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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Seikatsu Koshin

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Name: Seikatsu Koshin
Meaning: Renewing life
Pronounced: Say-cat-sue Co-shin
Gender: Male
Age (Human): 18
Species: Vampire

Human Eye Color: Crimson Pink
Hair Color: Soft rosy red
Figure: Small delicate and tiny although he his centuries old he looks no more the a small eternal child.
Extra Details: Seikatsu is a normal vampire in the aspect that he has fangs, can run and move faster agility and so many other things not to mention an incredible stanima. But it is his gifts that make him both feared and desired. Seikatsu can bring back the dead....completely resurect them not a mummy or zombie like effect but truly and compeletly bring anyone back to life. He can form a sword of light of energy that he can use to defend himself but perhaps the oddes thing about his pwoer is that he himself can not be killed. Seikatsu has been murdered killed burned alive and various other things over the centuries and never once died. He can't for that same power that allows him to bring another back to life brings him back as well.

Although he can be blocked from being another back by someone attempting to seal off his powers all it does is turn them all inwards in which case stickign him with anyting to kill him is pointless as he does not feel it not pain not anything his body does not register it because to him at that point it does not exist.

.:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name:

.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: Seikatsu is soft spoken gentle and always trying to please despite his powers he has no desire at all to rule over anything in fact he thinks of them as more of a burden then a blessing.

For as long as Sei can remember he has been born cursed with powers that everyone wants and no one should have. People fearing him would chain him down and do everything from running him through to trying to decapitate him burning him alive if there was some way to kill they attempted it on him. And he's lived through it all.

Sei wants to be left alone that's all he's ever wanted a skilled fighter he doesn't like to fight because it seems to be an endless cycle for him, his powers are both active and submissive. In order to bring back someone who died years ago he has to focuse but if he touches the recently dead they come back instantly with not a sign of injury.

For this reason after Kyogi captured him and discovered that training and killing him was a bit harder then he thought it would be he decided to seal him up in a box take him to the underground markets and sell him off for Millions if not billions but had him sealed for he feared the boys power. He had a soul eater years ago attempted to drink the boy soul up and the Soul Eater died because one he refused to stop drinking until he had Seikatsu's soul and two.....he ate until he burst. With Seikatsu not looking like he was under any diress at all....

Human Image(s): Seikatsu is the little one in the picture.
Seikatsu Koshin Seikat10

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Seikatsu Koshin
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