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Vampires, demons, angels, gods. Enter a world of fantasy and become a creature of magic, and fate.
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 Tamashii Toshokan (rebooted)

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Tamashii Toshokan (rebooted)   Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:56 pm

Full Name: Tamashii Toshokan
Meaning of Name: Library of Souls
*Nickname: Tama
*Alias(es): The Library of Souls
Sex: Appears Male
Species: Reaper.

Human Appearance
Human Age: To the physical eye he's 19, his real age is Unknown
Human Eye Color: Silver flecked gold
Human Hair Color: Silvery white
Type of Build/Body: Tall Slender and Athletic
Height: 5'11 3/4"
Weight: 175lbs
Distinguishing Marks:  
Tamashii is incredibly far sighted unable to see things close up to him easily without his glasses he can see incredible distances away some joke that he can see far into the future or look so far into a person he can look into the depths of there soul.

His right ear is pierced twelve time's each small hoop going around his ear starting next to his head at the top of his ear going all the way down to his ear lobe, the last earring being in the small piece of cartilage in his ear. His left ear is pierced twice in the cartilage in the upper part of his ear not near the edge like normal but more in the middle. Above his right eyebrow are three small glittering studs and above the right corner of his lip is a small stud.

Like all Reapers he has the Marks of the Reapers on on his body. Denoting his station and his position among them.

Marks of the Reaper:
In the center of Tamashi's back is a Yin and Yang symbol, the essence of light and dark represented in this marking. The basic balance between them. The light representing that when new life comes something new must first die which is represented by the correlating darkness of death, the swirling of it shows that that it is an endless cycle for something is always dying and something else is always being born to take it's place. The dark paw print in the light shows the pain of being born of breaking away and coming into being to become something new and separating from everything else to form it's own identity while the paw print in the darkness signifies the pain that comes with death the release from life and the return to the pure light and essence releasing from all physical form. The Yin Yang  signifies his station and what he guards over what he watches over and what it is he does.

Second Mark of the Reaper:
Present on his left arm it starts at the tip of his left pointer finger going up the length of his finger over the back of his hand before it begins to spiral and turn up his left arm traveling up it's length to his elbow, long and delicate. The feather has beads falling off of it, it is said to be the greatest of weapons one that nothing not scythe, nor sword not even a gun can beat. For this pen can write anyone into or anyone out of existence. It can be used by no one but him. This is a real pen only appearing to be a typical tattoo, it's full details well be described below. This pen if it writes in a time of death and a date then the person dies if he simply draws a line through the name it is now. He can also write in a return from death if they are to be allowed to come back from a heart-attack for example....

Image(s) For character:

Attitude/Personality: Kind, Suave, and Debonair, Tama is not a harsh man at all but a gentle man. He's playful but sad, because no matter who you are he can know everything about you in a heartbeat. He also bears the burden of absolute neutrality. In all things Tama must remain neutral always weighing the balance of the world against all things all actions. Everyone's life, if they are committing crimes, wither or not there time has come he must weigh wither or not there continued existence will put the world's balance in jeopardy if your existence is one of those then he will give the order to have you removed in order to maintain the balance of all things. If it is your time to die and he goes over your files and your have great things left in you that have yet to be given he too can weigh your existence in the world and determine that you are to be given more time in the world. No one but Tamashii knows when you are to go for he holds the Book of Souls or rather he is the library of Souls the living Record of all Souls in existence.  

*Talents: None he is a living a living record book his soul purpose is maintaining the balance of all things.

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name: Reapers
Class: The Library of Souls


  • Stroke of Oblivion~ Used against Rogue reaper's who have become such a threat to existence that sending them through either the gates or into the well to be reborn does not diminish their threat but rather increases it. The stroke can not be applied through the book of souls but rather to the person themselves it's an invocation within the pen that is released the moment the tip of the pen punctures the flesh of the target.

  • Scales of Balance: Tama has the ability to weigh the energy of a person's soul against all things if the weight of the soul tips into the light it goes into the gates of heaven if it tips into the dark it goes into the correlating gate. If the scale remains perfectly balanced the soul is then sent on to the well of souls to be reborn for they have not become corrupt nor have they reached enlightenment but still have more to achieve and learn.

  • Gift of Grace: Tama has the ability to gift anyone with the powers of a reaper. He holds countless black cubes that can bind themselves to any living being if the soul is the right one. Not all souls can become reapers and Tamashii knows which ones can.

  • Bind the Soul: Tama can bind any souls's powers strip them and take them away. Sealing up powers in a soul that has become unstable. Unbalanced but allowing it to continue to live.

  • Soul Entry~ Tama has the ability to enter into the souls of others when they are dying and speak to them weighing them. There he can either coax them into giving up and dying or coax them into fighting for there lives....and living when they've lost sight of life.

  • Rewritten: Tamashii like the Keepers and Erasers can remove the memories of those around him and place in new ones with ease. He has the ability to remake a person.

