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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Kōkatsuna Hitogoroshi

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Name: Kōkatsuna Hitogoroshi (Japanese狡猾な人殺し ) Gangyohan Sal-inma (Korean 간교한 살인마)
Meaning: Cunning Murderer
~Nicknames: Katsu
Pronounced: Co-cat-sue-nah  Hit-oh-go-row-she /G-ah-nhg-yo-han Sol-in-ma
Gender: Male
Age (Human): 21
Species: Vampire

Human Eye Color: silver grey
Hair Color: Dark Crimson red
Figure: Tall slender and well built.
Extra Details: Always present fangs his nails are black and lengthen. He is able to see great distances, hear a pin drop four miles away. He's able to feel the differences between grains of sand. His ability to heal is incredible one can 'kill' him and he'll get back up again. He can not be drained dry by drinking his blood it's endless.

His power is interesting it's energy absorbtion and return. Wither it is from someone hitting him or using there powers against him he can return it to sender. The more he's hit with the more powerful the 'payback'

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: Korean Mafia (Museong Eodum aka Silent shadow)
Rank: Leader

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: When it comes to the gang he's all business. Cold, calculating cunning and not the sort anyone wants to mess with. Everything comes down to bottom dollar. Bottom line if your costing him money your expandable. Kaningu does not have many loyalities in fact there are many he knows would give there eye teeth to take him out.......but it's not soo easy. In his personal life he's not much different. A self made rich man he refuses to allow anything to tarnish his name while many in the other groups find him cold and rough his group stays with him out of earned respect and loyalty those who run away are those who don't belong to him or are too stupid to know better. In the end he is very much a Hitogoroshi......the dark rep that follows that name in the underworld of the vampires holds true with him as well.

Kokatsuna's father was a Japanese business man his mother a lovely Korean woman. Things were interesting enough growing up his father believing that everything boiled down to money and power. Those who had the money had the power to do what they wanted regardless. Although as he grew up Kaningu learned that you needed more then just money to get you something. Not caring overly much for his Uncle or most of his cousins. The only one he had met that he liked was Sarubia and has no idea that Sarubia has a younger brother now.

Kokatsuna's father moved them to Korea when he was still young believing that his money would get him further there in the end it ended up getting both of his parents killed and the current boss of the Museong Eodum  to take him in as if to make a slave or servant out of him. No more then a kid at the time he turned the tables on the man and killed him. As well as any other who got in his way as the ashes fell to the floor and the blood began to cool on the surfaces it had splattered on he had turned and asked if there was anyone else who would like to dispute his leadership. Told no he took the small tiny mafia unit and expanded it. His is the only group that spans both north and south Korea.

Always dressed sharp his men tend to function as his play things as well as being sent out to do things. The one thing he does not want is any of his men doing is being foolish enough to start a blood war with Aoi Rei. Especially if that means Aoi would call in Saru....fighting his cousin is not something he cares to do. Saru plays as fair as he does...and that is to say not fair at all.

Human Image(s):
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Kōkatsuna Hitogoroshi
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