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 Vampiric Code

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Vampiric Code
The Vampiric Code has been long established in order to help protect the outside world from vampires and their natural desires to own and conquer things that aren't as strong as they themselves are. This instinct, known as the predator's instinct to many, has long been known to cause problems for vampires. These problems were only furthered by the fact that many vampires enjoyed the rush and excitement that they gained by instilling fear in many of the weaker races.

These laws were put in place by royal decree of the new vampire king, Aoi Rei. These laws have been set in order to not only protect the magical races and the non-magical races from the vampires, but also to protect the vampires from their own damning natures.

  • Betrayal of the crown- Betraying the crown is punishable by death. No exceptions will be made.

  • Turning a Child- Turning a child or teen under the legal age of consent (18) is forbidden and is punishable by law.

    Punishment is banishment, imprisonment, or possibly death.

  • Feeding- No vampire may feed off of a human unless said human has given consent to this action. Hunting them and attacking them is forbidden and punishable by law.

    Punishment for feeding on a human is imprisonment in the royal dungeons for a period determined by the number of humans attacked and fed upon.

  • Slavery- Slavery, by vampire law is allowed, but is very limited.

    • Human Slavery- No Vampire shall ever, no matter the circumstances hold a human slave, no matter if that slave was held before the new laws or after. Humans are not capable of handling slavery, especially being enslaved to a vampire. Any Vampire who is found breaking this rule shall be punished to the full extent of the law.

    • Rule of One- Each vampire of a household, clan or nest may hold a strict limit of exactly one slave. Any vampire found to hold more than one slave will be punished and all but one of their slaves will be removed from them and reformed into free citizens of the vampire community. Any refusal to obey this will be considered betrayal of the crown and the abuser of this law will be punished as if they were a traitor and will be sentenced to death.

    • Rule of Freedom- At any time a master of a slave may remove the collar and brand on a slave and can issue an order of freedom to the slave. Upon the issue of an order of freedom, they are from that day forward considered to be a free vampire. Once freed, an ex-slave can never again be made to wear a collar or brand of a slave. This is because their current master has not sold them and has given them a final, irrevocable order.

      Any Vampire found forcing a freed vampire back into the bonds of slavery shall be punished by being made to become a slave in place of the freed slave they were trying to once again enslave.

  • Rape of a Newborn- Rape of a newborn vampire or newly turned vampire is absolutely forbidden. This is punishable by law.

    Punishment includes rape in return (i.e. the offender will be raped as they raped a newborn) sentenced as a Dirty Blood and will be eliminated by the king himself. No acceptations will be made.

  • Rape of a Human- Rape of a human or human to be turned is absolutely forbidden. This is punishable by law.

    Punishment is rape in return (i.e. the offender will be raped as they raped a human).

  • Sacred Vampires- Death-Pulse vampires are considered to be sacred among even the most vile of vampires. Should one of these special vampires be harmed in anyway, the punishment is death.

  • Killing a Human- killing a human is forbidden and is punishable by law.

    Punishment is death.
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Vampiric Code
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