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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Legend of The True Bloods

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PostSubject: Legend of The True Bloods   Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:24 pm

Baphomet and Lilith had five sons each as different as night and day. The first was the one that all of the grand plans were designed around, the other four...not so much, but it was those four that the first son cherished and they him. The four were lovers all with each other. And each of the brothers represented an element of being. The first begin Self, all aspects of selfishness among other things. He was always wanting what he wanted and never let go of what he had. The second son was desire or lust nothing as simple or gentle but hot and passionate however he could have it. The third son was Sorrow and grief always seeming to bare an impossible weight on his shoulders.

It was believed that such darkness among them could never be balanced but the fourth child was light and love. His warmth could warm even the first son's heart and take that selfishness and make him caring and giving. The last and fifth son was Anger and his temperament was 'Hate'. Always angry at the world and everything around him, save when 'love' was around him.

It was the four younger brothers who held a love tryst that should be forbidden in so many ways. Thus, the family sought to get rid of the four. True blood vampires, no blood line purer and yet...their dark desires for one another could not be allowed. For among all of that was their undying love for the eldest, and his love for them, although he was not part of their trysts.

Their plans, when the eldest was away, took shape and they took out 'Love', believing that with his death, the other three would fall apart and would be easy to be taken down.

They could not have been more right. For the one that love was closest to was Sorrow, and once Love died Sorrow fell into a deep state of depression- So deep he would not drink, he would not move, staring instead forlornly out the window looking for the light that was lost to him forever. Anger and hate found Sorrow dead soon after and was blamed for his death and imprisoned, but Desire knew that was not true.

But before Desire could help Anger he disappeared in the still of the night leaving the last to die being anger. Removing him and casting him into death knowing that these four would be reborn. As with their death, spells were laced into their souls, making it impossible for them to ever return to their true states and return home to the one who would miss them so.

Self was of course angry and hateful, mourning the loss of his brothers and becoming a bitter man with no hope of salvation or light to be found until he came across a small sick human child. For reasons unknown to Self, he took the child in and soon fell in love with such a fragile creature helping him healing him and watching this child grow. But the family was angry for Self had once again found light found something warm and brilliant to hold onto and so they tainted it. Corrupting it making this small fragile light that Self brought into his world made into a true blood into believing that Self sought to devour and destroy him.

The child feeling betrayed by one he loved so left unable to kill him and disappeared wandering out into the world alone. Self in a fit of rage gave the family what they wanted as they all died at his hands but in doing so Self could not find the strength or will to leave his castle the ruined building that stained so heavily in the blood of the fallen screaming his sorrow and despair into the night sky for all to hear.

Centuries passed and still no sign of the child he longs to see again returning although he knows he is out there. Self waits endlessly for the boy to return to him..........for his last visage of light and warmth to come back home were he belongs, never believing that the four he cherished before then would ever return.........

But return they would. For even Lilith knew that her four sons' souls were too strong to destroy and keep from the world. She knew she would have to make certain that they never walked as they were originally born to be again...
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Legend of The True Bloods
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