying: A Quick What to Do   Roleplaying: A Quick What to Do EmptySat Oct 22, 2016 4:27 am

Many new players may not understand how this site works, or they may not know the mechanics of this particular website. If that is the case, this How To was designed with you in mind.

Roleplay Rules
- Grammar is important. Your posts should use clear English and be as understandable as possible. Text Speak, or Gamer Speak is not acceptable in the roleplaying boards. This rule is in place or ALL member, including staff. We understand that mistakes are made. We're all human. However, it will become apparent if you begin to abuse this excuse and you will be called out on it.

- Please do not control another person's character without that player's consent. That means that writing things such as "Bob charged at George. He punched George in the gut, then grabbed him by the throat and held him against the wall" without the other party's consent is not acceptable. You must be able to provide written consent to staff members if you are questioned about this subject.

- Please do not use knowledge from outside of your character's experience in game. This is called metagaming. Metagaming is highly frowned upon in any roleplaying community.

If you use knowledge your character has gained from a previous topic to make your own topic more credible or interesting then there shouldn't be a problem. However, if the behavior is upsetting to another member or causes disruptions in normal game play for multiple members, you will be notified and disciplined.

- Character speech should be marked by using quotation marks (") at the beginning and end of each thing that they say. Text colors are required when a character is speaking in order to help it stand out from the descriptions of places and actions.

- Character thoughts should be marked by using apostrophes (') at the beginning and end of each sentence that they think.

- Character thoughts should also be in italics. Once again, text colors are required when a character is thinking, but should be a different color than your character's normal speaking text in order to prevent confusion.

- When your topic ends, it should be noted at the end of your post (if you're the last to post in that topic) that the topic has ended. If this topic hasn't ended and is moving to a new area, please make a note of this at the bottom of your post, stating that "This role play continues at [LINK TO TOPIC HERE]".

- Out of Character (OOC) text should be marked with brackets next to them or be noted using the text OOC:.
Example(s): [ Sorry about not replying to your post sooner! I've been extremely busy this week!]
OOC: Sorry about not replying to your post sooner! I've been extremely busy this week!

Roleplay How To
You've learned the rules of roleplay, but do you know how to actually role play? If you're new to roleplaying in general, you probably don't. Below is an example of how to role play here on Midnight Reflections.

Groaning, he shook his head. "Amos will tease me so much over this. It'll be relentless," he complained lowly. 'He was still concerned about how he was going to be teased about having a girlfriend.' He was so absorbed in his thoughts and concerns about how Amos was going to treat him when he got back home, he hadn't noticed Vech run off into the falling snow. But when he did realize it, he looked for her in the place they were to be sleeping, only to realize that she wasn't anywhere inside. Rather, her scent lead outside into the snow, which was increasingly becoming denser and harder to see through.

He paced the floor at first, debating if he should go try to find her. 'She might be from here, but she wasn't a hunting type. She hadn't been trained to track or scent mark. She had been trained to become the brown clan's next dire alpha.' With the snow getting worse, he groaned and changed, shifting to his wolf form and looked at the clothes on the floor. He decided against sniffing the clothes, and sniffed the bed where she slept instead. When he had her scent, he moved, tracking her as quickly as he could.

The visibility was getting worse and worse. 'If he didn't find her, what would her parents think he did to her? How would he explain that she had ran off on her own?' With the worry turning into panic, he began to call out into the falling snow, "Vechnaya! Where are you?!" He bounded through the snow, following her scent. "Vech! Answer me!"

[Hope this is a good reply!][/td]

In the post above, you will notice that there is a considerable length to it, which allows a person who could be replying to the topic enough useful information to post a reply.

The above post has 270 words without the Out of Character text [the word count has been verified by using Microsoft Word]. Grammar is good and there's no texting or gamer speak. The poster used different colors to mark the character's speech and thoughts, and the poster also used appropriate punctuation. If you look below, the post will be broken down so that it easier to understand.

"Amos will tease me so much over this. It'll be relentless,"
This is spoken text, as clearly marked by quotations and coloring. This character's speech could be heard by anyone in the immediate vicinity (normal conversation volume).

'He was still concerned about how he was going to be teased about having a girlfriend.'
This is thought text, and is clearly marked by apostrophes and the use of italics. This character's thoughts can't be heard by anyone else but themselves (unless a character can read minds).

"Vechnaya! Where are you?!"
Notice how the spoken text is bolded. This signifies that the speech of this character is being said loud enough for any other nearby characters to hear it. The bolding isn't really necessary, but is an appreciated touch.

[Hope this is a good reply!]
This is Out of Character text is clearly marked by brackets.

Out of Character text doesn't change anything in the role play unless it is a question or answer involving the role play itself.
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Roleplaying: A Quick What to Do
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