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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP)

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Character sheet

Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP)   Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP) EmptySun Mar 22, 2015 12:15 am

Full Name: Kenshin Akurabe.
Meaning of Name: Modest Truth Village.
*Sexuality: Straight.
Sex: Male.
Species: Dragon.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 18.
Human Eye Color: Light Blue.
Human Hair Color: Silver.
Type of Build/Body: Thin, yet muscular.
Height: 5'9".
Weight: 130 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: On his shoulder is a tattoo in the shape of a dragon that symbolizes the blood contract with the ancient one Kuron.

Image(s) For character: 
Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP) Kenshi10

True Appearance
Age: 500 (Due to blood contract).
Eye Color: Light Blue.
Scale Color: Ice Blue.
Type of Build/Body: 
Distinguishing Marks:

Image(s) For character: 
Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP) Dragon10

Attitude/Personality: His kindness was taken as the price for going into the contract with Kuron. So he is far from kind when speaking. Due to this, he tries to keep himself silent and avoids direct conversation any and every chance he gets. 

Kuron is very prideful and old. He's cruel in the sense that he will kill his opponents without hesitation. He will, at most times, fly away from others, as he doesn't much like being around other races or species except when he has to. 

He also has a bad habit of getting himself into trouble very quickly and sadly ends up on the wrong end of a sword very often.

Species Information
Stage of Life: Adult.
Class: Elemental.
Element: Frost/Ice.
Description: These dragons are colored white and grey or ice blue and have very large, black spikes along their back. They have a frost-based breath attack. Like the Forest Dragons, the Frost Dragons are also weak against fire and flee the Fire Dragons.


*Special Abilities: 
Blizzard- The user flaps his wings and whips up a whirlwind with enough power to create a blizzard. The wind generated is infused with the user's ice creating a blizzard powerful enough to freeze an average human in minutes. The whirlwind last for 2 posts.

Dragons Breath- The user has the ability to breath a concentrated subzero temperature flurry of snow and ice. This powerful burst of ice and snow is strong enough to almost instantly freeze anything.

Frozen scales- Kurons actual scales are white but he looks like a bit of a light blue. He looks like this due to the ice frozen onto his scales. This applies as extra armor which gives him a tremendous defense. His dragon scales like all scales are extremely hard but with the ice applied to them it is almost impenetrable. It does have its weaknesses, direct contact with high temperatures can ware away the icy armor and a powerful enough blow can break the armor.

Savage Claws- Kurons claws have a special type of poison that allows people to temporarily go berserk when he slashes them. The person affected by the claws will be affected for 3 posts and will have no control over their actions. They will attack everything close by regardless of friend or foe.

Body Morph- This is a low level magical spell that allows the user to transform his likeness into a human form. It will last for a long time but eventually the user has to turn back to his normal state.

True Sight- All dragons have the ability to see things that are typically invisible. It is an innate ability and is constantly active. It is as if the user is looking at someone that is completely visible.

Scent- A dragons sense of smell is very good. It is tremendously better than that of a humans. It often is said that a dragons sense of smell rivals that of werewolves.

Tail Smash- The user smacks his opponent with his tail. This is tremendously dangerous in the sense that dragons have amazing strength in their tails.

*Other: Kuron has the elemental affinity of ice and uses it to extreme prejudice. His abilities reigning over ice gives Kenshin slight resistances to ice type abilities which is another part of their contract.

Childhood Arc: Kenshin as a child spent most of his time reading books. He was never very social but he was demanding. He had often been told that he was overbearing in most cases. As he grew he often rejected those around him calling them idiots and dumbasses. He had gained the mindset of being better than those around him due to his genius intelligence level.

Teenage Arc: When he became a teenager he had become very humbled. He witnessed the  death of his mother at the hands of another woman. One which was drinking her blood through her neck. Now normal people would have ran, not Kenshin. He ran in without thinking and started swinging. Needless to say he was bashed savagely and beaten to the point of death. Luckily for him Kuron was nearby in human form and as a honor to his courage Kuron killed  the vampire and saved his life.

Present Arc: As of today Kuron travels with Kenshin because after saving his life Kuron agreed to go into a blood contract  with Kenshin. With this, Kuron's life is extended enough to stay around for a while. He was previously on his last year. Being as old as Kuron was you would think that he would have already died. Recently Kuron had joined the magic counsel as the Dragon representative.
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Character sheet

Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP)   Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP) EmptyMon Apr 20, 2015 8:34 pm

Actully, you're not done. Finish the details in the application first before adding that it's finished  please.
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Kenshin Akurabe (Remake From Previous Site) (WIP)
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