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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 emma colt wincheaster

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: emma colt wincheaster   emma colt wincheaster EmptySat May 13, 2017 1:36 am

Please Note: Areas marked with an asterisk (*) are optional and do not have to be filled out. You may leave them blank or delete them.

Areas Marked with two asterisks (**) are only applicable if your character is of a specific race. You may delete all information that does not pertain to your character's own race.

emma colt wincheaster Search?q=anime+woman&tbm=isch&imgil=tYJaBZtrS3I-nM%253A%253BGxFRT2cuu3WXBM%253Bhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.pinterest
Character Name: (Emma colt Winchester  .)
Meaning of Name: (If your character's name has a specific meaning, please type it here.)
Face Claim: (If you're claiming an image of a famous celebrity, please list their name here.)
Gender: ( Female )
Profession: (Bounty Hunter, Assassian & nun. )
*Talents: ( Knitting/crocheting, Singing, hunting, can play all string intruments, paino, mirror writing, photographic memory,  voice mimicry.  )

Visible Age: (22.)
Chronological Age: (22.)
Date of Birth: ( Augest,2,1994)
Human Eye Color: green
Human Hair Color: black
Type of Build/Body: ( lean/ muscaler .)
Height: ( 5'5'' )
Weight: ( 144 lbs.)
Distinguishing Marks:  (when she is in her oringal forum. she uses the info above)

Cultural Information
Ethnicity: ( brazil)
Current Nationality: ( brazil)
Previous Nationality: (brazil)
Language(s): ( Mandarin Chinese, Spanish,
English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, and Russian.   )
Religious views: ( Undecided.)
Ethics, Values, Morals: ( Emma believes that to live in this world you must be willing to do what needs to be done. She follows no one's law, but her own. she is honest and almost never shies alway for anything, she holds herself to one code of honor and that is when she gives her word she will do ti to the best of her abilities or die trying.)

Racial Information
Race: (shapeshifters)
Class: ()
Rank: (Epic/Master )

Personality Information
Likes: ( art, guns, swimming, reading, and cats .)
Dislikes: (assholes, dogs, sports drinks, alchoal, and organizations.  )
Quirks & Habits: (smoking, drawing.)
Fears: (losing her self.)
Aspirations: (to be free )

Personality: (Emma believes that to live in this world you must be willing to do what needs to be done. this belief gives her a never back down attitude towards the world. She follows no one's laws but her own. she likes being a lone wolf rarely seeking out companionship. She is blunt and honest often saying what is on her mind. When she on a job she wears a cold mask that keeps her distance from the world. but when the job is over her mask comes off she goes back to her normal self. She has a kind side for those who get the shit end of the stick so to say and will often go out of her way to help them but everybody gets one and only one.      )

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name:

Sexual Orientation: ( heterosexual.)
Relationship Status: ( single.)
Current Partner(s): ( none.)
Current Partner(s) Link(s): (none .)
Important Friends:

Biological Mother: (unknown)
Biological Father: (unknown)
*Female Guardian: (nun Minerva. living. )
*Male Guardian: (father anderson. living  )
Siblings: (unkown)
Children: (none that she knowns of.)
Other Family Members: (none that she knowns of.)

Racial Abilities
(Biomorphing- User can turn into any living things.


Can only turn into living things
Cannot turn into anything inorganic.)

Training, Combat, & Skills
Strengths: ( manster of Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, karate, morainngy, and hojustsu)

Weaknesses: (doesn't follow orders well, can get distracted by money. )


Special Abilities: 



*Weapon Information
Name: love is blue 
Type: twin pistols, magic
Description: these two beautiful blue and gold pistols are masterfully crafted with the intent to put down their target, modeled after a colt 1911 with an extended barrel and clip. fires modified bullet caliber of a desert eagle  
high caliber bullets great for mid/close range combat
barrett 50. cal. has a ranger of 2,600 meters
short firing range 0-50 yard for pistol can not change unless you have both guns
ineffective in close combat has all sinpers are.

Abilities: morph    
Love is blue has the power to swiftly change into two forums. the standard pistol and a sniper.

Emma was found has a baby by mother Eliza on the doorstep of a church in brazil. she was raised by the nuns to join the order and become an assassin

Emmas childhood was a sheltered but hard one. the monastery being the only home she has every know. She was home schooled in the monastery by the nuns. she was the only child at the monastery so learned how to draw and play the piano To cope with the isolation from this she gained an independence learning to only rely on herself. Has her imagination grew so did she powers she would often shift into the people that came to the church.
when she turned eleven she started her train for the order traveling and training under the order of the judges a group of mercenaries for hirer passing their own justice on the world forms the shadows this contained into her teens  


when Emma was ready at the age of sixteen she became one of the assassins of the monastery traveling all over the world to take care of her targets where every they were. she developed her cold exterior hiding her feelings away and honing her art. thought her years of training she has become a master of many martial arts and assassination techies. thought out the years Emma learned that there was only one truth to this world and that truth was greed everyone had a price even her.

she lives at the monastery works as a nun, assassin or body hunter of the order.[/b]
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emma colt wincheaster
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