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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Sensō Tsuin

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PostSubject: Sensō Tsuin   Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:20 am

Name: Sensō Tsuin
Meaning: War Twin.
~Nicknames: Sen.
Pronounced: Sin-soo Sue-in.
Gender: Male.
Age (Human): 26.
~Sexuality: Gay.
Species: Vampire.
Clan: Daywalker.

Human Eye Color: Ice Blue.
Hair Color: Dull silver with streaks of light blue.
Figure: Tall built and athletic.
Extra Details: Sharp upper fangs long and delicate, claws, high speed regeration, agility stanima and reflexes. Unlike Heiwa, Senso has the ability to create an area of complete chaos around him that sucks in his opponent and forces them into the middle of a war. Rather that be a war of a physical state or mental depends on the person that is sucked in. If the person has a weak mental state, they will enter a world that constantly forces them to be at war with their self. If they fear fighting, then that person is tossed into a battle, particularly the great Vampire war of the past that left millions of humans, vampires, and werewolves dead and not a single life was left untainted. When the two brother's powers are combined, it is said that they can create a whole new world, though the theory has never really been tested because both brothers feel that creating a new world would only leave an opening for yet another great war that would leave countless numbers of people dead and families broken. Though, with a new war seeming to be on the horizon, it is possible that they will combine their powers to create something that is even better than a new world, a world that all can live in together without having to fight...a world of peace...

He has his ear lobes pierced once, but his hair usually hides them. He also has a tattoo of Kanji on his right arm, it reads Kurai Sensou or "Dark War".

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: Chevaliers de l'obscurité (Knights of the Dark)
Rank: 2nd seat (Shared with his younger brother).

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: The Exact opposite of his brother, Senso holds a great deal of worry for the world around him and feels that it is in grave danger of another great war. He is often seen reading books that seem to be complex and filled with terms that hardly anyone can understand. He's smart, but doesn't often times show it unless in battle.

Senso is dark and harsh with his words, never once feeling guilt for his insults towards others, the only one he feels any remorse towards when he speaks harshly is his little brother, Heiwa. Senso is actually a very fun loving person when given the chance to be. He isn't very out going, but can have fun with the people he's already close to, but if given time, he can come to like others and will open up to them when asked about certain things. The only thing that he doesn't talk about to many is his and Heiwa's past. Though he at one time or another will say a few things about their past, he will never tell the full story.

He loves to fight, so when the chance arises that he can stretch his claws and do battle, he changes and quickly becomes cruel and unforgiving in his tactics and words. He, when fighting, speaks harshly and even smiles and laughs as he kills his opponent.

Backstory: Raised by nobles in Germany, Senso and Heiwa were given their names because of their powers, though the two are not real twins, they were raised with the twin mentality because when they work together in a fight, whole towns and cities come crashing down in piles of rubble. The brothers were used as war weapons during the great vampire war and their hands were soiled with the blood of many humans, werewolves, and what's worse...their own kind.

When the war was near its end, Senso saw the emotional damage it had done to Heiwa and decided that it was best that they leave Germany and never return. When the two left, the nobility crumbled because it lacked any true power to save itself. Slowly, they made their way to France where they met Destin. The woman was amazingly brave, and was making an organization to help stop the suffering of the great war, but they were quickly denied entrance into the organization. Destin had told them that only females were allowed to join the organization, that she had no interest in males joining her in her cause.

Tired and alone, the brothers moved onward and made their way to Japan. This was where they had heard rumors of "Kami-sama" the vampire God that was the savior of the vampires and mediator for the humans and werewolves. There they ran into Destin again and in the end managed to get Destin to let them join her in the organization telling her that they wish to repent for their great number of sins even though the stains of blood could never be fully washed away from their hands, they would work to make their names and lives better and live a happy existence while helping her prevent another war.

Human Image(s):

~Favorite Saying: The world has changed, this is reality and I have Zero Guilt.
~Theme Song: Wraith by Kagamine Rin.
~Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cHUhbj4WSU
yuu to utsu wo kui tsubushita watashi wa
kuraku semai hakoniwa ni akogareta
tsumasaki de shinobi komi tesaguri de aruki dasu
jinsei wo hitonigiri tsumi kono machi e

sekai wa mawaru koko wa riaru
memaishisouna hodo hayainda
boku ga aruita kiseki mite wa
koreppochikato gen itanda

same ta taion sutaato sura tousugi tayo
somuke nige te dounika ikiteimasu
kibou nado nai kuseni akarusa wo uri nishite
honmono wo imi kirai anata wa shine baii

sekai wa nagare koko wa dokoka
memaishisouna hodo tooinda
boku wa kitanai atama yowai
hito no ashi nishigamitsukunda

jibun no kage wo tanin ni touei shi
hito wo koroshi koko ni hai zuttanda
kudaketa mirai iya, hajime kara nai
boku no kuusou sayounara

sekai wa kawaru koko wa riaru
memaishisouna hodo hayainda
konna basho de iki takunaiga
shini takunainode
yurushite kudasai

I shattered grief and depression
And admired the dark and small miniature garden
I creep on tiptoe and start to walk while fumbling around
I pick up a handful of life and head toward this town

The world spins and spins; this place is reality
It spins so fast as to make me nauseous
I looked at the tracks that I made while walking
And murmured "I only came this far?"

Cold temperature; even the starting point is too far away
I turned back and ran away and am alive somehow
You don't even have hope, you who betrayed lightness
You who hate the truth need to die

The world flows; Where is this place?
It's so far away as to make me nauseous
I'm dirty and stupid
So I cling to the feet of people

The shadow of self is transparent to others
I killed others and crawled to this place
Destroyed world - No, there was nothing to begin with
To my fantasy, goodbye

The world changed; This place is reality
It's spins so fast as to make me nauseous
I don't want to live in a place like this
But I also don't want to die
Please forgive me
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Sensō Tsuin
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