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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Hajime Hikaru (Complete)

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Hajime Hikaru (Complete) Empty
PostSubject: Hajime Hikaru (Complete)   Hajime Hikaru (Complete) EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 11:07 pm

Name: Hajime Hikaru
Meaning: Beginning Radiance
~Nicknames: Haji
Pronounced: HA-gi-MAY HIK-a-RU
Gender: Male
Age (Human): 18
~Sexuality: Strait
Species: Vampire

Human Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Figure: Masculine
Extra Details: Now that he has been turned into a full blooded vampire from a halfling he has all the powers of a full blooded noble vampire.... He also has the ability to shift into a human form to hide his vampiric side and he still has the traits of a human personality wise so he remains a little different in personality he has traits unbecoming of vampires.... He now has made a vow to never again lift his weapon unless absolutely no choice...
.:A little Deeper:.
Personality: He is very cold hearted and mean to everyone from humans to werewolves to vampires to him they are all an inconvinence and he just wants to be left alone. He has been asked to fight in the war with the vampires multiple times but he refuses them aswell as the werewolves... He thinks that this battle for food is stupid and a waste of time if they were smart they would just divide the land and say screw it you cant pass this to keep anything from going wrong. Hes loves to play guitar and listen to good music he on a special occasion will sing but mostly he'll just play the guitar...

Like most men his pride is fanominal but his pride is unusually high because of the fact hes a halfling but most of the night walkers despise him even if his father was indeed a nightwalker himself... His father was a cruel man to him and hated him for being what he was though his mother protected him she just got herself slapped around which is why he now considers the night walkers his ONLY enemy and he will kill them if they show themselves infront of him....

Backstory: Hajime was born a happy boy he was a good person and was a good kid he always was so proud of his mother and his father until he become of age and seen his father for what he truely was and how cold hearted he truely was. He thought of his father as a good man until one day he was inside and when the sun went down his father beat the living crap out of him and his mother because he was a half-breed. After years and years of being beaten and cursed and hated he one day got caught in a bad mood and his father hit him and he wound up stabbing him and killing him he had slain his own father then he ran he ran as far away from his home as he could and his mother had given him her blessing shortly before she was killed for the death of his father... Since then he has vowed to slay any man woman or child that dare even think of hurting him again...

Human Image(s): Hajime Hikaru (Complete) Rod

Hajime usually wears a lip ring and has long shaggy hair that covers his eyes, he wears a black leather jacket and long pants making him look almost gothic or emo. You often will find him holding a rose in his hand whispering something to himself. He stays in the daylight with a sword strapped to his back and a gun in a holster beside his pocket. He usually avoids people and if you find him it will be in a dark alley or street hunting or hiding from his enemies...

~Favorite Saying: Do you know why I like roses?
~Theme Song: Until the day I die
~Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNyOfIJiGxg
~Lyrics: The lyrics are on the video
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Hajime Hikaru (Complete)
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