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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Akumu Hansōha

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Character sheet

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Name: Akumu Hansōha.
Meaning: Nightmare Carrier.
~Nicknames: None.
Pronounced: Ah-Coo-Moo Han-So-Ha.
Gender: Male.
Age (Human): 18.
~Sexuality: Gay.
Species: Vampire.
Clan: None.

Human Eye Color: Crimson.
Hair Color: Blond.
Figure: Slim, but well built and strong.
Extra Details: He has a tattoo of a Baku or dream eater on his chest and is often seen wearing a dream catcher with the 'web' in the shape of a pentagram.
Akumu Hansōha L

He also has a tattoo of a 'nightmare catcher' or a demon the has a nightmare catcher that fully covers his back and reaches his shoulder blades.
Akumu Hansōha Nightmare_catcher_by_assaf_karass

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: None.
Rank: None.

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Often seen alone in school, he is a quite guy but he is actually quite popular. Though most who do speak with him, for years on a daily basis, have yet to see the dark tattoos that he has on his back and chest. The only hint of his darker tendencies is the small necklace with the pentagram dream catcher.

Despite this, those who fear him in and out of school have began to spread rumors that Akumu is Satan himself. Of course, those rumors, despite his tattoos, are completely false.

Akumu is actually quite an interesting one. He is quite, yet can, seemingly, draw people in and is popular among most in his class and is even popular among the lower classes. Though what most who are on the outside looking in fail to realize is the fact that Akumu has kept the same popularity since he began school as a freshman.

Despite his tendency to be quiet, he is actually a very bright, determined individual. Akumu is the only one in his class to not even need to attend classes in order to pass. But despite this fact, Akumu, rather liking to attend classes, never misses a day of school no matter his condition.

He, despite his, normally, friendly attitude towards people, can be a rather dark and dangerous individual. Akumu takes the old saying of, "Its always the quiet ones that you've got to look out for" to the extremes. If given enough reason to, the normally quiet, content young man seen in class can become quite the killing machine and will never even bat an eye when he uses his giant scythe to slice his enemies in half.

Backstory: Born into a family of pure blooded vampires. Akumu was raised from an infant to become the, as humans called it, grim reaper. He was trained from the time that he was able to stand to wield the giant scythe that he is seen carrying with him in the night.

He, like only one other, is pure vampire, not a single trace of human DNA is his family bloodline at all. Despite this, he does not waste his time in being so formal over it, nor does he care about who drinks his blood or touches him (it could be said that he is a slut). He was trained to do one thing and one thing only, reap the souls of the living who are done with their time on earth.

And like his father before him, when the time came, he had to reap the souls of both his mother and his father. Both had become vile and tainted beings who cared about nothing or no one but themselves.

Later on, Akumu, desiring to have what his father had denied him, enrolled himself into a co-ed school for humans and magical beings. Desiring to have friends, Akumu set himself apart from the others and began to set a goal of becoming popular. Once he reached that goal, he began to slowly become bored.

As a result, he began to tattoo himself. Now he has two tattoos and both would scare away any humans who happened to see them. Because of this, he became distant again but has still, somehow, managed to maintain his popularity.

Human Image(s):
Akumu Hansōha 518479

Akumu Hansōha Picture380

~Favorite Saying: None.
~Theme Song: The Sun Is My Destoryer by Exodus.
~Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UxU34ag25E
Immortal subjugator, usurper, dominator
Blood ruler of the dark

Lord of the shadow world, flag of black unfurled
Foul, unholy patriarch

Enslaver of mankind, king of all unkind
Light ender in black domain

I fear only the dawn, at war with the rising sun
Eternal dusk ordained

I lurk beside you, never to abide you
I live inside you, always to divide you
I stand between you, certain to unclean you

The night is my savior
The sun is my destroyer

Despotic tyrants liar, judgement always dire
Unrepentant fear machine

Dream world paralyzer, re of man, none the wiser
Beneath the surface, site unseen

My only enemy, the day, behest color, shades of grey
Rejoice in the coming of the night

Nightmares come all too real, dest horror soon revealed
Rising with the dying of the light

I lurk beside you, never to abide you
I live inside you, always to divide you
I stand between you, certain to unclean you

The night is my savior
The sun is my destroyer

In my dominion, day meets its demise
Utraviolet adversary, like an open wound to cauterize

The night's assailant is the coming of the morning sun
Illuminescent antagonist, smashed to oblivion

I am god here, in the bowels of the human mind
Creature of imagination, born of the impure and unrefined

I prey on your fear, take all you hold dear and then I use it against you

So unwise for you to close your eyes
That's when I come to dispense you

Malignant dream accuser
Pleasant thought reverser

Loathsome bringer of dread
Slumber now vitiated
Sweet dreams abominated
Terrors better left unsaid

Villainous machination
Sub conscuious tribulation

Tremble at the coming of the twilight
Rising with the setting sun
Returning when the day's undone
Ensuring an end to all good-nights

I lurk beside you, never to abide you
I live inside you, always to divide you
I stand between you, certain to unclean you

The night is my savior
The sun is my destroyer
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Akumu Hansōha
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