*Special Abilities:

  • Tama as the Library of Souls possess these uncanny abilities...

  • Vita-Mortokinesis ~User can sense and control the essences of life and death, giving and taking both as they wish. They can manipulate the aspects of the beginning and end of the life cycles of living organisms, allowing them to give and take forces of vitality and necrotic influences. They are capable of rendering entire landscapes lush with plant growth or barren at their leisure.

  • Death Sense~The user is capable of sensing the coming of death, able to determine when someone is dead or dying or if others have died in a specific location. At times, this extends to seeing the names and lifespans of those who's faces the user sees.

  • Immortality~Users possess an infinite life span, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage. Some users are the defensive type, simply preventing such damage from appearing (invulnerability/protection), while others are the regenerative type, surviving and quickly recovering from anything you throw at them.

  • Immortality Bestowal~ Users can make other people live forever or at the very least very long time.

  • Immortality Negation~Users can take the gift of immortality from others rendering them permanently mortal in essence killing them as an immortal.

  • Power Bestowal~The user can give superpowers to others. Depending on how much control and experience the user has, the effect can either be permanent or temporary.

  • Power Negation~The ability to permanently eliminate the powers of others. The user can permanently eliminate all traces of supernatural power in other beings rendering them completely normal human's.....

  • Life and Death Inducement~Through the Record of Souls, Tamashii can technically heal, revive, and kill anyone and possibly even anything using using the book and the pen in theory. Either instantly or slowly over time. If the name is recorded in the book he can influence it to some degree....however some things are even beyond his ability to interfere with within the confines of the pages of the book. He can only alter what is recorded in the pages of the Book of Souls. He can not alter what is recorded in each persons individual record that is brought before lord death upon dying.  

  • Respawning~The user can recreate themselves or others after being vanquished or a severe death by reforming one's self from energy or some other forces therefore fortifying the bodily structure to recreate the user's body. This power also has a second effect that works on spawning those over creatures who did not die, but were wiped out from existence.

  • Psuchékinesis~User can create, shape and manipulate theirs or others spiritual power, which is generated by every sentient being that has a soul, or in places with powerful spiritual influence. They can convert it into various forms of energy, manifest it into solid form, or merge into existing objects.
       Life-Force Conversion
       Soul Absorption/Soul Energy Absorption
       Soul-Bound Entity
       Soul-Bound Weapon
       Soul Channeling
       Soul Reading
       Soul Sight
       Soul Resonation
       Spell Casting
       Spiritual Force Attacks
       Spiritual Force Constructs
       Spiritual Healing
       Spiritual Infusion
       Spiritual Symbiosis
       Spiritual Particle Manipulation
       Soul Distribution
       Spiritual Armor
       Spiritual Aura
       Spiritual Energy Physiology
       Spiritual Flight


.:Book Information:.
Name: Library Of Souls
Type: Book of Infinity
Description:Despite it's name it's not a building but a living 'breathing' spirit that is also a thick tome. An endless infinite book, leather bound filled with names of every living being ever born, past and present and as they are born there name appears in the book, with there date of birth, there date of death and how they will die....each and every one however people can alter that by becoming corrupt and causing there death's early or others stealing there lives early. The book is leather bound with golden brackets and a blood stone in the center. A binding lock over the side...that only Tamashii can unlock and open.  
Strengths: The book can not be destroyed. The book can not burn, the book can not be broken or ripped, no pages ruined. Nothing can damage it.
Weaknesses:there are no known weakness's.
Abilities:  It is a living record.....of every living being.

Name: Library Of Souls
Type: Blood Quill
Description:A long feather pen quill the feather is a crimson pink in color usually bound around Tamashii's wrist. with beads coming off a string near the point of the pen.
Strengths:The pen can not break, it never runs out of ink and what it writes is absolute truth........
Weaknesses: One must be careful what they write with this pen, for if they write the death of a friend.........it is the death they shall have.
Abilities:  The pen writes in what appears to be blood although where the blood comes from no one knows if tested it doesn't appear to be human, animal or even magical. Merely the color of.

Tamashi can't remember ever having a childhood, of being born or having parents some say that when he was born was when the first living being was born that at that moment he came into being as a record keeper although he appears no older then nineteen he is as old as the world itself. Having seen so many come and go into the fold. Tamashi has not until recently become close to anyone and while he does have friends now those he spends a large amount of time with many believe it's because he wishes for an end to the endless boredum that he faces with his long life. There are other record keepers but he is the head of them all the one who holds the master key so to speak the ultimate book for while others can misplace information about another he never does. It is said that Tamashii also holds a great many secrets. That he knows where the true death has gone and where he rests and waits for his masters return. It is said that when his master decided to become 'human' Tamashi gathered the fragments and restored him and his brothers. Refusing to allow them to fall apart....there are a great many stories but most of all....and Tamashii won't confirm it....it is said that there are those alive today whose names are not within the library of souls and therefore they can not die........wither or not that is true he will not say.
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Tamashii Toshokan (rebooted)
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