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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou

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PostSubject: Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou   Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 4:34 am

Name: Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou
Meaning: Jet Black prince of royal blood/ Pitch Black imperial Blood.
Pronounced: Car-a-sue Hah-neh Tah-mah Shin-no
Gender: Male
Age (Human): Appears 20
~Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Species: Vampire

Human Eye Color: Deep Lavender/Black
Hair Color: Dark Royal Purple(looks black in most lights)
Figure: Long slender and altheltic.
Extra Details: Karasu has all of the normal vampire traits, long delicate fangs, sharp nails, agility speed all of the kit cat and cabbodle. He also has a very unique gift, for he when he uses his 'vampiric' gifts is an elemental master. Able to use the five elements fire, wind, water, earth, and metal.

Although he doesn't always wear them, his ears are pierced often wearing an ear cuff and a stud in each ear. Unlike every other vampire out there though....when he uses his vampiric abilities his deep lavender eyes don't go gold or even red.....they go slitted black.

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Indifferent to most things Karasu was brought up to be heir to a legacy that he cares nothing about. He is not a crown prince but he is a born prince. Always told that he would one day take over the vampire nation in japan he up and dissappeared at the turn of the last century without a trace. He could not be bothered with most things in fact many who find him and try to bring him back wind up dead, wither they work for his father, be they werewolf, vampwolf, vampire or even human he doesn't discriminate in his kills. In fact......if your foolish enough to track him down he feels you deserve to die. Karasu doesn't stay in any one spot for any period of time and he's heard rumors that the Yazkuza is looking for him because he went and killed off some high ranking member he doesn't honestly care. His thought on it was the fool should not have gotten in his way then he would not have died.

Karasu although one would not know it is actually a kind and caring man, who has grown tired of the world, of the constant fighting and bickering among the races and wants nothing more to do with it. But he is something of a sadomasochist, those who have been his lovers in the past will be the first to tell you, they aren't sure wither it's safer to be his enemy or his ally for while he may mercilessly kill his enemies he keeps alive the allies he likes and toys with them as if a mouse and he were the large fierce cat going to gobble them up.

Karasu has lived for a long time brought up drinking more or less from a 'cup' so to speak the best of everything. So much so that when it came time for him to knuckle down and take over he had grown so tired of everything he had dissappeared.

Now he wanders the country side alone with naught a companion at his side often finding shelter when he needs it in the arms of some drunk human or vampire be they female or male does not matter to him, but always in the morning he's gone with naught a trace. He makes it point blank clear to them though that he is not looking for a relationship. Although now Karasu is highly annoyed anymore for every time he turns around he's finding himself being shadowed by members of the sindicate and has killed several more since the first he supposively killed off.

Although he's aware of it he could care less if the head of the Yakuza Sarubia Hitogoroshi finds him or not, perhaps it will end the boredum he's threatened to suffer through day in and day out.
Human Image(s):
Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou 798d4c10

Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou Lelouc10

Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou Yurish10

Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou Yuuri010

~Favorite Saying: Hmm was he a friend of yours? Shall I send you to join him, it would end your suffering. Personally I could give a careless either way, so choose and choose quickly you bore me.

~Theme Song: Shinjitsu no Uta (Do as Infinity)
~Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF4RDICOIxM&feature=related
The crimson-stained sunshine seems to touch everything
I cannot see the future, and the past is so frightening
I see that the present is just as I imagined
But is it for me anymore? I just do not think I can go on

Please reach deep inside me
Where my heart is weeping
I am so numb that I think I am dying
I need you to taint me—I need to be taught how to feel
I know you will find me
When my soul is bleeding
If my life crumbles Ill have you to guide me
I know the Song of Truth will be there to remind me Im real

All of this dissonance seems so unending
What is most valuable? What is worth defending?
I see my rebellion has left me so blinded
To simple things just like the smiles given by the strangers that I pass

If they really are eternal, and you have found the answers
To every riddle that's shrouded in darkness
I know you will taint me, I know I will learn how to feel
I have always looked behind me, following the shadows
Of castles that fly to a bright new tomorrow
With the Song of Truth to guide me, I know that I will one day heal

If they really are eternal, and you have found the answers
To every riddle that's shrouded in darkness
I know the Song of Truth will be there to remind me Im real

I need you to taint me—I need to be taught how to feel
I'm begging you to taint me just so I can learn how to feel

With the Song of Truth to guide me, I know that I will one day heal
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Karasu Hane Tama Shinnou
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