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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Anastasia Enki

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PostSubject: Anastasia Enki   Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:11 am

Name:Anastasia Enki
Meaning: Resurrection Lord of the underworld/Lord of Earth
~Nicknames: Tasie(preferred) Test Subject AE35796
Pronounced: Ae-n-ae-s-t-ai-sz-uh In-key
Gender: Female
Age (Human): 18 in appearance true age is 15.
~Sexuality: exploring
Species: Elf/Shifter
Clan: N/A

Human Eye Color: Changes with mood.  Normal is lilac that varies in shades.  As she grows angry the blue can start to fade leaving behind a more pinkish and in diar cases red hue.
Hair Color: Black
Figure: Developing, Toned though not what one would necessarily consider "muscular".  Slight hour glass figure forming.  
Extra Details: At first glance the girl would appear natural human.  Looking at her, the way her eyes are slit and cats like and the way her teeth seemed to come to a point and look longer, one might assume she could be vampire.  She carries herself fluidly simply from years of obstacle courses and training. it isn't until you get to her ears that you finally notice what she is.  Or when you catch her performing a little magic on a wilted flower.  Her powers are not as developed as they should be.  She can make flowers grow and perform basic "parlor tricks" but for an elf her age she is way behind.  She can shift though her main and favorite form is Kitten. she has changed to a rat once. She really doesn't know a lot about her abilities.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name:

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: First Impressions: Shy and timid, This may make her come off as bratty or stuck up to others though it is simply out of fear of not knowing.  Naturally defensive. But once someone gets to know her she is really sweet and your average teenager though she is rather independent and determined to not let anyone make her feel like she owes them.  The best way to calm her down when she is upset or enraged.. Put her to doing something Artistic.  Drawing, Painting, Playing a musical instrument, dancing.  Just anything Artistic and expressioning.

Backstory:Tasie's life was a horrible occurrence from the beginning. Born unto an Elf who, while he always wanted a daughter, couldn't possibly keep her. Declan Hermes was a well liked well respected man of the community who had committed infidelity to his wife and family. Tasie was the result. Then her mother dies in child birth leaving Declan no choice but to take care of her. He weighed his options. He felt he had no choice but to give her up. He would give her a name worth something though. Anastasia after her mother Ana, a shifter Declan had met on a mission through work. And Enki after his Grandmother whom the girl resembled so much. She was left at what was thought to be a church. Unbeknownst to the public in general though it was the safe house of a Occult. A band of humans hell bent on the destruction of anything nonhuman. But before they could destroy them they had to understand them there for getting their hands on any kind of creature for them to study was always helpful. Tasie was no different. She spent her life growing up as a Test Subject under Dr. Bram. The only person in the compound Tasie ever grew to love was Claudia. A midwife who was secretly a witch.

On Tasie's 15th birthday she was going in to train some herself. As with all growing children, Tasie's powers would make them selves known at times. Tasie would attempt to train herself in the early mornings but being that she didn't know the first thing about what she was doing it was hard. Tasie would go into Dr. Brams office and hack into the computer to search the internet for more ways she could try to unlock her abilities. The doctor knew she did this of course, but didn't mind because the more she would understand about herself, the more they could understand about her. As she was taking some notes an email popped up. She tried to ignore it but her curiosity got the better of her. She opened it and found it was about her. She read through it and it was from the directer of the lab. He didn't think she was useful anymore and determined she was to be terminated and a new subject that could show more progression in their research would replace her.

This of course made Tasie irritated and angry. Her anger grew the more she thought about it and before she knew it something in her head had snapped. Her lilac eyes began to darken to a magenta sort of color before the red started to fade, and the slits became narrower. Before she realized what was happening, the ground began to shake. Vines spurted up through the concrete floor and began ripping everything to shreds. Leaves shot out like shuriken.

Her mind was working into over drive. If they wanted to get rid of her that easily, she was going to do it for them.  She would run as fast as she could back to the living quarters. She knew the commotion had probably awaken some but considering it was still still early and the drills they would have to follow for an "earthquake" she knew they wouldn't figure out what was really going on for a while there for they wouldn't be able to stop her in time. She would grab the bag Claudia had given her for her birthday. It had appeared to be a simple, ordinary, old suede backpack, but this one was special. It was charmed to act as a "bottomless" bag. She could put a vast amount of things in it and it not be heavy, Up to a certain amount though. When it closed itself up she would know it had reached its limit. She would work quickly filling the bag with clothes, jewelry, books, blankets, everything important to her from her room. Claudia had caught her in the kitchen filling the bag with food. With one look at the child's face, she realized what was going on. She knew Tasie's only chance was to get out then and now. She wouldn't stand in the her way. Claudia would give the girl what money she could and urged her to hurry.

The safety drills from what they had thought was an Earthquake would be over soon and the guards would be released. Tasie hugged and kissed the woman who had been the only mother she had ever known  her entire life and ran.

She got back to the offices just in time. The vines had been busy. The building was on fire and it was spreading vastly. Tasie would make her way into every office, making a mad dash in gathering anything she could that may be useful. Money, valuables, anything that could be sold or traded for food or shelter when she got to a city.

When she had everything she could think of, she made her escape. As she made the last leap over the wall concealing the lab, she heard a large explosion. She didn't have time to stop and look though. She could hear the gears of the gates begin to grind and work which meant she would have a horde of guards after her in a matter of minutes. Some on horseback, some on all-terrain vehicles, others on foot. She began to run.  She was a little dizzy and would stumble a big but her adrenaline wouldn't let her stop.  She hadn't realized it but the vines were under her control.  Subconsciously anyways, and even that took a crap ton of power to control.  The vines were gone from the compound now.. And so was she.  

She was scared as hell and it didn't help that she was only 15. To make things worse, she now had unlocked a variety of new abilities and had no way of understanding how to control them, but she would keep running, using every ounce of adrenaline she could muster from her anger, fear, and excitement to push her further.

Luckily she had been dressed in her training uniform, so her tank top, cutoff jean shorts, and boots made for perfect clothing to move around the forest in. Now if she only knew where she was headed. She didn't know where she would go, what she would do, or how the outside world would react to her. One thing she did know...Anything she met out here had to be better then the fate she was destined to face if the guards caught her.

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Anastasia Enki
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