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 Tod Hund (Death Hounds)

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Tod Hund (Death Hound)
These Germanic named beasts are massive 'Hounds' who are handled normally by only Death himself, but can also be given to very skilled and specially trained Reapers who are known as Handlers. Death Hounds are known for their tracking skills, and many are notorious for being ruthless and vicious creatures who will only yield for their masters.

When a Death Hound has gotten out of control to the point of doing harm to innocents, they're marked with a "strike". Strikes go against them and is etched into their skin and placed on their records until they're either proven innocent for the crimes they've been accused of, or the marks fade through time after a century of no more problems from the Hound. If a Hound gets three strikes, they're automatically sent to Hell to become a Kerberos, or a Hell Hound.

Actually called Kaelarihm, they are not normal collars by any means. From the moment that a Tod Hund is born, the Kaelarihm is chosen for them. The Kaelarihm that a Hound gets is based on the power and wavelength of their energy and soul and placed around their neck since the day they're born. The Kaelarihm from that point is never again removed but changes and grows with the Hound.

It continues its journey with the Hound from day one to the day it dies, and if the Hound falls it becomes twisted and dark like the hound. The only one to remove the collar from the Hound is the Handler or Lord Death Himself, although that is a rare occurrence and is said to only to happen upon the death of a hound if the Handler wished to keep the collar of the dead hound.

Called Seorihm, it is not a Leash as in a means of restraint. It is instead a means of silent communication between the Handler and the Hound. During battle often the Handler has no time to commune verbal orders to the Hound or, at times, if he speaks he will give away the very thing that he can not speak or risk getting them both in a deadly situation and so very minute signature tugs and pulls on the leash are signals to the Hound of what the Handler needs the Hound to do....and vice versa. If the Hound needs the Handler to run or turn, the signals are clear and can be felt through the leash.

When not in use, the leash does not come off of the collar. If it is unattached it can not never be reattached and the Handler has committed a trespass against the Hound as they have broken the Kaelarihm which is a part of the Hound, in essence damaging the Hound. The Seorihm goes into the Kaelarihm and reappears when the Handler needs it to return to his hand in order to communicate silently with the hound.

Since it is part of a line of communication between both Hound and Handler, the Seorihm can be summoned by either the Handler or the Hound at will.


  • Verekoer (Bloodhound)- This Estonian inspired named Hound is the leader of the Death Hounds. Named verekoer because this is the only one who can call all of the Death Hounds, all who hold the blood of the hound, to them in times of need. The verekoer can bring the hounds of death from across the globe and send them on those whose time has come to an end. The verekoer is also the only Hound who can stop any Hound who has gone out of control by using their blood because all Hounds descend from his own blood. He can scent the truth of a hound by their blood scent even if a hound has not spilled a drop of blood. Their word is law and no Hound can disobey the commands of the verekoer without risking their own life.

  • Agár (Greyhound)- This Hound is second in rank to the verekoer and know how to throw their weight around. They're strong and smart and are considered to be the lackey rank of the verekoer. Despite their reputation for being lackeys, they're powerful and are perfectly able to function without the command of the verekoer.

  • Afterkralle (Dew claw)- The third rank not one of high rank like second and often considered the lap dog place were they usually run after the needs and wants of the 'Verekoer'. They still consider themselves a position high up there and often kick those beneath them, but those lowest get it the worst from them.

  • Klaue (Claw)- The normal rank most of the Death Hounds fall into they hold some status and hold there heads high Get along well but are still well meet in the realms between the living and the dead and among the other hounds.

  • Jagdhund (Fangless)- A rank of great insult. Considered to be beyond lowest rank and to hold no honor. To hold no rank among the Hounds means that you're a mutt. These are the half-breeds, rank-less and not respected. While there has not been a second rank worthy of the the leader among them in a long time, the Jagdhund have many among them- half breeds who are kicked down and any above them hold the right to pin them down before their 'Handler's' without them having right to bare fang and fight back and make them their 'bitch' at a whim. The only who have a right to make any below them as such is the verekoer.


  • Anubis- This Hound's name is Latinized from the Greek form of Anoubis meaning "royal child". This class is the highest honor that could ever be bestowed on a Hound. This is the ruling or commanding class what rules over all other Death Hounds.

  • Hund- This class is special because it is a very rare sight to see. These are beasts that are massive 'Hounds' who are handled normally by only Death himself, but can also be given to very skilled and specially trained Reapers who are known as Handlers. Death Hounds are known for their tracking skills, and many are notorious for being ruthless and vicious creatures who will only yield for their masters. There is a system in place for these beasts that can send them to become loyal to Satan and will be tethered to either side of the gates of hell.

Special Classes

  • Shakarri- This class of Hound is know for their great skills as a hunter and are assigned to hunt and kill those whose time is up and are ready to die. These Hounds are also sent to hunt down rogue hounds and are held in high regard.
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Tod Hund (Death Hounds)
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