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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Hiya Ikari (Akeldama)

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PostSubject: Hiya Ikari (Akeldama)    Hiya Ikari (Akeldama)  EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 11:57 pm

Name: Hiya Ikari
Meaning: Cold Fury
~Nicknames: Akeldama (Field of Blood)
Pronounced: He-eye Ee-car-ee
Gender: Male
Age (Human): 23
~Sexuality: Straight ((as a board O.o))
Species: Tenma
Clan: Rank One King

Human Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Golden platinum
Figure: Tall slender and powerful.
Extra Details: Able to form duel baldes out of seeming nothingness. Hiya doesn't seem to have any ability like many others that can 'freeze' or even affect a large area. Except....the stronger the oppenant the higher his own fighting skills become. He litterly matches any oppent in a fight skill for skill becoming there equal even if upon meeting they were not. Consindered to be unbeatable in battle. He can fire blasts of energy from his hands as can any Tenma. When using his powers he glows with a red hued golden light. His horns unlike the middle class Tenma are small on his head. He also has a second from beyond his normal form. And like any higher class if he finds a worthy Tenma of going beyond middle class he can awaken the higher class form in them....but not without great pain for the other. Hiya is consindered to be a Tenma without equal.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name: None
Rank: Tenma are ranked levels one through three. One being the highest class, three being the lowest and weakest.  He is a level one. One of the strongest out there.

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Cold, cruel and sharp spoken he is not known to be mericful with his words or actions many who see him coming run the other way. Hiya is not known for acts of kindness and many don't even consinder him to have a kind bone in his body.

A class one Tenma he has always believed that the lessers would obey the highers orders and rank. That proved anything but true as he arrived at the battlefeild one of his equals in rank laying there a battle torn mess arms missing his body falling apart and his horns utterly destoried and told him that a large group of rank two Tenma had defied the rules and were attempting to recreate the world how they wished it to be. But the one to be feared the one who had the power to leave over a hundred thousand dead and dying Tenma...the one who had utterly destoried not just mid-ranking Tenma but high class while himself was not was Drchrnos. One who everyone consindered to be too soft to be a warrior too weak to be anything other then a kicking boy. And one that could never would never climb in ranks of power.

And so Akeldama, set out searching for the Tenma only to see the group fighting amongnst themeselves as the world was being ripped and shooken but a twisted cry. A painfilled cry coming from the world of the light and Drchrnos flying faster then he could catch up to at this distance and pierced it again and again the cry happened and then it was gone before those following him could get there. The traitor to there own kind gone and having destoried the portal behind him.

When the sun rose and Drchrnos did not return a burned mess he knew he had found someone willing to accept his contract to stay in the world of hte light.

Akeldama knew the lesser Tenma the wild dogs had escaped into the world of hte light too low of power to need a contract to stay in the light and found the same way that they entered into the world of light and followed Drchrnos but not before utterly crushing and destorying the gate behind him so that none could follow him. It was not hard to pick up on Drchrnos aura and chased after him knowing that he had eight hours to determine if the Sinner was still going to follow through with the Fallen's plans or if he had wised up. It was not his intention to hunt down and kill Drchrnos but to find out....where the one they all screamed tratior stood on things.....and why who he found contracted him when there seemed to be no signs of massive frozen and destoried people. Which meant.....perhaps Drchrnos found a higher purpose.

Other then Akeldama's current activity his past remains pretty much a mystery perfering to keep in the shadows and let his reputation carry him through against everything else.

Human Image(s):

Hiya Ikari (Akeldama)  Untitl10

True Form:
Hiya Ikari (Akeldama)  True_f10

Final Form:
Hiya Ikari (Akeldama)  Demoness

~Favorite Saying: Shall I escort you to my playground? Or do you wish to die......here.

~Theme Song: Disturbed. *Warrior*
~Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_ZMmEFA4Q0
I am now, an instrument of violence
I am a vessel of invincibility
I cannot leave this undecided
Stepping down to battle another day
Remember me for all time this
Determination is a vital part of me
Surrender now or be counted
With the endless masses that I will defeat

Come on bring it
Don't sing it
Better believe it
Broken down till your hope has died
Beat down till victory's mine
Stand up and show me some pride
And now, are you ready?


I'm the one with the warrior inside
My dominance can't be denied
Your entire world will turn
Into a battlefield tonight
As I look upon you, through the warrior's eyes now
I can see the fear
That will ensure my victory this time

I can't be told to compromise this
They'll never doubt the body lying at my feet
A most formidable reminder
They will speak my name for eternity
I have no need of any guidance
I am a weapon, powerful beyond belief
Seen through the warrior's eyes, I
Never need to question, how to defeat you

Come on bring it
Don't sing it
Better believe it
Broken down till your hope has died
Beat down. Till victory's mine
Stand up and show me some pride
And now, are you ready?


You can't hide now
I am the warrior
So decide now
How they'll remember you
Do not hide now
Act like a warrior
Show your pride now
Solidify your place in time


I'm the one with the warrior inside
The evidence can't be denied
The entire world will stare
Into this battlefield tonight
As I stand before you with a warrior's heart now
I can feel the strength that will
Ensure my victory this time
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Hiya Ikari (Akeldama)
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