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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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Posting on the Site
Posting on Midnight Reflections is a required part of Role Play here. Since this site is a play-by-post role playing game, you must know how to post in order to play the game. As such, we feel that it is important for you, the members, to stay informed and be up to date on information regarding game play and other features.

With the idea of education in mind, we have created this helpful little guide in order to inform you of the terms you will see when participating on this site. Below, you will find all of the terms and their definitions.

Posting Key

  • Open- This is included in a topic's title when it is open for anyone and everyone to join. This means that there can and will be multiple members role playing in the same topic, so a posting order must be established.

  • Private- This is included in a topic's title when it is for members who have been specified out of character. This means that unless you have been invited to join the topic marked as Private, you have no business posting in this topic. Most often this type of topic will have names listed in the title as well as being marked Private.

  • Finished/Complete- This will be included in a topic's title when it has been finished by all who are posting in it. This is a way of letting the staff know that this topic needs to be locked and moved.

  • (WIP)/[WIP]- This is included in a topic's title when the person posting it hasn't completed whatever information is inside. This is typically used when posting a character or organization application, but at times may be used by staff when they're working on adding or updating things on the site. Members outside of staff may also use this if they're working on a post, but had to stop working for whatever the reason, but it should be removed and the post should be finished in a timely manner so as to prevent clutter.

  • 18+- This is included in a topic's title when the persons involved are required to be a mature audience. In other words, it is a topic that contains sexually suggestive content, high volumes of violence, and strong language. This is typically coupled with a Private tag for the topics.
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Posting Guide
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